Half in the Bag Episode 127: Wonder Woman


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  • Liam Don
    Liam Don 4 days ago

    Ralphthemoviemaker's review of this movie completely slays this. I love so much of RLM's content, but Half In The Bag is regularly disappointing in its shill like behaviour regarding new, shitty, bug budget movies. Of course I don't always expect them to have the exact same opinion as me, but I expect them to have a consistent way of analysing movies which they apply equally. Mike especially completely contradicts his own standards and method of analysis all the time, giving really poor movies a pass. They go so fucking easy on these big budget pieces of shit in Half In The Bag that it comes across very shilly to me. Really disappointing.

  • Matt Gilbert
    Matt Gilbert 8 days ago

    It sucked except for the stuff in the Amazon Queendom (it can't be a Kingdon, right?) - that's a word, yeah?

  • Ajay Dahl
    Ajay Dahl 9 days ago

    Rich deserved Oscar nod for that opening.

  • LabrnMystic MK
    LabrnMystic MK 11 days ago

    That was a hell of an intro

  • HLGpanda
    HLGpanda 11 days ago

    When they said Hillary Clinton I paused the video for a solid 2 mins of uninterrupted laughter. Oh my fucking gawd lol!

  • SentinelGhost
    SentinelGhost 13 days ago

    I'm here from the year 2018 to warn you that Wonder Woman doesn't save the DCEU at all and Justice League will be a huge pile if shit too!

  • Paul Armstrong
    Paul Armstrong 13 days ago

    How can someone like reanimatot and eraserhead and this utter cgi thoughtless garbage?

  • Andrew Hershberger
    Andrew Hershberger 14 days ago

    It was an okay movie, if it came out a decade ago when the hero fad was new, then it would have been amazing. However the morality was painfully black and white. I was waiting for Diana's naivete about the world to slap her down but, it never happened. It was merely adequate.
    The supporting members of the group, had no memorable lines or actions; they were there to be talked at. Why introduce a native american smuggler if Diana is just going to LEROY JENKINS through the front lines? Save to give Adam Beach work?

  • Justin St-Georges
    Justin St-Georges 17 days ago

    The Ares fight was basically the Titan Joker fight at the end of Arkham Asylum. Damn DC can't stick the landing

  • Tom C
    Tom C 20 days ago

    Wait, there's really a book where the X-Men meet the crew of the Enterprise? That sounds like absolute madness. I wish Mike had made some kind of video discussing its contents...

  • NexisFilms
    NexisFilms 24 days ago

    Of course Gal looks the part , but she's just a bad actress .
    But the worst part of the movie was the ' bad guy' .
    I was like , "What ?! That's him ?! Boooo...... "

  • AndyOfSandy
    AndyOfSandy Month ago

    In the cartoon the way she defeats Ares is by getting the people around him to stop fighting which stops his power since he thrives off of war. That might have been a better ending.

  • Jaime Gandarilla
    Jaime Gandarilla Month ago

    It’s not about “worthy role models”, it’s about representation

  • Reef2480
    Reef2480 Month ago

    Best half in the bag opening ever

  • Davy Machinegun
    Davy Machinegun Month ago

    From BvS review:
    Mike: "I couldn't understand what that bitch was saying. I don't want to watch a feature with her!"

  • K
    K Month ago

    The intro is still funny

  • Ke Ni
    Ke Ni Month ago

    the cake of evil. right. got it.

  • David Alarcón
    David Alarcón Month ago

    Funny . The best DC Marvel movie reviewed in the best RLM episode.

  • Eric Peeper
    Eric Peeper Month ago

    I truly dislike the muted colors of many of the recent comic book movies

  • OpticalJesu5
    OpticalJesu5 Month ago +2

    It was good until the Ares reveal.

  • Anthony Matthews
    Anthony Matthews Month ago

    Not a good film.

  • JakesbigboychannelV2

    The finale act ruins the whole message of the film

  • U Tubred
    U Tubred Month ago


  • biotechKazoo
    biotechKazoo Month ago

    they're children mike chill out

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    Comic book movies are total shite made for plebs.

  • Tim Walden
    Tim Walden Month ago

    I've come to realize I have yet to agree with a single review I've seen here, and the only ones I think I would agree with are for those films/shows I refuse to watch.

  • Pavel Shliaha
    Pavel Shliaha Month ago

    Will you Americans stop with the f...NHL polygraph? IT DOES NOT WORK! It’s complete and utter nonsense. The rest of the world is looking at you and wonders why you still peddle this pseudoscience

  • meep
    meep 2 months ago

    15:35 we gotta fight Blue Lazer 🤣 nice Homestar Runner reference there

  • Mr S
    Mr S 2 months ago

    I wish they had made Wonder Woman naive instead of partially retarded. She acted like a slow five year old, I mean c'mon they don't have secretaries or assistants where she comes from. Acting like thats slavery. She acts like a feminist but they don't even have men on her island, what does she know about feminism? She comes off like she's all about equality but she lives under a strict authoritarian leadership with a queen. Whatever.

