Half in the Bag Episode 127: Wonder Woman

  • Published on Jun 4, 2017
  • Mike and Jay discuss the latest DCEU film Wonder Woman, the most important movie about an Amazonian Princess with a magic lasso that's ever been made.
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  • saia sox
    saia sox 21 hour ago


  • Ash Cuckum
    Ash Cuckum 10 days ago

    look up to H dawg? lmao

  • Ash Cuckum
    Ash Cuckum 10 days ago

    Lynda Carter makes that new tramp look like a sack of potatoes

  • Dave Brown
    Dave Brown 20 days ago

    The term "World War I" was actually coined during World War I.
    It was a political statement about endless war. It is happening now and it will happen again and again.

  • Veo
    Veo Month ago

    Yeah no, quite a large part of Age of Ultron was about them saving civilians so not sure what you guys mean. Also, a lot of the best comic book storylines don't focus mainly on saving people. Just sayin'.

  • exexpat11
    exexpat11 Month ago

    Build up, WW One Battlefield parts, Historical Set Pieces - Good to Great. The End Battle Shot in the Dark Closet (DC Stands for DARK CLOSET) with a Flashy Fire FX Flashlight - Zach Snyder Level Sucks Balls.

  • Hickspy
    Hickspy Month ago +1

    And before that they had Wanda hypnotize everyone to evacuate. And then they spend time helping everyone evacuate. And then Ultron points out that Tony is quipping in order to stall him so more people can evacuate. Then Wanda shields people from the robots shooting at them. Then Tony saves a family from a collapsing building by carrying them out in the bathtub. And then they had a Helicarrier fly in to evacuate the rest that didn't make it out before the city started flying. And then Hawkeye almost died because he went back to save a little kid.
    And yeah, at one point in there Steve tries to stop a car with a woman in it from falling off the city.

  • rotwang2000
    rotwang2000 Month ago

    Wonder Woman was good not great, but the intro never gets old ...

  • Lucas
    Lucas Month ago

    I feel like I'm the only person who dislikes wonder woman

  • flogiston2ify
    flogiston2ify Month ago

    This chemicals are turning Plinketts gay!

  • Robert Easton
    Robert Easton Month ago

    Mr.Plinkett looks like Leo Johnson in Twin Peaks when he's catatonic...

  • Dreyness
    Dreyness Month ago

    ARGH! I HAVE to say it again because even though I love HitB sometimes you guys just sound painfully ignorant when you forget big plot points. The ENTIRE point of the final battle in Age of Ultron was about getting all of the civilians off of Sokovia as it was floating up into the sky before they even thought about taking on Ultron himself. Cap says at one point, "I'm not leaving a single civilian up here.", Quicksilver literally sacrifices his own life to save Hawkeye and a child. They spend three-quarters of the battle getting the civilians onto the lifeboats of the Helicarrier to get them the fuck out of there. How the fuck is that SHOEHORNED in? I have absolutely no problem with you guys hating a movie I loved, but for the love of God get the facts straight.

    Also on a side note, believe it or not but Zack Snyder actually had a large input in Wonder Woman, he produced it and helped write the story for it. I can't stand Snyder's DC movies, but just sayin.

  • Dubious Consumption

    Like Jay, the moment I saw David Thewlis in that meeting, I knew it would be him. Mainly because of the dramatic irony that he is campaigning for peace but he's the God of War.

  • spankminister
    spankminister Month ago

    I dunno, I think Mike is pretty wrong here about comics audience: the idea that comics are a little boy thing I think is a fairly recent phenomenon from the late 70s to 90s. If you look at things like not just Wonder Woman but everything from the old Lois Lane comics to the long standing popularity of Archie, to classic Doctor Strange or soap operatic elements in Claremont classics, there's female heroes, romances, and really a wide variety of stories that go way back. Mike falls into the trap of internet nerd hysteria that thinks everything in fandom revolves around them and therefore a comic with a woman in it must be due to pandering, and not because over time, comics editorial and the direct market left part of its audience behind. The internet is full of angry comic nerds who will insist that "PC-culture" is ruining "their" hobby because they refuse to address things like how Saga is outselling Walking Dead.

  • Ankford
    Ankford Month ago

    Do people actually take their kids to see these things? Don't they get bored and antsy?

