Star Wars: The Clone Wars Coming to SDCC, Comedian Paul F. Tompkins, and More!

  • Published on Jun 27, 2018
  • In this installment of The Star Wars Show, we have all the details on The Clone Wars 10th anniversary panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Gentle Giant's new exclusive bust, and we chat with comedian Paul F. Tompkins about his memories of the saga and what R2-D2 is really saying. Plus a deep dive into Greedo's people -- the Rodians!
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Comments • 981

  • Nathan Cruz
    Nathan Cruz 8 months ago

    When will the clone wars to be released on Cartoon Network or Disney streaming service in September, October, or November 2019?

  • CRYPT00 Gaming
    CRYPT00 Gaming 9 months ago

    CLONE WARS😍😍❤❤

  • ElvishStar
    ElvishStar 9 months ago

    I also think ROTJ Luke is the best Luke.

  • Gabriel Alejandro Pandiella Rodriguez

    YES! For Once, Lucasfilm/Disney does something Right!!!
    Now you need to Remake the Entire Sequel Trilogy with Lucas' Original Script!!

  • Josef Stalin
    Josef Stalin 9 months ago +4

    This was some strong foreshadowing.

  • Evan Garber
    Evan Garber 9 months ago +2

    They literally hinted so big here

  • StoPCampinGn00b
    StoPCampinGn00b 9 months ago +2


  • LFGeeks
    LFGeeks 9 months ago +4

    Coming back here after the announcement like....

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi 9 months ago +3


  • Mike Kates
    Mike Kates 9 months ago +5

    Who is here after they announced the release

  • TwinSun's2187
    TwinSun's2187 9 months ago +1

    I'm soooooo happppy

  • iSnowy ツ
    iSnowy ツ 9 months ago +2

    Clone wars trailer, anyone?

  • Dustierplague
    Dustierplague 9 months ago +2

    Will the clone wars panel be live streamed? And if so where?

  • Noah Frebert
    Noah Frebert 9 months ago +1

    i've got a really good feeling about this

  • ODST Brooks
    ODST Brooks 9 months ago


  • Dr Maguirehatten
    Dr Maguirehatten 9 months ago

    Save the clone wars save the dream!!

  • Alex Ya
    Alex Ya 9 months ago +1

    Bring Back the *PREQUELS*

  • Piers Spicer
    Piers Spicer 9 months ago

    4 more days!

  • NickTheBastard
    NickTheBastard 9 months ago

    There is absolutely 0 chance of you guys giving us any kind of Clone Wars conclusion, mainly because it was an amazing series and you guys HATE good Star Wars stories.

  • twaccital
    twaccital 9 months ago

    Can we get a manga adaptation of Bloodline?

  • KingWarhammer95
    KingWarhammer95 9 months ago

    Disney: Let's celebrate the 10 year anniversary of this awesome show.....That we cancelled. But, don't worry fans, we'll make it up to you by telling you about all the awesome stories you would have gotten to watch but now will never see. Aren't you happy?

  • KingWarhammer95
    KingWarhammer95 9 months ago +1

    Bring back the clone wars!!!! It would be the least controversial thing you've done since you took over Star Wars.

  • Trensh
    Trensh 9 months ago

    Cancel Resistance bring Rebels in Legend and bring CLONE WARS BACK

  • Dylan Ramirez
    Dylan Ramirez 9 months ago

    You guys should Create another "Star Wars Show" but the hosts should be kids like ages 13-15 because i would totally love to do this and would definitely audition

  • Ruin Reyking
    Ruin Reyking 9 months ago

    A surprise to be sure but a welcome one

  • Edson Huerta
    Edson Huerta 9 months ago

    Finish clone wars

  • CraisenGaming
    CraisenGaming 9 months ago

    Also about 80 percent of the comment r asking for more content so, continue it please.

  • CraisenGaming
    CraisenGaming 9 months ago

    I don’t care if you’re going to bring it to where ever IF YOU CANCELED the show. PLEASE finish final season. It’s the best Star Wars show ever. Also you ended the new Star Wars show “that shall not be named”. So bring this one back

  • TheDallasdeadeye
    TheDallasdeadeye 9 months ago

    fanboy tears?

  • Talon Diwisch
    Talon Diwisch 9 months ago

    Anthony... You’re awesome.

