MISSING HACKER STILL ALIVE? Is PZ9 our Best Friend Justin Spending 24 Hours in Hide & Seek Challenge

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
    After Chad Wild Clay made MY BEST FRIEND IS A HACKER? We Reveal if PZ9 is Justin on Clue Scavenger Hunt for 24 Hours Challenge, Vy Qwaint created IS MY HACKER FRIEND GOOD OR EVIL? 24 Hour Scavenger Hunt Challenge for Missing PZ9 Trapped in Tunnel and Daniel uploaded HACKERS GIVE ME LIE DETECTOR TEST to Learn If I'm with Project Zorgo or Chad Wild Clay & Vy Qwaint to the Exposing Project Zorgo TheXvid channel, we found important clues about the mysterious wooden code sticks left behind by hackers. We revealed they're anagrams! Before we could solve the puzzle, Project Zorgo called me for help in finding missing hacker PZ9! There's no way I can communicate with Chad, Vy, and Regina, so I must leave behind clues for them while I'm with the PZ members. I'm writing to them with different coloured markers and hoping they find them before other hackers do! I'm with PZ500 who called me for help and all he can think about is lunch. At least I'm not alone in the abandoned spirit tunnels. I know the spy ninjas are on their way, so I have to make sure Project Zorgo still believes I'm on their side. I'm a double agent! What will we find in the tunnels this time? Is Justin really PZ9? Is he still even down here in the depths of these creepy caves?
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  • Exposing Project Zorgo
    Exposing Project Zorgo  5 months ago +4775

    Is PZ9 still alive and in the tunnels? Is he Justin?

    • Ethan the cool blader Man
    • Luis victoria
      Luis victoria Month ago

      Snow spray ninjas it's not Justin it's just Justin's twin I guess cuz Justin can't beat up all those guys and Justin is still your best friend believe on him and that was in the past I think now you know that is not Just Dance...

    • Blue Monster Luna
      Blue Monster Luna Month ago


    • Patricia William
      Patricia William Month ago

      I was a project member but now im a spy ninja

    • Pamela Hoff
      Pamela Hoff 2 months ago

      @Its_mell_forever Kitty lpol

    MARY KRAMER 53 minutes ago

    Danyal are you ok.

  • Payton Mila,s cusoin
    Payton Mila,s cusoin 5 hours ago

    He is not justin

  • Food Time
    Food Time 14 hours ago

    Do rasng car

  • HackJa
    HackJa Day ago

    I am tiyrd of the hackers

  • natasha byrne
    natasha byrne 2 days ago

    Can I see you took to me meet me at STR sheet

  • aya najeh
    aya najeh 2 days ago

    no is not justin Dined He is Melvin

  • Alea Hasani
    Alea Hasani 2 days ago

    The end took my soul

  • Leanne Mart
    Leanne Mart 2 days ago


  • Barbara Mack
    Barbara Mack 3 days ago

    No. Justin is not Regina bro I already read that

  • Sarah Gordon
    Sarah Gordon 3 days ago

    Red ninja is a hacker

    I just know it he is


  • Rebecca Sterling
    Rebecca Sterling 3 days ago

    &and you & and members

  • Angie B
    Angie B 3 days ago

    Daniel you can write a Nother note to chat and you can write distract The hacker so you can put the Watch In Here’s pocket

  • sabaheta Kajevic
    sabaheta Kajevic 3 days ago

    Pz9 is the best

  • Keri Kono-Yagi
    Keri Kono-Yagi 4 days ago

    PZ9 is MELVIN

  • sapna seth
    sapna seth 4 days ago

    pz9 has a police gloves and he got botans and I saw his hair maybe pz9 is justin

  • Tessa Locher
    Tessa Locher 4 days ago

    I do not know what to do I been practicing because I know. My mom might let me know that I'm going to let you guys know also that I'm going to probably probably going to be mailing myself to you guys and I've been practicing to so I don't know what to do because I've been practicing like getting kicks by can the only kids I cannot do is a tornado cake and also to let you know this is my mom's phone not Tessa's phone because my mom's name is Tessa and my real name is actually Aubrey Renee case but really on the end of Aubrey there's an e South spy guys I love your videos so much you guys are the best at fighting with Stephen Sharer buy even though it's Regina doesn't even know Steven but why I love you guys so much I don't know why it says why it says it supposed to say bye but I love you so much my first favorite TheXvidr I'm subscribed to Daniel V and Chad but I don't watch reginia videos because she kind of does clumsy things on her videos I only watch her videos when I first started having a phone cuz I'm 10 years old spy buy ninjas

  • Mariam Gabra
    Mariam Gabra 4 days ago

    You got the wrong one there's a hiker prison and then there's a tunnel vision on scared

  • Imtiaz Ahmed
    Imtiaz Ahmed 4 days ago


  • Imtiaz Ahmed
    Imtiaz Ahmed 4 days ago

    is pz9 Melvin

  • Elzana Tafa
    Elzana Tafa 4 days ago +2

    He is not Justin. pz9 is wilbur/melvin

    • themitchml
      themitchml 3 days ago


  • Andrea Marlow
    Andrea Marlow 4 days ago

    Pz9. Is. Bad

  • Andhika Putra
    Andhika Putra 4 days ago

    PZ9 name is Melvin?