  • YitryOrbit
    YitryOrbit 2 months ago

    fuck you paul feig

  • KNJfan
    KNJfan 2 months ago

    I kind of ignored all of the BS while watching it and liked it...

  • Lee OfBacup
    Lee OfBacup 2 months ago

    In the time of the war it was called "The First World War". They did come up with a few names like "the great war" but those had already been used. So they decided to call it The First World War. So it wouldn't be too silly for someone to call it WW1 in those days.

  • Kem N
    Kem N 2 months ago +1

    Did mike just say that people should look up to Maggie Thatcher?

  • Kate pro
    Kate pro 2 months ago

    I keep hearing this stupid thing "look up to.. oh now the girls can look up to" .. What the fuck is this ? Cant a girl live her own life without searching for a fucking role model ? This whole concept of LOOKING UP TO is So fucking lame !

  • Chapstick817
    Chapstick817 2 months ago

    Can I just whine about the beginning joke about girls finally having someone to look up to? I feel like these guys don’t understand that having real life role models and fictional role models are separate things but both play into your self esteem and dreams and happiness. If you spend your whole life as a guy surrounded by images of Batman and Superman etc you don’t really know what it would feel like to be lacking those characters and the ways they impacted your self image. This is mainly subconscious stuff but it can contribute to confidence and well being for young people and children to see themselves in impressive fictional characters. They can truly be very motivating especially when you find the character that feels like “you”. And that’s my rant thanks for listening.

    ULTIMA 2 months ago

    nope, wonder woman is a representation of bondage. hence the whip. look it up.

  • Tepes1980
    Tepes1980 2 months ago

    This movie is just mediocre.

  • nick robertson
    nick robertson 2 months ago

    Honestly thought you’d be tearing this horrible film apart a lot more. It was atrocious.

  • Marco Panzanni
    Marco Panzanni 3 months ago

    Wouldn't Segourney Weaver in Alien (orig) be more someone for girls to look up to? or Linda Hamilton (the strong tough woman (the mental institution escape in T2 was epic).
    Michelle Pheifer as catwoman.. and so on.

  • Marco Panzanni
    Marco Panzanni 3 months ago

    Hillary Clinton?, now that's an evil enemy/villain character that would be incredible for a DC movie, she would yell like a maniac, make psychotic faces & would have eye twitching when she's about to be defeated. Plus she would be the most evil secretary of state since Kissenger's mass murdering little unsuspecting Cambodian kids by dropping millions of tons of "unused" ordinance with no regard for human life... oh wait... she did help to slaughter over a million Iraqis , but thats ok since they're not people but all terrorists.
    But anyway she could use her infinite power over military to trash superdick and wonderpussy with nuclear warheads, darpa project rail cannons, laser-ish satellites, millions of soldiers (enlisted kids from projects) as cannon fodder and pam pam pam, stealth tech.
    But we get Aries God of War (aka Satan) whispering to peoples ears.
    See best villain ever.

  • Bale Sahagun
    Bale Sahagun 3 months ago

    Marvel "we are like 100 steps ahead of DCEU WE DID THAT 20times already "

  • Bale Sahagun
    Bale Sahagun 3 months ago

    Quicksilver died to save the little boy and Hawkeye for Christ's sake what more do you want! for now! I tried to play ball with these a$$ clowns!

  • Bale Sahagun
    Bale Sahagun 3 months ago

    I disagree. Avengers always had the safety of people in mind even when they accidentally kill them. Even spiderman had more scenes in saving people while getting beat up by the villain.

  • Raphael Stalker
    Raphael Stalker 3 months ago

    Margaret Thatcher is an example to little girls in the same way Hitler is.... Sure, they came from nothing and rose to the top, but it's what they did once they were there that's important.

  • AliceDiableaux
    AliceDiableaux 3 months ago

    I just can't any time you even try to touch anything to do with feminism or racism or other unequal power structures. It would really be great if you ever just dived into this stuff just the littlest bit, because you only have the most shallow idea that exists in society of these things. You wouldn't say the things you're saying if you had even an ounce of knowledge about social the history and present of power structures and social hierarchy. Especially as you have a big platform.

  • kingdancekiller
    kingdancekiller 3 months ago +1

    Fuck you Mike, I look up to All-Might. Fight me.

  • eddiebruv
    eddiebruv 3 months ago

    Actually, that stupid bit where all of the machine gunners are hitting her shield spoiled the film. As if all of the bullets, from all of the guns, coming in from different angles manage to hit almost dead centre of the shield! She’d have been Swiss cheese!

