Chinese 1800 Watt Induction Heater, 5 Minute Stress Test

  • Published on Mar 11, 2019
  • #electronics #diy #inductionheating
    Discussion of Chinese 1800/2500W induction heaters:
    Test is powered by the "2000 Watt laptop charger":
    This is a 1800 Watt Induction heater that I bought from ebay at 40 Euro, I avoided the cheapest seller for the simple reason that they all have bad reviews, so be sure to check that out before just buying the cheapest.
    Pete who started the thread has a wide ranged knowledge of induction heaters. Check out Pete Stanaitis website: and his take on the 1800W IH:
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Comments • 44

  • Athrun Zala
    Athrun Zala 4 days ago

    does it give you enough time to form this steel or will it cool fast ?

    • Athrun Zala
      Athrun Zala 2 days ago

      @Kaizer Power ElectronicsNever thought of all these :P thanks, nice video !!

    • Kaizer Power Electronics
      Kaizer Power Electronics  3 days ago

      @Athrun Zala Fitting of bearings, fitting of tight tolerance metal parts, pre-heaitng before soldering, rust removal, loosing up bolts and nuts that are stuck/rusted. Melting marshmellows. Hardening of metals. Plenty of applications :) You could even use it to pre-heat before using a furnace.

    • Athrun Zala
      Athrun Zala 4 days ago

      @Kaizer Power Electronics thanks for the answer, If so, what's the point from this device please ? can you think of any application other than what I mentioned ?

    • Kaizer Power Electronics
      Kaizer Power Electronics  4 days ago

      You can hammer on it, but this is not warm enough for black smithing if that is what you are asking about.

  • JP jay
    JP jay 26 days ago

    can you pls stop that smacking sound every few seconds? once you hear it, its really annoying.

    • JP jay
      JP jay 25 days ago

      @Road Runner let me google that word...

    • Road Runner
      Road Runner 25 days ago

      Welcome to the world of Misophonia

  • Kenneth Wallace
    Kenneth Wallace 28 days ago

    These things are Beast

  • Serkan Ozkan
    Serkan Ozkan Month ago +1

    Wht about induction coil temp? Becaus my coil heats alot!

  • Capture With Hasan
    Capture With Hasan Month ago

    Didn't know this was possible

  • mindfreak001009
    mindfreak001009 2 months ago

    mate...hose is directly going inside the coil? is it safe if you touch the water in the bucket? thanks

    • mindfreak001009
      mindfreak001009 Month ago

      @Kaizer Power Electronics thanks mate... got it..

    • Kaizer Power Electronics
      Kaizer Power Electronics  Month ago

      Water has a high impedance at these frequencies and you can throw a grounded wire to a earth rod into the bucket/reservoir to be sure. De-mineralized water will not conduct any current due to missing minerals and salts, but only after a short while it will absorb dirt, ions and new metals/salts from electrolysis so it will behave just like regular tap water.

    • MigotRen
      MigotRen 2 months ago

      Yes. FIrst Water itself is a really bad conductor. (in your Tub not so much because of salt from your sweat, and all the soap in there).
      Second, even tough you have more than 200V AC on the coil you have no problem there. You can directly touch both ends of the coil. I did it myself. the frequenzy of the voltage is arround 50khz. At those high frequenzy muscle and nerv cells are basically not receptive to the current anymore.
      Also there is the "skin" effect. the Higher the frequenzy the more of the current is pushed to the surface of the conductor. so most of it is carried over our dead skin layer and does not penetrate your body. wich also results in a higher resistance since our skin itself is not very conductive. At much higher Voltages it could still cause burn but not here.

    IVSON GOLD 2 months ago


  • Br!an Delta V
    Br!an Delta V 3 months ago

    Can the induction heater be turned on with a pipe already inserted?

    • Kaizer Power Electronics
      Kaizer Power Electronics  3 months ago

      Yes it can, but you will most likely have a current consumption 5-6 times higher than idle, you simply put a lot of stress on MOSFETs at start-up, if you can avoid it, then do not do it :)

  • zeeek1
    zeeek1 4 months ago +1

    Let me know if or when the power supply fails please.

