True Facts About The Fruit Bat

  • Published on Mar 3, 2013
    The majestic and dirty megabat. And Erik the microbat. And Lilly.
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    Film Footage courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc., Used by Permission
    Photos Licensed (or CC) by: (titles and authors in order of appearance)
    Fruit bat (flying fox) hanging upside down on white background.
    Andrew Burgess/
    Fruit bat (flying fox) hanging in Tree.
    Flying fox, Pteropus giganteus./Wikimedia commons
    Grey-Headed Flying Foxes To Be Relocated From Royal Botanic.
    Ian Waldie/Getty Images
    Franquet's Epauletted Fruit Bat (Epomops franqueti), close up
    Frank Greenaway/Getty Images
    Two fruit bats eating and fighting for food.
    dean bertoncelj/
    Black flying-fox (Pteropus alecto), Kakadu National Park, Northern territory, Australia.
    Lyle's flying fox - (Pteropus lylei).
    Pyshnyy Maxim Vjacheslavovich/
    Lyles flying fox (Pteropus lylei) gripping branch, close-up.
    Gary Ombler/Getty Images
    Bat hanging on a tree branch.
    Apples Eyes Studio/
    Flying Foxes.
    A flying fox hangs upside down from a branch.
    Philip Date/
    Bat hanging on a tree branch at night.
    Baby Flying Foxes Rescued In Queensland.
    David Hardenberg/Stringer/Getty Images
    Baby Flying Foxes Rescued In Queensland.
    David Hardenberg/Stringer/Getty Images
    Baby Flying Foxes Rescued In Queensland.
    David Hardenberg/Stringer/Getty Images
    Baby Flying Foxes Rescued In Queensland.
    David Hardenberg/Stringer/Getty Images
    frugivorous bat (Artibeus sp.)
    Dr. Morley Read/
    Great Fruit-eating Bat (Artibeus lituratus)
    frugivorous bat (Atribeus sp.)
    Dr. Morley Read/
    Jamaican, common or Mexican fruit bat (Artibeus jamaicensis) portrait (Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica).
    Ivan Kuzmin/
    frugivorous bat (Artibeus sp.)
    Dr. Morley Read/
    Flying-fox in Rinca, Indonesia
    Bat Hanging from Branch.
    Bat Hanging from Branch

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  • Kyle Kingsland
    Kyle Kingsland 6 years ago +6

    I came here for a real fruit bat documentary. But I've found something much, much better.

  • maddi X
    maddi X 6 years ago +2

    "Let's just pretend they're knee caps." This channel is hilarious! 😂

  • nepeta lovemail
    nepeta lovemail 6 years ago +4

    I support Eric and Lilly's decisions

  • Erika B
    Erika B  +38

    I’m very happy for Eric and Lily. I’m so happy they’ve found happiness in both themselves and each other. I love them

  • Lapis Angsty Lazuli
    Lapis Angsty Lazuli 5 years ago +3

    Cute fact: Male flying fox hugs female flying fox while they sleep to protect her

  • Jessica Bolton
    Jessica Bolton 2 years ago +530

    “Raised in the cutest damn sanctuaries in the world” is too true of a statement. If you ever need some smiles, check out Megabattie and Batzilla the Bat here on youtube :)

  • Ashley Casey
    Ashley Casey 7 years ago +974

    Fruit bats have interesting kneecaps, and spend their time flashing one another for amusement. Complete science.

  • 2022 Irons
    2022 Irons 2 years ago +635

    “THOSE bats were idiots

  • Left Bower
    Left Bower 6 years ago +770

    "Fruit does not give up much chase." Love it.

  • Julian Castro
    Julian Castro 2 years ago +2


  • Neo Nocturna
    Neo Nocturna 3 years ago +828

    "No one ever referred to him as a flying fox. In fact, he was given the nickname flying f*ck."

  • Spenrable
    Spenrable 2 years ago +911

    We got land doggo, we got water doggo, and now we got the magnificent air doggo

  • Squirrel Games
    Squirrel Games 5 years ago +7

    Man, Eric's story is an inspiration to all fruit bats, and some humans, too.

  • scared daffodils
    scared daffodils 5 years ago +5

    "But those bats were idiots, because Eric is a wonderful and sensitive fruitbat"

  • Hannah Luke
    Hannah Luke 3 years ago +36

    Fun fact: It was actually (very recently) discovered that fruit bats have a do have a form of echolocation, where their wings produce clicks as they fly

  • Kryo: Ruler of the Ninth Circle of Hell

    “Eaten as a delicacy.”

  • hawk_7777777
    hawk_7777777 6 years ago +1


  • Jon Arbuckle
    Jon Arbuckle Year ago +750

    The year is 2050 zefrank has gone over every animal to ever exist and the human race is now saying babies like bebies

  • Jaimie
    Jaimie 7 years ago +343

    I spent THREE MINUTES trying to flip this right side up on my phone before I realized that the bats were hanging upside down.

  • CaptC0ck5Lap
    CaptC0ck5Lap Year ago +51

    "They are sometimes eaten as a delicacy"