  • jameseglavin4
    jameseglavin4 3 months ago

    see below for details

    two of the three cakes are pies

  • charlesandhisworld
    charlesandhisworld 3 months ago

    Damn I didn't like this movie

  • Vaporize Jello
    Vaporize Jello 3 months ago

    No beeeeeeeeeeer?

  • Vaporize Jello
    Vaporize Jello 3 months ago

    3:37 yeah that's me. I never saw it due to the bull-poop. Plus, I've only seen 2 good DC movies, and that was a long time ago. I tried Justice League on the airplane, and got through about 4 minutes before I turned it off.

  • Arland Jenkins
    Arland Jenkins 3 months ago

    Underworld, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (film), Resident Evil, Supergirl, Elektra, Catwoman, Hunger Games, Kill Bill, Alien, Terminator all lead by women with various power sets and technology. Can we stop sucking off WW?! Underworld and Resident Evil had super powered women kicking ass and making millions, no politics or superfluous BS weighing it down. Why is this movie getting so much unnecessary shit tangled with it?

  • Nadeane ellicott
    Nadeane ellicott 3 months ago

    Ugly!? You think the films are ugly!? Your are obviously not photographers ! The films are beautiful .

  • Nadeane ellicott
    Nadeane ellicott 3 months ago

    Ok? She was amazing! They finally found an actress who plays the ole perfect

  • Nadeane ellicott
    Nadeane ellicott 3 months ago

    Wow , you seemed so uncomfortable talking about this film ...😂

  • pvthitch
    pvthitch 3 months ago

    70s Wonder Woman was not "crappy and low-budget." It was neither.

  • Dionysos
    Dionysos 3 months ago

    I don't get why people like this movie, there was so much bullshit in this script v.v

  • Totallytman
    Totallytman 3 months ago


  • squattingheads
    squattingheads 4 months ago

    That ending was the best meta writing they ever did

  • Kpat
    Kpat 4 months ago

    I thought it was ok

  • Sightseeing
    Sightseeing 4 months ago

    I refused to even see it because DC already had their 3 strikes of pure garbage.

    • manictiger
      manictiger 3 months ago

      I saw it because why not. It raised my hopes for DC.
      I actually thought there was a chance they would start making good movies.
      I know, with hindsight, that's a really silly thing to think.

    UROSSSSSSSSSSSZ8 4 months ago

    That intro tho

  • Generic Throwaway
    Generic Throwaway 4 months ago

    little girls shouldn't look up to hillary clinton or margaret thatcher in general to be honest....

  • Aelly Alwardi
    Aelly Alwardi 4 months ago

    Someone tell plinkett to take the frosting off his mic

  • Aelly Alwardi
    Aelly Alwardi 4 months ago

    Just saying, this whole plot doesn’t make any sense because if jay and plinkett are eating gay cake that means someone is making them. But that means mike has to have baked it and we know mikes lazy ass ain’t makin no vanilla ass gay cake

  • Jonathan Rogers
    Jonathan Rogers 4 months ago +1

    I completely understand that some people may have avoided this movie because of the political messaging around it, but they would have missed a fun movie. I was looking forward to Black Panther but apprehensive because of all the politics around it.Then, I saw it and thought it was great and wished I'd just ignored all the politics.

  • N7Trekkie
    N7Trekkie 4 months ago

    I'm so glad nearly 1 million people have seen that intro

  • OffsetAirplane
    OffsetAirplane 4 months ago +1

    wonder woman 2 she gets blamed for ww1 happening cos she was there, snyder logic.

  • Brandon Posthuma
    Brandon Posthuma 4 months ago

    Oh man, I fuckin love that intro!

  • V Sen
    V Sen 4 months ago

    Why so many dislikes??? This is awesome....

  • Jolar70
    Jolar70 4 months ago

    Honestly, I think the politicization comes directly from the fan boys who, like the Gamer-Gate bros, cannot DEAL with the concept of women rearranging their adult action figures! The "snowflake" outrage never came from younger (or older) girls or women liking this movie. It came from male fans who felt so threatened that they needed to invent an "agenda" behind the release of an otherwise clone of yet another too loud, too long, superhero film based on a property that dates back to WWII!
    I've got to see your Black Panther review because it's going to be the same thing all over again in terms of conspiracy vs. genuine fan representation. Jay is right, this is no longer a niche market. For better, or definitely worse, superhero films are CURRENTLY our biggest form of mass market entertainment. Mike's digression about boys primarily reading comics back in the day doesn't really count anymore.
    We're dealing with what's packing in theaters NOW! So, females are half of that audience, so why wouldn't they be happy to see a legacy female superhero kick ass and star in a movie? It's only an "agenda" if you think it's a conspiracy, and you only think it's a conspiracy if you can't except a female on equal footing in a made-up fantasy genre! If you can't, then the fact that Gal Gadot is basically the most likable foreign import since Jackie Chan must make it burn even worse for you!

