Best of the Worst: Kill Squad, Ryan's Babe, and Demonwarp

  • Published on Jun 2, 2018
  • The gang watches another Cameron Mitchell movie that Cameron Mitchell's barely in but lots of people get kicked, a Canadian-made road trip """"comedy"""" thriller (?), and an alien bigfoot movie. Lives are changed.
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  • Evillramen
    Evillramen Day ago

    love the houseu shirt, classic!

  • Professional Binch

    I guess considering the utter confusion of everyone during Ryan's Babe you could say it's a road movie that doesn't know where it's going.

  • TheLegend1800
    TheLegend1800 2 days ago

    I don't know why Ryan needed to leave Saskatchewan to hide from the voiceover guy. Saskatchewan's a big place. Just pick a random tiny town and live in it, your bound to never get noticed at all. Ryan seems to have a knack for getting jobs wherever he goes, so he's fine just picking a place like Duff, or Plunkett, or Dafoe and living there for the rest of his life.

  • Movie Ninja
    Movie Ninja 3 days ago

    10:57 indeed Josh indeed

  • Rudy Salas
    Rudy Salas 3 days ago

    You guys need to do a spotlight episode on Ryan's Babe & get Mike in on it.

  • chuckcookus
    chuckcookus 5 days ago

    Rich and Jay plus the B-team

  • carlwinslo
    carlwinslo 9 days ago +1

    Barbecue Time Everybody!

  • JimbyJams
    JimbyJams 11 days ago +1

    The real Ryan's Babe was inside us all along

  • Non Pervenuto
    Non Pervenuto 12 days ago +1

    44:00 so rich smokes? that's canon?

  • Ray Ceeya
    Ray Ceeya 14 days ago

    I think the real star of Ryan's babe is that little blue "K" car.

  • Ray Ceeya
    Ray Ceeya 14 days ago

    Wait? Is there another Solo?

  • Ben Prewitt
    Ben Prewitt 15 days ago

    As a machinist, I can tell's really unsafe to have ties on near Bridgeports (the machines they were operating).
    But more realistically: none of us would ever expend the kind of energy needed to perform awful roundhouse kicks during the workday. If the boss found out we could do that kind of shit I can't even IMAGINE what other stuff they'd make us do.

  • Chimroy Grugspro
    Chimroy Grugspro 16 days ago

    The dad in Ryan's Babe sounds like Garfield

  • Riotous Behaviour
    Riotous Behaviour 16 days ago

    I love watching their brains falling apart like wet cake while explaining 'Ryan's Babe'.

  • GKinslayer
    GKinslayer 18 days ago

    Will you guys be covering the upcoming "gorier" release?

  • David Tangen
    David Tangen 19 days ago

    He he he

  • _helloyellow
    _helloyellow 21 day ago

    That Ryan’s babe cut reaction at the beginning was fabulous

  • xscaralienx
    xscaralienx 28 days ago

    whats Josh's shirt?

  • Alfred Soul
    Alfred Soul 29 days ago

    The father in "Ryan's Babe" sounds like that weird shouting text-to-speech voice...

  • Professional Binch
    Professional Binch 29 days ago

    seeing Rich and Jay gradually lose it when talking about Ryan's Babe is just pure joy

  • Ben Prewitt
    Ben Prewitt Month ago

    "This situation's a little crazy for me, I have to go home and get in a relationship with my stalker." MADE MY DAY.

  • Arempy 58
    Arempy 58 Month ago

    Gotta love a sentimental rape scene.

  • Schlenderman
    Schlenderman Month ago

    I desperately need to watch Ryan's Babe now, thank you for providing the true entertainment. That ending with 2001 had me fucking dead in tears lmfao

  • unfa
    unfa Month ago

    Saving Private Ryan's Babe

  • OneBagTravel
    OneBagTravel Month ago

    I've probably watched this episode and Vampire Assassin episode the most.

