• Published on Jun 19, 2019
  • Deji LOSES IT With KSI and KSI is caught LYING. Today's video takes a look at Deji's latest response video "i cant do this anymore" in the ongoing KSI vs Deji drama.
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  • Kavos
    Kavos  4 months ago +1805

    Honestly I think we all just want the best for Deji after seeing that video, this beef really has gone too far now and it needs to be put to rest

    • OsamaBin Butt
      OsamaBin Butt Month ago

      Will Shack Deji made it public mate😂 he started this shit he tried ruining his brother and has been exposed

    • Avery Thomas7
      Avery Thomas7 3 months ago

      I hate you

    • Yenndo
      Yenndo 3 months ago

      Me: Knock knock!
      Kavos: who's there?
      Kavos: Yellow who??
      Me: Ur yellow teeth

    • NuclearBoss
      NuclearBoss 3 months ago

      Yahhh V Big English Balls

    • [GD] GGzachpotter [Jah]
      [GD] GGzachpotter [Jah] 3 months ago

      No there was a vlog right after this happened of Deji telling this to the camera and laughing and not caring about it

  • Olga Rios
    Olga Rios 6 hours ago

    4000 likes for him to clean his teeth??

  • AidanW150
    AidanW150 20 days ago

    This nigga has some yellow ass teeth

  • Mr.Splinter_420blazin'

    Fucking prick

  • OsamaBin Butt
    OsamaBin Butt Month ago +1

    Deji proved one thing to be wrong an all his ignorant fans are sucking his dick like no mate he started this shit he made it out like JJ is a prick and still people are so biased and can’t see the whole thing but are defending Deji because he’s crying

    STARLIGHT YT 2 months ago

    Hit the like button if he hated all of the youtubers bish just let them do anything they want!

  • K_c_r1
    K_c_r1 2 months ago


  • Lennex Hobby
    Lennex Hobby 2 months ago

    I wish I could lick the butter off your teeth 👅👅

  • Edwin Leon
    Edwin Leon 2 months ago

    Anyone else thing he is a prick

  • Y A N K S T ER
    Y A N K S T ER 2 months ago +1

    Fuck me you have yellow teeth

    Your breath must smell like a homeless person feet and fish

  • ZzNinjazZLIVE
    ZzNinjazZLIVE 2 months ago

    Hope both your legs get fucked your doing this video for views

  • Aldin Nurkovic
    Aldin Nurkovic 2 months ago +1


  • Chanel Haye
    Chanel Haye 2 months ago

    Get a life

  • Gm7 RMA
    Gm7 RMA 2 months ago

    7:13 You know looking back it’s really scary to think Deji could’ve possibly ended it all then and there because tbh that’s the biggest sign of what’s to come next and it’s very common for a break down like that before it happens

  • BC-poop _
    BC-poop _ 3 months ago

    Those pearly whites

  • XdHmxz Lol
    XdHmxz Lol 3 months ago

    Your so sad that you talk about people and not care about your own life you fucking faggot...just fucking kys u fucking cunt all u want is ruining people’s life....just kys u fucking cuuuuunnnnntttt

  • LucidZ
    LucidZ 3 months ago

    Deji and Ksi on true geordie

  • melissa moody
    melissa moody 3 months ago

    sorry but who gets a cold and immediately jumps to the conclusion that they have an STD?

    • SpetZemas
      SpetZemas 2 months ago

      Well a cold is one of the symptoms of contracting HIV/AIDS so... yea make your own conclusion.

  • Lajit Raps
    Lajit Raps 3 months ago

    Voice is like scratchen on a chalk board.

  • Dakota Sunday
    Dakota Sunday 3 months ago +1

    the amount of comments about his teeth are ridiculas the mindset of these little 12 year olds chatting shit to a guy who is more successful then they will ever be just astonishes me... smfh

    • SpetZemas
      SpetZemas 2 months ago

      I agree when the only thing Kavos really is doin is question KSI, as he says everyone just wants to suck off KSI because he has so much influence but no one dares question him for the egotistical, narcissistic and boastful prick he really is. Except for Kavos and I couldn’t be more happy, similar to Kavos I used to be a KSI fan before but now he has just become a problematic youtuber.

  • RBro 1
    RBro 1 3 months ago

    Wtf he said the end of the video and he didn't actually give an points

  • Chad Smokes
    Chad Smokes 3 months ago +2

    7:17 I started laughing 😂. He’s being a bitch. He’s crying over his brother taking his girls and being a bad guy but who really cares bro. It’s your problem you let it happen and you could damn well talk to him privately. I honestly don’t like deji anymore. Maybe it’s because I’m raised different but you don’t cry like a bitch when hurt. First you fix your problem and 2 if my dad saw me crying he’d make me cry harder.

