History of Every K-Pop Scandal with YG Entertainment

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • I've always wanted to do rise and fall analyses of K-Pop companies and groups. I mean, I think I'll do videos like those at some point, but for now, I thought this video was something that needed to be made. It's so difficult to take in what all has happened, and so I wanted to provide a quick version of it all. Although, I'm sure I forgot some things. This was in no way to defame YG or anything. Just to give a quick recap to Kpop fans. A simple historical look at all the scandals that have plagued YG Entertainment in the 21st century. Thanks for watching this serious video!
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    KPop Stars Songs, Music Videos (MV), Scandals (Alphabetically) Discussed:
    - CL - MTBD / Quran
    - Park Bom - Drug Smuggling
    - G-Dragon - Shine a Light Breath / Lies & Heartbreaker Plagiarism
    - Seungri - Japanese Sex Scandal & Burning Sun Club with Jung Joon Young & Spycam Sex Footage
    - Daesung - Car Accident
    - TOP - Japanese Rising Sun & Marijuana
    Kush - Cocaine
    MIXNINE Lawsuit with HappyFace Entertainment
    Se7en - Military Massage Parlor
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  • DareDB KPop
    DareDB KPop  8 months ago +585

    Well, I hope you all found this video interesting. It's a rather serious video, and I'm sure I forgot a scandal here and there lol. I do want to try and do videos based on the rise and fall or analyses of K-Pop companies or groups. So, we'll see. Please be sure to hit those like and subscribe buttons for me! If you recall, I'm working for free now on TheXvid lol, so if you'd like to support me on Patreon, I started one and you can find my page here: www.patreon.com/daredb -- Thanks again!

    • reen 00
      reen 00 8 months ago +2

      @DareDB KPop hope you do vuideo for groups like bts too cause you guys tend to ignore bts for some reason and exo too

    • DareDB KPop
      DareDB KPop  8 months ago +3

      Both Kush and Se7en were still with YG at the time of their scandals. They both left after. Same with Seungri’s recent one...

    • Love Shot
      Love Shot 8 months ago +2

      Kush not even yg artist but ex. Same with Seven. As for seungri sex scandal in Japan I find it funny how everyone after him only and not the girl who took the photo without his consent and sell it to the tabloid(double standard) As for GD shine a light concert he won the case cause the people who went didn't find nothing wrong with his performing by signing petition.

    • nikandra76
      nikandra76 8 months ago +1

      DareDB KPop the only think I didn’t like is that you made Seungri looked like the one making those videos instead of saying he was part of the chat. So far great video!!!!

    • Ride the Wave
      Ride the Wave 8 months ago +3

      Why are you posting this? Do you like dragging people through the mud and not letting people forget?

  • Seria Mendito
    Seria Mendito 2 hours ago

    I Love Your Videos.....Thank You....

  • YG Stan
    YG Stan 4 days ago

    If only YGE doesn't have many controversy this year I am telling you this year will be YG Family year, imagine without controversy :
    - BIGBANG members is going back from Military
    - TREASURE13 DEBUT (We all know this debut is the most anticipated this year)
    - iKON is getting more popular
    - BLACKPINK is doing good both Korea and international
    - WINNER is getting more comebacks and getting more recognition
    - LeeHi Comeback with B.I
    - Chanhyuk going back from Military and AKMU Comeback
    but then this controversy happen😞 and all of that just crashed like a glass😩


    YG Members: *Everyone head WEST of the world so we can live normal af. Where ppl won't judge us for simple things. Where they actually care about rapes, murders, real crimes*

    • Soru7
      Soru7 12 days ago +1

      Yeah, all things that have nothing to do with any yg artist...but thanks for outing yourself as another disgusting and worthless human garbage, who jumps on every hate bandwagon against innocent celebrities, just for some attention that you dont get in your miserable and worthless life...

    SANGITA JANA 18 days ago

    Please dont forget Bighit's scandal of not giving us subtitles..

  • Zee Dimaro
    Zee Dimaro 19 days ago

    Update please hahahaha

  • fisherdab thang
    fisherdab thang 29 days ago +1

    this video shows the other side of this scandal trust me before clicking it i thought it was some stupid fangirl trying to defend seungri but the video had some valid points with evidences, I want you to watch this video and judge seungri with your own opinion and not by what the media is telling you.