  • EscapeRouteBritish
    EscapeRouteBritish Month ago

    Is that a Hausu T-Shirt?

  • unfa
    unfa Month ago

    27:11 It's fantastic when Rich Evans just freaks out about Ryan's Babe having no structure.

  • vargas mordor
    vargas mordor Month ago

    WTF is a boner comedy?

    • Oda Swifteye
      Oda Swifteye 27 days ago

      A comedy in which a bunch of schemes take place.

      Yes, that does fit perfectly for this film.

  • Jonathan Bethards
    Jonathan Bethards Month ago

    Oh shit! I see a copy of The Barbarians next to Zardoz!! I must've rented The Barbarians a good 15-20 times when I was a kid. Oh man, that scene where one of the barbarians is being hanged, and he breaks the rope by flexing his neck muscles and using the power of a Yeti love song, so good and sooo cheesy.

  • xmasthyme
    xmasthyme Month ago

    For some reason the idea of a craft services lady wandering on set of Kill Squad and getting kicked made me fall into a laughing/coughing fit. That shit was just too funny

  • TheDaleist
    TheDaleist Month ago

    I love that twang Jay puts on Saskatchewaaaaan. Makes me happy.

  • DistractedConstantly

    Ryan's Babe looks like something your parents would watch on Lifetime.

  • Holland Kerr
    Holland Kerr Month ago

    Ryans Babe (Me) is born. Mike (my father) immediately disappears.

  • MiqelDotCom
    MiqelDotCom Month ago

    Just saw the lead actor from Ryan's Babe in a docu-drama about the making of The Creeping Terror (mst3k ep606), entitled THE CREEP BEHIND THE CAMERA. It's a true story of the crazy grifter rapist who made that film, and how it was finished once he split town. "Ryan" plays the lead investor in the film.

  • ṽᴧ volts
    ṽᴧ volts Month ago +1

    I drunkenly shouted: "because he's black?!"
    I think their prediction skills are rubbing off on me😏

  • ryder mccall
    ryder mccall Month ago


  • Sam Richardson
    Sam Richardson Month ago

    5:29 - Jack communicating in another language

  • Spice MustFlow
    Spice MustFlow 2 months ago

    The faces Jay and Rich had during Faust have switched.

  • GWA Accounting
    GWA Accounting 2 months ago

    Best back-of-the-box reader ever

  • Robert Easton
    Robert Easton 2 months ago

    Rich's disbelieving squeal broke the sound barrier then the space-time continuum

  • Douglas Allenby
    Douglas Allenby 2 months ago

    Usually, my response to bad films isn't "IS THAT THE U of S SCULPTURE GARDEN!?" My office was next door!

  • // REDACT3D
    // REDACT3D 2 months ago +1

    10:46 the best part

  • CountArtha
    CountArtha 2 months ago

    This episode works without Mike in it. His smartass comments would only take away from everyone else struggling to explain how utterly mindf**ked they were.

  • TheLegend1800
    TheLegend1800 2 months ago

    This episode, to me, helps prove my theory that they watch the three movies first, then tape the intros based on some sort of order. If you go back and look at any of the other "life-changingly-bad" movies the group has watched; Miami Connection, Double Down, Dangerous Men, Geteven, etc. You realize that either they come last in order, or an even crazier movie comes afterwards.
    Ryan's Babe shows what happens when you put the extremely shitty movie anywhere but last: it makes the movies afterwards seem tame and boring. So the group watches all three in whatever order, decide which one is the craziest, and put it last to avoid the group blowing their load on the insane film and leaving no energy left for the other movies.

  • TheLegend1800
    TheLegend1800 2 months ago

    And then he goes somewhere else.

  • Depressed Snowman
    Depressed Snowman 2 months ago +1

    Racky Horror

  • Peter Brodeur
    Peter Brodeur 2 months ago

    with a little bit of tweaking the plot of kill squad has the same plot as mass effect 2.

