Lex Luthor VS Doctor Doom (DC vs Marvel) | DEATH BATTLE!

  • Published on Apr 5, 2021
  • Megalomaniacal supervillains fight to rule the world!
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Comments • 70

  • willy the king
    willy the king 58 minutes ago

    Lex does not have good animation

  • Ulforce1s
    Ulforce1s 2 hours ago

    Doom spite lol.

  • the looser
    the looser 3 hours ago

    Did he say feet dive as he's doing a feet dive?

  • Serpent Slayer
    Serpent Slayer 4 hours ago

    God damnit I can’t get a six star doom

  • Kendall Anderson
    Kendall Anderson 4 hours ago

    You start by saying they're the smartest in their universes... Are Ironman and Batman a joke to you guys?

  • Casually Questioning
    Casually Questioning 5 hours ago

    Spoiler alert. These people know not of fair warning.

  • Dragonfire111
    Dragonfire111 5 hours ago

    Strom Shadow vs Usagi Yojimbo

  • Starman Crusader
    Starman Crusader 6 hours ago

    2B vs Ahsoka Tano (Nier Automata vs Star Wars)
    Killer Frost vs Kula Diamond (DC vs King of Fighters)
    Spawn vs Dante (Image vs Devil May Cry)
    Vega or Ibuki vs Arya Stark (Street Fighter vs Game of Thrones)

  • Austin Avila
    Austin Avila 7 hours ago +1

    Wat if there sandman vs crocodile. (marvel vs one piece)

  • Michael Shigetani
    Michael Shigetani 7 hours ago

    John Wick vs Agent 47

  • A P
    A P 7 hours ago +2

    You should do Son Goku vs Gojo Satoru

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi 7 hours ago +1

    Doom really pulled the “YOU TRIGGERED MY TRAP CARD!!” On Lex lol

  • Chris David Saring
    Chris David Saring 8 hours ago +1


  • Jorge Atilano
    Jorge Atilano 9 hours ago +2

    Plot twist: Dr Doom didn’t even have to intervene, that was just a Doom Bot.

  • Chase Harris
    Chase Harris 9 hours ago +1

    Please do a red tornado video

    • Sum Guy
      Sum Guy 9 hours ago +1

      They would probably do red tornado vs vision

  • Made In China
    Made In China 9 hours ago

    Lex lost to Iron man before, and Iron Man loses to Doom pretty often, so it was a safe bet that Luthor would lose this one too.

  • Larry Chandler
    Larry Chandler 9 hours ago +1

    I liked it okay but here is my thing are you now saying that doctor doom could beat someone like superman or goku?

    • Sum Guy
      Sum Guy 9 hours ago

      Yes he could beat goku I know that. And he could defeat Superman since Superman is weak to magic.

  • speedrun man
    speedrun man 10 hours ago +1

    When you accidentally says scp 2521

  • Vicky Jr
    Vicky Jr 10 hours ago +1

    Omni man Vs Homelander

  • Ryan Jap
    Ryan Jap 10 hours ago +1


  • Bo's Corner
    Bo's Corner 10 hours ago +1

    Called it

  • David Lee
    David Lee 11 hours ago +1

    Walter white vs Michael Scofield

  • bubba11340
    bubba11340 11 hours ago +1

    A tough one to do...The Nome King (wizard of Oz) vs The Goblin King (Labyrinth)

  • Dbzgamefighter69 _
    Dbzgamefighter69 _ 11 hours ago +1

    Let’s find out who is the true conquerer of the dc universe. DARKSEID Vs. TRIGON

  • Mathis218337
    Mathis218337 12 hours ago +1

    he pulled a captain ginyu

  • Madd Dog
    Madd Dog 12 hours ago +1

    All I have to say is wow...

  • Jacob Meier
    Jacob Meier 12 hours ago

    John wick vs revy (aka two hands) from black lagoon

  • DarkEnvy__
    DarkEnvy__ 12 hours ago +1

    Professor X vs Mob Psycho?

  • Wiggle Master
    Wiggle Master 13 hours ago +1

    can we get a count of how many times they insulted each other's intelligence?

  • Nia Sayamuongbo
    Nia Sayamuongbo 13 hours ago +2

    I 💕 the video....so Amazing

  • Expunge6667
    Expunge6667 14 hours ago +1

    Larfleeze: "Why, Lex? Why are you trying to kill me? We could have it all..."
    Lex: "Orange man bad!"

  • Pake_Tangan !
    Pake_Tangan ! 14 hours ago +1

    Kaneki vs muzan??

  • ccg337
    ccg337 14 hours ago +1

    17:29 - 17:33.......Greatest Supervillain One-Liner.......EVER!

  • Christopher Christian
    Christopher Christian 14 hours ago +1

    Imagine they do phineas and Ferb death battle

  • Christopher Christian
    Christopher Christian 14 hours ago +1

    My Mom Be Like When I Say Something Stupid To Her: FOOT DIVE

  • Ironipad 64
    Ironipad 64 14 hours ago +1

    King boo(mario) vs king boomboo(sonic)

  • Benoit Lacourt
    Benoit Lacourt 15 hours ago +1

    Gandalf Vs Dumbledore?