  • Rosario Velasquez
    Rosario Velasquez 5 days ago +1

    1 like=gow many punches hakers deserve

  • FuliTheWolf 2020
    FuliTheWolf 2020 5 days ago

    That hacker took my words write out of my mouth XD SpOOkY

  • Taran Alvi
    Taran Alvi 5 days ago

    It’s PZ9

  • A Hamilton
    A Hamilton 6 days ago

    Daniel how come you didn't just give the hacker / PZ500 the black marker and then Daniel you could have kepted the blue marker and then the Spy Ninjas would belevie its you

  • Farah Khan
    Farah Khan 7 days ago

    Daniel is that pz500 you where talking to

  • Lily & Connor
    Lily & Connor 7 days ago +1


  • Lily & Connor
    Lily & Connor 7 days ago +1


  • Lily & Connor
    Lily & Connor 7 days ago +1


  • Lily & Connor
    Lily & Connor 7 days ago +1


  • Lily & Connor
    Lily & Connor 7 days ago +1


  • Lily & Connor
    Lily & Connor 7 days ago +1


  • Mohamed Barashi
    Mohamed Barashi 7 days ago

    Not a lot more likely

  • Ddavid Robinson
    Ddavid Robinson 8 days ago

    X the ehrgrrh4tjyf kfsftjgrrzbhtnmukl pop 8y feed fedfeed wq1367 you. Pz9

  • Isaiah Seegers
    Isaiah Seegers 9 days ago

    15:02 SpOokY

  • shalini persaud
    shalini persaud 9 days ago

    Are you live or do you have parents and aunt knows the passcode 15437

  • Niko Loke
    Niko Loke 9 days ago


  • Niko Loke
    Niko Loke 9 days ago


  • hussein_roblox
    hussein_roblox 10 days ago

    i watched pz9s videos and looking on what he is doing!!!!

  • Kirsty Mchardy
    Kirsty Mchardy 10 days ago

    Pz9 is not justin

  • tz FATLUM
    tz FATLUM 10 days ago

    yas bro

  • georgia greenhalgh
    georgia greenhalgh 10 days ago

    He is alive and he xcaped

  • Sara Ramos
    Sara Ramos 11 days ago

    You are a crazy hacker that is always daddy caddy

  • Zerocrash Murilo
    Zerocrash Murilo 12 days ago +2

    this was like the coolest pz member reveal the way pz9 stood there and beat down those hackers it just shows how much of a threat pz9 has become over the time he was stuck in the tunnels
    and its awesome

  • Modesto Ramirez
    Modesto Ramirez 12 days ago

    i saw a video AND the video that remind me of tour own videos

  • muhammad hamza
    muhammad hamza 13 days ago

    PZ9 his real name is melven

  • Adryan Gruman
    Adryan Gruman 14 days ago


  • Joelle Kim vlogs
    Joelle Kim vlogs 14 days ago +2

    lol who’s watching in November of 2019

  • Jayna Patel
    Jayna Patel 14 days ago

    I realised that Justin was acting strangely I think he had been lieing to you guys he is working with pz9

  • Susu & Mariam cousins
    Susu & Mariam cousins 15 days ago +1

    And I would use my skills

  • Susu & Mariam cousins
    Susu & Mariam cousins 15 days ago +1

    when I was walking up the stairs in my house I saw my brother and I thought he was a hacker and I got skills from spy ninjas soooo thank u for them

  • Susu & Mariam cousins
    Susu & Mariam cousins 15 days ago


  • naresh seth
    naresh seth 15 days ago +2

    pz9 is found and i heard his voice and i saw his hair

  • Mary Lynn
    Mary Lynn 15 days ago +1

    Used to know how to sing and play a guitar

  • Mary Lynn
    Mary Lynn 15 days ago +1

    Go on TheXvid and put your name is see if there's a picture of you holding a guitar I just saw a video about your past

  • Lucy Walker
    Lucy Walker 16 days ago

    PZ9 is Melvin the you tuber

  • Sagar Markandey
    Sagar Markandey 16 days ago

    Hi I am kartika

  • Crystal Wright
    Crystal Wright 17 days ago