OnePlus 7 Pro POP UP CAMERA Durability Drop Test! Will It Survive?

  • Published on May 15, 2019
  • OnePlus 7 Pro has an incredible design, made possible by it's pop up camera, but how durable is the pop up camera itself? Many of us are worried about whether it can survive a drop directly onto the camera, so how durable is the OnePlus 7 Pro pop up camera? Let's find out in this video!
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  • MJ
    MJ 4 months ago +1382

    I for one really appreciate seeing what this phone can handle those are common situations. it's a lot of money down the toilet for one simple drop. I've had my OnePlus 6 for 1 year now and it still looks like it's brand new but I'm a little worried about if I buy this for 750 plus dollars how hard is it going to be to keep it in great shape. Great video and information. Thanks.

    JOE MOMMA 7 hours ago

    This surface isn't the best to test durability. You have un even gravel rocks hitting your glass and display in ways the normal person on concrete wouldn't. I've dropped my phone with a case on this exact surface and it broke my lcd. So this method is a bit misleading. 👎👎👎👎

  • salazar hackeur
    salazar hackeur 12 hours ago

    i hate you man

  • PTL FG2
    PTL FG2 15 hours ago

    This guy out here smashing expensive phone while i'm out here can't afford one. SAD

  • shitty people
    shitty people 23 hours ago +2

    Waittt don't throw that phone... throw my Samsung I don't care anymore....

  • Sridhar S
    Sridhar S Day ago

    Pls do donate me such a nice phone than breaking it next time

  • Luke Worthington

    My last iPhone didn't even survive an update.

  • llapkina
    llapkina Day ago

    01:10 true beginning of the video

  • Eric Vengeance
    Eric Vengeance Day ago

    The shattered glass back actually looks cool -- almost like *artwork.*
    I'd put a *clear* DBrand or Slickwraps on it.

  • V OX
    V OX 2 days ago +2

    Those are perfect drops. This guy is professional phone dropper. Some phone company should hire him.

  • Daimond T
    Daimond T 2 days ago

    i am better

  • Sweaty Hands Gaming
    Sweaty Hands Gaming 3 days ago

    Thats not a drop thats a smash HAHAHA JK

  • Sweaty Hands Gaming
    Sweaty Hands Gaming 3 days ago


  • Devang Rox
    Devang Rox 3 days ago

    Oneplus R.I.P 😂😂😂

  • José
    José 3 days ago +2

    No stop you've broke my heart i can't watch a OP7 pro crash test 😵😭😭

  • TSS_ Goku
    TSS_ Goku 3 days ago

    Honestly I dont like one plus phones not to be controversial

  • Different
    Different 3 days ago

    Sad 🥺

  • Ralf Gebauer
    Ralf Gebauer 4 days ago

    Sorry...but...STUPID Test!

  • AxlGz
    AxlGz 5 days ago


  • Kuldeep Singh
    Kuldeep Singh 6 days ago

    bhai muche gift kar deta .....

  • K. W.
    K. W. 6 days ago

    I wonder what happened to his pixel 3a video..

  • Yödã Kîd
    Yödã Kîd 6 days ago

    I would kill to have a one plus pro n here you are distroying one........damn

    UDAIPUR VLOGS 7 days ago


  • Uvaish Shah
    Uvaish Shah 7 days ago


  • Markec smotanec
    Markec smotanec 7 days ago

    Omggggg. What Brutal torture Brutal torture of phone..... But no one phone can survive this boxing..... Sidewalk is deadly for phones

  • porsche is #1
    porsche is #1 7 days ago

    oneplus is shite

  • Hero007ization
    Hero007ization 7 days ago +3

    Just realize...Iphones are such rip-offs.

