Awesome Yet Frustrating: bequiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Rev 2 PC Build/Review

  • Published on Nov 11, 2019
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Comments • 29

  • nabhussad
    nabhussad 18 days ago

    It's shame what happned to his channel with mismanagement, loss of trust, to the fan and windel who's doing alot better than logan, I thin your channel needs new life, New ideas come with times re establish yourself.

  • chewys now
    chewys now 23 days ago

    so glad to see doing what u do best, ur the one I turned to when building my first gaming pc and its still running strong and I thank u for that..... but now its time to build a new one and here I am again , to get the best I go to the best.......

  • charlie brownau
    charlie brownau 26 days ago

    Are you on bitchute yet

  • Rip Dingers
    Rip Dingers 27 days ago

    What a nice young lady! Thank you for the review!

  • Daniel Andrews
    Daniel Andrews 29 days ago

    How do you guys have 610K subs but have like 10K views a video?

  • Kwakib Monaf
    Kwakib Monaf 29 days ago

    i still believe in you Logan

  • John Ji
    John Ji Month ago

    Out of loop
    What's up with the hair?

  • dastardlyman
    dastardlyman Month ago

    good video

  • Masheen
    Masheen Month ago

    Been using that case for a while. I do love it. freedom comes with a price haha.

  • redneck1st
    redneck1st Month ago

    That looks like the Coolermaster case for which I bought

  • Rumple
    Rumple Month ago

    What's that keyboard you have? The lights are mesmerising.

  • tcntad
    tcntad Month ago

    Crack Windows? Lol

  • BushwickBill
    BushwickBill Month ago +4

    nice soccer mom hairstyle

  • BushwickBill
    BushwickBill Month ago

    same keys are sold on ebay for $3

    • tcntad
      tcntad Month ago

      You're probably lucky if it works

  • Brett
    Brett Month ago

    I very much didn't want to spend an entire Saturday afternoon just to flip that motherboard tray around, but it looks so good. If this video was out 6 months ago I might have went with another case. That said I do really like this case and it makes my system extremely quiet. Also my fan controller was DOA from Amazon, I RMA'd it and they sent me a working one.

  • Deathignator
    Deathignator Month ago +6

    I miss the old Tek Syndicate...

    • Gabriel Hamond
      Gabriel Hamond 23 days ago +2

      Back when they used to be Razetheworld :/ Hell remember those old ass Tigerdirect videos with Logan from 2007 and 2011? lmao

    • Silky_
      Silky_ Month ago +2

      Geraint Davies same here

    • Geraint Davies
      Geraint Davies Month ago +9

      lol, i just came here to check out wtf is going on and the dude has Kat williams hair.

  • BrysNightWorld
    BrysNightWorld Month ago

    Been looking at new cases for my PC. I've been using the nzxt gamma case since 2013. But I've seen the Xbox one x go for the price of this case xD

  • CoffinKid1
    CoffinKid1 Month ago

    You can't just open the video with the entire peel! You gotta cut the video a third of the way through to keep people watching!

  • redux
    redux Month ago

    pls pls pls shave your head

  • Alexander Popov
    Alexander Popov Month ago

    I use Version 1 of this case reverting it completely. Very nice solid case, but requires patience when building inside it.

  • ZachFB Studios
    ZachFB Studios Month ago +1

    The $1.50 WIN 10 pro keys on ebay work well too just sayin

  • Craig Lillie
    Craig Lillie Month ago

    Shouldn't this case be called Be Asphyxiated? ;)

  • Deon Spates
    Deon Spates Month ago

    Nice case!

  • ادع الی سبیل ربك

    internet explorer

  • Ben Johnson
    Ben Johnson Month ago +4

    Is it the lighting or are those highlights in your hair?