  • BubblewrapHighway
    BubblewrapHighway 2 months ago

    I'll read Shakespeare as you shake your spear.

  • Fake Blood
    Fake Blood 2 months ago


  • Grayce Crooker
    Grayce Crooker 2 months ago


  • the503CreepOut
    the503CreepOut 2 months ago

    i feel like i've seen the graphic on Josh's shirt in some B-movie before. i just cant put my finger on it but i'm pretty sure i've seen it in the background of some movie. does anyone else think they've seen that cat face before/and where?

  • m cal
    m cal 2 months ago

    Who killed captain Kenny?

  • Michael Montalvo
    Michael Montalvo 2 months ago +1

    I need a gif of Jay yelling "YES" into his mic at 54:21

  • Dave
    Dave 2 months ago

    Was Cable Guy a """"comedy"""" thriller(?)?

  • Dream Co-op Studios
    Dream Co-op Studios 2 months ago

    I want to see a movie made with the premise of the Kill Squad universe, I actually think it could be cool if that was done cleverly.

  • Arthur R
    Arthur R 2 months ago


  • GreatPirateSolomon
    GreatPirateSolomon 2 months ago

    I feel like Ryan's Babe was made by someone who wanted to make an 80s/90s style "Walk the Earth" type TV show (think Highway to Heaven), but didn't have the werewithal to get a TV show so they condensed an entire season worth of episode ideas into one movie.

  • Kyle Dare
    Kyle Dare 2 months ago

    4:58 this super-cut of their confusion to Ryan’s Babe is a big part of why I’ve watched this one so many times. Need to watch this movie lol

  • Jason Labret
    Jason Labret 2 months ago

    Every time I see Spotted Cow I get sad. I miss it so much...

  • Caleb Gaston
    Caleb Gaston 2 months ago

    21:13 cant complain aboutthe world ending in this has too or the events of the first two movies wont happen.

  • Lemeres
    Lemeres 2 months ago

    Stalker Girl: "I'll do anything for you Ryan. Why are you so indifferent?"
    Ryan: "Because you have always been a crazy bitch. You started out stealing money from your parents in order to give me presents. You did not move up from there"

  • Frank Henchy
    Frank Henchy 3 months ago

    Is no one going to talk about how Garfield obviously did the ADR for the dad in Ryan's Babe?

  • b i g o s u
    b i g o s u 3 months ago

    "I've been looking everywhere for you, I knew you'd be here" my brain hurts

  • kaiserkreb
    kaiserkreb 3 months ago

    Saskatchewan plates explains most of that movie.

  • Astr3a
    Astr3a 3 months ago


  • S1500
    S1500 3 months ago

    Guy in the blue hat: Your voice rises to the point only dogs can hear it. Stop.

  • electricbayonet2
    electricbayonet2 3 months ago

    40:33 This entire sequence just gets more and more disturbing and bizarre the longer my thoughts linger on it. I think probably the single most fascinatingly awful part of it is that she leaves money on the nightstand.

    It'd be one thing if the film just completely glossed over the fact that she drugged and raped our protagonist. That's awful, but it's a single flavor of awful. But then, she leaves money on the nightstand? W-What? Is that supposed to imply that even in-universe it's acknowledged that what she did was at least _somewhat_ not okay? And if that's the case...what?! Is that a mitigating option for all drug 'n rapes? Or is it only applicable if your victim is a stripper?

  • Dave Booshty
    Dave Booshty 3 months ago

    16:15 Lets get them "Men". hahaha lol

  • damnryn
    damnryn 3 months ago

    I’m curious to know if Mike ever indulged in Ryan’s Babe

  • Zak22wolf, the Ultraman Zenith

    Is the Dad from Ryan's Babe dubbed by Lorenzo Music, because he sounds like 80's Garfield.

  • Tom Secker
    Tom Secker 3 months ago +1

    Great montage of bafflement around the 5 minute mark.

