Top 10 Facts - The Witcher

  • Published on Nov 22, 2015
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    Kevin MacLeod - Teller of the Tales
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  • rage.
    rage. Day ago

    Still waiting for a movie...

  • Tan3l6
    Tan3l6 Day ago

    Where went the 'nomes?

  • The Rational Man
    The Rational Man 4 days ago

    15:00. I want a Witcher 1 prequel with Ciri as the main character.

  • Enes Bingöl
    Enes Bingöl 4 days ago

    Cevirmen reyiz bokunu yiyeyim ne guzel cevirmissin
    Uzun zamandir adam gibi ceviren birini gormemistim

  • Jedidiah Potuyt
    Jedidiah Potuyt 5 days ago

    Still waiting for th emovie

  • Kyle Zollman
    Kyle Zollman 5 days ago

    I will never forgive you for pronouncing Tyrion's name wrong

  • Свилен Николов

    CD Project RED has my love and respect. That is why I pre-ordered Cyberpunk on the very first day.

  • So Low Key
    So Low Key 6 days ago +1

    *O B Y E K T I V E S*

  • Gregorykov
    Gregorykov 6 days ago

    Top 10 facts doom or top 10 facts s.t.a.l.k.e.r

  • Adrian Dworak
    Adrian Dworak 8 days ago

    it's never said that Yen and Geralt were revived, and most likely they were not, it's an open ending and a bitter sweet one

  • supersandal
    supersandal 10 days ago

    crazy that they can pull off a ‘third’ installment successfully

  • tunv as
    tunv as 10 days ago +1

    Thank you for telling the story that is important to understand the whole game. I have been playing the Witcher 3 without understanding what is going on for half of the game now

    • magpie_girl
      magpie_girl 16 hours ago

      Don't take it personally. Why so many people choose to play The Witcher 3 because they heard that it has a great story but didn't bother with the story of W#1 and W#2? It doesn't make any sense - it's TRILOGY (you don't need to read books, but it should be expected that W#1 and W#2 precede the story).

  • fatboymig1
    fatboymig1 10 days ago

    One of the best games ever made.

  • SkippitySkoop925
    SkippitySkoop925 12 days ago

    I wonder if Obama has played it yet, or if he just has it stuffed away somewhere in his house.

  • Swiggy ReX
    Swiggy ReX 12 days ago


  • user of username
    user of username 12 days ago

    Fact 10: the story. Actually my favorite out of the ten

  • Bad Donkey
    Bad Donkey 13 days ago

    They paid sapowski one sum for all gaming rights, he got no royalties from the games themselves....

  • Trừn En
    Trừn En 14 days ago

    CD Project Red is my favorite Games Developer team lmao , still have high hope for their new game Cyberpunk 2077

  • MrMethadrine
    MrMethadrine 16 days ago

    Oh yes i remember why i uninstalled this game.They were talking too much..

  • Cameron Maines
    Cameron Maines 16 days ago

    That's tyrion lannister the sky sell not tarwin

  • Cameron Maines
    Cameron Maines 16 days ago

    That's Tryon lanister in the sky sell not tarwin

  • Alfonso Rojas
    Alfonso Rojas 24 days ago

    2019 and still no movie or anything

  • The Great Chimera
    The Great Chimera 25 days ago

    please stop calling her Jennifer

  • David Balut
    David Balut 26 days ago

    Funny that the english translation of yennefer starts with a Y because there is no polish word that starts with a Y

  • MR. Darknight
    MR. Darknight 28 days ago +1

    One of if not the best game I have ever played. Thw witcher 3.

  • arya Arya
    arya Arya Month ago +1

    Shit i laugh so hard at "for the plot" 😂

  • Frost Rusher
    Frost Rusher Month ago

    I love Obama and the The Witcher series.

  • Bunny
    Bunny Month ago

    This video has "slug" in the end of the URL

  • Emperor Mackazz
    Emperor Mackazz Month ago

    "Hexer" is "Witcher" translated into German

  • MaxiorRe
    MaxiorRe Month ago +1

    poland gave us cancer and witcher (im from poland so i knew what is bad)

    • magpie_girl
      magpie_girl 15 hours ago

      Bullshit. What 'cancer' did you got from 'Poland'? Problem with Poles is that they are really self-loathing. IF Cyberpunk 2077 will be a bad game, majority of hate will be from Poles. It's not Poland that is hatefull, it's because Poles that are never happy with anything.

