Kieran Tierney's first Arsenal training session

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
  • New signing Kieran Tierney trains at Arsenal training centre for the very first time, and is joined by Hector Bellerin and Dinos Mavropanos as they continue their rehab from injury.
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Comments • 1 349

  • Alvind Caesar
    Alvind Caesar 2 days ago

    Arsenal's ultimate future back four:
    Bellerin - Holding - Saliba - Tierney

  • Saffron Forever
    Saffron Forever 3 days ago

    Miss him already. All the best KT 🍀

  • Jax McNicol
    Jax McNicol 4 days ago

    We could’ve got at least 35m from KT

  • Amir Ahmed
    Amir Ahmed 5 days ago

    Porn behind the scenes

  • Cory D
    Cory D 6 days ago

    cant wait to see this guy play

  • Blesk
    Blesk 6 days ago

    Finally hector looks like human 👏🏼(hair)

  • Rahul Rebello
    Rahul Rebello 6 days ago

    Keiran can become an Arsenal legend if he plays to his potential

  • John Mclean
    John Mclean 7 days ago

    Tierney one side Hec on the other gonna tear it up. Can't wait.

  • Joe Y
    Joe Y 7 days ago

    Belleríns accent 😂😂😂

  • sadiq theo g
    sadiq theo g 7 days ago

    Weldone guys

  • Carl Alexander
    Carl Alexander 7 days ago

    Good to see all 3 of then in training and cant wait in2 they will be bk in the 1st team top 3 will be in the bag if they can stay fit

  • Conor Quinn
    Conor Quinn 7 days ago +1

    Mainland Nile’s everyday over Bellerin

  • mikie worku
    mikie worku 8 days ago

    Guuner's WIn or Loss Decides my week> LOve u Arsenal from ethiopia

  • ajmal aju
    ajmal aju 8 days ago

    Bellerin looks like a young Unai Emery

  • Butthry
    Butthry 8 days ago

    I liked Arsenal

  • mrlevis1987
    mrlevis1987 8 days ago

    Thank you Arsenal for spending some money

  • citrenoogeht
    citrenoogeht 8 days ago

    Bellerin’s earring. Discuss.

  • PUBG Mobile Fun!
    PUBG Mobile Fun! 8 days ago +2

    Arsenal please take care,of teirney for us it meant a lot to us (Celtic fc) to sell him to u

  • lucas brasi
    lucas brasi 8 days ago

    Thank goodness bellerin, mavrapanos and tierney are back in training, would love to see them play against liverpool..Lets see how they handle the deadly trio at anfield..

  • Artur Bomert
    Artur Bomert 8 days ago

    Kieran Tierney = Spark in Arsenal

  • Lewis King
    Lewis King 8 days ago

    Going to miss you tierney

  • Ronnie J. Main
    Ronnie J. Main 9 days ago

    Show them how good you can be KT!

  • recurf
    recurf 9 days ago

    Why does bellerin have the haircut of a 40 year old woman

  • Omaka Sammie
    Omaka Sammie 9 days ago +1

    Wow! I must say Tierney is quite a decent kid. I know he'll achieve great things in North London! I see a great link with this three!
    Good times are here

  • Denny Mc
    Denny Mc 9 days ago

    Pote him in the starting 11 next mach

  • Meo Afiz
    Meo Afiz 9 days ago +1

    please dont sell bellerin ever...let him be the gunners forever

  • FGA Personal Trainer

    KT will go through you like a train. He is dedicated and focused. He was still a great player when injured imagine him fully fit he also has a great pass and gets fans off there seats. Hope he is enjoying arsenal. I don't follow English football but will support arsenal when Tierney plays. Now show them what you got wee man

  • michael tortolano
    michael tortolano 9 days ago

    Good luck Kieran....always a Celt!!!!

  • 윤승현
    윤승현 9 days ago

    티어니 근본

  • craig morris
    craig morris 9 days ago

    Laddie is gonna cause havoc doon there

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight 9 days ago

    Thumbnail : who's wifey on the right?

  • Josh Stevenson
    Josh Stevenson 9 days ago

    A little boy in a mans game let’s see how he does this is real football now.

  • Peter Gunn Year 07
    Peter Gunn Year 07 9 days ago

    Should have stayed at Celtic

  • Matthew Quinn
    Matthew Quinn 9 days ago


  • Pampulah Eddie
    Pampulah Eddie 9 days ago

    Hector and Tierney gonna be a lit attacking from the flanks

  • Kreisliga Bier
    Kreisliga Bier 9 days ago

    The Best Leftback After Andrew Robertson. He has a lot of Talent and go to this trash Club.

  • gezza ro
    gezza ro 9 days ago

    Lol 3.38 moving like cazorla

  • Cassius Clay
    Cassius Clay 9 days ago

    Tiernys a top lad !