  • xTae_ kookx
    xTae_ kookx Month ago

    Sooo... Taeyang is the only one in bigbang without any scandal? He's an angel

  • aldous ara
    aldous ara Month ago

    i love gd man . and suangri is guilty

    • Soru7
      Soru7 12 days ago

      His name is still seungri and he is still innocent, if you disgusting and worthless human garbage likes it or not

  • Derek Espiritu
    Derek Espiritu Month ago

    You forgot Kang Sunghoon of SechsKies

    • DareDB KPop
      DareDB KPop  Month ago

      That happened after this video was made.

  • oli Shancai
    oli Shancai Month ago

    G dragon did nothing that rap was in korean!!!!

    • DareDB KPop
      DareDB KPop  Month ago

      It's the beat. It uses the same structure.

  • Orange Kiss
    Orange Kiss Month ago

    Im scared for Blackpink...honestly. I hope their era will really be the "revolution".

  • Musi
    Musi Month ago

    She seriously got axed from YG because she tried to cope with serious depression? That’s not even a scandal.

  • My only one
    My only one Month ago

    Thanks for the video it's informative and don't obbssed YG fans in the comments lol

  • Sowon Best
    Sowon Best Month ago

    And yg still haven't apologized for that Quran scandal is a prove how crappy he is, je Doesn't care abt the fans as long as they give him money

    • Soru7
      Soru7 Month ago

      And another worthless humam waste who thinks jumping on ever, hate bandwagon against innocent celebrities, would be some cool trend...
      Did you also think youre something cool, when you killed sulli too?

  • naima leila
    naima leila Month ago +1

    The shittiest person is seungri, i remember the 1st episode of strong heart when gdragon asked him the truth about something that happened to the group one day " the case of almost-disappearance of big bang for a week" they were exhausted and wanted a break so they planned to flee the agency and their managers to go camping with snacks and beers, seungri was underage but they invited him the last minute, he declined and during a photo-shoot just before the escape plan, a reinforcement of managers came to the site of the photo shoot, and the CEO called them and threatened them literally to not break any appointment and to be serious about their schedule. they were surprised and suspicious but then few days later seungri had an announcement that he will launch a solo single and an album with mass cover and advertisement!! they were all surprised because 2 of them were actually preparing a similar project but nothing confirmed by the boss. then seungri was laughing saying yes i called him and i told him. it happened lot of times and that is why he was always having more advantages and occasions and protections then the others.

    • Soru7
      Soru7 Month ago

      Trying to interpret jokes in such a retarded way, only to justify your hate out of jealousy towards yet another innocent celebrity...
      Seems killing sulli wasnt enough for you worthless human garbage...

  • YOWZ ehj
    YOWZ ehj 2 months ago +1

    blackpink touring around the world wont save yg... the girls needs to get paid plus the makeup, clothes, venue, plane ticket needs to get paid too!!

  • Emilce Diaz
    Emilce Diaz 2 months ago +1

    We can all agree YG screwed it!😞

    • Soru7
      Soru7 Month ago

      @My only one so spreading lies to justify a hate bandwagon is nothing bad?
      wrong, its you disgusting and worthless human garbage who is doing the exactly same thing that the scum did to sulli, youre the same trash who killed her, but to you, its nothing bad to attack innocent people, as you just said so yourself...

      and further throwing around some bullshit, just because you dont know what else to say.
      im not doing this for yg, im just calling such worthless scum like you out, who still kill innocent people with your disgusting hate bandwagons, just out of jealousy and for some attention that you dont get in your miserable lifes...thats how it is with the social media mental issues these days, especially from the younger generations, who are completely degenerated and way too addicted for some likes and attention on the internet, the only thing their worthless lifes amount to...

    • My only one
      My only one Month ago

      @Soru7 this person didn't even say anything bad about a YG artist how is said is YG screwed it meaning YG isn't good with managing scandals so what are you so mad about, you're doing the same thing people did to sulli calling people names on the internet and insulting them so don't you dare use her death to justify your comment she didn't go through all that pain for a YG obbssed imature fan to use her name to insult people on the internet. Hypocrite,what's even more pathetic is that you're doing it because of a Celebrity that doesn't know of your existence and never will, you're stalking the comments and insulting people that don't like YG, hiding behind a keyboard use that time to do something better with your life.

