• Published on Jun 19, 2019
  • Deji LOSES IT With KSI and KSI is caught LYING. Today's video takes a look at Deji's latest response video "i cant do this anymore" in the ongoing KSI vs Deji drama.
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  • Kavos
    Kavos  26 days ago +1768

    Honestly I think we all just want the best for Deji after seeing that video, this beef really has gone too far now and it needs to be put to rest

    • aneesa gina
      aneesa gina 4 days ago


    • TeenGenius94
      TeenGenius94 10 days ago

      The only thing that was put to rest was that toothbrush you have by the sink. That muthafuka been resting for eons i bet. Yellow ass "spare wax for yellow crayons" teeth

    • Hans junior
      Hans junior 14 days ago

      Stop making vies about them u bastard

    • Leon Čarapović
      Leon Čarapović 15 days ago

      @Conservatives Freedom kavos rides, he is biggest salty and most jelaous yt channel.

    • Conservatives Freedom
      Conservatives Freedom 15 days ago

      People here who are saying he’s milking it is not true. He makes this video to prove his point because if you look at he comment section of the first video saying pick the better bother saying KSI is not lying because of his response. So kavos responds.

  • Jen Brooks
    Jen Brooks 10 hours ago +1

    Kavos is biased against toothpaste

  • Armah TADSESE
    Armah TADSESE 11 hours ago

    When deji started crying it made my day, until i saw him cry my day was horrible. I couldn't stop laughing at him.

  • CF11 Drillingz
    CF11 Drillingz Day ago


  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus 2 days ago

    Dude brush your fucking teeth

  • Demon Phoenix
    Demon Phoenix 2 days ago

    fame and family don't mix

  • Nukes for Dayz Nk
    Nukes for Dayz Nk 2 days ago

    this is like GoT First it was funny and now its season 8

  • JaytheGOAT Isthatname

    Ksi is lying

  • Øyvind Ørbeck Sørheim

    i was your 500.000 or somthing subscriber

  • aneesa gina
    aneesa gina 4 days ago


  • Ayaan Hussain
    Ayaan Hussain 5 days ago

    Why's your tooth so yellow

  • eggsvev hahsvsgs
    eggsvev hahsvsgs 6 days ago

    Your so fucking bias like 2 months ago you were dissing on deji

  • you're a Fuckhead
    you're a Fuckhead 6 days ago

    wash your teeth mate

  • Yuri Fedorov
    Yuri Fedorov 7 days ago

    that nigga pissed

  • DOPE channel
    DOPE channel 7 days ago +1

    I know how to handle THIS delete social media

  • bubble - tea :3
    bubble - tea :3 7 days ago +3

    This is the *4th* video about KSI.
    Chill -.-

  • Niadote cozza
    Niadote cozza 8 days ago

    Wow kavos you really are scraping the barrel for relevance aren't you?

  • Simone & Hannah
    Simone & Hannah 8 days ago

    I hate you ! You are the worst youtube ever to have lived. You are so ugly I throw up everytime I see you and that you have hated on so many people who are perfect (they are the opposite of you ugly racist pig). HATE U!!!! go off youtube!! you have the worst youtube channel on the whole of youtube.

  • The awesome smile
    The awesome smile 9 days ago

    Y r u being a British drama alert

  • George Carter
    George Carter 9 days ago

    Why do i feel like ur becoming a btech keemstar

  • No One
    No One 9 days ago +4

    Can we hjust forget about those 2? No, like I'm seriously asking?.... Please?

  • Redemption X
    Redemption X 10 days ago

    Why do I find the whole situation cringe 😂😂

  • Joel Ortiz
    Joel Ortiz 10 days ago +1

    Kavos is the worst youtuber

  • Jazmin Flores
    Jazmin Flores 10 days ago +1

    @Kavos you have a lot of say towards a lot of TheXvidrs don't know what your problem. your just a pussy that's sit in the corner of the room and talks shit of other people and then you ask your self why I don't have a lot of subscribers long have you had this channel .... Oh yea 3 years ..3 shitty years that you have wasted for you to put your self in camera and talk shit your not like sssniperwolf most of the people in the world agree that's why so many people seen your vids and hate because your a little white dick head ..... Oh yea FUCK YOU

  • Kawaii Animates! UwU
    Kawaii Animates! UwU 10 days ago +1

    Them teeth tho 😂

  • Your Dad
    Your Dad 10 days ago


  • vToxic Spider
    vToxic Spider 11 days ago

    Not sure if you seen it, but i did say something disrespectful some time ago saying you copied Keemstar, i am here to apologize for all i said

  • Rico Swinkels
    Rico Swinkels 11 days ago +2

    Bro clean youre god damn teeth

  • Joseph Mavero
    Joseph Mavero 11 days ago

    Jesus Christ, when did TheXvid get so fucking gross

  • YungSerpent
    YungSerpent 11 days ago


  • YungSerpent
    YungSerpent 11 days ago

    Fuck you!

  • Yeet Yeetensen
    Yeet Yeetensen 11 days ago

    Im glad that i have adblock on this

  • Mr. Ortago
    Mr. Ortago 11 days ago

    I like KSI but I'm gonna make a Disstrack on him.🎤🎶🎧

  • Mr. Ortago
    Mr. Ortago 11 days ago

    & specially watching Hanti & doing sexy suggestive stuff.

