The Weege Show: Ironman National Motocross Analysis

  • Published on Aug 25, 2019
  • Jason Weigandt walks and talks straight from the TV production trucks to the post-race celebration for Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki's Adam Cianciarulo at the Ironman National, the final 2019 round of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross. This is as behind-the-scenes as it gets. Even Mitch Payton gets in on hitting the rev limiter on AC's bike!
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Comments • 72

  • Kevin Moore
    Kevin Moore Month ago

    You and GL are the best announcers since Dave Despain and David Bailey, who did a very good job. Well done!
    I'm amazed you can walk and talk with such fluidity, even the bad ground photo bombers are taken in stride.
    Now, do a short video on your Gopro set up. It was steady and you flipped from you to ahead. It was cool. Fun pit report.
    After SX is over, we get to see real tracks and real announcers!

  • Raymond Morgan
    Raymond Morgan Month ago

    Mitch did'nt wait for that motor to blow.

  • Knolys Johnson
    Knolys Johnson Month ago +1

    Keep up the good job, Love this series! Cool way to hear from the riders and others working in Motocross/Supercross industries!!

  • Jeffrey D
    Jeffrey D Month ago

    I tell ya what....racer x wouldn’t be racer x without the weege.

  • Faith & Action
    Faith & Action Month ago

    Stop blowing up perfectly good engines! Give it to a kid or me or something.

  • 99v8cobra
    99v8cobra Month ago

    Mitch was ringing the Hell outta that motor man. Frickin Awesome. Way to go Kawasaki 2019

  • La Flama Blanca
    La Flama Blanca Month ago +1

    This sucked. I’d I wanted to hear weege give vapid takes and be interrupted every minute for something irrelevant I’d just watch the races with the volume on. Let’s get Kevin Kelly on there at least it’s enjoyable when he rambles.

  • John Chafin
    John Chafin Month ago

    Just couldn't get it to blow. Did it ever blow up?

  • Chris Nielsen
    Chris Nielsen Month ago

    man. Look at this guy. Finishes work and boom straight onto the camera and working

  • Jamie B
    Jamie B Month ago +3

    And I recommend NBC Sports Gold. $55 for the season - all motos LIVE AND timed qualifiers/practice. Great deal for those that refuse to pay for useless cable/satellite. And you can watch on the go - outside, wherever. AND replays.

  • Jamie B
    Jamie B Month ago

    Congrats to YOU Weege and Grant and everyone that made the production happen. Great job. Great year. And well done too ET and AC. Some great racing this year. Go USA! I believe we can win it.

  • MrKnnthc93
    MrKnnthc93 Month ago

    Jason, you kill it, man. You bust your ass for this sport and it shows. Thank you for all you do. Now get the deal to replace Ralph.

  • Evan Steinberg
    Evan Steinberg Month ago

    I thought GL did good yesterday. He's a great colored commentator

  • Dominoc Weber
    Dominoc Weber Month ago

    Well procircuit kawi makes a good race engine hahaha

  • Mysterion157
    Mysterion157 Month ago

    That kx250 is indestructible

  • Cody Reas
    Cody Reas Month ago

    Weege show rules stoked to make the video love watching them every week.

  • Sébastien Liénardy

    Weege, thank u so much for what you do for the sport, your passion ect.

  • CaptDon313
    CaptDon313 Month ago

    Thanks to and absolute incredible season of your all knowing and always enjoyable cander & commentary. What would MX be without the Weege.... hope we don't ever have to find out.✌👍👏

  • EdwinHarbor
    EdwinHarbor Month ago

    The Weege Walk & Talk!

  • EarthSurferUSA
    EarthSurferUSA Month ago

    For a guy who did not race, or ride much, (as far as I know), Jason does one heck of a bang up job with announcing and his show IMO. I really don't know how he does it. But Jason, when you do make a mistake announcing during a race, and say something like "Dungey" made the pass, (yea, I caught that one yesterday), is Grant allowed to correct you? :)
    Thanks for the great presentation you guys do. Just please, don't ever hire Ping Dong. That dude is half brain dead, (but him and Grant still do a great show, that showcases hero's of the sport, which will make their show just as legendary as the hero's they interview). It's been a pleasure all season Jason. Thank you. A guy from michigan

  • Jamie Lee
    Jamie Lee Month ago +3

    I wish in *AC's* New Deal would have continued on a *250* for *SX* since *Eli* is still chasing that first *SX Title & AC* has yet to capture a *SX Title* then move up to the *450* for the *MX* Season

  • Cody Wells
    Cody Wells Month ago

    DId they ever get the bike to blow up?

    • EarthSurferUSA
      EarthSurferUSA Month ago

      Did they ever run the engine for more than 3 hours? :)

  • John Carter
    John Carter Month ago

    Where can I find those sunglasses?

