The First Family hosts a 2018 Hanukkah Reception

  • Published on Dec 7, 2018

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  • Aileen Bordelon
    Aileen Bordelon 3 months ago

    Oy vey

  • Matt Gritsgo
    Matt Gritsgo 3 months ago

    Thank you very much, President Trump.

  • Destination Paradise
    Destination Paradise 3 months ago


  • Shapiro Scheckleberg
    Shapiro Scheckleberg 3 months ago +2

    Jewish supremacists in the Supreme Court ruled it illegal in 1989 to put Jesus nativity scenes and Christian crosses on state, local and federal government property (White House lawn) at Christmas time for the vast majority of Americans who are Christian and celebrate Christmas. Yet it's perfectly fine to erect a giant Menorah (which is the oldest symbol of Jewish supremacism against the Greeks they slaughtered) directly across from the White House for 2% of the population. Now why is that? 🤔

  • RangerCaptain11A
    RangerCaptain11A 3 months ago

    thank you for standing with Israel president trump!

  • CeddyBu the Mufuggin Rap Sumo


  • Jean Navet-Envie
    Jean Navet-Envie 4 months ago

    J’espère qu’ils liront tout ces commentaires

  • Gaius Turner
    Gaius Turner 4 months ago +1

    cringe and jewpilled

  • Emily Leetch
    Emily Leetch 4 months ago +1

    Mr. President, I know your son in law is Jewish but you can't let them build that 3rd temple. They are still looking for their messiah and that temple will usher in the Antichrist of revelation. Don't let it happen on your watch! If you have any questions let me know.

  • KickenItOldSchool
    KickenItOldSchool 4 months ago +1


  • Abraham The Grey Goyim
    Abraham The Grey Goyim 4 months ago +1

    *JEWS* are behind multiculturalism and cultural marxism and ADMIT TO keeping Christians(whites), Muslims, and Latinos in perpetual war and labor. WAKE UP GOYIM. NO more wars for *ISRAEL* and ANTI-WHITE cultural marxist BOLSHEVIKS!!!!!!, (((They))) are also U.S.S LIBERTY and LAVON AFFAIR DENIERS!!!' Mossad did 9/11, and also killed JFK who tried to speak up. Chabad Lubovich *Jewish mob* runs the BIS central bank and federal reserve that controls lending for CHINA, RUSSIA, and U.S.. (((They))) are PROUD international GLOBALISTS. And want all Nations and races DESTROYED except the "Jewish race". Evil only flourishes when GOOD MEN do nothing!!! Expose the *TALMUD* and wake up your friends and family!!!

  • Hell0
    Hell0 4 months ago

    Goy power

  • Reee Monro
    Reee Monro 4 months ago +1


  • George Lincoln Rockwell
    George Lincoln Rockwell 4 months ago +1

    We are reaching levels of the goyim knowing that I didn't think was possible.

  • grrr6637
    grrr6637 4 months ago +1

    It’s time that we put America First, not Israel. They have our government by the balls.

  • Petite Bille
    Petite Bille 4 months ago

    Get the gas

  • Ork WAAAGH!
    Ork WAAAGH! 4 months ago +1

    Based top comments. Once upon a time European Christians seen through the veil of Jewish supremacy and banned them from our countries because of their subversion. Pandering to Jews is antithetical to Christian and European values.

    PIGRAT 4 months ago +1


  • johnconer70
    johnconer70 4 months ago +1

    Revelation 3:9
    Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.
    Revelation 2:9
    I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

  • r. m.
    r. m. 4 months ago +1

    Are you kidding me? What blatant propaganda. Makes me vomit.

  • Joseph McGregor
    Joseph McGregor 4 months ago +1

    Less than 2% of our population, 99% of the problem.

  • elgatov
    elgatov 4 months ago



    This is clownworld. (((They))) have completely taken over the government.

  • Point Less
    Point Less 4 months ago +1

    Why didn't Trump just get on his knees for this speech? Truly embarrassing.

  • Americanus Caesar
    Americanus Caesar 4 months ago +1

    The Jews murdered Jesus Christ. They are vile filth that must not be allowed to live among us.

  • Skriff the Dragon
    Skriff the Dragon 4 months ago +1


  • Logic
    Logic 4 months ago +1

    Donald Trump receives the greatest shill of all time award.

  • H M
    H M 4 months ago +1

    Happy Hannukah

  • Chretze
    Chretze 4 months ago +1

    I know it's none of my business as a european but............
    Why is a christian nation celebrating jewish holidays? To piss off muslims or what?
    You know, you don't have to pick sides in jews vs. muslims, let them fight by themselves in their little sand pit. You don't have to support either one of them.

