3Below: Tales of Arcadia | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Dec 12, 2018
  • From visionary director Guillermo del Toro and the team behind DreamWorks Trollhunters comes an epic, hilarious tale of alien royalty who must escape intergalactic bounty hunters by blending in on a primitive junk heap known as Earth. 3Below arrives on Netflix December 21!
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    3Below: Tales of Arcadia | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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  • Kahleighla Stephenson

    They should make a part 2 in below where Jim turn back in a human and make a part 4 in troll Hunter troll . I miss them both 😭😭😭😞😞😞😞

  • Hello Kitty Barrie
    Hello Kitty Barrie 3 days ago

    I like it a watch all the episodes

  • Southern Hemisphere
    Southern Hemisphere 3 days ago

    Will there ever be a rip version of the "Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy" song played when Aja was in a time vortex?!

  • zRaiden
    zRaiden 5 days ago +1

    Did you guys know that pepper jack his voice changed

  • Game Crack
    Game Crack 6 days ago

    New episodes?

    INGSOC 6 days ago

    Varvatos is the best!!!

  • tattoo fever
    tattoo fever 6 days ago

    This was so good wtf also yayyy Tatiana ♡ lol im 20

  • Sarthak Mathur
    Sarthak Mathur 7 days ago

    when is part2 coming out?

  • Odin Martinez
    Odin Martinez 7 days ago

    I think the main characters for Wizards will be Eli and Steve.

  • lemnz hervas
    lemnz hervas 8 days ago

    space trolls

  • Nevaeh Williams
    Nevaeh Williams 8 days ago

    I love love love 3beplow it's the greatest

  • dean hevner
    dean hevner 8 days ago

    Sym-Bionic Titan?

  • Antonio Navarro
    Antonio Navarro 9 days ago

    The series are good and all, but what is a latino?

  • CyberC's Arcade
    CyberC's Arcade 10 days ago

    It's kinda like my web-series....

    But Netflix

  • lekkera luc
    lekkera luc 10 days ago

    GLORIOUS series will there be a season 😂
    I hope this series continues

  • Reda Bronze
    Reda Bronze 10 days ago

    This show was great. Also, Steve is slowly becoming my favorite.

  • Santo Tan
    Santo Tan 10 days ago

    It reminds me of Sym Bionic Titans plot, sort of. Run away from alien armada and blend in with human civilization while fighting assassins and going to achool.

  • Riah Rodriguez
    Riah Rodriguez 10 days ago

    0:19 I'm dead XD

  • Karl Aug
    Karl Aug 10 days ago

    There is only 13 Episodes on Netflix . Seriously ?.

    • Karl Aug
      Karl Aug 10 days ago

      The enternet says S S 2 of " 3Below Tales of Arcadia " will be out this Summer , " Some ppl. may say : " but by then , we might be killed by the English & the Koreans , and those alive as sex slaves , if is this June early morning . I don't know wich June in our time it will happen , but that it is a very near one , some ppl. say any way " .

    • Karl Aug
      Karl Aug 10 days ago

      It seems that Troll Hunter ... is S 1 .& the other is S 2 .So what is S 3 ?.

    • Karl Aug
      Karl Aug 10 days ago

      Is Troll Hunters Tales of Arcadia , Season 2 ?.

    • Karl Aug
      Karl Aug 10 days ago

      Now that the series titled Roswell doesn't have 3 more Seasons with original cast , now what is there to watch ?.

  • Alejandro Escalante
    Alejandro Escalante 12 days ago

    Stop whit the woke stuff Netflix!!! Im Mexican, i dont need to be rescued STTP THIS RACIST BULLSHIT!!

  • Hakuru15
    Hakuru15 12 days ago

    I'm guessing the director was a big fan of that "familiar" Cartoon Network we all love

  • Christoph Ross
    Christoph Ross 12 days ago

    How has Genndy Tartakovsky not sued or said anything bout this, its just SymBionic Titan done BADLY by Netflix

  • simbasorariku3
    simbasorariku3 13 days ago +1

    Reminds me if Symbiotic Titan

  • vasalem
    vasalem 13 days ago

    I just finished watching it. it was glorious.

  • jan8919
    jan8919 14 days ago

    I have binge watched/ finished 3below the tales of arcadia and the troll hunters for the pass 3-4 days,i enjoyed this show.

  • Dark Taker
    Dark Taker 14 days ago

    *15 seconds later*
    Aja: We will be fine, as long as we keep a low profile.
    Me: Hrmmm... Oh let me just replay that part of Varvatos! *Replays*
    Me: Is that keeping a low profile? Is it something that no one will ever pay attention to???

