• Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • LALLANA GRABS A POINT! MAN UNITED 1-1 LIVERPOOL. Adam Lallana scored a late equaliser off the subs bench to give Liverpool a point and maintain their unbeaten start to the season at Old Trafford, which is sound. Featuring a trip to BBC Five Live, Limbs and lots of Number 6 balloons...
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    FUNNY VIDEO CLIPS 2 days ago

    Fuck working with the bbc the fucking gang of nonces

  • Suad Ahmed
    Suad Ahmed 2 days ago

    Going down,going down,GOING DOWN
    Come on you reds

  • Yonis Farsh
    Yonis Farsh 16 days ago

    Liverpool best team in the world (Spurs fan)

  • Angela Goth queen
    Angela Goth queen 17 days ago

    We are still in ⚽️🔴

  • Bonne street tour
    Bonne street tour 17 days ago

    The reffere from dream league soccer

  • Thanis oyee
    Thanis oyee 17 days ago +1


  • Andy nguyen
    Andy nguyen 23 days ago

    Fuck United At Al Liverpool Games

  • barbara calnan
    barbara calnan 23 days ago

    Why can't we beat those b.....ds.

  • Red City
    Red City 24 days ago

    I love how liverpool talk about manchester being dirty 😂 have they even been to their own city?

  • Rowan Taylor-Harling
    Rowan Taylor-Harling 24 days ago

    “Liverpool are really good and united aren’t” but you didn’t beat us did you??

  • Ben gee
    Ben gee 25 days ago

    Even Jamie carragher called his own team and fans racists.. always the victim, it's never your fault

  • Abdullah Rauf
    Abdullah Rauf 25 days ago

    Keep and chanting watch your not gonna be top of the league by end of the season i've said it and if that happens watch us saying something back to you

  • Amin Ipank
    Amin Ipank 26 days ago

    Liverpool is the best.. 6 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆. Champions 😁😁😁

  • Jack Wong
    Jack Wong 26 days ago

    Shit shit shit lol manchester is full of shit, manchester is full of shit LOL =))))))

  • Mark Paul and Tom FC
    Mark Paul and Tom FC 26 days ago


  • TheWhiteBackground
    TheWhiteBackground 26 days ago

    You got Instagram mate?
    Edit: never mind, found your Twitter.

  • Urban Life
    Urban Life 27 days ago

    8wins 1 draw and top of the league and 6 points clear going into the last week in october id take that all day long and still 15 points clear of united result yes lads 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  • Theo Dj
    Theo Dj 27 days ago

    You are too lucky

  • Shaikh Azam
    Shaikh Azam 28 days ago

    How those little things matter what Naby keita did and passed to Andy for our goal. He should start every PL match for us along with Fab and gini or ox

  • kameff
    kameff 28 days ago

    Atkinson out

  • Afzal Beedasee
    Afzal Beedasee 28 days ago

    Its anfied

  • d4rk_ suha1l
    d4rk_ suha1l 28 days ago

    We are going to fuck them up at Anfield, just remember to vlog it and mention this comment

  • Pumkin Eater
    Pumkin Eater 28 days ago

    There are a few things that came out of the game.
    1: We have creative midfielders but Klopp seems to favour the Henderson/Milner and Ginni combination with Fabinho. Keita and Ox were game changers when they came on. By time that combination is used together with Fab.
    2: Origi although he scored very important goals for us last season is just not Liverpool quality. Lallana proved he had better movement and could hold up the ball better! Throwing himself onto the ground after a slight touch just proves he's not man enough and gave Manure the opportunity to score. Of course Matip was guilty of poor defending.
    3: TAA still too lazy for me and that is probably why he is not first choice for England.
    4: We miss Salah when he's not playing.
    5: Klopp needs to bring on his game changers earlier. If the first 10 minutes of the second half sees no change from the first, bring them on. This was our worse performance for ages because we did not seem to read their game. They are poor opposition, yet at times we made them look great.
    6: We know and understand that our front three are always playing and must be tired. They need rotating but only if we had the quality to do so. Origi and Shaqiri is not that quality. We need to bring in some better strikers and rotate!
    We were lucky to get a point!

  • JDN TV
    JDN TV 28 days ago +1

    Excuses excuses...Martin has been refereeing longer than most of you have been alive. Is the grass too long? Is var shit? Is the referee shit? Is it too windy? Blah blah blah

  • firman adhitama
    firman adhitama 28 days ago +1

    Going down..going down..going down going down 😂😂

  • Topan Akbar
    Topan Akbar 28 days ago


  • Bri254
    Bri254 28 days ago

    NOT Champions of England pipe down you really are not that good.

    • Paul McNamara
      Paul McNamara 28 days ago +1

      Who cares European champions sounds much better.

