The Tallest Man On Earth - Love Is All

  • Published on Oct 14, 2010
    "Great Wide Open" Festival - Sept 9, 2010
    Part 5/12
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  • Philip Davies
    Philip Davies 6 years ago +3

    Outrageous statement to say he doesn't compare to Bob Dylan, who is without a doubt one of music's legends and to whom we should all be grateful for inspiring artists like Christian with his unrivaled lyrics.

  • Ricardo deCarvalho
    Ricardo deCarvalho 6 years ago +3

    156 people liked it....1 idiot didn't...fck lady gaga fan.

  • Kevin McGinley
    Kevin McGinley 6 years ago

    Does anyone know what model of gretsch he is using?

    • Aron Frey
      Aron Frey 2 years ago +1

      a little late maybe but- Its a firebird

  • David Fregoli
    David Fregoli 6 years ago

    Here come the tears

  • Max Edwards
    Max Edwards 7 years ago

    exactly what I was like watching him last weekend

  • kloggmonkey
    kloggmonkey 7 years ago +1

    love the shoes.

  • erik ponty
    erik ponty 7 years ago

    It's what he do, and what you and I wish we did

  • Luke Gessner
    Luke Gessner 7 years ago +3

    He said "Here's a love song... A love song that should have never been written..." He's been hurt....somebody's hurt that man. Basterds!

  • Johan Torsell
    Johan Torsell 7 years ago

    he is a swede, this is what we do

  • teaandtobacco
    teaandtobacco 7 years ago

    smallestmanonearth has a point. kristian is my favourite artist but he holds his influence from bob. both brilliant musicians

  • RodGab749
    RodGab749 7 years ago

    I just get lost in his songs and his charisma. Fucking awesome.

  • smallestmanonearth
    smallestmanonearth 7 years ago

    @Groogns You don't understand how Bob Dylan can compare?
    I am huge Tallest Man On Earth Fan - but please.....

  • rswc55
    rswc55 7 years ago

    yes yes, we know he has great shoes. thank you

  • ayobmedz
    ayobmedz 8 years ago +1

    2:50 this is how i feel throughout this entire video

    • HOSWELL444
      HOSWELL444 Year ago

      ayobmedz that’s what I do 😂

  • gotf
    gotf 8 years ago

    @Payfarer Great comparison! I know Buckley would be honored to be compared to him. I'm pretty sure he would have loved his music like we all do.

  • Nikolaj Vølver
    Nikolaj Vølver 8 years ago

    The boy at 1:07 looks like he's taking some acid

  • spencer k
    spencer k 8 years ago

    i love this song