  • InventorZahran 327
    InventorZahran 327 9 months ago +1

    No one uses micro-film anymore...

  • thomjames66
    thomjames66 9 months ago +1

    So were back to embracing the Pre disney Star Wars and not the Disney Trash Soy Wars, about time people!
    Ashoka walked away shame Annie didn't what a difference that would have made!

  • The 9th Planet
    The 9th Planet 9 months ago +1

    The views on these videos have just DROPPED.

  • N-Word Police
    N-Word Police 9 months ago +1

    When disney bought star wars they removed clone wars because it was on Cartoon Network, there main competitor, cheap move by disney.

  • Edson Huerta
    Edson Huerta 9 months ago +1


  • Dr. Thunder 22
    Dr. Thunder 22 9 months ago +1

    Disney is not going to bring back Clone wars. They don’t care about the old fans because they know the kids just want action and toys not good story’s cus kids don’t know better. If they bring it back there will be no story

  • WishedUpon AVlog
    WishedUpon AVlog 9 months ago

    Cannot wait,

  • IAmUltiMatt
    IAmUltiMatt 9 months ago

    Says "10 Years Of The Clone Wars" but doesn't even finish it!!!😠

  • Vandicoup
    Vandicoup 9 months ago +1

    Livin' mah life ain't got stress no more!

  • Trevor Hirsch
    Trevor Hirsch 9 months ago


  • Coral Iturbe
    Coral Iturbe 9 months ago


  • Coral Iturbe
    Coral Iturbe 9 months ago

    algún día iré a la san diego comic con!!!

  • Meme Ren
    Meme Ren 9 months ago

    Can we pls get enfys nest as a hero on battle front 2

  • Withered Freddy the forgotten

    Bring back the Clone Wars

  • Conner_GoodLivin
    Conner_GoodLivin 9 months ago +1

    When will you allow us to buy the Clone Wars movie again? It's not on iTunes, Amazon, or Netflix

  • Sausage King of Chicago

    7:01 it's a big assk

  • jeremiah
    jeremiah 9 months ago

    please god let SWTCW come back . All I wanna see is the battle of mandelor .... ventress’s last arc w/ Vos..... and the beginning of Revenge of the Sith. that would make the last season SOOOO GOOD

  • Thegamerboy Legends
    Thegamerboy Legends 9 months ago +2

    Disney threatens to never complete Star Wars the clone wars
    Fans: Don’t try it

  • Mr. Assassin
    Mr. Assassin 9 months ago

    At the end I was like: "I don't live in the USA, what am I supposed to do?!" I got the answer a few seconds later. So I guess I'll go and return my books to the library. ^^

  • Sabine Wren
    Sabine Wren 9 months ago

    Bring star war rebels back pls ur fans will do anything to get it back pls

  • Amanda Anaya
    Amanda Anaya 9 months ago

    Loved the animated show, don't care for the movies

  • Jessika Mashburn
    Jessika Mashburn 9 months ago

    Andi! Where did you get your shirt? Super cute!

  • Mickle In a Pickle
    Mickle In a Pickle 9 months ago +2

    Star Wars "was" amazing. Not anymore, after the last Jedi I have decided not to pursue anything to do with Star wars. Thank you for ruining it for me Rian Johnson....

    • Mickle In a Pickle
      Mickle In a Pickle 9 months ago

      I appreciate your support.

    • 外国人说中文
      外国人说中文 9 months ago +2

      mick Joseph PLEASE REMAKE The Last Jedi!! Bring Luke Skywalker back to life!!!! Fire Kathleen Kennedy!!!!!!!

  • Julio
    Julio 9 months ago +5

    A BIT OFF TOPIC, but do the people who run this channel realize that their filters are blocking the name of the little green Jedi master. ADOY

  • Arnas Zaranka
    Arnas Zaranka 9 months ago

    So will we see Star Wars the clone wars again ?

  • Julián Ramírez
    Julián Ramírez 9 months ago

    I love the bloopers so much XD

  • Kathleen Kennedy Sexist Evil Witch Of Satan

    Boycott episode 9. Fire Kennedy, Hidalgo, Hart and the rest of the man haters, toxic feminists and weirdoes that Kennedy brought with her. Fire them all! Boycott hard!