  • Ryan Davies
    Ryan Davies 11 days ago

    watch miniminters video
    u have sweetcorn teeth my dude

  • Spicy Chinchilla
    Spicy Chinchilla 12 days ago

    Please stop making these type of videos because all your doing is talking mean to people because you might be making the people sad so please stop and it it dosint make them sad it makes me sad at these videos so please stop.

  • Little Lynx Gaming//ROBLOX//

    Some people take this as a joke but if you ask me this is getting serious I mean think if your image was the 'happy popular gamer' and then it came to 'cancer of the earth'
    By your trusted brother... That just sad... Ain't it?

  • Jacob Sears
    Jacob Sears 12 days ago

    Brush the teeth

  • brzEn waTtsn
    brzEn waTtsn 12 days ago +1

    Your teeth ate disgusting

  • simon maurer
    simon maurer 12 days ago +1

    Kavos has yellow teeth

  • simon maurer
    simon maurer 12 days ago +2

    Dead channel

  • Michael Keyes
    Michael Keyes 12 days ago +1


  • xRoO
    xRoO 12 days ago +2

    1:05 English dubbed movies

  • Brobesaurus
    Brobesaurus 12 days ago

    Ugly fuck

  • J1mbo3
    J1mbo3 13 days ago +12

    Conspiracy theory: kavos keeps his teeth yellow so more people watch his videos and more people talk about him

  • tmarie !
    tmarie ! 13 days ago +2

    holy fuck your channel died

    • Calvin Coates
      Calvin Coates 12 days ago

      Cause he tries to leech off drama but do it different than other YT channels who do it too. But people know he's an idiot so he can't chat shit

  • omar
    omar 13 days ago +1

    Fuck you kanvos you basically live to hate on other people get a life and a real job dumb prick

  • Mayjinx
    Mayjinx 13 days ago +32

    You better look at lil boreds video mate, he done you in 😂😂😂

  • Shadow 185
    Shadow 185 13 days ago +7

    Imagine relying on using big youtubers names in your title for views

    • Briley Yancey
      Briley Yancey 11 days ago

      Shadow 185 lol shut yo bitch ass up 🤡

  • Uncle Ray-Ray
    Uncle Ray-Ray 13 days ago +2

    This channel really has went downhill

  • sumfuc
    sumfuc 13 days ago +1

    there’s not a frame in this video where he’s not moving or doing some extra ass facial expression.

  • olivers channel
    olivers channel 13 days ago +1

    Kavos is a joke

  • Cludex
    Cludex 13 days ago +4

    Get roasted by Lil bored xD

    • Yeetis_The_Feetis
      Yeetis_The_Feetis 12 days ago +1

      Cludex i just checked out his channel i didnt know what u mean until the newest vid

    • Cludex
      Cludex 12 days ago +2

      @Yeetis_The_Feetis a dude that is really good at editing sidemen videos, go check his last video

    • Yeetis_The_Feetis
      Yeetis_The_Feetis 12 days ago

      Cludex who tf is that

  • en bonj
    en bonj 13 days ago +1

    It must freakin suck to to have to comment on youtube drama for a living holy shit lol

  • Kylie Montgomery
    Kylie Montgomery 13 days ago +1

    This is all you do is make stuff about other people not your self

  • Pokemon Geek
    Pokemon Geek 13 days ago +1

    Bro you need some proactive

  • Grimmex fox
    Grimmex fox 13 days ago +1

    Delete your channel

  • ProjectRed
    ProjectRed 13 days ago +1


  • ProjectRed
    ProjectRed 13 days ago +1


  • ProjectRed
    ProjectRed 13 days ago +1


    XBOX LIVE GAMING 13 days ago


  • Gay Boi
    Gay Boi 13 days ago +1

    Suck Dejis d**k already

  • Gay Boi
    Gay Boi 13 days ago +1

    Your actually the worst TheXvidr also if you want the beef to end so bad stop uploading about it to milk the last few views you possibly could from it

  • shahie lopa
    shahie lopa 13 days ago

    fuck u u stinky shithead

  • GuineaPoogas
    GuineaPoogas 13 days ago

    Ur trash

  • Mexican doge
    Mexican doge 13 days ago

    Brush your teeth

  • Tedious Ninja
    Tedious Ninja 13 days ago

    The reason why people hate Kavos is because he tells the truth and they can’t handle the truth because they’re complete idiots. They’re all just pathetic. People keep saying that he’s “using drama for views” but they don’t take into account that he is a commentary channel and it’s his job. And if we’re going to make that argument that he’s making jokes about depression, then why is it okay when imallexx does it? It pisses me off that people just assume that they know everything about Kavos when they don’t know shit. Y’all can’t handle that he doesn’t agree with popular opinions.

    • Tedious Ninja
      Tedious Ninja 10 days ago

      Floppy Ragdoll I could say the same thing to you about Ksi. Lol.

    • Floppy Ragdoll
      Floppy Ragdoll 12 days ago

      Fanboy alert lol

  • Javier Portillo
    Javier Portillo 13 days ago +1

    This channel should be renamed KSI News , lmao nobody cares for ksi bro

  • Tiffani Cornelius
    Tiffani Cornelius 13 days ago

    Still hate SSSniperwolf?