  • Viktor Pradley
    Viktor Pradley Month ago

    I like that a guy who sounds like plinkett is yelling at a man who looks like plinkett. I wonder if Jay smells like plinkett

  • bionic man
    bionic man Month ago

    hmmmm?? these guys don't like movies do they??

  • Jaded and Empty
    Jaded and Empty Month ago +1

    I know I'll probably get some shit for saying this, but, as a girl myself... I was just happy to see she didn't have double D's.
    Almost every chick in comic books has huge tits, and I'm so over that. Yeah, I get it, generally aimed toward men, but it gets old. Even guys will tell you that they prefer all sorts of body types (Or even that they don't have a preference). I fully admit that this is a petty point, but it's worth noting that the actress playing Wonder Woman was still smoking hot without the exaggerated body structure.

  • Aquarium Gravel
    Aquarium Gravel Month ago

    .... uh yeah, comic books are traditionally aimed at boys. being true to the source material is NOT the complaint. the complaint is little girls learn that being strong and being a hero are male traits. by making sure we have female heroes in the future, regardless of their prevalence in that past, we give more little girls a way to internalize strong personality traits.

  • Ryan Borja
    Ryan Borja 2 months ago

    But really though forget Hilary Clinton

  • Rusty Sheckleberg
    Rusty Sheckleberg 2 months ago +8

    Everyone forgets about Ripley. Sad.

  • Corndog Ink
    Corndog Ink 2 months ago

    can we get a supercut of them knocking stuff over in that house?

  • Hephaestus
    Hephaestus 2 months ago

    I do - and always will - love BVS.

  • Joe Syxpack
    Joe Syxpack 2 months ago

    Remember when we thought Wonder Woman was politicized?
    We were so naive back then.

  • hplee1
    hplee1 2 months ago +1

    looking back....Wonder Woman is better than Captain Marvel

  • Barış Oktay
    Barış Oktay 2 months ago

    21:00 that's Crysis 2 soundtrack:D

  • Kevin Comer
    Kevin Comer 2 months ago +1

    This is my favorite opening for Half in the Bag

  • Oblivion Boi
    Oblivion Boi 2 months ago

    That ending, what a twist😵

  • Andrew Hershberger
    Andrew Hershberger 2 months ago

    What a generic action hero movie, black and white morality (because that is how it is in the real world), weird messaging (If WWI just ends because of Ares, why did WWII happen?), and pointless secondary characters (gotta love that Native American Smuggler...who didn't do anything). It was OK, not amazing/not terrible but, okay.
    I spent the whole movie waiting for her naivete to slap her back to earth but, she just keeps on trucking. They might as well had a line "No-man's-land? I am no man!"
    I love history so that scene just pissed in my eye, no WWI soldier would just bum rush behind her without orders or supporting troops (for the inevitable counterattack).

  • gregstiles
    gregstiles 2 months ago

    that into-very funny

  • Foot Soldier
    Foot Soldier 2 months ago

    Managed 20 minutes of it. The bullshit undercurrent killed it. Well done nob 'eds. 😂

  • breyleyjk26
    breyleyjk26 3 months ago

    Anybody else kinda sad that we live in a culture that argues about whether or not a movie pushes whatever new hollywood pc stereotype well enough? Some ppl liked this movie bc it was a good comic book movie, some ppl liked it bc it had a female lead, some disliked it bc of the actress (regardless of the content?) As long as movies are made with the mindset of pushing a social commentary, then they're ultimately pointless bc in 10 years the mindset won't hold up to whatever new social norms are present.

  • anjetto1
    anjetto1 3 months ago

    Representation matters, as long as the movie is good. I'm from Ireland, o'brian is my favorite star trek character because he was the only one on the show who sounded and sort of looked like me.

  • okrajoe
    okrajoe 3 months ago +1

    Free Cake. Free Cake and Pie! But in the end, it had a cost. A terrible, terrible cost.

  • Liz P
    Liz P 3 months ago

    Jesus Christ you sick, sick, fuck... Who would want a lil girl to look up to Hilary Clinton?? 😬
    P.s. this movie was waaaaay over-rated

  • Yuya Sakaki
    Yuya Sakaki 3 months ago

    11:17 looks like Wonder Woman got the last laugh.

  • Scott Barnett
    Scott Barnett 3 months ago

    God this gay-panic stuff is sad and terrible.

  • Mike122344
    Mike122344 3 months ago

    What was the name of the song at the beginning?