  • mohamed akbar
    mohamed akbar 8 days ago

    U fool made me angry with u breaking sefi camera again and again but it's working perfectly

  • Florian Gröbner
    Florian Gröbner 9 days ago

    You Monster :(

  • Amir Tur2
    Amir Tur2 10 days ago +1

    I wish I had a OnePlus 7 pro phone and I don't have the money to buy it then how do you buy one and destroy it, why?😭

  • kaustubh Divekar
    kaustubh Divekar 11 days ago

    Love this video 😂😂😂👍

    MR7 GAMING 12 days ago

    Bro any give away for Indian's

  • Nitesh Kumar
    Nitesh Kumar 12 days ago


  • yazoodsa2
    yazoodsa2 12 days ago +1

    so this scenario is when the phone falls while you're taking a selfie of your balls

  • Mr. Said
    Mr. Said 13 days ago

    Lg g2 had an on-screen digitiser, but the screen didn't failed even after it has fallen 3 times and the digitiser broke from first fall, so the one + is shit, i used lg g2, so i'm saying this from my experience

  • Danica Sauter
    Danica Sauter 13 days ago

    Oh I hate this channel, it is also very informative

  • Amal Eden
    Amal Eden 13 days ago

    5:12 @sethrogen is that you?

    YTK HACK'A'MANIAC 14 days ago

    Plz give me one phone for free

  • Bigdows tv
    Bigdows tv 14 days ago

    I love u

  • Esso Esso.
    Esso Esso. 14 days ago +1

    เสียดายจัง ซื้อให้ผมแทนเถอะ😭

  • Kewl Khid
    Kewl Khid 14 days ago

    You're a sick sick man for this! Pure torture to that decide!

  • Sonal Agrawal
    Sonal Agrawal 15 days ago

    I have the exact same phone from which i m watching this video...and it gives me a sense of experiencing this free fall first hand ,😝

  • Osvaldo Gris
    Osvaldo Gris 16 days ago

    This drop testing video is unfair with the OnePlus 7 pro, since in all of your previous drop-test videos with other devices you start dropping them from the bezels, but with this particular one you decided to start with the pop-up camera and then, straight to the back and front covers, so you didn't let the viewers see the evolution in damage of the device as a "normal" / "everyday" slip.
    Other than that, this device looks gorgeous even with all that cracking!
    Also very good slomo footage.

  • 500 subs without any videos

    thanks for the temporary fear i got from this vid

  • Ehsan sha
    Ehsan sha 17 days ago

    Its better if u broke ur then give me ur broken phone

  • Japheth
    Japheth 18 days ago +1

    This is how many gizmo slip saying pop up camera

  • Steve
    Steve 18 days ago

    this is rough to watch , I feel like I just watched you hit a puppy

  • Samuel Pruitt
    Samuel Pruitt 18 days ago

    I was a Pathfinder main too then I unlocked the heirloom for Wraith without using money like a lot of streamers did so I switched to her then Mirage and Back to Pathfinder

  • Tj Mills
    Tj Mills 20 days ago

    Do you think it would be protected well if I put a DBrand skin on it? I know they look great but are they protective as well?

  • Shalini Garje
    Shalini Garje 22 days ago +2

    Before watching this I was like no I don't need a case for my one plus but after watching this I am like 😳👀 yup I definitely need a case now

  • ARBROWN 0550
    ARBROWN 0550 23 days ago

    The camera works by retracting to the point where the line is hidden.

  • Tyler Watson
    Tyler Watson 23 days ago

    I keep hearing this clicking sound throughout the video and it is really annoying. Is it just me?

  • Dhanush Dasari
    Dhanush Dasari 24 days ago +3

    I just dropped my OnePlus and it didn't crack so I'm here watch it get cracked. Idk why im doing this to myself 😂

  • Rainer Zufall
    Rainer Zufall 24 days ago +1

    5:11 Now we know the video is captured with an iPhone.

  • mani kandan
    mani kandan 25 days ago

    You have so much of hate in your heart my man!

  • Augustus Lino
    Augustus Lino 25 days ago

    feel sorry for that phone ;(

  • Sri Saamnath
    Sri Saamnath 25 days ago +1

    better u give that to poor sad

  • Gamer DJ_Xd123
    Gamer DJ_Xd123 25 days ago

    Just buy new screen new back is like 180$ and the pop up cam is 40$

  • Gamer DJ_Xd123
    Gamer DJ_Xd123 25 days ago

    A new battery cover cost like 32$ 😂😂😂

  • balu k
    balu k 25 days ago

    Only prob with flagship phones if it falls our pocket with heart falls