      Even you wrote: "im from poland so i knew what is bad". You don't know. You think that you know, but other people have also their opinions.
      Peace :)

  • Martin Tížek
    Martin Tížek Month ago

    J ≠ Y
    Please learn the difference

  • duke-vedam-dren
    duke-vedam-dren Month ago

    don't think geralt is the best witcher tho, the best witcher is probably vesemir

  • SwalGo
    SwalGo Month ago

    Did u just say Jenifer instead of Yennefer????? That Triggered me so hard

  • ChaosLord
    ChaosLord Month ago

    @11:20 Geralt: Here comes the airplane!
    Yennefer: What the hell is an airplane?

  • Hepi
    Hepi Month ago +1

    If you turn the map 90 degrees to right, you can see that it resembles Poland and the Prussia and Skelige is Scandinavia :P

  • Skain
    Skain Month ago

    2019 and still waiting for the Netflix adaptation of Sapkowski's novels

  • DavidTSlayer
    DavidTSlayer 2 months ago

    100 hours of gameplay ? pff look at my hours on the witcher 3

  • alex papunasvili
    alex papunasvili 2 months ago

    13:04 bottom right

  • Sahil Mambilly
    Sahil Mambilly 2 months ago +1

    _Game of the Century_

  • moms pussy
    moms pussy 2 months ago

    i fucking love the witcher

  • Josef Ishak
    Josef Ishak 2 months ago

    Tyron Lannister.

  • Jonesy Cast
    Jonesy Cast 2 months ago

    "Cute cat eyes". lol

  • Serssius
    Serssius 2 months ago

    Jennifer? the fuck?

  • Illya Laurette
    Illya Laurette 2 months ago

    This game has a very complex story, and I really appreciate it!
    Just the way the author thought about the world mechanism, timeline, events, characters and how he's able to balance them out is amazing. It's very difficult to balance a complex story with multiple dimentions and characters who posses different abilities all in the same basic mechanism

  • Slightly Unusual Penguin

    Stop calling her Jennifer.

  • Ornito Renk
    Ornito Renk 2 months ago

    that weeping angels part blow my mind !!!

  • Raffi tavityan
    Raffi tavityan 2 months ago

    I Never liked this game.

    • VENEPS
      VENEPS 2 months ago +2

      shit taste

  • my name
    my name 2 months ago


  • Sirgan S
    Sirgan S 2 months ago +2

    there are few references to H.P Lovecraft aswell in Witcher 3 : P.

  • KarL Villanueva
    KarL Villanueva 2 months ago

    Is it just me?? Cuz the little girl look like Jimmy Hopkins in Bully Scholarship Edition LoL

  • DavidTSlayer
    DavidTSlayer 2 months ago


  • Cvo777
    Cvo777 2 months ago

    Fact 11, this game is extremely underrated

  • KipperBill
    KipperBill 3 months ago

    For a videogame series, a type of media where what you do, matters more than who you play, the voice acting is simply beautiful

  • helikos1
    helikos1 3 months ago

    The great conjunction is the END OF THE WORLD! Or the beginning hmm.

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer 3 months ago

    I've only played the third witcher game and it's one of my favorite. I've put in over 100 hours in the first two weeks

  • Beeg Yoshi
    Beeg Yoshi 3 months ago

    So who’s Jennifer and why you wanna kiss her I’m a blue eyes white unicorn while your a triss magician.

  • Steve Kromin
    Steve Kromin 3 months ago

    They went from being bad luck Brian to who your girlfriend tells you not to worry about

  • FloofKid
    FloofKid 3 months ago

    I message from the future: there was never a movie!!!

  • darthdude
    darthdude 3 months ago

    that's how it works, once you start to make it big you get welcomed into the fold and become just another greedy corporation.

  • Mia V
    Mia V 3 months ago

    14:23 oh my god nooo 😂

  • Jerry Yanes
    Jerry Yanes 3 months ago

    Well that movie never came out in 2017 but we are getting the show this year

  • Burak Hıdır
    Burak Hıdır 3 months ago

    Thanks for the fucking spoiler alert

  • Miggy Roco
    Miggy Roco 3 months ago

    What happened to left nipple of triss?

