'Try To Find a Solution' Ep. 4 Official Clip | Being Serena | HBO

  • Published on May 24, 2018
  • Serena and Patrick sit down to try and come up with a solution that will get her to where she needs to be in order to win again.
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Comments • 73

  • OceanBlue
    OceanBlue 53 minutes ago +1

    “She” has to be the ugliest, the rudest and the most miserable tennis player!... Ever!

  • Hali D
    Hali D Month ago +3

    It looks like her natural hair it looks thick and healthy.

  • Xavier Robinson
    Xavier Robinson Month ago +2

    This was a good series

  • Grace Ka
    Grace Ka Month ago +1

    where can I watch this? HBO isn’t an option for me.

    • Grace Ka
      Grace Ka Month ago

      Jeniffer Lugo Estrada Thank you so much!

    • Jeniffer Lugo Estrada
      Jeniffer Lugo Estrada Month ago +1

      Grace Ka I watched it all on Daily Motion. Really good documentary. A must for any Serena fan.

  • munu numu
    munu numu Month ago +5

    Her maternal instinct is so strong. she loves her baby girl to pieces and would do anything to be the best mom of that lil' angelic Olympia. yet, she's obliged to do her best in that craft of tennis too. what a great champion she is in both home & career fronts!

  • Carolyn j
    Carolyn j Month ago

    Loved the whole docu series

  • Invite The Light Readings

    OMG Serena... almost tears... girl I'll miss you much. You, Roger next year I feel is his last season. OMG... but at the same time I'm soooo sooo happy for you on your new journey as a mother. I feel you'll make a 1 season run for 24 to maybe personally feel you edged out Steffi and then that it and if you don't get back on top before hand --- next season --- that's it too (in my mind)
    Too much for me to ask as a fan but just wondering Can Alexis go on tour with you and work remotely for 16 months. I have some real damned nerve asking for you to assist in the closure I need for you to finally leave tennis AND with 24GS under the belt. xx

  • Adrienne Duvall
    Adrienne Duvall Month ago +13

    This is as real as it gets. I love that she has absolutely no frills in this clip. And say what you want about the way she looks, just don't forget, she is loaded. Lol and you probably are not. And her hubby loves it allllll😂😂😂😂😂😀😀😀

  • olaraay
    olaraay Month ago

    when will this be out on netflix

  • Cadmar Business Suite
    Cadmar Business Suite Month ago +56

    Serena, I have mad respect for you as a black woman and a mother. It is amazing to see how readily you absorbed your proper priorities and really taken on the role of motherhood beautifully. Realistically there is a price to pay in your career for the sake of motherhood. This is so real. I applaud you for every step that you transition in your journey.

    • OceanBlue
      OceanBlue 58 minutes ago

      Cadmar Business Suite 😂 You’re kidding, right?...😂.

  • Katia G. J.
    Katia G. J. Month ago +27

    "Him having her for a month is not an option" haha love her


    I know she wanted to be a mother but WHY !! 😂😂😂 couldn’t she have waited till she got to 28 grand slams??? But I love her anyway.❤️

    • proud2beajcan
      proud2beajcan Month ago +2

      KEITUMETSE MAFABATHO I know it’s tempting but I think being a wife and a mother has more value at this point. 23 is a blessing and she is GOAT. No active player at this point can surpass her. The top players are in their mid 20s and she started winning GS at 17. I want to enjoy her time on the court but I have a feeling that her time is coming to an end. She needs to focus on her family.

    • Natasha J
      Natasha J Month ago +1

      Yea, that's crazy!!! No one can predict who they are going to fall in love with or when she'll have a baby. I mean a lot of top tennis players had babies and came back but the rules where a lot different then. I mean look at Steffi Graff or Monica Seles. They all had families and eventually came back to the game of tennis. People have been on Serena and Venus backs since they start to play over 20 years go.