    • manictiger
      manictiger 3 months ago

      Gender politics are for people too stupid to understand the deeper issues of this world.

  • Derek DuBois
    Derek DuBois 4 months ago

    This is my favorite RLM intro

  • Anthony Hunter
    Anthony Hunter 4 months ago

    For real though, what's that intro song?

  • Lunarimoths
    Lunarimoths 4 months ago

    why the fuck would anyone look up to thatcher

  • Master Chief Petty Officer


    MICHAEL LORUSSO 4 months ago

    Ohhhhhh, so that's why I turned out gay!

  • L X
    L X 4 months ago

    Wow. You're terrible.

  • Ogawa Burukku
    Ogawa Burukku 4 months ago

    Just saw this movie for the first time... it was really meh to me. I think Mike and Jay only liked it because it is better than everything else by DC they have seen, but it still wasn't a very good movie. The first half was okay and could have been saved by a great second half, but the second half was so drab and so boring. The action was, like they said, dated and the CG really cheap looking. They went for cartoony CG when a practical effect would have looked so much better (and probably would have been cheaper). At one point I paused the movie to go to the bathroom when I saw, i stead of being near the end, we weren't even halfway finished with it. By then I was starting to check out and I snoozed for a few minutes during the final battle.

  • snx70
    snx70 5 months ago

    Hillary Clinton? lolololololololololololololololololololololol...lolZ!

  • Embla H
    Embla H 5 months ago

    Ok, but are we gonna talk about HER THEME SONG, HOLY SHIT

  • With Enough Prep Time TheNerdMan

    its a great movie

  • Zeph!
    Zeph! 5 months ago

    No, just no

  • Monkeh Bunnes
    Monkeh Bunnes 5 months ago

    I quit watching it after the "what's a penis?? oWo" scene.

  • TROY2048
    TROY2048 5 months ago

    My gf fell asleep for 40 min in a theater while whatching this dog turd of a movie

  • Shmacked Muffins
    Shmacked Muffins 5 months ago +1

    How dare you disrespect trump. +1000 dislikes.

  • Light Grey
    Light Grey 5 months ago

    JAY is pregenantnan confirmed!!

  • Steve Nesbitt
    Steve Nesbitt 5 months ago +1

    No one has a right to look that good emerging from a trench.

  • Sweetskis
    Sweetskis 6 months ago

    Poor Mike has degenerated to communicating mostly through hand gestures, guttural grunts, and babbling. All these bad films have taken their toll.

  • alyssons montiel
    alyssons montiel 6 months ago

    “I am defeating you with loveeee.” - Mike (😂)

  • Clashman The Third
    Clashman The Third 6 months ago

    "A director can get a good performance out of Adam Sandler"
    That's because Sandler is a legitimately good actor who doesn't care in most of his movies, not because a director got a good performance out of a sub par actor.

  • Bryan Chu
    Bryan Chu 6 months ago

    To me it was shit

  • hvitekristesdod
    hvitekristesdod 6 months ago +5

    I think this is my favourite intro/outro you guys have made

  • ManofGears
    ManofGears 6 months ago +4

    Fuck Israel! Free Free Palestine

  • HTSenpai9000
    HTSenpai9000 6 months ago

    If more people knew WW comic origin they wouldn't consider her a role model. (50 Shades of Diana) 😂

  • HTSenpai9000
    HTSenpai9000 6 months ago

    They're so dead inside 😂

  • TheGreatPoptart
    TheGreatPoptart 6 months ago

    I'm a grown women's no no I'm not but i can if I say I am I am ha 2018 fun

  • Jacob Kapoor
    Jacob Kapoor 6 months ago

    Dude man on the right says in every review "I saw that plot twist coming, it was sooo obvious!". Come on, you didn't see all of them. I dont think you saw most of them coming, you don't need to make yourself look so smart pretending you knew the whole time. Just something I noticed watching all these videos.

  • Andrew Church
    Andrew Church 6 months ago

    Margaret Thatcher? Puke.

  • MrBlobby786
    MrBlobby786 6 months ago +3

    It was an ok movie up until that stupid as hell ending. That ruined any chances of me ever giving the movie higher than a 6/10.

  • Sarcasticron
    Sarcasticron 6 months ago

    The Lasso of Truth is not linked to the polygraph. It was originally the Lasso of Obedience and it, like almost everything else Marston put into the Wonder Woman mythos, comes from BDSM, which was Marston's thing.