i tried foods we been eating the WRONG WAY

  • Published on Mar 9, 2019
  • i saw the viral videos of pulling apart pineapple and decided to test it out. we also tested other weird ways people eat their foods and i'm still speechless! i hope you like it, don't forget to subscribe thanks!
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  • usamah shaikh
    usamah shaikh 7 days ago +2

    Pause at 13:35 YOU WONT REGRET IT

  • Sand Angels
    Sand Angels 12 days ago +1

    I pour the ketchup packets in the cardboard lid or wrapper of my burger after I eat the burger, then dip my fries in the ketchup.

  • Clayton Leonard
    Clayton Leonard 12 days ago +1

    Its So Hard To Makkeeeeeee!!!

  • Clayton Leonard
    Clayton Leonard 12 days ago

    Im Done

  • Clayton Leonard
    Clayton Leonard 12 days ago

    5th Comment

  • Clayton Leonard
    Clayton Leonard 12 days ago

    My 4th Comment

  • Clayton Leonard
    Clayton Leonard 12 days ago +1

    Hmm...He Doesn’t Know If A Mango Have A Seed Inside

  • Clayton Leonard
    Clayton Leonard 12 days ago

    The Strawberry Hack Is Dumb Because You Can Just Take The Green Thing Off 🤔😑

  • Clayton Leonard
    Clayton Leonard 12 days ago

    You Did “Almost” All Off Them Wrong

  • Ravėėñarv Añchėlløtė

    should have researched on "How to cut a mango correctly" first 👌

  • Rayalin Dark
    Rayalin Dark 17 days ago

    Look closely that mango hack

  • Rayalin Dark
    Rayalin Dark 17 days ago

    You actually cut a mango half but not just mango the seed too!? 🤯

  • TobiThe1
    TobiThe1 24 days ago +2

    PLASTIC STRAWS! U must not be VSCO


  • Drea Martinez
    Drea Martinez 25 days ago

    I came on TheXvid to try and find a new bronzer and here I am...🙃

  • Myia Innis
    Myia Innis 26 days ago +2

    I cut the mango in pieces and eat it with the skin on.

  • Myia Innis
    Myia Innis 26 days ago

    I don't eat cupcakes, but if I do I rip it in half and eat it like a sandwich. I don't like having a bite of cake without frosting. I have a very small mouth so I can't fit all the parts of the cupcake in my mouth.

  • xx_PsycoQueen_xx
    xx_PsycoQueen_xx 29 days ago

    Your intro is literally me trying to do good in the world and then it just shattering to pieces😂

  • Joana Torres
    Joana Torres 29 days ago

    For the cupcake one people use it so when you rest it’s not overwhelming with frosting

  • Gillian Lutchman
    Gillian Lutchman Month ago +4

    For the strawberry just pull of the green party so easy

  • Gaurav Chaudhary
    Gaurav Chaudhary Month ago +3

    If you really want to eat a mango without any mess or using ur energy.. take a knife and cut the mango around the seed (i mean dont cut the mango exactly in half, just litle left or right from the center so that u just have 2 slices of mango pulp not a seed, and the rest of the mango pulp on the seed can either be eaten by directly or use knife to take off the pulp and enjoy). take a spoon and scoop it ... here, in india, it is not the mango season otherwise i would have sent u a video how to cut it and have it... i guess u understood what i wrote.

  • Erik Murphy
    Erik Murphy Month ago +1

    Derek gerard put you on his eating foods the wrong way for 24hr

  • person person
    person person Month ago

    Who else can actually do the pinnaple

  • Tasha Chenoweth
    Tasha Chenoweth Month ago +1

    When you were peeling the mango. I hit the floor laughing cause that totally would have been me.

  • Maputo Maputo
    Maputo Maputo Month ago +3

    I put ALL the ketchup on the fries at once I think it's alot easier

  • Maputo Maputo
    Maputo Maputo Month ago +2

    For the cupcakes I think it's rediculous like just bite into it

  • Maputo Maputo
    Maputo Maputo Month ago +2

    For the chicken wings when I come to the two bones I just tear them apart and eat the meat

  • Balto Gaming
    Balto Gaming Month ago +2

    This is how I eat some of these foods
    Cupcake: 1. Lick all the frosting Off 2. Unpeel 3. *NOM*
    Fries: I either make like a pile of ketchup, or if they have them those tiny cups

  • Killer Tanvi
    Killer Tanvi 2 months ago

    Raphael love from India 🥰love to watch your veido

  • Nikki Soto
    Nikki Soto 2 months ago


  • Mimi Mimi
    Mimi Mimi 2 months ago +3

    who cuts mango in half ...literally in half 🤣 anyway, still love him

  • Tasya Mutia Sari
    Tasya Mutia Sari 2 months ago

    you cut the seed of mango LOL! don't cut mango from the middle, just cut the side and leave the seed. i live on tropical country so i know that. new subscriber here aniway, keep it up!