    • Andress Johnson
      Andress Johnson Month ago

      Natasha J she do hv the drive, but what pisses me off ....it's that comment they keep passing round.....oh she should've gotten pregnant or should've wait,

    • Natasha J
      Natasha J Month ago

      I think if Serena didn't have the drive to go back out and play she would hang it up. She would still be the greatest tennis player of all time. I don't think her story is finish. It's just taking sometime for her to come back.

    • Andress Johnson
      Andress Johnson Month ago

      Natasha J I kno that, but people still believing when things like that happen, like she's had choice, like she meant to do it,.....even though she was suprised at the end of day, she accepted it, but people seems like they can't move on

  • Jessica Jones
    Jessica Jones Month ago +15

    She is juggling a lot of things. I agree with him. She has to focus if she wants that last major. She is not getting any younger and these new players are fast and hungry. Decisions, decisions.

    • memekodd
      memekodd Month ago +1

      Jessica Jones
      Serena is making so much history now i think some are banking on her fifts and talents if you know what i mean..She said one time she wanted to play tennis until a certain age so does it matter really. Her ambition to reach that goal is driving her. But the earning sign on her healrh started with that flu thing she had years back and then that extreme training while she was pregnant. I hope she makes it. She is super maternal so she doesn't want Olympia out of her reach.

  • African ShayButter
    African ShayButter Month ago +1

    That's her ex no? The coach i mean

    • julie rinaldo
      julie rinaldo 2 days ago

      yes he is

    • Jessica Jones
      Jessica Jones Month ago +1

      That doesn't really matter considering her situation. If you want to be the best you have to make sacrifices. She is lucky that her goal is only 1 major away. A month to focus and train hard is not a huge sacrifice. Then she can stay at home, make movies or whatever. Depends on her priorities.

  • roter13
    roter13 Month ago +4

    I always wanted Patrick and Serena to end up together. It's obviously too late now but damn he's fine and his ass is nice and plump

  • Grace Turner
    Grace Turner Month ago +19

    That's a coach being a coach and giving you the real deal!

  • Matthew Morales
    Matthew Morales Month ago +38

    Well it's interesting to note that since she is playing at Roland Garros, she obviously found a solution. But I do believe Alexis also recently stepped down from day to day operations at Reddit so he could spend more time with family. If that's the case, then that's a man willing to do anything for his family. Serena is playing great! Wishing her the best.

    • Natasha J
      Natasha J Month ago

      I have a new found respect for her after watching her documentary as well. She went through hell and back to have her daughter.

    • Matthew Morales
      Matthew Morales Month ago +1

      Natasha J yeah. I saw that on the documentary. So crazy! She's amazing. I have even more respect for her after seeing that.

    • Natasha J
      Natasha J Month ago +1

      She took the baby over to France with her for the month while she trained, and she probably had help. Her husband eventually came over to France towards the end of her training. She needed to be away from everyone and focus on her training and that's what she did.

  • Marsha Creary
    Marsha Creary Month ago

    He sounds like Trevor Noah talking about the baby dangling from the balcony

  • Rolla06
    Rolla06 Month ago +3

    Damn she look hideous in this video. Thank god her daughter looks like the father.

    • DeGrate1896
      DeGrate1896 9 days ago

      Rolla06, I started to dispute your claim, but then noticed that in your two short sentences, your grammar, punctuation, capitalization and eyesight all managed to betray you. It would therefore be cruel to tell you that your words also sound like a bigot, so I won't.

    • UncleSamIAm
      UncleSamIAm Month ago

      Coon self hating negro.

