OnePlus 7 Pro POP UP CAMERA Durability Drop Test! Will It Survive?

  • Published on May 15, 2019
  • OnePlus 7 Pro has an incredible design, made possible by it's pop up camera, but how durable is the pop up camera itself? Many of us are worried about whether it can survive a drop directly onto the camera, so how durable is the OnePlus 7 Pro pop up camera? Let's find out in this video!
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  • MJ
    MJ Month ago +1146

    I for one really appreciate seeing what this phone can handle those are common situations. it's a lot of money down the toilet for one simple drop. I've had my OnePlus 6 for 1 year now and it still looks like it's brand new but I'm a little worried about if I buy this for 750 plus dollars how hard is it going to be to keep it in great shape. Great video and information. Thanks.

    • takeshi696969
      takeshi696969 8 days ago

      @plockacherrys i fucked up.will fix it later

    • plockacherrys
      plockacherrys 9 days ago

      @takeshi696969 lies u just wrote 2 years

    • plockacherrys
      plockacherrys 9 days ago

      @Glomo I need 1 too

    • Julio Pineda
      Julio Pineda 10 days ago

      @Robotic Venom uyruiirr5fifidriŕfkfiififfiriri88tþ4iii 7uzrf9kf8rkrrk9ii7jrf8fjurjuriiiíií

  • ashish william
    ashish william Hour ago

    dont think any mobile would survive on that worst cemented surface !!!

  • Pixl
    Pixl 4 hours ago

    Watching this on my OnePlus 7 pro 😟

  • Moner Moner
    Moner Moner 10 hours ago

    Man , you broke my hearts

  • Aadil Farooqui
    Aadil Farooqui 13 hours ago

    Gizmo After throwing Phone very last time: OMG The Damn One Plus broke my Concrete Front

  • Aadil Farooqui
    Aadil Farooqui 13 hours ago

    Gizmo: Sir my Whole phone is broke
    1+ Guy: But is Pop camera broken?
    Gizmo: NO
    1+ Guy: That's Right Sir

  • frost 8
    frost 8 14 hours ago +1

    why don't these guys jus do their tests on soft ground since they aren't testing the durability of the entire phone..seeing these drop tests all the time's jus bugging me

  • Aayush Rajagopalan
    Aayush Rajagopalan 16 hours ago

    Thumbnail is fake

  • A A
    A A Day ago

    Overrated phone

  • Himanshu Kudiya
    Himanshu Kudiya Day ago

    Wow it can handle anything

  • Almaty Kazakhstan

    Liked and s'ed

  • l. МαнⱰi αВσυⱰi

    *The East make and west destroy💔*

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    ADI THYA Day ago

    Bro dont break that u did not want means give me plz

  • AC Cuber
    AC Cuber Day ago

    Use ramen

  • Auras Bhandari
    Auras Bhandari Day ago

    at another part of the world i still dont have enough money to buy this :( Heart broken man!! can you please repair that and gift me.

  • Desisti de ser youtuber

    old town road

  • Familial Bump15
    Familial Bump15 2 days ago

    Man you look cool on pathfider t-shirt...Apex fan detected!

  • Advance Duck
    Advance Duck 2 days ago

    7:50 the screen turns on for a second when it hits the ground

  • Noaman Khalil
    Noaman Khalil 2 days ago

    is that a arous x7 dt v7 ?

    YUVRAJ SINGH PALH 2 days ago

    You are wearing pathfinder main t shirt .

  • Kim Jong-un
    Kim Jong-un 2 days ago

    why whit nigga why

  • sk creation's
    sk creation's 2 days ago

    Bro.. you broken my mobiles,, give me one moblie👦👦

  • Mauro Sonnessa
    Mauro Sonnessa 3 days ago +9

    i've watched this video on a OnePlus 7 pro damn

  • Big -T
    Big -T 3 days ago +1

    Use a pillow instead of stone too See how the camera back in the oneplus so your Smartphone dont get damaged

  • kiro shin
    kiro shin 3 days ago

    Good news it comes with a case! ...... ......Looks at phone... Nvm.

  • keatman
    keatman 3 days ago

    Say popup camera one more time....

  • Alessandra Vesnaver
    Alessandra Vesnaver 3 days ago +1

    xiaomi mi 9 test please

  • Krishnaa
    Krishnaa 3 days ago

    Asus zenfone 6 testing

  • Steains Sebastian
    Steains Sebastian 3 days ago +5

    I can't stop crying , because one plus 7 pro is my dream phone. but I have no money

    • Steains Sebastian
      Steains Sebastian 19 hours ago

      That doesn't concern u

    • George Harpa
      George Harpa 20 hours ago

      fine, then just cry more for your dream phone

    • Steains Sebastian
      Steains Sebastian 20 hours ago

      @George Harpa I don't need any sympathies. Frm anyone...