  • SouthPaw
    SouthPaw 3 months ago

    Are you gentlemen from Wisconsin? The reason I ask is because I noticed a Spotted Cow beer

  • Edgar Tarly
    Edgar Tarly 3 months ago

    Kill Squad just needed to pull out a pack of Mentos and eat one after every fight.

  • ryder mccall
    ryder mccall 3 months ago

    You can’t analyze this.

  • capsRage
    capsRage 3 months ago +2

    Rich's frustration with Ryan's Babe is the best thing ever!

  • Fluoride Jones
    Fluoride Jones 3 months ago +1

    This was an all-around great episode of 'BOTW.' A lot of laughs were had amongst the gang. Also, Jay's editing skills were great. I was really impressed by the "2001: A Space Odyssey" bit near the end.

  • Nick Newman
    Nick Newman 3 months ago +1

    George Kennedy won an oscar for best supporting actor in Cool Hand Luke. He also wasn't in Police Squad. C'mon guys.. Mike would have known this. He may also have been too drunk to remember.

  • Trino
    Trino 3 months ago

    thank god I just stumbled onto this episode

  • slagathor44
    slagathor44 3 months ago

    "Angels do not have time to piss"

  • Edgar Nova
    Edgar Nova 3 months ago

    Random Fact: Kill Squad was made using Microsoft Excel.

  • dkamphaus43
    dkamphaus43 4 months ago

    31:26 - 31:31 Wow, I never thought I'd see worse ADR than the "watch out for snakes" moment from Eegah.

  • ryder mccall
    ryder mccall 4 months ago

    Best line ever

  • John T. Campbell
    John T. Campbell 4 months ago +1

    ""We should cut his dick off! And then, we hang it here. When he wakes up, he'll see the hanging dick. Who's he gonna tell his story to? The police?""
    *YES!!!!* He's going to tell the police, you stupid bitches!! God, Ryan's babe is fucking stupid!

  • ryder mccall
    ryder mccall 4 months ago

    I like this guy, he should be in more shows.

  • Andrew Gwilliam
    Andrew Gwilliam 4 months ago

    George Kennedy wasn't in "Police Squad". Tsk.

  • Spit Dragon
    Spit Dragon 4 months ago


  • Braeden Hamson
    Braeden Hamson 4 months ago +1

    The pattern of squads forming in kill squad is universal. The titular squad has to fight so often because its a world of squads. They're merely one squad in a world of millions of squads.These squads drift into each other from time to time, but never breaking The Pattern.

  • Mike Varosky
    Mike Varosky 4 months ago


  • Valen Dreugh
    Valen Dreugh 4 months ago

    Movies like these are indeed still made to this day, the issue though is that most of them are just uploaded on TheXvid, not released on Blu-Ray.

  • Sextet
    Sextet 4 months ago +1

    34:12 Rich Evans becomes so exasperated with the film that he briefly descends into gibbering madness.

  • Kangaroo 72
    Kangaroo 72 4 months ago +5

    Kill Squad's team assembly scene is on par to that of Seven Samurai

  • Vandal Savage
    Vandal Savage 4 months ago +2

    I still think about Ryan's Babe a lot.

    ToyFREAKS 4 months ago

    Awesome Stargate montage!

  • Fork In The Road Official

    Ryans babe 21:27

  • Cigol Zëlev
    Cigol Zëlev 4 months ago

    What are next?

  • HellecticMojo
    HellecticMojo 4 months ago +3

    more movies need scenes of guys accidently shooting their foot off.

  • OpticalJesu5
    OpticalJesu5 4 months ago +3

    Kill Squad sounds like it was made by someone with a mental illness. Not as an insult but like the director may have had an actual disease.

  • Los Vlogs de Yeril
    Los Vlogs de Yeril 4 months ago

    Ryans babe may be the best movie you´ve ever reviewed

  • Haibane
    Haibane 4 months ago +2

    Dutch... I knew it.

  • ChoGGi
    ChoGGi 4 months ago

    Nice house shirt