    • Trischc
      Trischc Month ago

      Rolla06 ....on point! People don't realize that Serena is a MTF

    • Danielle Alfaro
      Danielle Alfaro Month ago +2

      Rolla06 Why say anything if you have to be rude it's not necessary

    • Sandra Walker
      Sandra Walker Month ago +1

      Rolla06 you ass hoe so is your girlfriend or wife maybe boyfriend

  • Mz Nurú
    Mz Nurú Month ago +23

    I sense a tad bit of saltiness in that coach because they used to date one time too

    • santosh thapa
      santosh thapa Month ago +1

      yes, theres pics of her n patrick getting cozy in the internet. shes a "player". shes dated all types of guys from musicians drake to pretty boy dmitrov to fatty director brett ratner n tons other black guys then finally she settled for a white cock :D

    • black spit
      black spit Month ago

      Mz Nurú Yeah, he would not leave
      his wife for her ass.But did she blast wm as some no good dead beats?Of course not,she went and
      found her another one.This woman was on a mission to get
      her a wm.And by the way,before
      her tennis coach dumped her she
      was rejected by some young white
      dude she chased after during her
      first year as a pro.Then she decided to give bm a try but the
      problem was she couldn't get that
      wm out of her mind.Now all of a
      sudden bm hated on her and degraded her so she had her out
      to do what she wanted from day
      one,and that was to have a child
      by a white man her life long dream.And Venus never had any
      intention of messing with a bm,
      wm is all she ever dated.And at
      the end of the day if you do the
      research and check the articles
      you will find that wm were dogging
      these two sisters out from the gate.But hey,they were determined
      and finally snaged them a wm.
      I dont hate Serena,i just hate that
      she used bm to justify her desire
      for wm.Just say i prefer wm,i can
      respect that.

    • Jaime eclair
      Jaime eclair Month ago +1

      Where is the link to the video?

    • Cadmar Business Suite
      Cadmar Business Suite Month ago +2

      No it was true and they openly admitted.

    • Jaime eclair
      Jaime eclair Month ago +8

      So said the tabloids, but that doesn't make it true.

  • Royal W
    Royal W Month ago +12

    No Stress Let Go Let God Everything Will Work Out For His Glory Yes❣❣❣💜💟🖤🏵😎👰🤴👟

    H BLUEBELL Month ago +65

    Shit!! Being the GOAT ain't easy!! ❤

  • Da'dra Greathouse
    Da'dra Greathouse Month ago +13

    Lord, I remember being in this predicament. It's tough for working moms. But, better if you can hire help.

    • k odu
      k odu Month ago

      I am ready to babysit her baby for free.

    • Nataki Jean-baptiste
      Nataki Jean-baptiste Month ago

      Da'dra Greathouse I was going to say the same thing it’s good to see none matter how rich or famous you are we deal with the same mum struggles

  • Tenisha Monderson
    Tenisha Monderson Month ago +116

    Aww look at Olympia smiling in the back ground.💞

    • Invite The Light Readings
      Invite The Light Readings Month ago +1

      Just adorable!! These chicks on WTA are looking at that clip like, Serena's totally into motherhood, let me dig in extra hard to beat her out. So she has to dig really really deep but I'm don't think she will cut corners with her daughter to do what it tennis requires for her to just get back on top. Hopefully she'll channel Kim Clijsters at the US Open about 10 yrs ago.

    • Diane Bunn
      Diane Bunn Month ago +3

      Tenisha Monderson I was thinking the exact same thing. She's so cute!

  • Millie Ahmed
    Millie Ahmed Month ago +53

    He's so sexy!!!! Patrick is a good coach.

  • Sri hari madhan kumar
    Sri hari madhan kumar Month ago +2

    At which time in india it is shown..

  • AlexHector
    AlexHector Month ago


  • Julio Delascas
    Julio Delascas Month ago +24

    And she did travel finally! Go Serena!

  • Obi O
    Obi O Month ago +69

    She’s so pretty

    • Tosin Ojo
      Tosin Ojo Month ago

      no you want her to be so preety. serena isnt ugly, but isnt preety either

    • s. a.
      s. a. Month ago +3

      brit llove YES

    • brit llove
      brit llove Month ago +4

      Obianuju Orjioke yes..very natural and beautiful