  • Alia A
    Alia A 2 months ago +1

    Pause at 9:03 do you see the eye

  • Alia A
    Alia A 2 months ago +2

    8:04 this is how diseases come

  • Ice Cream
    Ice Cream 2 months ago

    The cupcake one is useful because when you eat a normal cupcake, it’s hard to take a bite where you get cake and frosting without the frosting getting on your face. Like you can’t take a normal bite as it’s too big

    You did it wrong for a few reasons
    1. You aren’t supposed to cut it, if you cut it you’re doing it slowly from one side to the other, of course crumbs are gonna drop like that.
    *you have to hold the bottom and just tear it off, maybe one or two crumbs will fall but nothing like what happened in your video*
    2. Vegan cupcakes don’t have egg, which is what keeps cakes and stuff from crumbling as much, it’s used for structure so it won’t work as good with a vegan cupcake

    *the hack is good you just messed it up, it’s useful if you want to get a bite with everything in it without making a mess, though you somehow made a mess anyways because you did t do it correctly* :c

  • Fijiny88
    Fijiny88 3 months ago +7

    The pineapple didn't work because he is using the wrong type and so is every one who is trying this. You have to use a type called SNACK or SNACKING PINEAPPLE, it's "eyes" protrude more and easier to grab and pull. It is also a bit smaller and roundish than our average pineapple.

  • Carbz
    Carbz 3 months ago +5

    waste of strawberry :D

    • Name
      Name 2 months ago

      Verbal Vertigo what waste ???

  • Carbz
    Carbz 3 months ago +4

    Pineapple is ANANAS in Danish lmao

  • Timothy Hairfield
    Timothy Hairfield 3 months ago +3

    When people do the pineapple one they cut the pineapple before hand. Because when you showed the vid of the person doing it when he pulled it the 2 under it moved up too.

  • Marina Samwaeil
    Marina Samwaeil 3 months ago +6

    I know I shouldn't be laughing but the beginning of the video is so funny also feel bad at the same time

    • Burst Mationz
      Burst Mationz 3 months ago

      Its ok..i also laughed, mainly because of his facial expression

  • Joseph morgan dylan ward
    Joseph morgan dylan ward 3 months ago +3

    I kept replaying and laughing my head off at the intro😂😂

    FOUNDATION 3 months ago +5

    Ur mango is not so ripe.. Do it with a ripe mango

  • nohemi arroyo
    nohemi arroyo 4 months ago +10

    Can't u just pull the green of the strawberry

    • Willy Wonka
      Willy Wonka 3 months ago +2

      Yeah, I twist and pull and it works everytime and it takes like 2 seconds

  • Jasmin Dela cruz
    Jasmin Dela cruz 4 months ago +2

    I do that to my French fries

  • K B
    K B 4 months ago +4

    we just put the ketchup in the plate and use it accordingly.. Not the packet and not have enough time to put it one by one

  • Alicia K
    Alicia K 4 months ago +5

    Playback at 1.25x speed, thank me later

    • Willy Wonka
      Willy Wonka 3 months ago +3

      I watch almost every video on youtube on 1.25x because I think people talk too slowly

  • Cornelia Falk
    Cornelia Falk 4 months ago +4

    It’s a mango don’t cut the nut

  • _XxNobodyxX _
    _XxNobodyxX _ 4 months ago +12

    Who just feels like he’s doing it all wrong?

  • Music & Me
    Music & Me 4 months ago +2

    too bad I can relate, I don't eat ketchup :

  • Sarah Carmichael
    Sarah Carmichael 4 months ago +5

    pineapple thing happens because they're actually a bunch of berries

  • Buknoy
    Buknoy 4 months ago +2

    Just eat the scrap don't food waste..

    • Willy Wonka
      Willy Wonka 3 months ago

      Search HowToBasic and watch his videos

  • Roblox Blaster
    Roblox Blaster 4 months ago +5

    Who else thinks the people who came up with these have been eating things wrong ? Because it's not us

    • Roblox Blaster
      Roblox Blaster 4 months ago

      Let me rephrase that French fries dipped in ketchup and cupcake sandwiches are normal

  • nancy garg
    nancy garg 4 months ago +1

    Used to do cupcake sandwich thing with pastries in my childhood

  • Kenza Nabih
    Kenza Nabih 4 months ago +6

    Bazically 😂😂😂

  • Катрин Русева
    Катрин Русева 4 months ago +3

    I Dip the fries in the ketchup👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda 4 months ago +5

    9:38 yeeees my video ❤💚❤

  • Big Florida Bass TV
    Big Florida Bass TV 4 months ago +3

    The world is not dying

  • kennedy spear
    kennedy spear 4 months ago +1

    this is hilarious

  • Royalty Gamer pro
    Royalty Gamer pro 4 months ago +1

    Remove the center

  • Tichlim Tang
    Tichlim Tang 4 months ago +1

    Too much work just to eat a cup cake

  • Skye Tv
    Skye Tv 4 months ago

    Because it does work