Meeting Mithila & Mallika For The First Time | #SawaalSaturday | MostlySane

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
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    Welcome to another Sawaal Saturday where I answer your questions.
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  • UTv cultute
    UTv cultute 17 days ago

    💙 ur chabbi check 🐰

  • Soham Girdhari
    Soham Girdhari 19 days ago

    #SawaalSaturday Hey Prajakta, What is your favorite street food? Are you Health conscious or Foodie?

  • Shruti Banerjee
    Shruti Banerjee 20 days ago

    #sawalSaturday for Sonya
    Don't you envy prajakta didi's nails?

  • Pooja Sonawane
    Pooja Sonawane 23 days ago +2

    You're sounding like PC in this voice 😍💕
    Btw, a small youtuber here 😇

  • sajjad salim
    sajjad salim 23 days ago

    #sawaalsaturday From where do you get the idea of giving montu his name

  • Pritesh Aptekar
    Pritesh Aptekar 24 days ago

    #sawaalsaturday soniya what do you feel about prajakta... Is she your true friend?

  • Rosy Varghese
    Rosy Varghese 26 days ago

    Hi prajakta
    Any special thing about social nation which we don't know
    Please answer love love 💕💕

  • Shubh Nandu
    Shubh Nandu 26 days ago

    #SawaalSaturday Heyyyy Prajakta.
    My question is That when you say you are working on some projects, r u talking about ur upcoming videos on the channel or something else?

  • Monalisa Bag
    Monalisa Bag 26 days ago


  • Rishabh shukla
    Rishabh shukla 26 days ago +1

    Heyy Prajakta !
    Rishabh here...
    At Jio garden Socialnation I gave you sketch kaisa Laga?
    Hope Montu ki taai ko changla vatla....❤💓🌷😉 #DumDums #LoveLove
    Sketch - ( )

  • Monalisa Bag
    Monalisa Bag 26 days ago

    Teach your non-marathi dumdums a little bit of marathi. (Simple phrases please!!!!)

  • vaishnavi ranjan
    vaishnavi ranjan 26 days ago

    Hey soniya first a fall happy diwali..
    And my question is what would u prefer to sign up a web series or movie...?#SawaalSaturday

  • Shaurya Oberoi
    Shaurya Oberoi 26 days ago

    #SawaalSaturday Hey Sonya! Tell us your daily routine 😂 Also please do make more videos. We all love you. ♥️

    AASHNA GUPTA 26 days ago

    Hey Sonya.
    What would be the first thing you would do if you get invisible for 24 hrs.

    AASHNA GUPTA 26 days ago

    Hey Sonya. One question.
    How to keep the face so healthy and glowing as you have? Give some tips.

  • Shri Kundu
    Shri Kundu 26 days ago

    Very truly... love ur videos... love u too.....and don't know if u will believe or not, I always think why don't I have a elder sister just like u....lots of love to u...u r a mood refresher... I first see ur video just before my HS this year.... and after that I became a regular listener of yours... Ab bolna start karu to khatam hi nehi hone wali baate.....filhaal ek sawaal...
    >> Why not Short Hair Again???

  • Ashwini Prasad
    Ashwini Prasad 26 days ago +1

    If your house caught on fire what is the 1st thing that u would grab?

  • diksha deshpande
    diksha deshpande 27 days ago

    Hi prajakta!
    How was your 1st waxing experience? Were you scared or were you excited for it?

  • Tanishka Patil
    Tanishka Patil 27 days ago

    Hi mostlysane!!!
    Kashi aahes tu? Aaj mala ek swapna padla ki mi DMART madhe ahe..Ani tithe tu pan aali aahes ...Mi tujhyakade photo click karayla yenaar titkyat mumma zopetun uthvte..HaHaHa
    So maine suna he ki subah ki sapne sach hote hain..KAB AA RHI HO DMART MEIN..:):)HEHE
    LOVE LOVE !!..Bbyee!!

  • Sanchita Roy
    Sanchita Roy 27 days ago

    #sawaalsaturday Hi Prajakta 👋 question is have you seen Allie Sherlock's video?
    Btw I love your content....and when you are coming to Kolkata....lots of love from Kolkata#lovelove❤❤❤

  • my name is nani
    my name is nani 27 days ago

    Ask montu to come for live

  • Ishaan mehrotra
    Ishaan mehrotra 27 days ago

    #SawaalSaturday who is Sonya's celebrity crush and what will she choose instagram or whatsapp

  • Priyanshi Singhal
    Priyanshi Singhal 27 days ago +1

    Hi Prajakta. What is your Myers Briggs Personality Type? #SawaalSaturday

  • Anusha Ashtaputre
    Anusha Ashtaputre 27 days ago

    #SawalSaturday Hi Sonya.....if you had a chance of meeting aishwarya rai what will be your first question to her??
    Love Love

  • chinna pandu
    chinna pandu 27 days ago

    #sawaalsaturday question to Sonya, how do you manage to be a diva all the time 😅 btw I love Sonya

  • jimson jose
    jimson jose 28 days ago

    #sawal Saturday
    Hi this is shireen what exactly do you mean by dum dums

  • Archana Aswar
    Archana Aswar 28 days ago +1

    Hi Sonya,
    When is Sonya going to interview prajakta koli?? #SawaalSaturday

  • Create It Yourself
    Create It Yourself 28 days ago

    Hey listen prajakta you are not picking my question..,..but still #SawaalSaturday plzzzz pick my question I am trying since many months my question is which was the best momos you have ate ?? And where??