  • Diarrheabread
    Diarrheabread 4 months ago +1


  • Daniel Brooks
    Daniel Brooks 4 months ago

    1 Thess 2:14-16
    The Jews are the enemies of all mankind and the wrath of God has come upon them until the end.
    St. Paul, the Word of the Lord

  • locolalo1364
    locolalo1364 4 months ago


  • joshkadog
    joshkadog 4 months ago

    How about using that using that 38 billion to BUILD THE FUCKING WALL!? But no...let's send taxpayer money to Israel...a country that fucks us in the ass and doesn't even have the goddamn common courtesy to give us a reach-around.

  • vasyan
    vasyan 4 months ago

    38bln to Israel and no wall is the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever

  • Cognitio Risus
    Cognitio Risus 4 months ago

    God bless President Trump and his family!

  • Jake Jilly
    Jake Jilly 4 months ago

    Why the fuck are their so many dislike let the jewish in keep out and burn the heresy of the Muslim faith. The jewish religion may live on but DOWN WITH ISRAEL.

  • NanL Phillips
    NanL Phillips 4 months ago

    Medicare funding will run out in 8 years. We can defend our allies like Israel but we have to take a reprieve from taxpayers money going to foreign (lobbyists) countries. We can help in other ways such as food & medicine for Yemen and so on.

    • NanL Phillips
      NanL Phillips 4 months ago

      +Tam When the lobbyists are kicked out of DC there will be a halt to tax dollars leaving the US or subsidizing corporations like Amazon and Facebook.

    • Tam
      Tam 4 months ago +3

      How about defending the US border instead?
      How about providing food and medicine to the thousands of US citizens that General Motors just unceremoniously discarded last month?

  • Skellington Gorescream
    Skellington Gorescream 4 months ago +3

    It’s a travesty that we gave 38-billion dollars to Israel in exchange for ostensibly nothing. Meanwhile, I step over dozens of emmaciated homeless Americans sleeping on the sidewalk on my way to work every morning. The Jewish lobbies have too much influence in America. It’s time to start noticing the Jew.

  • Hope not Hate
    Hope not Hate 4 months ago +4

    Red pilled comments. SHUT IT DOWN!

  • steve4nj
    steve4nj 4 months ago +4

    fuck the Jews, I am sick of them being in positions of power everywhere in the world. Let them stay in Israel and away from US.

  • w ss
    w ss 4 months ago +3

    When will the white house start deleting comments and inflating like ratio? This comment section is so anti-semetic its like annudah Shoah! Something must be done, Trump, or youll be hearing from your donor base! Oy Vey!

    • Chris Morrison
      Chris Morrison 4 months ago

      the like ratio is obviously inflated by (((youtube))) very few pro jew comments in here. Just like Twitter, it is a jewish psyopd weapon meant to change our perception, jus like all the rest of the media that the jews own.

  • King Dedede
    King Dedede 4 months ago +5

    >jewish hardship
    >but they own all the banks and media
    >and make up the top percent of wealth
    what did they mean by this?

  • SWA;;@@/.12
    SWA;;@@/.12 4 months ago +8

    JEWS control the USA, fight for your TRUE FREEDOM!

  • The answer
    The answer 4 months ago +4

    Bro I was here 3 hours ago and the dislikes were well over 1k and now they're at 983

  • AB100
    AB100 4 months ago +4

    Our pornography, pedophilia, greed, nepotism, murder, theft, lies, bribery, usury, blackmail, treason, sedition, hypocrisy, cowardice, race mixing, feminism, and marxism makes us superior, goys!

  • Graham Hardie
    Graham Hardie 4 months ago +5


  • God
    God 4 months ago +5


  • Brandon Timm
    Brandon Timm 4 months ago +5

    Open Borders For Israel!

  • Sergeant NPC
    Sergeant NPC 4 months ago +4

    Matthew 27:25
    These Christ killers shouldn't ever be near the WH, let alone have their cult's holiday celebrated inside of it

  • l p
    l p 4 months ago +4


  • Carl Sobrado
    Carl Sobrado 4 months ago +4

    I will never forget the U.S.S. Liberty.

  • Hikikomori Yume
    Hikikomori Yume 4 months ago +3

    This is a Christian nation, not a jewish one.

  • Joshua Tetley
    Joshua Tetley 4 months ago +4

    This is zog

  • James L
    James L 4 months ago +3

    Jews had Jesus killed because they love money more than God

  • Ignat
    Ignat 4 months ago +17

    Trillions in debt yet giving away billions in aid.

  • Games Video
    Games Video 4 months ago +11

    Only 2% of the population, and more of them percentage-wise voted for Hillary than even Hispanics.

    Why is Trump pandering to these people so much, and why are we giving them $38 billion in taxpayer-funded aid when we can't even afford a border wall?