  • thunder_wolf playz
    thunder_wolf playz 3 months ago

    im here to hate abouthis vid on sniperwolf

  • --
    -- 3 months ago

    I feel so bad for Deji ;-;

    TUKIF OZ 3 months ago

    Stop sucking ksi dick

  • SpetZemas
    SpetZemas 3 months ago

    The easiest way to describe their beef is “both are in the wrong and both of them needs to stop making public videos about it.
    I think the reason why people side with KSI so easily is because he is the one with most subs, from my perspective it’s like this: I am not a big fan of any of them but I feel more attached to KSI because I basically grew up with him during his q&a days where he was really funny and I enjoyed what he did, I knew Deji was there too but I didn’t really think much of him, then I kind of forgot about KSI until he “left” the sidemen, I started watching him again then and I also watched the Sidemen vs Deji beef and that’s what really made me mad about Deji because while JJ was being a huge dick towards his old friends, Deji was being an even bigger asshole and was just trying to get involved in stuff he had nothing to do with, I really started to actually dislike him after that and that’s the kind of reason why I don’t want to side with Deji because I don’t like his content, I don’t like how he behaves towards people and especially women, I don’t like how hypocritical he is (says that TheXvid is just a hobby but literally attacks a guy for making a joke about his channel). But the truth is still the truth and I believe that KSI has wronged him big time which is why I believe JJ is in the wrong but to be fair to KSI, Deji is actually the one who started this whole thing, he is the one who decided to go after Randolph just for making a joke and he was the one who dragged JJ into it all.
    Ahhh...If only Randolph hadn’t said “Deji” in that video...

  • I taint Mistaken yo
    I taint Mistaken yo 3 months ago

    The ksi and deji beef is more on display than the glasses rack at Walmart

  • Alexander skullbacka
    Alexander skullbacka 3 months ago +1

    Ur channel is cancer

  • BluStabb x Oozy K
    BluStabb x Oozy K 3 months ago +1

    i hate kavos

    • SpetZemas
      SpetZemas 3 months ago

      Ok good to know, moving on.

  • rice profit
    rice profit 3 months ago


  • Fornite Media
    Fornite Media 3 months ago +1

    Go clean your fucking teeth

  • SHOE_ BOY44
    SHOE_ BOY44 3 months ago +8

    Bro literally the female came out and said that she and deji weren't a thing watch keemstars vid

  • Snitzle D!ck
    Snitzle D!ck 3 months ago

    You look like you need some sleep

  • Jude Njeru
    Jude Njeru 4 months ago

    I’m a ksi fan but I hate seeing people like this hope he gets better

  • Jen Brooks
    Jen Brooks 4 months ago +1

    Kavos is biased against toothpaste

  • Armah TADSESE
    Armah TADSESE 4 months ago

    When deji started crying it made my day, until i saw him cry my day was horrible. I couldn't stop laughing at him.

  • CF11 Drillingz
    CF11 Drillingz 4 months ago


  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus 4 months ago

    Dude brush your fucking teeth

  • Itachi unicha
    Itachi unicha 4 months ago

    fame and family don't mix

  • Just a sweaty try hard
    Just a sweaty try hard 4 months ago +2

    this is like GoT First it was funny and now its season 8

  • Jaeren 100
    Jaeren 100 4 months ago

    Ksi is lying

  • Øyvind Ørbeck Sørheim
    Øyvind Ørbeck Sørheim 4 months ago +1

    i was your 500.000 or somthing subscriber

  • aneesa gina
    aneesa gina 4 months ago


  • Ayaan Hussain
    Ayaan Hussain 4 months ago

    Why's your tooth so yellow

  • eggsvev hahsvsgs
    eggsvev hahsvsgs 4 months ago

    Your so fucking bias like 2 months ago you were dissing on deji

    • Rohan Bogues
      Rohan Bogues 2 months ago

      eggsvev hahsvsgs thats literally the opposite of bias if he is saying both have done wrong.

  • you're a Fuckhead
    you're a Fuckhead 4 months ago

    wash your teeth mate

  • Yuri Fedorov
    Yuri Fedorov 4 months ago

    that nigga pissed

  • FrostXZN
    FrostXZN 4 months ago +1

    I know how to handle THIS delete social media

  • péachý _ téa
    péachý _ téa 4 months ago +4

    This is the *4th* video about KSI.
    Chill -.-

  • Niadote cozza
    Niadote cozza 4 months ago

    Wow kavos you really are scraping the barrel for relevance aren't you?

  • Simone & Hannah
    Simone & Hannah 4 months ago

    I hate you ! You are the worst youtube ever to have lived. You are so ugly I throw up everytime I see you and that you have hated on so many people who are perfect (they are the opposite of you ugly racist pig). HATE U!!!! go off youtube!! you have the worst youtube channel on the whole of youtube.

  • The awesome smile
    The awesome smile 4 months ago

    Y r u being a British drama alert

  • George Carter
    George Carter 4 months ago

    Why do i feel like ur becoming a btech keemstar

  • No One
    No One 4 months ago +6

    Can we hjust forget about those 2? No, like I'm seriously asking?.... Please?

  • Redemption X
    Redemption X 4 months ago

    Why do I find the whole situation cringe 😂😂

  • Babatunde Nigerian
    Babatunde Nigerian 4 months ago +1

    Kavos is the worst youtuber

  • TR - 06MA - Ray Lawson PS (1535)

    Good content

  • Jazmin Flores
    Jazmin Flores 4 months ago +1

    @Kavos you have a lot of say towards a lot of TheXvidrs don't know what your problem. your just a pussy that's sit in the corner of the room and talks shit of other people and then you ask your self why I don't have a lot of subscribers long have you had this channel .... Oh yea 3 years ..3 shitty years that you have wasted for you to put your self in camera and talk shit your not like sssniperwolf most of the people in the world agree that's why so many people seen your vids and hate because your a little white dick head ..... Oh yea FUCK YOU

  • Kawaii_sama QwQ
    Kawaii_sama QwQ 4 months ago +1

    Them teeth tho 😂

  • Arran Foster
    Arran Foster 4 months ago