  • Mukund Doke
    Mukund Doke 28 days ago

    This is AARADHYA DOKE 👧🏻 I am a girl. This is a question for my favourite SONYA how are you different from PRAJAKTA DIDI is that your sense of humour or your dressing sense or anything please answer my question lovelove from Thane #sawaalsaturday

  • Urvi patil
    Urvi patil 28 days ago

    Can u please change the person who selects the questions for sawal Saturday?He never selects my question

  • Sharmila Singha
    Sharmila Singha 28 days ago

    #sawaalsaturdayTongue twister for Sonya pakhi paka pepe khai

  • Mehar Ammu
    Mehar Ammu 28 days ago

    Hi your surrounding people treat you as a TheXvidr?

  • Simran Pandey
    Simran Pandey 28 days ago

    Hii SONYA would u pls wish my friend Kajal Pandor in sonya style its her birthday on 26th!!!love love prajuu🤗#sawaalSaturday

  • Sourabh Dwivedi
    Sourabh Dwivedi 28 days ago

    Aap kea sath date per janaa hai

  • Niveditha Bangalorean
    Niveditha Bangalorean 28 days ago

    If you ever want to thank your self what you will be thankfull for?#sawaalsaturday

  • megha kedia
    megha kedia 28 days ago

    Hi prajakta, hope this fun question to be lucky enough to grab your eyeballs (lets see if my creativity works 😜)
    if prajakta and montu have a massive fight and are'nt willing to patch up for atleast 24 hrs what would Mr and Mrs. Kolhi do?

  • Sanya Bramhe
    Sanya Bramhe 28 days ago

    #SawaalSaturday Hi Prajakta, do you have any grey hair? what do you feel about it as many of youngsters have such hair these days and how do you take care of it? Love Love

  • komal bhasin
    komal bhasin 29 days ago

    #sawaalsaturday for Sonia
    Why do you always sound so odd??

  • Taslim Khan Rana
    Taslim Khan Rana 29 days ago

    What are the gadgets that you use in day to day life? #sawaalsaturday

  • sharwari palkar
    sharwari palkar 29 days ago

    Hi Prajakta di. This is Durva here .
    My question is:
    If u wouldn't have become a TheXvidr then after failing as a radio jockey what would u become/do?
    Pls answer my question .
    Love love ❤️♥️😍😍

  • Lakshmi Y
    Lakshmi Y 29 days ago

    I want Montu to do #sawaalsaturday

  • priyal soni
    priyal soni 29 days ago

    Please your new home tour video

  • Khushi Gupta
    Khushi Gupta 29 days ago

    hiii prajuu... welcome back to my question quiz
    I'm Khushi..
    choose one think...
    1) maa or baba
    2) Mumbai or Delhi
    3) food or travel
    4) TheXvid or life
    5) Kit-Kat or dairy milk
    6) Hrithik Roshan or baba
    plz.... answer my questions ....
    #love love💙💙

  • Ratul Deka
    Ratul Deka 29 days ago

    Atcha suno ! Question pick karne k time pe mere question bhi pickup kar le na taaki jab main next video dekhu tab mere bhi question ke bhi ans mile. This time i got a bunch of questions . Lets get into it🤓
    a) who is the living person you admire the most ?
    b) how to learn and speek english fluently like you ? (I need some tips)

  • riya bhurse
    riya bhurse 29 days ago +2

    Sonia play's pubg?? Or she likes to read books

  • Neha Joshi
    Neha Joshi 29 days ago

    Hey Prajkta. Do you read marathi books? Or do u watch any marathi content? If yes pls share ...#sawaalSaturday

  • The Haryanvii
    The Haryanvii 29 days ago

    Hey prajkta
    M puchna chati hu ki apki life m Kya kya changes ae h en dino m

  • Murtaza Ali213
    Murtaza Ali213 29 days ago

    Montu ko interviews lene do ...

  • Ashu Verma
    Ashu Verma 29 days ago

    "mam! can you please tell me about your weiredest reaction you have ever received from any of your FAN?? if you not having any problem."

  • Gracy Singh
    Gracy Singh 29 days ago

    Please share your stand up comedy

  • harjot billing
    harjot billing 29 days ago

    love u praju

  • Banashree Roy
    Banashree Roy 29 days ago

    If Montu answer this questions would be much funnier😁😁

  • Sakshi Barjatya
    Sakshi Barjatya 29 days ago

    #sawaalsaturday What would be Sonya's reaction if she is asked to do the voiceover of Ellie Fredricksen(UP WIFE) in the movie?#lovelove#sonyathediva

  • Sakshi Barjatya
    Sakshi Barjatya 29 days ago +1

    #sawaalsaturday What is Sonya's Favourite Make up product?#lovelove

  • Jash of the Family
    Jash of the Family 29 days ago

    For Soniya is this lady in this video your fan?

  • adithi pn
    adithi pn Month ago

    What would be the autobiography book name if Sonya writes it #sawaalsaturday
    Plssss pick my question

  • priyanka dagale
    priyanka dagale Month ago

    #sawaalsaturday Sonya is vrishank your boyfriend too ?

  • Fasiha Fatima
    Fasiha Fatima Month ago +1

    Which is your favorite subject?

  • Veena Solanki
    Veena Solanki Month ago

    1.When are you going to collab with rickshawali?
    2.Which was started before- your blog or your channel?
    PS(: I have been asking these questions from the last three sawaal saturdays but you are not picking them. Please answer.

  • Shagun Sharma
    Shagun Sharma Month ago

    Hi di☺️🤗🤗🤗Pl answer iam trying from 1year😢🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 which was your favorite lays flavor the way have you tried the new dark milk ..Grown up chocolate