  • randy rittenhouse
    randy rittenhouse 3 months ago

    Did mr. plinkett turn gay because he watched wonder woman??? Seems plausible after seeing gal gadot's oscar acceptance speech.

  • Dave Kooper
    Dave Kooper 3 months ago

    Everything in Hollywood is political, you've to look by all the idiots making it that and ignore it to enjoy anything. Like the cast of Stranger Things being absolute cunts in real life, but they aren't them in the show so I can ignore it and watch it without those two worlds (or 3) colliding. Wonder Women was decent, I was just amazed they didn't fuck it up like every single other god damn thing they touch.
    And yes I'm late to the party, only a new Subscriber working my way through content.

  • KofiProductions
    KofiProductions 3 months ago

    I guess the story was OK. I fell asleep in the theater. The CG was lame and the slow mo fighting for some reason has only worked in The Matrix and 300, it failed here.

  • Josh Downer
    Josh Downer 3 months ago

    I honestly saw none of the misandry/misogyny or other political drama in the film except what applied to the time period, so I was able to thoroughly enjoy it.

  • Jimbre
    Jimbre 3 months ago

    Best intro skit ever

  • Munchman
    Munchman 3 months ago

    Except Ironically it was in 1918 that World War I was named World War I, this is why History is important kids.
    BTW look it up before you call me an idiot, it's true, strange, but true, there is a full story behind why they called it WWI in 1918, again look it up before you jump to conclusions.

  • Jacob Prescott
    Jacob Prescott 3 months ago

    Maybe role model is a bit strong but...when you were little kid, you never fantasized you were Bruce Wayne or Superman? Movies like Wonder Woman and Black Panther give other people a power fantasy just like I had with Batman growing up. I hear all the time from the nerdish side of the internet how important and defining their entertainment was in their lives. How, even though their parents saw them as just "dumb comics," there fun, escapism, and more than a few life lessons gleaned from them. So I find it very strange when women or minorities finally get a seat at the super hero blockbuster table, out of the woodwork comes a hoard of neckbeards wagging their finger and asking "is WW reeeeaaalllly a role model?

  • DoctorInk20
    DoctorInk20 3 months ago

    Um.... Yeah, about Margaret Thatcher. She was a monster who did jack all for women in politics or in general. She also ruined the society and economy of northern England, stole free milk from poor children, started the Falklands War and drank the blood of puppies.
    Thatchet the Hatchet. Thatcher the Milk-snatcher. Boooooooooooo....

    • DoctorInk20
      DoctorInk20 Month ago

      +BlackMaster Chief Hey look, someone who brought mittens to a boxing match.
      In fairness, *both sides* are pretty shite, were then and are now. Does the name *"Neil Kinnock"* mean anything to you? If not, fix that by watching some episodes of *Spitting Image* and brush up on your political history. Also, where on earth did you get that empowering theft rubbish?

  • AlucardsQuest
    AlucardsQuest 4 months ago

    Was there really controversy about this movie? Feminism had nothing to do with this Wonder Woman. The fact that she was a woman was almost incidental, it's just a good superhero movie!

  • Cihan Erkli
    Cihan Erkli 4 months ago

    1:56 thank me later

  • A man with one hand
    A man with one hand 4 months ago

    RIP Mr. Plinkett.

  • Isaiah Barrett
    Isaiah Barrett 4 months ago

    Is everyone just gonna ignore that Jay/Susan confirmed he’s/she’s pregnant...?

  • rob black
    rob black 4 months ago

    Gal is unnaturally beautiful.
    Like designed by aliens to enslave mankind beautiful.
    Was she in a movie?

  • Ma Bu
    Ma Bu 4 months ago +1


  • Poke Headroom
    Poke Headroom 4 months ago

    so what happenned after the date?

  • TheBasaltHorogium
    TheBasaltHorogium 4 months ago

    I'm betting most of the dislikes on this video are because Jay said that WW is better than half of the Marvel movies.

  • colin the dog from SPACED

    1:05 - 1:10 Every one of my Birthdays.

  • Alex Wong
    Alex Wong 4 months ago

    Rubbish villain. Great beginning stuff.. Machine gun bit was pretty cool.

  • darkranger116
    darkranger116 4 months ago +3

    Hilary Clinton. Buahahahahahahahahaha
    I look up to a couple of convicts myself.