  • Shealyne Anglin
    Shealyne Anglin 15 days ago

    Just started watching it yesterday it is AWESOME

  • TheKagawaLife
    TheKagawaLife 16 days ago

    I’m here for those real politics and RON SWANSON

  • Mr Phos
    Mr Phos 16 days ago

    It's a good show tbh

  • Pandora Vex
    Pandora Vex 16 days ago

    This reminds me of Sym-Bionic Titan

  • jonluke 1
    jonluke 1 16 days ago


  • What's your name?
    What's your name? 16 days ago

    Nice!😁 Trollhunters is like middle ages, 3below is future and arcadia is present.

  • Jack Venture
    Jack Venture 16 days ago

    3 Below was alright, but not as good as Trollhunters. It didn’t have the same kind of depth, story pace, character development, relationships or lore that Trollhunters did. It still has a lot of potential though and I am eager to see what happens next.

  • Raptor Raptor
    Raptor Raptor 16 days ago +1

    Comme chasseur de troll

  • 336572 Gskscqhjz
    336572 Gskscqhjz 16 days ago

    Can you guys make like 5 more season to troll hunter I love trollhunter😍😍

  • فيوبي/fyubi
    فيوبي/fyubi 17 days ago

    What is this nonsense?!! Where is the continuation of the main story I will not see this nonsense What happened after Jim went to find a new heart stone to repair the house of Ghilan This is what I want to know is not the adventure of a group of stupid aliens "For the glory of Merlin the royal light and Bahi victory" I will never forget this phrase

  • magiihorse AJ
    magiihorse AJ 17 days ago

    Cant wait for the second season!

  • magiihorse AJ
    magiihorse AJ 17 days ago

    I love the ima quick study ha!

  • The Gamer
    The Gamer 18 days ago


  • Potato Cake
    Potato Cake 19 days ago


  • TheDankGamer
    TheDankGamer 19 days ago

    Was this before when Jim left for New Jersey or after

  • Sharp Design
    Sharp Design 19 days ago

    2nd of Del Toro Television Universe

  • Lyssie P
    Lyssie P 19 days ago

    Wait? Jim isn’t a troll anm??

  • Ibovdb 123
    Ibovdb 123 19 days ago

    Arcedia i love the series of arcedia

  • HNKNAChick52
    HNKNAChick52 19 days ago

    I saw some of this and, even though I'm 26, I really actually like it

  • Polly Bonanzas
    Polly Bonanzas 19 days ago

    Tales of Symphonia was better.

  • Catalina Lingurariu
    Catalina Lingurariu 20 days ago

    Cand incepe sezonul 2?

  • Jiren The Gay
    Jiren The Gay 20 days ago

    Omg I saw them while watching trollhunters I hope I see them meet Jim in this series

  • Ajay Meena
    Ajay Meena 20 days ago

    I want troll hunter season 4

    • Rusty Haskins
      Rusty Haskins 20 days ago

      Not happening... it's a trilogy. 3below turn now.

  • WoW Mandom
    WoW Mandom 20 days ago

    Sounds like a rip-off from a certain tv show on CN

  • A.G. Martinez
    A.G. Martinez 20 days ago

    The elephant in the room has always been the arcturian, anshar/anunaki, & galactic federation aliens operating among us, lying to us, controlling & abusing us. We're dealing with aliens with 1000 year lifespans, telepathy, technology a million years in advance. Everything in our world is a higher density psychological trap! Religion, spirituality rationalizes external forces manipulating you, keeps you in an unknown realm of victimization. There are no rules or paths. There is no Heaven, the afterlife is a trap simulation. They want us in a miasma of hypno-bliss to control. Our bodies are considered vessels for the DNA to affix the 21 gram soul energy. They reincarnate as Humans to push their agenda, theyre bloodline matchmakers.
    Their DNA is old, it hit a wall, they tweaked it for math skillz & lost empathy. Our DNA is new and universal, it was designed for interstellar resiliency, empathy, and beauty.
    Since you havent been abducted or contacted, its not opulent sociopaths. The aliens don't tell us about themselves, they tell us how we should live. They don't abduct the homeless or sick, they don't cure, they take. Theyre instituting a silent invasion, situated among us, playing both sides. They disguise as Humans. DNA is biocomputer code to make a Human-looking hologram. They manifest matter, cloak their craft like Human aircraft. They wrote the religions, calendars, occult, secret societies, political cultures, & states. They operate a 5th Column online, news, Hollywood, every industry & major city. Millions of non-Humans live among us. The aliens arent showing themselves not due to lack of believers, theyre waiting until we're ripe. Breeding generations are quick with a two-digit lifespan being. Our genome is the master genome of diversity & beauty, yet all Human history has been their concentration camp to get the uncoded/junk DNA that we're evolving fit for alien exploitation, giving us short lifespans, feeding us breeding propaganda, theyre anti-homosexual, & using religious fear to control the Kundalini evolution. Eugenics. It's militaristic thinking disguised with PR & a complete disregard for Human sovereignty. The Arcturians & Galactic Federation are responsible for all evil, fomenting war, designing water, money, viral population control, decreasing the lifespan & mental capabilities of all Humanity. Four digit lifespans, 200 IQ, & telepathy are the rule in this universe.
    We're the surface dwellers on Earth. Our blood will be in the new bodies of reincarnated aliens. This is a farm.
    They operate locally & from the psychic weapon, soul capture & reincarnation processing station of the artificial moon. They think they own & have right to our genome. The secret sauce: What shapes psychology shapes your current reproductive materials. History has been shaped to shape Human DNA. Epigenetics. Socio-genetic feedback loop. DNA can't be grown in a lab, manifested, or bought at the store. This, all this is the lab, their trauma is the program, we are the store. You gotta get real & look around at the basic foundation for the successful fucking survival of every life form: DNA. They will lie, cheat, & kill to get what they want. What chimps are to us, we are to them. They see our death as a non issue. They think theyve the right to abduct any Human on US federal property. Revoke all soul contracts with them, disagree with anything they do. Theyre operating an invasion, now acting covert, then disguised as contact. Theyre using dream & mind control through psychic tech, physical or etheric implants for mind body control & possession, Machiavellian psych warfare, impostering key positions with AI, Human holograms, or Human-looking aliens, controlling miscarriage, gender, & soul of newborns, sending soul reincarnations into a specific family group to further their fake spiritual agenda, ramping up the rape speed of the hybrid program for the resiliency of their races, using our Human genome until the eradication of our bloodline.

