U.S. Military In North Korea: ‘Ready To Fight Tonight’ | NBC Nightly News

  • Published on Apr 4, 2017
  • NBC Nightly News’ Lester Holt visits the Osan Air Base in South Korea, where the men and women there live in a constant state of alert because of missile threats from North Korea.
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    U.S. Military In North Korea: ‘Ready To Fight Tonight’ | NBC Nightly News

Comments • 2 105

  • Arnel Mallo
    Arnel Mallo 3 days ago


  • Eddie Muniz
    Eddie Muniz 4 days ago

    It’s going to be a BLOOD BATH!!!

  • Pusat Perhatian
    Pusat Perhatian 21 day ago

    nothing will happen, believe me ... lol

  • Baby Jhude
    Baby Jhude Month ago +1

    Us will win they have saitama ❤ 2019 ❤

  • Nilmar Saez
    Nilmar Saez Month ago

    Ilove US go go go..north korea loser

  • Lofty Hume
    Lofty Hume 2 months ago


  • TheBestlaidschemes
    TheBestlaidschemes 6 months ago

    BS... total BS... zzzzzzzz...

  • Mukel Diaz
    Mukel Diaz 6 months ago +1

    This was suppose to be classified. Not unknown to the public.. But what the heck

  • Kevin is Nice
    Kevin is Nice 7 months ago

    We should have nuked nk 70 yrs ago.

  • Ronnie Marcial
    Ronnie Marcial 7 months ago

    For me. Why American and UN not move to and give funishment for the north Korea.

  • Kevin Poole
    Kevin Poole 7 months ago

    Ready to Fight Tonight USA All The Way.

  • Chance Steinberg
    Chance Steinberg 8 months ago

    Why is it that every time Trump says something or addresses American issues and policy, it’s the complete opposite of what’s really going on?

  • Pluto Moon
    Pluto Moon 8 months ago

    Bullshtyr Mexico in us army want to take over Earth for their bigotry. CIA own nk. Air Force has zero Intel.

  • john Spooner
    john Spooner 9 months ago +2

    Fake headline from fake news NBC

    • Pluto Moon
      Pluto Moon 8 months ago

      U2 dude is useless. Cia controls nk with CNN. Ms13 banditos

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  • Edgar Cardenas
    Edgar Cardenas Year ago

    #$#$ed sb ca 805

  • Kyle Dailey
    Kyle Dailey Year ago +2

    *NBC News, your Title is wrong, for over a year.*
    *"U.S. Military In North Korea"*
    *NBC News, this is what FAKE NEWS looks like. FIX IT ALREADY*

  • Corrine Tsang
    Corrine Tsang Year ago

    Tromp talks about destroying and invading NK .Now he is going to Singapore to sign a treaty to end the Korean War.

  • Jeffrey Spradley
    Jeffrey Spradley Year ago

    Ready to fight who? Whoever the U.S. can start a fight with that has resources the U.S. wants to steal and or Nation Leaders they want to Murder. Why are we there? Did North Korea attack us. The U.S. does not belong there. And the News man ask certain leading questions that help to give the false/fake news about how aggressive North Korea is. Research the treaty made between the U.S. in 1958 and see for yourselves that the U.S. highjacked by criminals government is just as disgusting as the child molester in Washington. In most instances you'll find they're one in the same. we

  • Grandpa 43
    Grandpa 43 Year ago

    Why is USA flexing its military power ? It is threatening war against DPRK. DPRK is not the threat but USA is. Kim Jong Un is using the ultimate weapon - PEACE.

  • Raksmey Chan
    Raksmey Chan Year ago

    North Korea is not Syria.
    China is not Russian.
    When we warning you. We keep our words.

  • Cody Burnell
    Cody Burnell Year ago

    Trump Nation

  • Strewbow0P Ping
    Strewbow0P Ping Year ago

    Where's the adjustment bureau when you need it

  • Tracy Lopez
    Tracy Lopez Year ago

    It’s February 18, 2018 nothing has happened honestly I’m just waiting for the world to be over y’all destroyed it already, it’s hanging on by a thread.

  • Wade Older
    Wade Older Year ago

    NBC spying for North Korea here?

  • steven gilbert
    steven gilbert Year ago

    America should stop trade with China who supports north Korea world war 3 will be against china.

  • Andrew Jackson's Taint

    HEY YOU.. YAH YOU.. WE'RE NOT IN NORTH KOREA!!! it's just this kind of stupidity that causes people to NOT TRUST the media..
    But y'all will just keep doing it, because well it's this or actual reporting, and there's not enough money in actual reporting..so fake news it is..
    In the words of Trump: SAD!