    • Soru7
      Soru7 Month ago

      @Emilce Diaz you are a disgusting and worthless human garbage, thats not an insult. And you further prove it with spreading lies around about a company you know nothing of and just blindly jump on a hate bandwagon. And thats what makes you the same trash who killed sulli.
      Your desperate attempt to make me look bad, wont help you. Thats what you did, so thats what you are...another worthless piece of shit who cares way too much for some attention and jumps on any hate train for it...

    • Emilce Diaz
      Emilce Diaz Month ago

      @Soru7 You don't like insults? And why do you isult me first?
      What does Sulli have to do with this?
      You are using her dead to accuse me of things I never did and to defend an agency who bully its idols and apparently does bussiness using prostitution. You have issues.
      Don't talk to me anymore.

    • Soru7
      Soru7 Month ago

      @Emilce Diaz trying to insult me and justify a disgusting hate bandwagon against yet another innocent celebrity...
      Youre the same trash that killed sulli and here you are, not caring one bit and still attacking other...and that just for some attention that you dont get in your miserable life...

  • Gadolium Nitrogen
    Gadolium Nitrogen 2 months ago

    he clearly did not group up from that 4:50

  • Chris Khounlo
    Chris Khounlo 2 months ago

    Was hoping to hear about Hanbin tbh

    • Chris Khounlo
      Chris Khounlo 2 months ago

      @DareDB KPop oof my bad I didn't actually see the date this was posted.

    • DareDB KPop
      DareDB KPop  2 months ago +1

      This video was made before the Hanbin Scandal even happened...

  • Carl alarcos
    Carl alarcos 2 months ago

    forgery g dragon s actions always put yg in the controversial map with the others seungri especially se7en during his military service bec . celebrity vip treatment issues then most i know is yg stars are drugs related issues that marked in my mind in school days

  • Uriana Dixon
    Uriana Dixon 2 months ago

    YG is the strict mean dad
    Jyp is the fun amazing uncle
    And big hit is a mental hospital😬

  • a jamless being
    a jamless being 2 months ago +1

    5:22 “grew up” aaand there goes the last of my brain cells

  • The Str7ggle Is Re4l
    The Str7ggle Is Re4l 2 months ago

    I thought this one was gonna be the longer one but no

  • Hieronymus Pseudonymous

    I don't think he played the right part of "Right Round" for that "Heartbreaker" part.

  • Memeposting
    Memeposting 2 months ago

    Man YG has all the legends doing drugs especially the man the myth the legend himself G Dragon

    • Soru7
      Soru7 2 months ago

      and here is another jealous and disgusting human waste, who needs to spread lies and defame innocent celebrities just because of jealousy...
      gd has never taken any drugs knowingly and that was proved a long time ago.
      seungri is also still completely innocent, just like yg.
      and yg is still one of the best kpop companies out there...

      and like all the worthless trash, you too are welcome to prove me wrong and you can only do that with a link to an official report stating anything else.
      if you cant do that, you will prove yourself to be such a disgusting and worthless trash and you will further prove their innocence.

      have fun outing yourself as a human waste

    • Memeposting
      Memeposting 2 months ago

      Also not Sengrui he is not good I'm meaning by all the druggies

  • moonchild
    moonchild 2 months ago

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    i came here waiting for the burning sun scandal
    and so did you

  • Bayu Samudra
    Bayu Samudra 2 months ago

    How about now

  • Hobi Sunshine
    Hobi Sunshine 2 months ago

    iKON B.I's drug scandal

  • Lis hOOk
    Lis hOOk 2 months ago

    Dude those artists are not babies to protected by their companies. If they done something bad they had to face them as it was. YGE is just an company not bodyguards or medium to know what's up with their artists head. ARTISTS CHOOSE TO DRUG OR TO RAPE not the company and it's not good to cover them up. Criminals are criminals. Ofc most of those scandals were mistakes but that doesn't change the fact that they were growing ass men and not some immature teen bullshits

  • Ally Fab
    Ally Fab 2 months ago

    Taeyong was always my fav no scandal no bulshit now hes married n still down to eath what a man

  • pump
    pump 2 months ago

    As an international fan, I can't really understand why some of these are called "scandals", I mean, a scandal for smoking marijuana, really? Even SeungRi's sex tape "he didn't even kiss her" LMAO, I will never understand K-netizens for sure, and they're even making dating a "scandal too", fucking ridiculous.
    Now, the Burning Sun Scandal, that's some serious shit, I hope whoever is guilty and had anything to do with that gets to pay for it, even if it's SeungRi.