  • A.G. Martinez
    A.G. Martinez 20 days ago

    Del Toro's Tales of Arcadia, is an obvious exploitation of telepathy forcing humans to make entertainment, which shows blue aliens, royals, and human disguise for infiltration.

  • Troglodyte Finch
    Troglodyte Finch 21 day ago


  • Maribel Quiles
    Maribel Quiles 21 day ago +1

    I hope when this ark of aliens and the next ark of wizards that there will be a movie where they all team up to stop something that is more dangerous than anything they fought before.

  • Arconus the Shark Lord

    Wait I’m confused,

    Why is Jim not a troll, he turned half troll in the last few episodes

  • Crystal Boi7u
    Crystal Boi7u 21 day ago

    Lovin’ the series so far

  • Crystal Boi7u
    Crystal Boi7u 21 day ago

    Come down and try some corn or we’ll sacrifice your newborn

  • Lil Jughead
    Lil Jughead 22 days ago

    anyone else getting a sym-biotic titan vibe? If you know, you know.

    Hi TUBERS 22 days ago

    I only have one problem though, when they’re stuck in the loop and only Jim and the princes can remember because of her shield and Jim’s amulet. After everything, the only way to stop that was to destroy the device and sending them back one last time. I mean why did the shield and the amulet did not protect Jims and others memory.

    Hi TUBERS 22 days ago +1

    This is like Netflix version on The avengers, loved every bit of it. Can’t wait for the wizard series.

  • BTS 4life
    BTS 4life 22 days ago

    I finished the series

  • Rat Man
    Rat Man 22 days ago

    To all the people saying this show is Symbiotic Titan, as someone who actually watched 3Below, let me tell you that it is nothing like it.

  • Stanley Lewis
    Stanley Lewis 22 days ago

    so this is what season 3 died for... gotcha :/

  • S Naidu
    S Naidu 22 days ago

    Hi netflix I am a fan of 3below I loved it. I watched all of it the episodes and it was great until the part where Varvatos said his Glorious death if you are doing another episode then please make him return.

  • moyosai94
    moyosai94 22 days ago

    I’ve been waiting for this

  • Emiliano Garcia Solis
    Emiliano Garcia Solis 22 days ago

    I'm guessing season 3 of Trollhunters is coming soon

  • Sauvage Ascension
    Sauvage Ascension 22 days ago +1

    So much better than She-Ra. 1 billion times better.

  • Jasmin Erdbeerkäse
    Jasmin Erdbeerkäse 23 days ago

    1, 2, 3

  • Felix Larios
    Felix Larios 23 days ago

    Trolls vs alians

  • I want Jack Black to be my uncle

    i watched the show and it had so many opportunities for jokes..


  • Nathan Wood
    Nathan Wood 23 days ago

    I watched it. It was good. I'm glad they toned down the characters compared to when they were in Trollhunters

  • Rosette Zanboue
    Rosette Zanboue 23 days ago

    I still love trollhunters, but, lets see how is this...