    • John Carter
      John Carter Month ago

      EarthSurferUSA Well to start, I googled moser sunglasses, moser shades, nothing came up but irrelevant products. Secondly, I can’t tell if you’re being serious, condescending, or a little sarcastic cuck. Now why did you ask me that question? :)

    • EarthSurferUSA
      EarthSurferUSA Month ago

      It is so much easier today. When I see a product I like, but can't get it locally or don't know where to find it. I use this thing we now have called the internet. I am old fashioned though, and I only do business with companies I can reach on the phone to place an order, so their web site has to have a phone number on it. It works pretty good. :) John, why did you ask that question?

  • EarthSurferUSA
    EarthSurferUSA Month ago +1

    Congrats to Kawasaki for winning both championships. But your not going to win the MXofN now are ya. If Team USA does not win, we the bike buyers will know a big reason why. You will the championships with American racers, then deny them to race for national pride. Husky is going to be there with their racers for weeks to try to win, what you try to make us lose. That is why smart bike buyers will buy a Husky or Yamaha. On my new zero turn lawn mower, I may even replace the Kawasaki engine for a Kholer. It is perfectly OK to hate Kawasaki for this. Buy a Husky!!!! Buy a Yamaha!!!!! That was Kawasaki's business decision!!

  • Jamie Lee
    Jamie Lee Month ago +4

    They should have let the coolant out of the bike if they wanted to blow up one of today's Motors🤷

  • Derrick Zenner
    Derrick Zenner Month ago

    Don't forget Jeremy McGrath was team green Kawasaki before he went to Honda.

  • Naked Singularity
    Naked Singularity Month ago

    Congratulations to AC for having the physical and spiritual fortitude to fight back after so many time-and-enthusiasm-sapping injuries, yet persevering to reach the pinnacle of his class this year.
    The 3-Peat accomplishment of Eli Tomac in the premier 450 class may be just the start of a career that could rival the records of McGrath, Stewart, Carmichael or Hannah. Eli is my fellow Colorado native, and many don’t know CO is a state that’s produced many top Pros, including Arlo England, Donnie Hanson, Josh Hanson, Andrew Short, Kip Sandell, Wayne Balliett, Andy Atkins, Mark Flesia, Shawn Morgan, Dave Newell, Paul Lindsey, and so many more.
    Colorado rivals Southern California for the #1 ranking in popularity and intensity of the sport, but CO comes without the overcrowding, traffic, smog, and crime. With an average of 300+ sunny days a year, Denver is tied with San Diego for #1 in the nation and you can literally ride all year round in both locations. I’ve lived and raced for more than 10 years in both SoCal and Colorado, and definitely prefer “Colorful Colorado” for MX. On the other hand, the SoCal beach babes are unrivaled the world over. lol

    • Naked Singularity
      Naked Singularity Month ago

      EarthSurferUSA - Oh, well if Stanton and Michigan couldn’t do it, it’s impossible, right? I forgot about that... hahahahahahaha

    • EarthSurferUSA
      EarthSurferUSA Month ago

      Sorry man. MC's SX 72 win record will never be beat, and RC retired with over a 83% win average over his entire 10.5 year pro career with both SX and MX combined. That is 8.3 wins in 10 races in reality over his entire career, and that will not be beat either, ever. Stanton from Michigan could not even do that, and he beat all your guys in Co.
      Michigan guy here. :)

  • AJourneyOfYourSoul
    AJourneyOfYourSoul Month ago +1

    Weege and GL, you guys killed it in the booth all season. Great job guys.

  • Jason Grazian
    Jason Grazian Month ago +1

    Man it would be so great if you guys did supercross.... So much more fun to listen to then well those other guys.

  • Happy Raccoon
    Happy Raccoon Month ago

    🍻 Beer Bongs 👾🚬are legal in California now. Maybe not in Indiana. 🚽🏅🥉🥈🚬

    • EarthSurferUSA
      EarthSurferUSA Month ago

      Ahhh, the freedom of California, making a funnel and a hose legal. Jeeech.

  • shane mcinnerny
    shane mcinnerny Month ago +2

    Please move the leaderboard to the bottom next year cant see what's going on behind please....

  • James Robert
    James Robert Month ago

    Does Weege ride?

  • Going Bonzo
    Going Bonzo Month ago +2

    Mitch Payton trying to blow that motor is awesome. If I tried that on my bike it would probably blow. Bye bye motocross for now.

  • scott peitavino
    scott peitavino Month ago +1

    from Grants first sentence when the qualifiers were aired, i said “whats up with Grant?” i knew he wasn’t feeling good.

  • Who Cares
    Who Cares Month ago +5

    ET1 & AC1
    Haters be whining all day 😂😂😂

  • noControl
    noControl Month ago

    Going to miss your announcing! Who else wants the SX crew to be Weege, Emig, and RC on the ground?

    • Evan Steinberg
      Evan Steinberg Month ago +1

      Emig started to get really bad the last few years. RC is a terrible announcer, too much ego.

  • Monster KXF
    Monster KXF Month ago +6

    Great show! Your professional analysis has been second to none this season!
    You rock dude!! 🤘🤘

  • William Schuman
    William Schuman Month ago +1

    For the guy with a face for radio, very cool show, motor on.