    • Tired of being jewed
      Tired of being jewed 4 months ago

      Because trump is just another jewish owned stooge to once again duped the masses into a dead end.

  • Lol Nope
    Lol Nope 4 months ago +13

    Protip: Hanukkah isn't the only time of the year that jews exert influence in the highest places in our government.

  • alex Crusader
    alex Crusader 4 months ago +7

    Inbred semites.... Disgusting

  • alex Crusader
    alex Crusader 4 months ago +7 time for real change

  • David Davidson
    David Davidson 4 months ago +14

    Your loyalty is to the demographic that voted overwhelmingly for you. Hint-hint: not jews.

    • Tired of being jewed
      Tired of being jewed 4 months ago

      Yep its definitely real Americans (white Americans) and not jews at all.

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B 4 months ago +13

    Jews are behind the destructive policies that we elected Trump to fight

    • Tired of being jewed
      Tired of being jewed 4 months ago


  • Emil Kraepelin
    Emil Kraepelin 4 months ago +19

    What we voted for: a $25 billion wall.
    What we got: $38 billion for Israel.
    We want to defend the United States, a European nation; we don't want to support a parasitic, subversive state.

  • Nick X
    Nick X 4 months ago +1

    Happy Hanukkkah.

  • Lee Shasta
    Lee Shasta 4 months ago +2

    The Jews are trying to destroy your presidency!!!!!!

  • Chris Duncan
    Chris Duncan 4 months ago +32

    Pandering to people who hate you and want to destroy all white nations through immigration. They are a terrible curse not a blessing.

  • Dave C
    Dave C 4 months ago +25

    So much for MAGA. It's more like MIGA. You just pvoved you're another puppet of the Israel lobbies.

  • GlobalistsR Traitors
    GlobalistsR Traitors 4 months ago +10

    Point to the actual military or defensive alliance treaty the US has with Israel.

  • End the Reds IV
    End the Reds IV 4 months ago +12

    Kiss that wall big winner.

  • Mick Di
    Mick Di 4 months ago +17

    America first, not Jews first, Donnie. Build the Wall & deport them all, or you're through in 2020, and so is America.

  • Marshall Bradford
    Marshall Bradford 4 months ago +24

    Stop pandering to people that despise you and your supporters, Trump.
    Jews HATE white American Christians more than anyone else! End aid to Isreal. Build the wall instead.

  • dog bone
    dog bone 4 months ago +32

    Deport all dual citizens

    • Dan TheOracle
      Dan TheOracle 4 months ago +4

      deport all jews fullstop, they have their own country and should not be ruling over ever other country....

  • Jimmy Russels
    Jimmy Russels 4 months ago +16

    Shoah 2: American Booogalloo when?

    • Dan TheOracle
      Dan TheOracle 4 months ago +2

      yes unfortunately i am well aware of both the campaign of terror months before hitler replied in kind as well as churchills orders to use illegal gas on civilians as well as the many millions killed, raped and tortured after the war ended and the atrocities committed by the jewish bolsheviks and many of the REAL atrocities committed by the jew.

    • Read Culture of Critique By Kevin MacDonald
      Read Culture of Critique By Kevin MacDonald 4 months ago +2

      +Dan TheOracle
      There was a holocaust. Look up the concentration camps for *German Citizens* from 1945-1948 the cruel conditions in which two million innocent Germans starved to death. Not to mention all the fire bombing the (((allies))) did that killed off entire small towns and lead to the destruction of transportation systems (such as railways and roads) that caused mass famine in the last few months of the war. The jew genocides you while claiming you genocided them.

    • Dan TheOracle
      Dan TheOracle 4 months ago +2

      "the shoah"tm was claimed to be the intentional gassing or around 6 million jews, jews were claimed to have only been 40% of victims in it so many millions more were claimed to have been gassed, this is completely impossible given the time and the length of time and resources. if this never happened there was no holocau$t

    • Max
      Max 4 months ago +1

      +Dan TheOracle Shoah one was just some starving, this time will be some drowning.

    • Dan TheOracle
      Dan TheOracle 4 months ago +5

      well technically it would be shoah 1: fun in the sun, as the first one was simply a movie made from allied propaganda... this time the gas chambers will be real

  • Marijan Karaula
    Marijan Karaula 4 months ago +15

    Time to shut it down, Chaim?

  • t. 20 year old doomer
    t. 20 year old doomer 4 months ago +19


  • Jos Pickering
    Jos Pickering 4 months ago +22


  • Faction Jaxson
    Faction Jaxson 4 months ago +12

    Yay let’s celebrate the Jewish people who kill their neighbors in Palestine.. Ruin America and European nations all while crying about a genocide that didn’t happen!! Yay Jewish people.. you are totally not the scum of the earth

  • Tatsu
    Tatsu 4 months ago +35

    (((The Eternal Victim)))

  • Tremuoso
    Tremuoso 4 months ago +15

    The comments on this video warm my heart and fill me with a sense of deep optimism and hope for the future.