  • gearhead 130
    gearhead 130 4 months ago

    It actually did pretty well really

    • Kaizer Power Electronics
      Kaizer Power Electronics  4 months ago +1

      Worked well at 1800W but with noticeable heating of the resonant capacitors. The other test I ran for 10 minutes at 1500W did not result in continues rising temperatures of anything but the cooling water, so I assume it can run for very long times at 1500W.

  • Peter Jensen
    Peter Jensen 6 months ago

    You sound Danish are you Danish?

    • Kaizer Power Electronics
      Kaizer Power Electronics  5 months ago

      Yes I am :) On most of my videos there is also a link to my website, on a Danish domain, that could also have been a giveaway, just not on this one :)

  • avin mathew
    avin mathew 6 months ago

    No of turns required for work coil(1/2inch cu tube ) outer dia of 16.5 cm.purpose is to heat 5 inch hollow fe pipe of 10 cm length

    • Kaizer Power Electronics
      Kaizer Power Electronics  6 months ago

      With these heaters you should try to match the original resonant frequency, you can however also lower it much more than you can raise it. If you make a coil with a smaller inductance than the original, you risk killing the MOSFETs from increased switching losses due to the higher frequency of the LC circuit.

  • jim frank
    jim frank 6 months ago

    Thanks for showing the picture-in-picture view. As a knifesmith, I am very interested in a mid sized induction heater. It's quite useful that the current draw shows you that the steel has risen above the critical temperature.

    • Kaizer Power Electronics
      Kaizer Power Electronics  6 months ago

      This is actually going to be boxed up and given to my father, he also does knifesmithing in a regular coal fired furnace, so this could help him pre-heat/harden them.

  • Ahapid
    Ahapid 6 months ago

    Are you planning on building an actual one? or will the induction heater videos stop after that?

    • Kaizer Power Electronics
      Kaizer Power Electronics  6 months ago

      I am not sure what you mean? I have built ZVS induction heaters before if you check out my "induction heater" playlist. I will experiment with a few other cheap power supply alternatives for this one and in the future I would like to build a LCLR induction heater in the 10-15kW class. I got some huge 815kVAr resonant capacitors that I would like to use!

  • Electronic Solutions
    Electronic Solutions 6 months ago

    Very cool 👍

  • Quantum Lab
    Quantum Lab 6 months ago +4

    I'm surprised that that cheap induction heater worked as well as it did. Thanks

  • Stephen Morton
    Stephen Morton 6 months ago +1

    jeeze that begs the question, what sort of PS is in the cheap induction hotplates that are rated at 1.8Kw? since the coil can be any configuration of equal inductance, how fast can a flat wound coil make coffee? induction hotplates are like 50 dollars.

    • Stephen Morton
      Stephen Morton 6 months ago

      @Kaizer Power Electronics ha! thanks. coffee is made.

    • Kaizer Power Electronics
      Kaizer Power Electronics  6 months ago +2

      I actually made 2 videos on that exact subject! I do a teardown ( ) and a circuit / waveform analysis ( )

  • Leon Taylor
    Leon Taylor 6 months ago

    Love the videos as always mate keep it up👍

  • Ing. Max Koschuh
    Ing. Max Koschuh 6 months ago +1

    excellent !!!

  • Matt Burrell
    Matt Burrell 6 months ago +1

    Your awesome mate love the videos

  • Filip Sebik
    Filip Sebik 6 months ago +2

    Those tiny chokes handle almost 40 amps? NO WAYYY

    • Kaizer Power Electronics
      Kaizer Power Electronics  6 months ago +2

      The tank voltage in the LC circuit is a AC voltage 3.14 times higher than the input DC voltage. I did a lot more measurements on a homemade ZVS induction heater I made, here you can see some more details on the voltages/currents in the circuit:

    • Basement ScienceE
      Basement ScienceE 6 months ago +2

      40A is the DC current draw. That doesn´t tell you how much AC current is flowing through the inductors.
      These converters put out a much higher voltage AC than the DC you feed them, so the current through the little inductors is much lower.