  • A Roshan
    A Roshan 28 days ago +2

    Going down, going down, was a good one

  • Milannn
    Milannn 28 days ago

    Absolute scenes

  • Alfie Quick
    Alfie Quick 28 days ago

    This comment section screams plastic . UTFR 🔴

  • F1 Owen
    F1 Owen 28 days ago

    Dropping points

  • Twitch Dankan
    Twitch Dankan 28 days ago +1

    Some many triggered glory hunters in here

  • Matty Lord
    Matty Lord 29 days ago

    Shocking atmosphere

  • Declan DGamez
    Declan DGamez 29 days ago

    Class vlog mate

  • Mark Bowker
    Mark Bowker 29 days ago

    Going down going down 😂 I remember singing that to Everton years ago. Schadenfreude at its finest!

  • Ellis Owen
    Ellis Owen 29 days ago


  • Diego Diaz
    Diego Diaz 29 days ago

    They’re are rubbish. We played the badge and history and not the shite team they are .

  • Ratfink Wilson
    Ratfink Wilson 29 days ago

    Fuck right off vermin!!!

  • Will Birley
    Will Birley 29 days ago

    You lot have the deadest songs going

  • Frederic Thomsen
    Frederic Thomsen 29 days ago

    We got the draw late on so I feel not happy but not sad

  • Abdus Chowdhury
    Abdus Chowdhury 29 days ago

    Love how we take the piss out of Utd 🤣🤣 #6times

  • Paccook Cook
    Paccook Cook 29 days ago +1

    Liverpool fans where fantastic could here them all the away through the game 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Kari
    Kari 29 days ago

  • Muslimeen
    Muslimeen 29 days ago

    The crowd chants are fuckin insane lool

  • Sillyfeet73
    Sillyfeet73 29 days ago

    Anyone genuinely surprised we didn’t win? Our premier league history there isn’t full of points at Old Trafford.
    The frustrating thing was the team seemed to click into playing the ground/history rather than a team 14th in the league. It’s doubly frustrating because the consecutive win record was ours for the taking. Additionally frustrating is we just didn’t seem to turn up for large portions of the game.
    I really hope our players are struggling to sit today after getting a kick up the arse after that.
    As for VAR, I wish it would decide what it’s there for. Yes their goal should have been stopped nearer our net but there was a foul on Origi.
    So glad we didn’t lose. Dampened the Man U brags and hopefully will serve as a wake-up call to the team. What’s happened to the passing?
    1-1 at Old Trafford - Any other season I’d be happy. Today? I’m begrudgingly relieved.

  • Mad.Monkey
    Mad.Monkey 29 days ago

    Glad you got the only moment you were singing

  • Cam Cooper
    Cam Cooper 29 days ago

    Huge point old Trafford is a tough place to go hopefully that’s a kick up the arse and we get our act together for spurs

  • Dara Curran
    Dara Curran 29 days ago

    Worst away fans at old Trafford considering there too of the league

  • Liverpool will win the Premier league this season

    I was at the right of u behind the goal with the manc haha

  • 1000 subs with no videos challenge

    It did hit manés hand but cmon his hand was in a natural running position

  • Jacob Wilkinson
    Jacob Wilkinson 29 days ago

    01:25 you just said now anfield but it was at the library

  • the Irish man
    the Irish man 29 days ago

    Ref was a prick 😠

  • mervyn thomas
    mervyn thomas 29 days ago

    love VAR

  • Fish Man
    Fish Man 29 days ago

    Manchester is full of shit......even we were shit yesterday ☹️

  • James Mc Ronald
    James Mc Ronald 29 days ago +1

    All your manager does is complain when you don’t win it’s always someone’s fault the red linesman var etc what about mane pen against Leicester was never a pen

    • Paul McNamara
      Paul McNamara 28 days ago +1

      @James Mc Ronald So does Klopp you idiot he had every right to be upset on Sunday with that shitty referee.

    • James Mc Ronald
      James Mc Ronald 28 days ago

      Paul McNamara pep is the first to praise the opposition when losing you clown

    • Paul McNamara
      Paul McNamara 28 days ago +1

      City fan talking about Klopp when Pep is just the same never seen a moaner he is.

    • James Mc Ronald
      James Mc Ronald 28 days ago

      Cam Cooper you haven’t beat us in last 3 attempts

  • TheRedDevil s
    TheRedDevil s 29 days ago

    Love how you lower the noise when united score to make it seem silent dirty Scouse unemployed cunts

  • TheRedDevil s
    TheRedDevil s 29 days ago

    Dirty body looting Scouse cunts love how you record yourself when the stadium is empty

  • TheRedDevil s
    TheRedDevil s 29 days ago

    Dirty fat Scouse bastards

  • Don AA
    Don AA 29 days ago

    Couldn’t even beat the worst united team in history and you lot believe you can finally win the league lmaoooo😭😭😭 fucking clowns

    • Paul McNamara
      Paul McNamara 28 days ago +1

      More chance than your shite team lol know where you 14th lol.

    • cracking 123
      cracking 123 29 days ago +1

      We believe cause we six points ahead

  • HRC 77
    HRC 77 29 days ago

    Although our performance wasn’t better than our result, there was only one legal goal in that game and it was Lallana’s. Paul you’re a legend.