  • Olamide Ojoodide
    Olamide Ojoodide 15 hours ago +1

    why on earth will you pair up luthor and doom together doom is wayyyy stronger than luthor it;s meant to be luthor vs green goblin and Doom vs Spectre

  • Harry C. Maas, Jr.
    Harry C. Maas, Jr. 15 hours ago

    Yuna vs Aeris

  • Vanessa Colquhoun
    Vanessa Colquhoun 15 hours ago

    why does the european romani man have an english accent

  • SuperChaosphantom
    SuperChaosphantom 15 hours ago +1

    Didn't even use a Doombot...

  • Bilumination
    Bilumination 16 hours ago

    I predict the next death battle ends with the loser falling off a building.

  • Theodore Weaver
    Theodore Weaver 16 hours ago

    The super predator vs The Meta? Anyone? What I’m the only one that doesn’t wanna see an alien psychopath fight a super human one?

  • solblackguy
    solblackguy 16 hours ago

    I'd love to see a free for all between Lex Luthor, Tony Stark, Victor Von Doom and David Xanatos.

  • Arch Angel
    Arch Angel 16 hours ago

    I always really liked the Public Enemies storyline where Lex Luthor was literally injecting himself with Kryptonite. Lex really is psycho when it comes to taking down Superman. One of my favorite feats by Doctor Doom was when he subdued Galactus and defeated the Beyonder. Doom is no joke. He’s done so many incredible things in the Marvel Universe that it’s really hard trying to pick his most impressive feat.

  • Thoralmir
    Thoralmir 17 hours ago

    Do Lord Voldemort vs Orochimaru!

  • Andwett
    Andwett 17 hours ago +1

    Nice Biden reference 5:00

  • Tara Lamb
    Tara Lamb 17 hours ago

    How did i know that dr.doom would win?

  • Mauricio Rezende
    Mauricio Rezende 18 hours ago +2

    Luffy vs Mr. Fantastic

  • Box in the Jack
    Box in the Jack 19 hours ago

    17:10 Lex just got Captain Ginyu’d

  • Belzybob 300
    Belzybob 300 19 hours ago

    DR.Doom hit him with the Ginyu tactic

  • Ponera Grimoire
    Ponera Grimoire 20 hours ago

    Things death battle overlooked:
    Doom's skin armor
    The Prime Mover

  • Lacrae Hollingworth
    Lacrae Hollingworth 20 hours ago +1

    Can you do sonic vs gohan?

  • FoxMan
    FoxMan 20 hours ago

    You guys got Gianni for this one! Nice, his voice is fantastic.

  • Joker the Clown Prince of Crime

    Both are the archenemies of the two main protagonists of both universities

  • EchosMoon
    EchosMoon 21 hour ago

    Death battle should do a super battler royal to see which power ranger team would come out on top

  • Ergys Cako
    Ergys Cako 21 hour ago +2

    Please do a Death Battle with Wario And Waluigi .

  • Odyss K
    Odyss K 21 hour ago

    Dr Doom is one of the best and most interesting marvel villains. He could fit in perfectly in the mcu and become an ongoing villain instead of a one time thing. Especially after the Falcon and The Winter Soldier Easter egg, I can't wait...

  • Mani’s Mark
    Mani’s Mark 21 hour ago

    Omni man vs Homelander next?

  • Lloyd Bartolome
    Lloyd Bartolome 22 hours ago

    That stab at presidency... Classic

  • Shay the mighty Mighty
    Shay the mighty Mighty 22 hours ago

    Bakkie vs the other guy

  • rorschac009oo8
    rorschac009oo8 22 hours ago

    We need to put lex against someone that makes sense to fight. I would say ozymandias but he doesn't really use armour, maybe iron monger? Even ultron would make sense

  • WexMajor82
    WexMajor82 23 hours ago

    There wasn't any doubt about who would win.

  • Libra Morris
    Libra Morris 23 hours ago +1

    Super man vs Omni man or Mark (Omni mans son) vs super-boy.

  • Zachary cc 7 2
    Zachary cc 7 2 23 hours ago


  • Devolver Deemo
    Devolver Deemo Day ago

    Wonder how Brainiac would take up against Doom?

  • S F
    S F Day ago

    Even so the movies weren't so popular I think this Death Battle would be season finale worthy Death Battle:
    Resident Evil Game vs Movie - Chris Redfield vs Alice

  • Chaine
    Chaine Day ago +1

    Couldn't help putting politics in really?

  • Ninjazard
    Ninjazard Day ago +2

    Lex Luther? More like Lex Loser!
    (Spoiler for if you haven't watched this death battle and Iron man vs Lex Luther)

    Especially considering that he has lost both times that he has been in death battle, he now has a losing streak.

  • Ali Sh
    Ali Sh Day ago +1

    Just as a reminder..... Iron Man Vs lex was gorgeous...