  • Simple-Commentator-not-really

    The whole story of Alfred Nobel is really sad; he wanted to be an inventor and aid the human race in some way, and he partially made mining a bit quicker and easier, but instead, his invention turns out to be a perfect killing tool.

  • Bebuchis
    Bebuchis 3 months ago +1

    12:39 nice lil summary

  • Joe Jones
    Joe Jones 3 months ago

    Hey, from the future, movie never happened, TV show is and Superman is playing The Witcher

  • Ramakrishna Appicharla
    Ramakrishna Appicharla 3 months ago

    WOW! What a story...

  • souldragon121
    souldragon121 3 months ago

    2019 no movie but we have a netflix series on the way staring henry cavil......fuck sakes

  • Burokkorī
    Burokkorī 4 months ago


  • just a random guy who likes stuff


  • hristoskof1
    hristoskof1 4 months ago

    So 2017 movie adaptation on a game.... Yeah, those never sucked!
    BTW it's 2019 now and I've never even heard of such title - was it actually released?

  • Chrisbajs
    Chrisbajs 4 months ago +1

    The ONE time a swede could pronounce Jennifer, it's wrong. It's Yennifer.

  • Henrik Wenne
    Henrik Wenne 4 months ago

    ooooh!! 10:20 I would have loved to find that in game! Great content btw!!

  • ZmieniK
    ZmieniK 4 months ago

    Playing withers with any other voiseactors than Polish... My god, why you are ruining your imersion...

  • Sameer Nazir
    Sameer Nazir 4 months ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Edgars P
    Edgars P 4 months ago

    for fucks sake, can you talk faster? I had to watch this in 1.25 speed. Otherwise good video tho

  • Lucky Jocker2031
    Lucky Jocker2031 4 months ago

    Im so proud of my country...

  • An Angry Yordle
    An Angry Yordle 4 months ago

    So Eredin is the devil and elves are demons?

  • Nikola Peh
    Nikola Peh 4 months ago

    12:30 Nailed it

    UGANDA SCOUT 4 months ago

    5:38 Tyrone Lannister

  • Pascal Johnson
    Pascal Johnson 4 months ago

    “From the TV show Game of Thrones...” Sigh...

  • Lodomir
    Lodomir 4 months ago

    That's the best russian game ive played

  • Douglas Mg
    Douglas Mg 4 months ago

    Nice video! I gonna to have replay all the witchers now.

  • Ariq Baihaqi
    Ariq Baihaqi 4 months ago

    I'm little bit confuse with the trilogy anyone can help me plz

  • Markus Kautz
    Markus Kautz 4 months ago

    It hurts a little that you used those shitty new covers of the books with those Game-Artworks. I pretty much like the games but i think it's just wrong that they made those covers and made the books look like books of the game, while they are an outstanding fantasy-series with a pretty good ending that cd-project ruined a little. It belittles the work of andrzej sapkowski

  • Mushromus
    Mushromus 4 months ago

    Why do i feel that Geralt is the most badass name ever

  • César Díaz
    César Díaz 5 months ago

    I come from the year 2019... still no movie


    It's yen not Jen... you sand niggah

  • NiekGAE
    NiekGAE 5 months ago

    Wait, how did you pronounce Tyrion Lannister?...

  • Tim Liu
    Tim Liu 5 months ago

    Triss is much better

  • Nick Wolf
    Nick Wolf 5 months ago

    What movie in 2017?

  • Свилен Дилчев

    Did ma nibba just say Tywin Lannister

  • the patriot
    the patriot 5 months ago

    Leo's grave ?? As far as I remember his body was incinerated

  • Isaiah Solis
    Isaiah Solis 5 months ago +2

    Still holding out for that witcher movie

  • Nexus Wolf
    Nexus Wolf 5 months ago

    Balin is also a character in the Hobbit.

  • GunsIndustry
    GunsIndustry 5 months ago

    y u say jennefer

  • jonas Hyldgaard
    jonas Hyldgaard 5 months ago

    i damn near shit myself laughing at the "cute little cat eyes, KAWAIII"

  • Frosty Cane
    Frosty Cane 5 months ago

    I want Geralt on ice

  • Luka Paladino
    Luka Paladino 5 months ago

    The “for the plot” killed me

  • Daniel Capric
    Daniel Capric 5 months ago

    Yennefer [¥-ner-fer]