    • George Harpa
      George Harpa 20 hours ago

      it's obvious your intention was to try and make someone feel bad for you because you're crying for a phone and they'll just magically give it to you, but that's not how it works, kid

    • Steains Sebastian
      Steains Sebastian 20 hours ago

      @George Harpa yes it is my dream phone. And here it is getting destroyed. So can't I feel Saad..?

  • Mike Eastridge
    Mike Eastridge 3 days ago

    What a waste of time and resourced.

  • Rohini Kapur
    Rohini Kapur 3 days ago


  • Raspy
    Raspy 4 days ago

    Sponsored by D-Brand.

  • Cobalt Skyhammer
    Cobalt Skyhammer 4 days ago

    this hurts

  • ronald kop
    ronald kop 4 days ago

    What an incredibly stupid test!!. It s very normal, when you drop something it can gat dameged. If you buy an expesive phone just be careful with it and use it where it is designed for! It s nog a lawnmower....

  • Nicola Torre
    Nicola Torre 4 days ago +3

    Bro i feel bad because i saw thIs video after buyed one

  • Frank Goldcamp
    Frank Goldcamp 4 days ago

    One plus 7 pro quality lol

  • Miguel Michael Dysius
    Miguel Michael Dysius 4 days ago +2

    im enjoying this video..LOL new subscribers

  • Stijn Peeters
    Stijn Peeters 4 days ago

    Painfull to see man ! i have one :'D

  • AppleFanBoy 1
    AppleFanBoy 1 5 days ago +1

    This is how many times he said pop up camera

  • x-_-x D4NG3R x-_-x
    x-_-x D4NG3R x-_-x 5 days ago

    Fuking prik

  • Lionel Der Boven
    Lionel Der Boven 5 days ago +1

    Are you a blond mister beast? Lol

  • John Tony Sandoval
    John Tony Sandoval 5 days ago

    You sound like me beast

  • Fluffin toothbrush
    Fluffin toothbrush 5 days ago

    Did anybody else notice the screen on the phone turn back on to the camera screen when it hit the ground

  • WildRosomak
    WildRosomak 6 days ago +1

    Why I have phone camera, that"s stronger than my phone?! xD

  • fayis vv
    fayis vv 6 days ago

    u guys didnt understand.actually the pop up camera is saving the whole phone from damge .lol


    Great job GizmoSlippy but there's one thing I've been dying to see on these glass OP's: durability with a silicone case! Y'allTubers always show without a case, but since I always put one on my phone I have no idea how durable it really is. I can't be the only curious one...

  • In General
    In General 6 days ago

    I have a bad feeling about the back side glass... Who else feel the same

  • Mitesh Parmar
    Mitesh Parmar 6 days ago +2

    Why not just drop it on some foam to save the phone from damage. Only testing the feature right?

  • Aditya A.N.
    Aditya A.N. 6 days ago

    Hi, I have OnePlus 5 and I was planning on upgrading to OnePlus 7. But few said not to do so because OP5 has better build quality compared to OP7. So what do you suggest?

    BTW I am not a fan of good camera, so camera quality doesn't matter to me. I always look for performance. So shall I go for OP7 or not. Please do reply...

    • Louie Lau
      Louie Lau 5 days ago +1

      1+7pro has 2k oled monitor with 90hz, up to 12gb ram, the photo quality can be near huawei p30 pro, hope I can help you.

  • Jerome Thiery
    Jerome Thiery 6 days ago

    Poor Phone

  • Oakley Dokie
    Oakley Dokie 6 days ago

    Thoughts on Pop-Up camera - Absolutely not. I have no desire whatsoever to have a pop up camera. I prefer the notch or bezels. I don't want one more thing that can go wrong on my super expensive smart phones that are fragile and rising in price every generation. Not to mention we are giving up our IP68 rating with this new trend. I MUCH rather have a water resistant phone than a pop up camera. Though I am surprised at it's durability when being dropped still, it's still a hard no for me.

  • Lauro Fava
    Lauro Fava 7 days ago

    Pathfinder, best legend

  • jkid323
    jkid323 7 days ago +2

    one thing i learned about this video the pop camera doesnt retract at all only when the concrete pushes the camera in lol i'll pass

  • Juan Manuel Delfa
    Juan Manuel Delfa 7 days ago

    Hi GizmoSlip. Nice video. What's the name of the song? It's really cool ... as well :)

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    Yeeee! Lol

  • charleston Paul
    charleston Paul 7 days ago +1

    Why do you do this you can give It to less fortunate people right so that they can be happy

  • raheenb
    raheenb 7 days ago +1

    I think I'll be getting the insurance now, thanks!

  • Parasmani Sharma
    Parasmani Sharma 7 days ago +1

    and thats how you bust fake claims made by these stupid chinese companies...