    • Soru7
      Soru7 2 months ago

      there is no "seungris sex tape", youre mixing him up with jjy(joon jung young).
      jjy had some sex tapes with multiple women, who seem to not have known about them being recorded. also it was being investigated, if the women were even drugged and raped. but since this is a huge mediaplay against seungri and yg, the media doesnt care about jjy and his victims anymore, so not many reports are being made for them.
      back to topic, jjy posted the sex videos in a group chat, where some other celebrities were in. and seungri was also accused of being in that groupchat.
      but the media company sbs fun e admitted to have edited the evidence to make it look like seungri having been a member of the chatgroup, while fact is, he never was.
      he gave his phone to the prosecution and they couldnt find a single, bad thing in it.

      and thats the only accusation about any sex videos against seungri and it was disproved a long time ago.

      he also proved to not have been connected to the burning sun club too, nor was he involved in the crime too, since he wasnt even in south korea at that time, which was also proved already, since he was in japan giving a concert.

      of course, if seungri is guilty of something, he should be punished for it. but for now, fact is that hes still completely innocent and every single accusation is completely baseless and unproven.

  • petrosts_ 65
    petrosts_ 65 2 months ago

    Can you subscribe me please;

  • Alexa Gacha
    Alexa Gacha 3 months ago

    Part 2 please

  • Adelyn Olson
    Adelyn Olson 3 months ago +1

    How innocently I entered kpop.......

  • Blackpink X Everglow
    Blackpink X Everglow 3 months ago

    Dispatch totally finally can sleep well 😌😌 I don't get it why they always attack YG. THERE ARE MANY COMPANY YOU CAN MESS WITH. 😂😂

  • Nathan Kim
    Nathan Kim 3 months ago +2

    Blackpink needs to leave that record label

  • Lee李张勇
    Lee李张勇 3 months ago

    I think a lot of people know that most celebrities have at least 1 scandal
    It doesn’t shock me the fact that celebrities do this because they forget what place they have

  • deathpearl360
    deathpearl360 3 months ago

    About Boms drug scandal, I wonder if YG put blame on Bom just to hide the fact that YG and Seungri were involving in illegal shit.

    • Soru7
      Soru7 2 months ago

      No, its degenerated and disgusting piece of shits like you, who blamed bom and attacked her harshly.
      Seungri just like yg are both still innocent. Baseless accusations will never make someone guilty.
      And it was yg who supported bom a lot and tries to save 2ne1 but because of such disgusting scum like you, who jump on any hate bandwagon just for some attention, there was nothing he could have done.

  • Nikki Chase
    Nikki Chase 3 months ago

    Omg shes said he choked nuted on her stomach and throw her a towel with no kiss good bye hes is a real life pimp for real that some porn star shit think even they get treated better wow hes is really something else

  • LeilaniHapa
    LeilaniHapa 3 months ago

    LOL you're probably gonna have to re-do this video every month with the shit going down at YG this year.

    • Soru7
      Soru7 3 months ago

      @My only one all you do is defend this disgusting hate bandwagon against innocent people and seriously believe, youre doing something good...
      And again, opinions dont matter here but facts and evidence, get that into your empty head pathetic human waste.
      And this not me insulting you, this is what you are, your behavior shows what you are and thats what i call you.

    • My only one
      My only one 3 months ago

      True, YG has talented artists but a very problematic mangement

    • My only one
      My only one 3 months ago

      @Soru7 all you do is insult people who don't agree with you every one has opinions if you don't agree you don't have to insult a person it makes you look imature

    • Soru7
      Soru7 3 months ago

      Still just baseless accusations, they are still innocent if you worthless piece of shits like it or not...
      And dont use such bullshit of this video made by your fellow human waste, who does anything for some clicks and attention, that he doesnt get in his worthless life...

    • Kookies And Anime
      Kookies And Anime 3 months ago


  • 13ofus
    13ofus 3 months ago

    They made a song with lyrics from the quran if you dont do what we say we will take action.

    Yeah muslims are peaceful alright.

  • Arielle loduda
    Arielle loduda 3 months ago +2

    Honestly I thought that Jennie would included in this video..

