Channel migrant crisis: Who is to blame? | Red Box

  • Published on Dec 8, 2021
  • Following some truly tragic scenes in the Channel and the death of so many people attempting to get on UK soil, the issue of small boat crossings has seen renewed calls for the Government to act to prevent further deaths. Conservative MP for South Thanet Craig Mackinlay spoke to Red Box about how what can be done to deter more people from braving the wind, rain and crashing waves of the English Channel.
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Comments • 20

  • william kennedy
    william kennedy 4 months ago +5

    If you take the legal route you are required to satisfy the following, A medical check up in particular a TB check ( you pay) An English test (you pay) the visa fee non refundable ( you pay regardless if your successful) Contribute a large amount to the NHS for any possible illness etc ( you pay) then checks are done on where you will live, how many bedrooms, checks will be done on financial support too, fail these you will not get your visa and be turned away the system is harsh and unforgiving if you take the legal route, The visa paperwork is reviewed in India, sounds about right. So these economic migrants are making a total farce of our own visa/immigration system the stupidity of this government is astounding and in particular patel has done nothing.

  • Orange Overlander
    Orange Overlander 5 months ago +12

    Economic migrants paying people smugglers from safe EU are not refugees.

    • Brussels Sprouts
      Brussels Sprouts 5 months ago +1

      @Gazza B how do you know it is a fact? What and where is your evidence?

    • Brussels Sprouts
      Brussels Sprouts 5 months ago

      So how many are arriving here and where?

  • Rachel Sargeant
    Rachel Sargeant 3 months ago +2

    The government are to blame!! If there wasn't the benefits, housing and the nhs for people to come here for, (until they've worked and paid into the system), they wouldn't be risking their lives to get here!!! Its not that hard to figure out!! And the people governing our country are meant to have the best education that money can buy!! Its easy, no benefits, housing, NHS until they've worked and paid into the system!! Simple.

  • Cat
    Cat 5 months ago

    The true CITY & GUILDS N.V.Q. BRICKWORK says "vapour barriers" and "perforated p.i.r foam boards" are NOT for cavity-walls or on plasterboard ceilings ; Because they do NOT breathe no-where near enough they severely retard the necessary rapid natural moisture vapour transpiration draw from inside the buildings out through the porous substance of both inner and outer leaves (WALLS) into the outside atmosphere of the buildings; thus holding most of the moisture vapour build-up inside the buildings (from body breathe vapour and cooking steam stagnant within the porous substance of the inner masonry or timber walls ; making uncomfortable chronic dank ,overmoist tepid atmosphere, sweating wall conditions inside the buildings : B.R.A.C. (building regulations advisory committee (the building advisory team to the U.K. government) and N.H.B.C. WRONGLY suggest using "vapour-bariers" and "perforated p.i.r boards" inside the cavity-walls and on plasterboard ceilings and so are therefore misleading the general public into having incorrect builds done. Ask the True CITY & GUILDS N.V.Q BRICKWORK for advice.

  • Brussels Sprouts
    Brussels Sprouts 5 months ago +2

    Craig Mackinlay 0:28 must have forgotten where Thanet South is before he was forced to make this interview, as he rarely bothers to visit. Also, why did this interview take place in Tory heartland Broadstairs, and not the poorer areas of his constituency? This is the cretin who suggested that British troops and Police (if you can find them) should be sent to Calais to stop these crossings (by desperate people who are mostly considered refugees under the UNHCR charter and therefore have a right to help under International law). My last point is that he has never explained how many people are making their way to his constituency, or what his views are of reports that the former Fire Training College at Manston is to be turned into a migrant (refugee) centre.

  • Michael Bradley
    Michael Bradley 3 months ago +3

    When are they going to realise WE ARE FULL Tony Blair and Labour are to blame for this.

    • Michael Bradley
      Michael Bradley 3 months ago +1

      @pingpongdingdong everything is the problem with all governments weather Labour or tories or any other party .

    • pingpongdingdong
      pingpongdingdong 3 months ago

      How come. Isn't it the whole problem of Tories making the immigration process convoluted

  • Guff
    Guff 5 months ago +3

    Boris and Patel DELIBERATELY sunk this boat.