  • Harry Belafonte
    Harry Belafonte Year ago

    Why is this moron Holt broadcasting such sensitive info ...? I can't believe He and Msnbc are so dangerously stupid!

  • jose robles
    jose robles Year ago

    A nuck

  • jose robles
    jose robles Year ago +1

    Attack. Now dumb people

  • Hanif Chowdhury
    Hanif Chowdhury Year ago

    How many Boom need to brun full America. North Korea have idea about it?

  • Osman Darbo
    Osman Darbo Year ago

    That can nut stop we North Korea

  • Mike Btrfld
    Mike Btrfld Year ago

    I remember watching TV coverage of the Korean War 65 years ago.

  • John Curtis
    John Curtis Year ago

    US propaganda -US Economy collapsing so US leaders are throwing World Civilians including Americans 'UNDER THE BUS'

  • hyip lux
    hyip lux Year ago

    I am afraid that it will happened, if american doesnt anticipate, it will look like ant fight to elephant.

  • Jorge Morales
    Jorge Morales Year ago

    It does not matter, NBC FAKE NEWS!!!

  • JKL
    JKL Year ago

    lol airforce doing a company run, like they ever actually work out haha jkjk

  • Savuth Meas
    Savuth Meas Year ago

    IF US still talking with North Korea , US will be late to do any things ,,,,, if you cut big tree and small tree , which one more easy ,,,,?????

  • Victor J.
    Victor J. Year ago

    Is that a f-86 sabre 0:46

  • Valueair57
    Valueair57 Year ago

    americas next battle of Chateauguay and Chryslers farm. my ancestors helped to destroy american aggression then. and the yankee imperialists can be defeated in exactly the same way again. stop buying their goods and stop giving money to the likes of Boeing and Lockheed. stop feeding the american beast. when will they ever learn? ps, Bombardier/airbus rules the skies now and dosnt need all those long runways and chase vehicles. and i have gathered more intelligence flying simole and innocent looking cessnas than the whole fleet of U2 aircraft can ever hope for. get over it

  • ILU 666
    ILU 666 2 years ago

    All this hype about Trumps Fire n Fury. When will it start? I am waiting for this serial finale.

  • Samari Joy
    Samari Joy 2 years ago

    twakowa us

  • Osman Azizi
    Osman Azizi 2 years ago

    America is done hope so evils

  • Ziaul Hoque
    Ziaul Hoque 2 years ago

    Us hahahhahahah omg😂

  • God Bless America
    God Bless America 2 years ago

    God bless US much love from Australia

  • Tension King
    Tension King 2 years ago

    WW³ not good

  • BitFan
    BitFan 2 years ago

    We will bomb anyone Israel ask us to.

  • David
    David 2 years ago

    Gotta love U2. so many great songs !

  • TheRiveras Family
    TheRiveras Family 2 years ago

    so why is NK not allowed to develop its own weapons?

  • Therxxi Vevo
    Therxxi Vevo 2 years ago

    From ages your ready but without action😂😂😂

  • Dilip Kashyap
    Dilip Kashyap 2 years ago

    No ,they did not fight. They did not fight during last 5 months. US now says it is with direct communication with DPRK which implies there will be no fight in near future. It is good.

  • Mr Wonderful
    Mr Wonderful 2 years ago

    USAF aircraft would make NK wet their pants.

  • 清德賴
    清德賴 2 years ago


  • Love Cat
    Love Cat 2 years ago

    This guy kim is becoming nuttier by the day.

  • H V
    H V 2 years ago

    After US and NK nuke ea other Americans will try to jump over the wall to Mexico

  • ah chong qun yong
    ah chong qun yong 2 years ago

    Trump is a businessman, he would use negotiations or money to win over N.Korea or other valuable thing to stop the potential war. All the military we watched so far was just activities to create news and sell news to the world. Trump is taking priority on his treasure in US and he would not that fool to start on war to burn his money.

  • ah chong qun yong
    ah chong qun yong 2 years ago

    Another Trump's video to make money over news.

  • Peter Viceroy
    Peter Viceroy 2 years ago

    America artillery can use nuclear shells. Any North Korean artillery threat will be dealt with in seconds and be neutralized and obliterated.

  • BackAndStillBgMsDangerus Dangerus

    U-2 spy plane and Francis Gary Powers. Two names burned in my memory. They were almost forgotten until trump started bullying NK. Even scarier now because trump doesn't have the intelligence or the desire to stop the hateful rhetoric.

  • Jaffaborn
    Jaffaborn 2 years ago

    I never knew a military could have so many soliders with double chins