  • Hrvoje Grahovac
    Hrvoje Grahovac 4 months ago

    How come lack of female comic readers is now a big problem? There are many female comic book fans. People should stop bullshiting about things that do not exist.

  • Jordan Crass
    Jordan Crass 4 months ago

    Side note I'm also confused because as someone heavily into comics, looking up to super heroes has always been a thing. Not in the most literal way but always a big thing. I think you guys took it way to seriously because people added the word female. Saying woman have somome too look up to now is not suprising. It's probably because the movie did so well and in this era of super hereo movies we had not had a good stand alone movie with a female. I'm also confused by this pointing out comics are mainly read by little boys...so is your point that the female aduiance is small so why would we care when a great comic book movie comes out with a great female lead? Thats not shit? Over all this feminism bot confused me.

  • Jordan Crass
    Jordan Crass 4 months ago

    I've just found you. How. How have......I dont care and I love you

  • The-Cooliest23
    The-Cooliest23 4 months ago

    man I am so late to this party but fun lil fact: The guy who "created" wonder woman also created A LOT of bondage bdsm comic books that of course got banned because...bdsm, and it was so blatant, even AFTER editors told him to cut that shit out, that in the first issues of wonder woman, she is tied up on nearly every page. Also, yes he invented the polygraph test, but from what I read, he stole the rudimentary idea from his wife, AND NOT ONLY THAT but...have you ever noticed that in a lot of early polygraph designs...the subject is usually...tied down in some way? or maybe...idk...in some sort of...bondage? just saying. . .

  • paul coy
    paul coy 4 months ago

    Wait, so Mike was the avatar of Cupid all along? What a twist!

  • paul coy
    paul coy 4 months ago

    9:57 Wonder Woman is only an honorary member of the JSA, but gets to be their secretary too? Fuck you, Hawkman! She's stronger than any of you mooks, and you want her to pick up your dry cleaning and make sandwiches?

  • John Ashley
    John Ashley 4 months ago

    DC's Captain America First Avenger.

  • MrYurMomm
    MrYurMomm 4 months ago

    What a fucking intro, perfect 5/7

  • Agent Louisiana.
    Agent Louisiana. 4 months ago

    I thought the whole gay marriage was just a ruse. But Mike gave both Jay and Plinkett the gay cakes...
    So... is he not wanting the money and actually just wants the two to get a gay marriage?
    What is the plan here?! XD

  • Liam Don
    Liam Don 5 months ago

    Ralphthemoviemaker's review of this movie completely slays this. I love so much of RLM's content, but Half In The Bag is regularly disappointing in its shill like behaviour regarding new, shitty, bug budget movies. Of course I don't always expect them to have the exact same opinion as me, but I expect them to have a consistent way of analysing movies which they apply equally. Mike especially completely contradicts his own standards and method of analysis all the time, giving really poor movies a pass. They go so fucking easy on these big budget pieces of shit in Half In The Bag that it comes across very shilly to me. Really disappointing.

  • Matt Gilbert
    Matt Gilbert 5 months ago

    It sucked except for the stuff in the Amazon Queendom (it can't be a Kingdon, right?) - that's a word, yeah?

  • Ajay Dahl
    Ajay Dahl 5 months ago

    Rich deserved Oscar nod for that opening.

  • LabrnMystic MK
    LabrnMystic MK 5 months ago

    That was a hell of an intro

  • HLGpanda
    HLGpanda 5 months ago +1

    When they said Hillary Clinton I paused the video for a solid 2 mins of uninterrupted laughter. Oh my fucking gawd lol!

  • SentinelGhost
    SentinelGhost 5 months ago +1

    I'm here from the year 2018 to warn you that Wonder Woman doesn't save the DCEU at all and Justice League will be a huge pile if shit too!

  • Paul Armstrong
    Paul Armstrong 5 months ago

    How can someone like reanimatot and eraserhead and this utter cgi thoughtless garbage?

  • Andrew Hershberger
    Andrew Hershberger 5 months ago

    It was an okay movie, if it came out a decade ago when the hero fad was new, then it would have been amazing. However the morality was painfully black and white. I was waiting for Diana's naivete about the world to slap her down but, it never happened. It was merely adequate.
    The supporting members of the group, had no memorable lines or actions; they were there to be talked at. Why introduce a native american smuggler if Diana is just going to LEROY JENKINS through the front lines? Save to give Adam Beach work?