    (No hate, I just thought)

    • Soru7
      Soru7 3 months ago

      @My only one bullshit, no matter if he said it, its still obvious that hes another worthless piece of shit who is after some clicks and used wrongly accused and already proved to be wrong bullshit as his "facts" to bring it up again and used recent scandals, just to get some clicks...showing that thats the most important thing in his worthless life, that he even shits on innocent celebrities for it.
      And he only made the others to not seem like another worthless human waste jumping on the hate bandwagon against yg, like all worthless piece of shits do...

    • My only one
      My only one 3 months ago

      He said he doesn't view idiols dating as scandal that's why he didn't put it in the video read his pinned comment

    • My only one
      My only one 3 months ago

      @Soru7 he's just made a video talking about all yg's scandals he didn't say he hates YG or any of the group it was just a conpliation of YG's scandals he did it with for all the Big 3 talking about something doesn't equal hate idiot

    • Soru7
      Soru7 3 months ago

      Of course not, this worthless human waste who made this video, is just after some clicks and attentiony that he doesnt get in his miserable life...thats why he thinks hating on yg and seungri is some cool trend..

  • 리엘
    리엘 3 months ago

    mixnine cancellation of debut is yg's biggest mistake and i will always remember that

  • joonpai
    joonpai 3 months ago +2

    I hate how K-Pop stars get so much shit for smoking weed or something, but there are some western artists who obviously do these things and everyone loves them.

  • seasonedgrass
    seasonedgrass 3 months ago

    2019 is yge’s worst year yet. You should have waited to do the video

  • just precious
    just precious 3 months ago

    Never knew, G-Dragon was so Scandalous....Still love him tho😅

  • Ycong Family
    Ycong Family 3 months ago +1

    YG does not deserve to be in the big three I feel like they should be replaced by bighit

    • Soru7
      Soru7 3 months ago

      @Kookies And Anime thanks for further proving my points jealous fake army.
      first, wasting your money on merch of a group doesnt make you a real fan.
      thats what many pathetic piece of shits do, just to seem cool and jump along on this hype bandwagon.

      then, facts say otherwise, yg is one of the best ceo, who treated his artists way better than most other ceo's.
      there are some rumors yes, but these are also only coming from your fellow fake armys, who are just jealous because of bigbang.
      and because of that talent show mix9nine or what the name was, because of his harsh critics against some less talented trainees and theres also nothing wrong with that, many delusional degenerates thought, he was something bad.

      also like all degenerated piece of shits blame him for everything, like for what happened to 2ne1, when the one and only reason for their disbandment are the same hateful human waste, who attacked them harshly, especially bom.
      and it was yg who protected and supported her a lot in that time.
      there was absolutely nothing he could do for her, because the attacks of you piece of shits didnt stop and kept calling her drug addict etc, while she was suffering a lot already and even had a prescription for the drug from usa and just didnt know, that this is useless in south korea.
      she really suffered and if yg had let her out to perform or whatever, she would have been attacked directly and in her state, that wouldnt have ended well.
      thats why he tried to look for another solutions like sending cl to usa, which also didnt work out that well.
      in the end as already stated, the only reason why 2ne1 disbanded are you disgusting and worthless piece of shits jumping on every hate bandwagon, because you scum seriously believe, that would make you something cooler...
      just like you fake army believe, calling yourself a fan of bts, just because of their fame in the west, would make you something better...

      he is also known to give his artists the most freedom out of all companies, allowing the artists to learn more than just singing and dancing.

      there isnt a single evidence about him doing anything so bad to deserve any kind of hate, youre obviously new to kpop, just since bts's fame in the west, which is why you dont know shit about kpop and just follow any bandwagon for some attention, that you dont get in your miserable life...

    • Kookies And Anime
      Kookies And Anime 3 months ago

      @Soru7 YG doesn't even know how to treat his idols right

    • Kookies And Anime
      Kookies And Anime 3 months ago +1

      Soru7 I agree that Bighit shouldn't be in the Big 3 , and I'm not a fake Army so don't bring that dumb shit up because I wouldn't have used my money Just to get some BTS merch if I'm fake being a fan , so please stop talking shit when this is probably your first time ever running into me , I'm just calling you a clown 🤡 because you talk this good about YG when he is literally the worst .

    • ;3바나나진
      ;3바나나진 3 months ago

      No, Bighit shouldn't be in the big three. They don't have many groups and YG Entertainment made groups that got kpop huge.