  • Joshua Adams
    Joshua Adams 9 days ago

    😔 watch my video goodbye Kieran Tierney

  • MrMervinJMinky
    MrMervinJMinky 10 days ago

    “we're bought and sold for English gold”...twas ever thus ...🇮🇪🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🍀💣🖕😎👉⭐️

    • Gilfoyle Shanks
      Gilfoyle Shanks 8 days ago

      Tierney went of his own accord to fulfill his footballing potential. No need to make it something it isn't.

  • Mohammed Seud
    Mohammed Seud 10 days ago

    Bellerin's hair look good man

  • Metzo2701
    Metzo2701 10 days ago

    Bellerin just isn’t Spanish

  • The Bumhair bros
    The Bumhair bros 10 days ago

    Scotland makes good LB’s don’t we?

  • scooby doo
    scooby doo 10 days ago

    T o all Arsenal fans ..........It you're not sure what type of player you have with KT ...I will put it to you this way Think of Tony Adams as a left full back ;)

  • Garry Weir
    Garry Weir 10 days ago

    All the best wee man from a very sad Celtic fan . What a signing you have arsenal fans 👍

  • Neil00
    Neil00 10 days ago

    3:37 ❤️❤️❤️ bellerin my man

  • Tafy da
    Tafy da 10 days ago

    Brothers in Arms

  • Martin
    Martin 10 days ago

    Thanks KT for the memories and best of luck with the Gunners

    RICKITYCRICKET 10 days ago

    Go and smash it KT 🍀🍀

  • Paul Kane
    Paul Kane 10 days ago

    He will be one of your best players this season good luck Kieran 🍀👍👍👍🍀

  • Matei Cumpatescu
    Matei Cumpatescu 10 days ago

    If u watch he’s got s dead right foot no cap 🤣🤣🤣

  • Bernhard 02
    Bernhard 02 10 days ago

    Some quality skips👌🏼

  • garry gordon
    garry gordon 10 days ago

    You's got absolutely mugged there arsenal this lads not all that a poor man's Andy Robertson at best

  • al ba
    al ba 10 days ago

    Tbh no matter wa Arsenal r trashhh

  • Alistair Mcarthur
    Alistair Mcarthur 10 days ago

    He's a baller 😎🍀

  • M
    M 10 days ago +1

    2 best left backs in the world down england and 32mil for both what a bargain

  • Daniel Henderson
    Daniel Henderson 10 days ago

    Bellerín,yeah this is arsenal cameras follow u everywhere!! Aye because tierney isn’t used to cameras following him in Glasgow!! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ usual EPL ignorance!!

  • smsflemingsf
    smsflemingsf 10 days ago

    Good luck KT hail hail 🍀

  • psy trance
    psy trance 10 days ago

    Can't wait to see Tierney in the celtic end at ipox bouncing with the fans

  • Dev Patel
    Dev Patel 10 days ago +1

    Bellerin and Tierney already showing signs of a great friendship!

  • Septogani Wanto
    Septogani Wanto 10 days ago

    Bellerin your face same Marc Marquez 😂

  • Man from the Orient
    Man from the Orient 10 days ago +1

    Anyone rated Cazorla, makes you realize how poor Xhaka is

  • Gan Freeman
    Gan Freeman 10 days ago

    3 калеча

  • jean paul2nd
    jean paul2nd 10 days ago

    Tierney will be a better player than Robertson when hes totally fit,not much in it just now, enjoy KT arsenal as the bhoy never has a bad game, captain material

  • Charming nowhere to hide

    Go to my channel to watch Highlights videos

  • Jordyn Nexus
    Jordyn Nexus 10 days ago +2

    Number 2 and number 3 gonna do bits for us when they finally get back on the pitch 😍😊

  • Grant Preiss
    Grant Preiss 10 days ago

    This guy is probably one of our most under hyped signings, he is blistering quick and knows how to work in a solid defense, definitely a good signing

  • Networth Media
    Networth Media 10 days ago +1

    ThIERry hENrY now we know who you are, remove the mask

  • Yuan stunner
    Yuan stunner 10 days ago +1

    Now I understand why Arsenal play europa league, after watching their traning. Not professional

  • Owen J
    Owen J 10 days ago

    Hes overhyped not even good liability fakes injuries all the time

  • sheldyn mueeay
    sheldyn mueeay 10 days ago

    future of our backline here, just missing holidini and saliba

  • RobbieCFC1888 W
    RobbieCFC1888 W 10 days ago

    Hope hes a big of a player for arsenal as he was for us. All the best KT 🍀

  • northbadger
    northbadger 11 days ago

    Good luck down south KT, show them how a true Celt plays bhoy 🍀👌

  • Monkì
    Monkì 11 days ago

    Day 1 of asking Arsenal to sell Mustafi.

  • Bambang K. Hadiningrat

    1:05 Tiernet and Bellerin are already in sync. Can't wait to see them both playing together