Surprising The Sidemen With a Real Monkey

  • Published on Aug 18, 2019
  • Yep a legit monkey, with some of the legit sidemen...
    Just because its 2019, I’ll add a small disclaimer, these monkeys are from a professional zoo, they live in a family group and are all sisters - I say “monkeys” because there were actually 3 on the day and they were swapped in and out frequently. They obviously came with a trainer and an assistant. We followed every rule and procedure while working with these beautiful creatures.
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  • Grip Junior
    Grip Junior 50 minutes ago +1


  • Jahanara Hussain
    Jahanara Hussain 18 hours ago

    It showed Harry's girlfriend at3.24

    BA_PLAYZ Day ago

    Congrats on 3 mil cal. Keep doin ur thing bro

  • Delete my rights Oof

    Yes the monkey knows fortnite is shit

  • Richard Kofi
    Richard Kofi 2 days ago +1

    This is how many times calux said monkey

  • Default Dan The Magic Man

    But why?

  • J Lingz is the goat
    J Lingz is the goat 3 days ago

    Right lad you're cpm might be low but it's not that bad that you need to share a toothbrush with a monkey

  • LILNUKE101
    LILNUKE101 4 days ago +1

    Ksi : thats legit my cousin

  • Julius Zondag
    Julius Zondag 4 days ago

    Oh JJ...

  • Rooster0806
    Rooster0806 4 days ago

    Ksi meets brother

  • Alex Kalp
    Alex Kalp 5 days ago

    R.I.P £10

  • Lil Froge Beef
    Lil Froge Beef 5 days ago

    I was kinda worried when you said you got a monkey but the disclaimer in the description was good

  • Liza Zachariah
    Liza Zachariah 5 days ago

    5:22 what Harry always does

  • jay den
    jay den 6 days ago

    Harry's girlfriend


    Pls do more video with the monkey

  • Tay aka MC AF
    Tay aka MC AF 8 days ago

    Where were the other two monkeys? Or were you referring to Freezy and Harry?

  • I Zpademilio I
    I Zpademilio I 8 days ago

    Is that Harrys girl

  • Shahida [X]
    Shahida [X] 9 days ago +1

    Lmfao JJ🤣🤣 Lily is adorable but I'd be like Simon ☺️

  • Dorian Rzasa
    Dorian Rzasa 9 days ago

    Was w2s girlfriend there ?

  • Ethan Ruko
    Ethan Ruko 9 days ago

    Congrats on 3 mil

  • Ethan Ruko
    Ethan Ruko 9 days ago

    Congrats on 3 mil

  • Aloo Gaming
    Aloo Gaming 9 days ago

    callux playing piano was wholesome

  • TWT _warlock
    TWT _warlock 10 days ago

    surprising the sideman with ksi's brother

  • Oliver Keely
    Oliver Keely 10 days ago +1

    7 non skip-able ads cals eating good tonight

  • Black Drilla
    Black Drilla 10 days ago

    No one :
    Absolutely no one :
    Ksi :she knows me

  • AceFromSpace
    AceFromSpace 10 days ago +1

    Where’s that snake video he showed with calfreezy duck taped to a chair at cus I can’t find it anywhere????

  • Zx Voidz
    Zx Voidz 10 days ago

    Actually get one to keep

  • BaseManPranks
    BaseManPranks 10 days ago +5

    Ksi boosting the African stereotype, yo it's a monkey we cool I know him 😂

  • AKN
    AKN 11 days ago

    My guy said shes my cousin!!! LOOL

  • Aguayo Fav
    Aguayo Fav 11 days ago

    Sarah and callux together?

  • Erick Rivas
    Erick Rivas 11 days ago

    Oh I thought KSI was the monkey

  • xMattYT
    xMattYT 11 days ago +1

    awww its so cute

  • lily james
    lily james 11 days ago

    harry’s gf is soo pretty

  • X xB!GGAM3R x X
    X xB!GGAM3R x X 12 days ago


  • ツYonimon
    ツYonimon 13 days ago

    This was such a good video :)

  • Simeon Mitchell
    Simeon Mitchell 13 days ago +1

    0:13 no wonder you and jj are friends

  • Sandaime Kazekage
    Sandaime Kazekage 13 days ago

    Massive snake? dude these snakes are small and average size. I was holding green tree python when I studied animal care and that thing was massive

  • Ryan olsen
    Ryan olsen 14 days ago +1

    Give the monkey anything and it will eat it

  • Boddypen
    Boddypen 14 days ago

    Calfreezys room looking like a dumpster

  • Ali Pritchard
    Ali Pritchard 14 days ago

    Haha checking monkeys card and trying so hard not to make eye contact 😂😂😂

  • Niklas Jansson
    Niklas Jansson 14 days ago

    Callux is Josh without a beard. And a big lissssssp. :D

  • big black pajamas
    big black pajamas 14 days ago

    You had that tattoo when u called the place

  • Rit.c123
    Rit.c123 15 days ago

    3:24 Harry's girlfriend??

  • Akshay Kanda
    Akshay Kanda 15 days ago +1

    callux exposed w2s's girlfriend 3:26

    El3VATION 15 days ago

    Yo I just got a freakin sidemen audible ad from back in like 2015

  • Pure
    Pure 16 days ago +3

    6:26 simons probably thinking “oh shit he’s got an Enderman”

  • Kp Kpkp
    Kp Kpkp 16 days ago

    9:25 LOOKED soo sad to me :S

  • DFK
    DFK 16 days ago

    Why would assholes get a monkey trained for people entertainment in the UK. Seriously fucked up. Doesnt matter if he was rescued from Circus or closed Zoo or whatever, you should not use wildlife for your own enjoyement while people are beeing paid for that.

  • Tayla Williams
    Tayla Williams 16 days ago

    I saw someone who looked exactly like callus the other day I live in the UK

    NICKPE 17 days ago

    I actually almost cried 😢😭

  • Biqqa
    Biqqa 17 days ago


  • Madara
    Madara 17 days ago

    The monkey name is jj

  • Okami-Rose
    Okami-Rose 18 days ago

    Very irresponsible of you to expose this poor thing to JJ.
    You know what he's like!
    Anything with a pulse.

  • Harry Dearsley
    Harry Dearsley 18 days ago

    Callux: put the money in the middle
    Monkey: *continues to eat £10 note*

  • Molly Anne
    Molly Anne 18 days ago +1

    okay, now i want a pet monkey 🙂

  • R Gaming Hero
    R Gaming Hero 18 days ago

    I am ur 3,057,033th subscriber

  • Pratham Patel
    Pratham Patel 18 days ago

    Humans did not evolve from monkeys

  • bobo fattt
    bobo fattt 18 days ago

    What happens when you look him in the eyes

  • Matthew Parsons
    Matthew Parsons 19 days ago

    Does she have a wire coming out her ass

  • Jess.1212_xx
    Jess.1212_xx 19 days ago

    I died at 8:40 😂😂😭