    • Soru7
      Soru7 3 months ago

      @Kookies And Anime ironic, coming from a jealous fake army, who still cant handle the truth...
      not to mention being part of the scum, who brought the kpop fanbase to the lowest point ever with your disgusting attacks against any kpop idol that youre jealous of, because you seriously think, calling yourself a fan of someone famous would make you something cooler...like all the fake armys...

  • Nino Valdez
    Nino Valdez 3 months ago

    I know I am late but everything in YG is a fuck. I know this is bad but Yg is treating his idols bad and so poor especially about Bom's Scandal. He didn't even protect her and just left her sad. Is that how you treat an idol?!

  • Chari
    Chari 3 months ago +1

    Not trying to be mean or anything but T.O.P, G-dragon etc. are still in the group but they had to kick B.I for doing literally NOTHING🤦🏾‍♀️ he even saw the scandal that may come for him and his team so he didn’t do anything but they still let him go!

    • Soru7
      Soru7 3 months ago

      @My only one never said theyre perfect, but your disgusting wish and opinion for certain celebrities to be bad or guilty, wont make them bad or guilty.
      Same for you disgusting trash too, either provide evidence for your claims or you will admit to be such a worthless scum who just jumps on any hate bandwagon for some attention...

    • My only one
      My only one 3 months ago

      You're right YG is just biased

    • My only one
      My only one 3 months ago

      @Soru7 you're so quick to stupidly defend your group is it hard to accept that they're not always perfect

    • Soru7
      Soru7 3 months ago

      stick to facts and stop listening to such disgusting and worthless piece of shits like the scum behind this trash channel.
      b.i was not kicked out, he left on his own.
      and top is still the only one who did a minor crime, gd was only involved in a small and stupid incident, which was quickly proved to just be that, an incident, nothing else.

  • Valerie s.
    Valerie s. 3 months ago

    i have a question about the mixnine scandal,, i saw that choi jongho and kim hongjoong were the names in the list, is that jongho and hongjoong from ateez?

  • • H O P E •
    • H O P E • 3 months ago

    Let’s wait for Yang Hyun Suk to have a scandal😂

  • FlameBoundAries
    FlameBoundAries 3 months ago +3

    I hope YG, Doesn't screw over BLACKPINK....

  • 달이몬
    달이몬 3 months ago +2

    there is a difference between samples and plagiarism though..

  • love
    love 3 months ago +4

    another scandal: yg kicked out hanbin from ikon because there were suspicions of his drug use. just to let you know, he did not participate but did ask someone about drugs and their effects. imagine being in two survival programs, composing songs and not being able to freely see your family members ?? :(
    we miss and love you hanbin !!

    • Soru7
      Soru7 3 months ago

      @ufsh bruh y tho ironic, when such disgusting piece of shits who attack innocent celebrities, talk about respect...
      why should yg be a scumbag?because your fellow human waste said so?
      its you worthless trash who act as if you know everything, while you know nothing and deny facts, while making up lies to jump along on this hate bandwagon.

      and im not salty, calling trash by what you are, is nothing wrong. stating the truth is never wrong, no matter how harsh the truth is and no matter if trash like you like it or not.

    • ufsh bruh y tho
      ufsh bruh y tho 3 months ago +1

      @Soru7 ehhh mate why u salty and attacking all the comments saying "YG kicked out B.I". Lmao and it ain't a fact. YG is a scumbag he could be lying. Do not act like u know everything that is going on. If u wanna correct someone try to remain respectful and stop using such trash words.

    • Soru7
      Soru7 3 months ago +1

      stick to facts disgusting piece of shit and not some bullshit by your fellow trash always attacking innocent celebrities just for some attention...just like you scum just did...

  • Skyler Keck
    Skyler Keck 3 months ago

    Hlaf of these were Bigbang wtf

  • Mark Alvarado
    Mark Alvarado 3 months ago

    This Seungri guy haa the nerve oh god fuck you because you are still doing this and with the CEO as well

    • Soru7
      Soru7 3 months ago

      fun fact for you disgusting and worthless piece of shit too, he is still completely innocent

  • Leigh C.
    Leigh C. 3 months ago


  • Mikaela Koukouli
    Mikaela Koukouli 3 months ago +2

    Lol none of you has realised that someone *CLEARLY* wants to destroy yg entertainment

  • oof bts
    oof bts 3 months ago

    Who else thought the video would be longer?