  • Justin St-Georges
    Justin St-Georges 5 months ago

    The Ares fight was basically the Titan Joker fight at the end of Arkham Asylum. Damn DC can't stick the landing

  • Tom C
    Tom C 5 months ago

    Wait, there's really a book where the X-Men meet the crew of the Enterprise? That sounds like absolute madness. I wish Mike had made some kind of video discussing its contents...

  • NexisFilms
    NexisFilms 6 months ago

    Of course Gal looks the part , but she's just a bad actress .
    But the worst part of the movie was the ' bad guy' .
    I was like , "What ?! That's him ?! Boooo...... "

  • AndyOfSandy
    AndyOfSandy 6 months ago

    In the cartoon the way she defeats Ares is by getting the people around him to stop fighting which stops his power since he thrives off of war. That might have been a better ending.

  • Jaime Gandarilla
    Jaime Gandarilla 6 months ago

    It’s not about “worthy role models”, it’s about representation

  • Reef2480
    Reef2480 6 months ago

    Best half in the bag opening ever

  • K
    K 6 months ago

    The intro is still funny

  • Ke Ni
    Ke Ni 6 months ago

    the cake of evil. right. got it.

  • David Alarcón
    David Alarcón 6 months ago

    Funny . The best DC Marvel movie reviewed in the best RLM episode.

  • Eric Peeper
    Eric Peeper 6 months ago

    I truly dislike the muted colors of many of the recent comic book movies

  • OpticalJesu5
    OpticalJesu5 6 months ago +3

    It was good until the Ares reveal.

  • Anthony Matthews
    Anthony Matthews 6 months ago

    Not a good film.

  • JakesbigboychannelV2
    JakesbigboychannelV2 6 months ago

    The finale act ruins the whole message of the film

  • U Tubred
    U Tubred 6 months ago


  • biotechKazoo
    biotechKazoo 7 months ago

    they're children mike chill out

  • John Smith
    John Smith 7 months ago

    Comic book movies are total shite made for plebs.

  • Tim Walden
    Tim Walden 7 months ago

    I've come to realize I have yet to agree with a single review I've seen here, and the only ones I think I would agree with are for those films/shows I refuse to watch.

  • Pavel Shliaha
    Pavel Shliaha 7 months ago

    Will you Americans stop with the f...NHL polygraph? IT DOES NOT WORK! It’s complete and utter nonsense. The rest of the world is looking at you and wonders why you still peddle this pseudoscience

  • meep
    meep 7 months ago

    15:35 we gotta fight Blue Lazer 🤣 nice Homestar Runner reference there

  • Mr S
    Mr S 7 months ago

    I wish they had made Wonder Woman naive instead of partially retarded. She acted like a slow five year old, I mean c'mon they don't have secretaries or assistants where she comes from. Acting like thats slavery. She acts like a feminist but they don't even have men on her island, what does she know about feminism? She comes off like she's all about equality but she lives under a strict authoritarian leadership with a queen. Whatever.

  • YitryOrbit
    YitryOrbit 7 months ago

    fuck you paul feig

  • KNJfan
    KNJfan 7 months ago

    I kind of ignored all of the BS while watching it and liked it...

  • Cobalt Jester
    Cobalt Jester 7 months ago +1

    In the time of the war it was called "The First World War". They did come up with a few names like "the great war" but those had already been used. So they decided to call it The First World War. So it wouldn't be too silly for someone to call it WW1 in those days.

  • Kem N
    Kem N 7 months ago +2

    Did mike just say that people should look up to Maggie Thatcher?

  • Kate pro
    Kate pro 8 months ago +1

    I keep hearing this stupid thing "look up to.. oh now the girls can look up to" .. What the fuck is this ? Cant a girl live her own life without searching for a fucking role model ? This whole concept of LOOKING UP TO is So fucking lame !

  • Chapstick817
    Chapstick817 8 months ago

    Can I just whine about the beginning joke about girls finally having someone to look up to? I feel like these guys don’t understand that having real life role models and fictional role models are separate things but both play into your self esteem and dreams and happiness. If you spend your whole life as a guy surrounded by images of Batman and Superman etc you don’t really know what it would feel like to be lacking those characters and the ways they impacted your self image. This is mainly subconscious stuff but it can contribute to confidence and well being for young people and children to see themselves in impressive fictional characters. They can truly be very motivating especially when you find the character that feels like “you”. And that’s my rant thanks for listening.