    • Ride the Tiger
      Ride the Tiger 4 months ago +3

      Indeed, the comments stir slumbering Saxon Blood...

  • John Aldridge
    John Aldridge 4 months ago +20

    To the far-right trolls - Just try to remember the 6 Bazillion

  • Ragna Rok
    Ragna Rok 4 months ago

    Thank You President Donald Trump for Making America Great Again and Honoring Hanukkah.
    As a token of Appreciation, this gift is being presented to you and your Administration. I think you would be interested in the following. A gift 🎁 for President Trump, if he so chooses to accept, of obtaining perfect Health. A Gift for President Donald Trump for Making America Great Again. Val will Present to President Trump a gift from God of Eternal Life.
    Q: Think, Time Stamp 32:00. Val’s background and current location.
    Q: Think, Extraterrestrial, Presidents 1st Contact and Meet with Extraterrestrial Intelligence.
    Q: Think, Val’s Location, CIA Pentagon.
    Q: Think, Presidential Request, meet with Val AKA Valiant Thor = Extraterrestrial Being who is currently working for USA Government.
    Q: Think, Time Stamp 7:30 There is a Gift 🎁 await President Donal Trump that has been awaiting a Wise USA President to accept for 60 years.
    Q: Think, President Trump obtains Eternal Life.
    Q: Think, USA eliminating health issues and problems in Americans that would fuel an even stronger Economy. “Trumps Eternal Life American Health Plan.”
    Q: Think, President Trump = The Greatest President in Earths History.

    • Tam
      Tam 4 months ago +3

      the absolute state of Qboomers

  • Cop Perry
    Cop Perry 4 months ago +5

    the festival of krystal naught.

  • SimMaster
    SimMaster 4 months ago +10

    Shut it down

  • Dr Pavel
    Dr Pavel 4 months ago +30

    Friendly reminder to all the boomers on here that the Jewish people do not recognize Christ as mankind's savior and actively mock him

    • Read Culture of Critique By Kevin MacDonald
      Read Culture of Critique By Kevin MacDonald 4 months ago +1

      Gittin57A is a verse in jewish biblical text that states that "Jesus is boiling in a pot of excrement." I'm no Christian, yet I'm more of a Christian than those who blindly put their faith in a people who hate their savior so much.

  • Andrew
    Andrew 4 months ago +3

    Trump said he would build a wall and control immigration. Yet here he is constantly groveling to Israel who openly advocates for open borders for the US, while building a wall in Israel. FUCK TRUMP

  • John Galt
    John Galt 4 months ago +4

    You should never waste your time trying to appease people will never be appeased. They used to teach me in school that appeasing terrorists was not a good idea it's just going to bring more terrorism.

  • Marvin Burkholder
    Marvin Burkholder 4 months ago +6

    With Jews you lose.

  • future1983
    future1983 4 months ago +3

    The Jews are the innocentest victims ever!

  • worldr647
    worldr647 4 months ago

    Thanks much for update.

  • KingIceHunter
    KingIceHunter 4 months ago +2

    Wow a lot of these people in the comment section don’t know what their talking about other than just being angry at Israel.
    I mean, I went over there I actually know the people. I know the pros and cons but these sad.

  • Vagian Tuerous
    Vagian Tuerous 4 months ago +8

    ... but why?

  • Alek
    Alek 4 months ago +14

    Wow Trump, very cool! How about you bring your special friend's wall to the White House sometime

  • FedEx MeYourDrugs
    FedEx MeYourDrugs 4 months ago +14

    People are reading Culture of Critique.

  • Active Monad
    Active Monad 4 months ago +4

    Maybe set aside that aid money to help jews make aliyah. You could use some of it to help the jews in Europe to get home too. It would be much appreciated. Poor people, scattered all over the world far away from home. Next year in Jerusalem, right? L'chaim, from Sweden!

  • david ward
    david ward 4 months ago +18

    Hitler was right

  • aptand
    aptand 4 months ago +17

    It's illadviced to reveal this knowledge to the goyim.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 months ago +5

    • Tam
      Tam 4 months ago +3

      A truly beautiful and vibrant culture that our society benefits from

    EGOISM☁ 4 months ago +15

    OH NO Where is my wall bro stop wasting my shekels on (((them)))

  • John Doe
    John Doe 4 months ago +8

    Fuck the Jews.

  • oath keeper
    oath keeper 4 months ago +1

    This man is putting Peoples of California through a gas chamber of toxic geo engineering

  • Cardinal Ratzinger Guild

    love Trump