  • Roker Films
    Roker Films 9 months ago


  • JediTim
    JediTim 9 months ago

    Politicians are criminals lol

  • Ronald Christian
    Ronald Christian 9 months ago

    The show is better than the Solo movie

  • every day gaming and more


  • kev catnip
    kev catnip 9 months ago

    Great stuff ,,, That guy in the brown suit would make great PORKINS prequel option ,,,

  • Jaymond Sperling
    Jaymond Sperling 9 months ago

    I'm expecting a resistance trailer any day now.

  • Original Mac
    Original Mac 9 months ago

    Andi, I love you

  • xxSennaxx
    xxSennaxx 9 months ago

    I'm SO excited for this!!!

  • super saiyan vegan
    super saiyan vegan 9 months ago

    please finish clone war

  • Jclegoman
    Jclegoman 9 months ago

    Omgosh! Thank you so much for showing that manga real! I've been reading fan scans until now, Can't wait to get my hand on the official copy! It already looks amazing!

  • Chad Giacomozzi
    Chad Giacomozzi 9 months ago

    What Devon said

  • Matheus Fronterotta
    Matheus Fronterotta 9 months ago

    How about in the SSCC they annouce they are making a reboot of The Clone Wars but with focus on the Rebels and then we watch people start to vandalize SSCC and start exploding everything around while crying and SSCC gets a Mad Max style on the convention

  • Zack Norris
    Zack Norris 9 months ago +2

    Disney, your movies will fail miserably and us fanboys can't wait!

    • Michael McGrath
      Michael McGrath 9 months ago

      That's a funny way to spell George Lucas (referring to the prequels)

  • TheComposerNamedStephen


  • TheComposerNamedStephen

    I will actually cry if they release new content, heck I'm gonna cry anyway 😂


    Bring back the clone wars please !!!!👍🏽

  • Alec L.
    Alec L. 9 months ago +1

    Never clicked on this “show” so fast. I’m not getting my hopes up... never mind I’m getting my hopes up😁

  • Axel Gillis
    Axel Gillis 9 months ago +1

    This is probably a ploy to announce an animated movie to close up the series....

  • Oddly Fitting Dubs n/a
    Oddly Fitting Dubs n/a 9 months ago

    August 15th is the anniversary of the Clone Wars movie. I plan to party, and I plan to cry. Happy tears, and maybe some sad.

  • Shogun Mester
    Shogun Mester 9 months ago

    Need subs :( 😖😔😩

  • Captain Clovian
    Captain Clovian 9 months ago

    love the star wars show! i also have a star wars youtube channel!

  • Vaidrius Navackas
    Vaidrius Navackas 9 months ago

    Hopefully this means they will announce that the unfinished episodes will get made

  • Eric Carter
    Eric Carter 9 months ago +6

    I really hope that we will get The Clone Wars back and at the very least finish it's intended story arc. I have seen parts of the unfinished episodes were SO good and they REALLY need to be released with the proper animation.

  • Hannah Condon
    Hannah Condon 9 months ago

    Bring back the clone wars! 😆😆😆😆

  • Piers Spicer
    Piers Spicer 9 months ago

    I really really really really hope that they're completing the close wars unfinished episodes

  • Revanchist
    Revanchist 9 months ago

    You guys rly want Clone Wars done by Disney???

  • StonexxDemonmaggot
    StonexxDemonmaggot 9 months ago

    If they bring back Clone Wars, my faith in the current Star Wars will grow a little bit more. Please finish Clone Wars!!!

  • Human Trash
    Human Trash 9 months ago

    Please!!! We need more Clone Wars!

  • Hanging on Edges
    Hanging on Edges 9 months ago

    "Enrich the Star Wars universe." Tell that to the EU...

  • Josh Harrison
    Josh Harrison 9 months ago

    And Happy Canada Day!!!!!

  • Dominic Nero
    Dominic Nero 9 months ago

    After TLJ they should probably listen to the fans at least once...bring back clone wars

  • Zorastorm 32
    Zorastorm 32 9 months ago

    Release the rest of clone wars =(

  • Chase Lovelace
    Chase Lovelace 9 months ago

    I wish the Star Wars show had their own channel. I'm so confused about uploads lol