  • Pj Sneeringer
    Pj Sneeringer Month ago +3

    @carterracing,I know ZERO about them,BUT sounds like a typical spoiled brat race kid

    • Pj Sneeringer
      Pj Sneeringer Month ago

      I grew up racing. retired 9 years ago.BRATS WITH daddies $$$ get on my nerves,BAD

    • Pj Sneeringer
      Pj Sneeringer Month ago

      @Zach Frye-Lofley agree 5000%,a little modesty goes a long way

    • La Flama Blanca
      La Flama Blanca Month ago

      Zach Frye-Lofley 🙏

    • Zach Frye-Lofley
      Zach Frye-Lofley Month ago +2

      Pj Sneeringer this. Gotta be the most annoying little brats on both episodes. Your daddy bought the rig, if y’all were that fast we woulda heard about you at Loretta’s . Nothing wrong with having money but be humble, something their father probably was but for some reason didn’t happen for them

  • Trapp Tours
    Trapp Tours Month ago +2

    I'm starting to get into the Weege Show, too bad it is the last one for 2019 season.

  • Justin Fee
    Justin Fee Month ago +19

    Seeing the live footage of you and GL makes me realize how good at your job you guys really are man I would of screwed that up lol good job weege 👍

  • Todd  Dooley
    Todd Dooley Month ago +4

    All the interruptions but never breaking stride. Weege you're a beast!

    • Going Bonzo
      Going Bonzo Month ago

      Very cool show. I loved the beer bong comment.

  • Jordan Fisher
    Jordan Fisher Month ago +17

    I’m so pumped for Adam coming to the 450’s. I think he’s going to shock a lot of people and have multiple wins his rookie season in supercross. He had to override the 250 due to his size which he won’t have to do with the 450. The premier class is gonna he stacked in 2020. Can’t wait for the sneak peak at monster cup. I hope Forkner races whatever Feranndis does in supercross or Dylan’s gonna run away with the title. I don’t think Sexton has enough for him.
    Congrats Eli and Adam!

  • ChrisB10
    ChrisB10 Month ago +5

    Weege love ya but you absolutely butchered the AC championship call yesterday as he crossed the finish line. As he was almost to the finish you were rambling on about ACs training routine instead of just calling the race. Dylan crossed the finish line and it caught you by surprise so then you had to drop the AC NYK talk and announce AC has crossed the finish line and was champ. No build up. No lead up of actually calling the race like "only two turns left ...he's just gotta hang it is....he can see it folks...." nope just rambling on and you missed it. Then after he crossed it was just non stop rambling instead of just of just going silent for a second or two and letting us be a part of the moment, the sights and sounds, just like the great announcers do when teams win fhe Stanley cup or NBA championship. They just stop announcing and let the moment be.

    • La Flama Blanca
      La Flama Blanca Month ago +1

      He’s overrated. Actual take.

    • EarthSurferUSA
      EarthSurferUSA Month ago +1

      Sounds like good constructive criticism to me. For a guy who did not race, he does a good job overall IMO. Maybe if he raced, he would know a bit better when to shut off the gas though. :)

  • Marco Zuffada
    Marco Zuffada Month ago +2

    Bravi 👍ottimo lavoro 💪 from piacenza,italy 🇮🇹

  • F. Lares
    F. Lares Month ago +5

    I always got mixed feelings at the end of the season I am glad for the winners sad for the ones that try hard but didn't make it
    And that the season is over
    But exited and glad that a new season is coming
    Good luck to all AMA riders in 2020 Sx & Mx series
    Go team USA Trophy of Nations

  • Brock Hammond
    Brock Hammond Month ago +1

    Tv Paul in the background 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  • steve brinkert
    steve brinkert Month ago +2

    Great year of racing, congratulations to everyone connected to this sport. An amazing and fun year.🏆

  • Johnathan Unum
    Johnathan Unum Month ago +4

    Did you guys get John short going through the mechanics area?

  • See Eye
    See Eye Month ago +4

    15:24 ed Templeton first graphic T shirt.

    • Cody Wells
      Cody Wells Month ago

      I seen that and thought of course the same fans or skateboarding would be into mx

  • Jason C
    Jason C Month ago +4

    The highlight of the year has to be that mysterious broadcast beeping sounds that plagued the first couple of rounds😂

  • The Elite Savage
    The Elite Savage Month ago +1

    Congrats AC. You deserve it buddy

  • Bart DeBuono
    Bart DeBuono Month ago +12

    Did it finally blow up? Well done AC92, Mitch, Nick and Pro Circuit. Congrats!

    • Thunder Chicken
      Thunder Chicken Month ago +5

      Long time coming for AC congrats to him and ET3-Peat. Can Eli got 4 in a row? Kroc has the speed now needs the fitness, great season though. MEC is next and GO Team USA JA, ZO and Cooper, it's gonna be a tough MXON.