  • Just Call Me Dan
    Just Call Me Dan 7 days ago

    Who the fuck takes selfies from 4.5ft with their phone upside down. This video is honestly fuckung stupid.

  • Sudhanshu Sah
    Sudhanshu Sah 7 days ago

    All it took was 1 drop and the screen was done 🤣 Same case with the back, 1 drop and done!

    • Rienk Douma
      Rienk Douma 7 days ago

      On pointy rocks..... With glass....... Dude.....

  • IcyPhoenix15
    IcyPhoenix15 7 days ago

    Shout out to the dumbass dropping phones for their first times from 5ft with no case knowing they'll break is somehow upset and shocked that an all glass phone doesnt survive from 5 ft. A real drop test starts at usually 3ft

  • Daniel Wu
    Daniel Wu 8 days ago

    your evil. but I like how you still feel bad when you drop your phone drops

  • Ashroller22
    Ashroller22 8 days ago

    Get the point of the video very informative but I cant help but hate you guys

  • Nicky Jeh
    Nicky Jeh 8 days ago

    All these for 31k view bro...u deserved more

  • Once Again
    Once Again 8 days ago


  • NeonBlizzard
    NeonBlizzard 8 days ago +1

    OnePlus ไม่ถูกใจสิ่งนี้

  • rizal munir
    rizal munir 8 days ago +2

    Moral of the story:
    glass is fragile

  • Zack Rocks
    Zack Rocks 8 days ago

    But the lower you drop, the lower the damage

    • Zack Rocks
      Zack Rocks 6 days ago

      @Jake S I do have another amazing insight about your mom's inside

    • Jake S
      Jake S 6 days ago

      Zack Rocks wow amazing insight

  • Rajesh Dee
    Rajesh Dee 8 days ago

    You Animals ;)

  • Palace rain fog辛
    Palace rain fog辛 9 days ago

    No brain support

  • Scuderia Tifosi
    Scuderia Tifosi 9 days ago

    I had to watch this on the toilet!

  • felipe batista
    felipe batista 9 days ago

    How it hurts!

  • Manoj Modi
    Manoj Modi 9 days ago +49

    I got 5 heart attacks while watching this. 🤒

    - 1+7pro user😅

  • John Basmayor
    John Basmayor 9 days ago

    Well first drop is okay with me. SO its still worth.

  • Petty Pendergrass
    Petty Pendergrass 9 days ago

    this is stupid. you drop it on purpose, then scream NOooo!

  • Prince Rohan
    Prince Rohan 9 days ago

    Your background is too cool....😗

  • T Mr
    T Mr 10 days ago

    Why don't you test me and see if you would get a smile on my face with sending me a oneplus 7 pro as a gift. I'm from Belgium by the way

  • Niranjan Sankar
    Niranjan Sankar 10 days ago +11

    I was watching this on my OnePlus 7 pro...

  • xDUMBERx
    xDUMBERx 10 days ago

    did he just say


  • Yul Tutorial
    Yul Tutorial 10 days ago

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  • Rahul Mehra
    Rahul Mehra 10 days ago


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    IThamerioi 10 days ago

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  • Sumit More
    Sumit More 10 days ago

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  • Brian Omectin
    Brian Omectin 10 days ago

    it really breaks my heart.. 😥

  • Ãbhinay Singh
    Ãbhinay Singh 10 days ago

    Watching this video on one plus 8.

  • Shivam arya
    Shivam arya 10 days ago

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  • BlueEagle07
    BlueEagle07 11 days ago

    I have a iPhone but it pains me to watch this

  • lasim ocran
    lasim ocran 11 days ago

    Can you please this phone into my hands?

  • Rushawn Jacques
    Rushawn Jacques 11 days ago

    thats was pretty amazing man

  • Arbin Nepali
    Arbin Nepali 11 days ago

    its hurts sooo much seeing that much nice phone , not nice just awesome phone destroying like that when you are using simple nokia keypad phone .....god i will really appreciate having that destroyed phone tooo ....

  • Shrivastav Office
    Shrivastav Office 11 days ago +1

    now u ll sale on Ebay... open box and hardly used.

  • Vasu Kichu
    Vasu Kichu 11 days ago


  • Yell Yell
    Yell Yell 11 days ago

    Give me phone 😂

    KULDIP SINGH 11 days ago

    Do with oppo Reno 10x zoom

  • RockyM5
    RockyM5 11 days ago

    Youre a sick man 😂

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  • Rilum Osmanaj
    Rilum Osmanaj 12 days ago

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  • gaming sujay
    gaming sujay 12 days ago +1

    I wish i even had a mobile like this😯😐😢😳

  • bhargav goud
    bhargav goud 12 days ago

    If have more phones give to me please we know the value of phonee don't do such stuff give us we will use