  • Yami Delacroix
    Yami Delacroix 23 days ago

    So good to see Clare,Toby and Jim, really feels like a fleshed out connection now and that things won't be looked over. I wonder if that rocker teen that showed up in Troll Hunters will be a wizard in the next part of the trilogy. Kinda would fit since he showed up so late in the show but had more than one scene.
    Really have to wonder though...ones latino and one sounds nordic/sort of russian. Can't wait for Eli's wall to fill up full of 'evidence' (Troll Hunter fans, you know what I'm talking about ^^) Hope to see more of the CreepSlayerz too.

  • Starla and H.B
    Starla and H.B 23 days ago

    Definitely watch this! This is the best show i have ever seen in my life! I watched it 3 TIMES!
    P.S Krel is such a cutie pie 😭

  • KSN Asri
    KSN Asri 23 days ago

    from the universe of trollhunter her came 3below

  • Inuyasha619
    Inuyasha619 23 days ago

    So hyped for this.

  • ProtoHypePlayz
    ProtoHypePlayz 23 days ago

    I have a question? When does this take place

  • Roci Stone
    Roci Stone 23 days ago

    I'm a fairly avid "Trollhunters" fan. That Series was and will always remain extraordinary. There is a different feel to 3Below. It is not the same atmosphere as Trollhunters. The first two episodes of 3Below felt emotionally "forced" to me. Possibly because there was not enough time spent to appreciate the original Homeworld where two kids are about to become king (and queen) in-Waiting. Nearly everything happens too fast, and thus the emotional and identification bonds between the characters and with the audience don't have a chance to "Set in", as they did between the Audience and Jim in Trollhunters. I'll keep watching the show, but it will take more time for me to care for and feel the same way I did for just about all the characters of the first series. It's good work, very well done but there is a sense of "selling something slick and fast." which is completely unnecessary. The first two episodes would have been better served as a three-episode introduction.

  • Parching
    Parching 23 days ago

    I hope jim shows up too :(

  • xd Yama
    xd Yama 23 days ago


  • Kat The Red Hooded Cat

    Okay...Trolls and now Aliens!?...I am confuse

  • Bono Popo
    Bono Popo 23 days ago

    Wait nobody gonna mention Jim has the same voice Evan if his voice actor died??????

  • Keen Joaquin
    Keen Joaquin 23 days ago

    3below is much better its about tech and aliens
    the old one was just trolls and loyalty

  • Bianco Nero
    Bianco Nero 23 days ago +1

    DAM right off the bat fucking racist good job DreamWorks EAT A BAG OF OLD BROWN HERMAPHRODITE DICKS. 🖕🤬🖕

  • Ace XO
    Ace XO 23 days ago

    Just recently finished watching the first season, know i want the second one.

  • jakel griffin
    jakel griffin 24 days ago

    I loved the show troll hunters and i have a felling im going to love this to

  • Vadim Tomsa
    Vadim Tomsa 24 days ago

    1:23 wait... Jim is back to Human? In Season 3 he turned into a Troll

  • Spooky Peek-a-Boo
    Spooky Peek-a-Boo 24 days ago

    Plot twist - Gunnar returns XD
    But it may not be a troll hunter season 4 but it’s still from the same guys

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte 24 days ago

    I just finished Part 1 of this show and now I want to know if there will be a Part 2 😐

  • Ultimate GamerEm
    Ultimate GamerEm 24 days ago

    so uh... is there ever going to be an actual s4 of troll hunters or is it gonna stop and start with this new series?

  • Yuki Alajmi
    Yuki Alajmi 24 days ago

    omg weee want season 2 😍 😍 😍

  • FlashBreakEmo _222
    FlashBreakEmo _222 24 days ago


  • Mary Bat
    Mary Bat 24 days ago

    I feel like they would need Wikipedia.

  • Cocoa The Cat
    Cocoa The Cat 24 days ago

    This is trollhunters part 2

  • Shadow Shapeshifter
    Shadow Shapeshifter 24 days ago

    I wish I had Netflix ;-;

  • Yonatan Epstein
    Yonatan Epstein 24 days ago

    I just finished watching part one of 3below... OMG CAN'T STAND NOT CRYING UGHHHHHH

  • Kenneth Price
    Kenneth Price 24 days ago

    Judging from the comment section, this seems like it's built off a fandom I'm unfamiliar with heavily involved with something called "Arcadia". Does anyone know if that is a reference at all or in anyway inspired by sci-fi/anime staple Space Pirate Captain Harlock, who commands a space pirate ship called The Arcadia? Just curious. I know a lot of directors like James Cameron like using anime for inspiration or to make reference to.

  • high five the skylander dragonfly YT

    It Looks _very_ lively

  • FistBump
    FistBump 24 days ago

    This looks like absolute shit

  • Pedro Araújo
    Pedro Araújo 24 days ago

    Assisti tudo ontem e já tô esperando pela parte 2 e 3 magos