Who Sang The 'She Used To Be Mine' Climax Best?

  • Published on Aug 12, 2018
  • I love Waitress so I thought, why not?
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Comments • 3 042

  • Mister Golightly
    Mister Golightly  11 months ago +1965

    Waitress meets Wicked. Can you spot the Elphie's in the video?

    • Anna Conboy
      Anna Conboy Day ago

      shoshana !!!

    • Gracie P8
      Gracie P8 8 days ago

      Now Allison Luff!

    • Niffle Puff
      Niffle Puff 17 days ago

      Emma Hatton. I was meant to see her in Wicked then was gutted when she was ill on the night :( understudy was great though

    • Trumpet Times
      Trumpet Times Month ago

      Shoshana bean also

    • Pearl the rebel
      Pearl the rebel Month ago +1

      Rip Jessica Vosk

  • JimmyJames1978
    JimmyJames1978 2 hours ago

    Luke Islam

  • Roos van der Tol
    Roos van der Tol 5 hours ago

    I think Jessica Thorn's rendition was on point as well!

  • Vince Reyes
    Vince Reyes 10 hours ago

    Jeremy Jordan

  • judy valentne
    judy valentne 10 hours ago

    Jessie then Jeremy

  • Butter My Toast Please
    Butter My Toast Please 12 hours ago

    I personally think annapantsu had a beautiful version

  • Jon T
    Jon T 14 hours ago +1

    You could tell Caleb’s version was heavily affected by audio adjustments, which is why I don’t support it. Do it live. Period.

  • TheEmpireX -
    TheEmpireX - 14 hours ago

    luke Islam killed it.

  • Aish Hanni
    Aish Hanni 21 hour ago

    guys I was trying to find one singer a commenter said and was forwarding.its so fun when you hear all the voices.check it. keep forwarding the video😂

  • Ron A
    Ron A 21 hour ago

    These women are all great singers and very talented... however no one sings these lyrics with the passion, sorrow or heart that Sara Bareilles does. ( she is that song).. and yes she is not only beautiful she is so underrated as a true artist.

  • Feddy blade
    Feddy blade 22 hours ago +1

    I'm sorry, this song is made for men...forgot the lyric.

  • Lasnoe
    Lasnoe 22 hours ago

    Luke Islam during America's got Talent.

  • Bria Simone
    Bria Simone 22 hours ago

    I think that just by you putting her last, shows that you think jessie sang it best. Which wouldn't be wrong😂

  • Ego Surf1009
    Ego Surf1009 23 hours ago

    Jessie and stephanie

  • George DeHaven
    George DeHaven Day ago

    Shoshana Bean. No contest.

  • Avav
    Avav Day ago

    Okay but Stephanie Torns was absolutely flawless and left me speechless..

  • chiabee14
    chiabee14 Day ago

    This is missing my favorite version of all time, from the THUNK a cappella group. Chills every time

  • Mr. Ree
    Mr. Ree Day ago

    No one comes close to Sara Bareilles.

  • Christian Zambrano

    Jessie Mueller best female version
    Jeremy Jordan best male version
    Also not included: John Saga, Sam N' Rockets, Ryan Vasquez

  • The insanely cool Jared Kleinman

    Also that Adrian Matthews kid was amazing

  • Isabella Gonzalez

    Let's be honest, everyone in this compilation is beyond talented and slayed this song. But for me, it's Jessie hands down. It's not just her incredible voice, but the way she performs! She belts out this song with such raw emotion! It''s like she's exploding with emotion, omg her performance always gives me chills.

  • Sara Rover
    Sara Rover Day ago +1

    Sara Bareilles, Jennifer Nettles, Jessie Muller, Lea Salonga & Michael K. Lee not listed but should be!!!!!

  • Estrella Matilde

    Jeremy Jordan is amazing!! Jesse was born for this Role but obviously Sarah wrote this so she wins

  • CH5 1
    CH5 1 Day ago

    caleb is the best and that's it

  • tay madz
    tay madz Day ago

    Adrian hands down

  • Lianalei Sagiao
    Lianalei Sagiao Day ago +1

    Love this Broadway musical😍😍😍 My favorite is my girl Jessie Mueller hands down!!! So beautiful and so captivating. I felt everything she was feeling😭😭😭 Loved it!!!

  • D3MI 21 HAVANA
    D3MI 21 HAVANA Day ago

    jessica vosk was not good sorry

  • Yas Alvarez
    Yas Alvarez 2 days ago

    si alguien quiere escuchar la mejor version de she used to be mine tiene que escuchar a ALBA RECHE..os matara de amor

  • ojet013
    ojet013 2 days ago +1

    Shoshana Bean

  • Zuffotpha De Fathule

    Jeremy jordan nailed it!! Sorry girls !!

  • Connor Hagan
    Connor Hagan 2 days ago +1

    She wasn’t in this video, but I saw Shoshana Bean on broadway a couple weeks ago, and she topped everyone by for. Something about her performance just made it impossible to top in every way. (She has a video of her singing on the broadwaycom TheXvid channel, and if you watch it, you’ll understand what I mean)

  • gabby_lmao
    gabby_lmao 2 days ago

    katherine mc phee is soooooo good

  • rjdoumeng
    rjdoumeng 2 days ago +1

    Jessie on this but Shoshana acts/sings that song like no one else

  • Skyler Leo
    Skyler Leo 2 days ago

    Hope you uprgrade this and include Alba Reche's version in it..🙏🙏🙏

  • Amy Red
    Amy Red 2 days ago

    jeremy jordan and jessie mueller. they both have so much emotion i love it

  • Elton Noway
    Elton Noway 2 days ago +4

    Luke Islam... who sang it on America's Got Talent 2019

  • Kolopo 572
    Kolopo 572 2 days ago

    Jeremy Jordan and Luke islam

  • Denise Rodríguez Torrecillas

    Alba Reche

  • Annie Siope
    Annie Siope 3 days ago

    Adrian Mathews

  • j88dragon
    j88dragon 3 days ago +1

    You're gonna have to update this now after Mr Islam AGT performance

  • Seams Latasha
    Seams Latasha 3 days ago

    Jesse Mueller hands down. She has such an emotive voice that is so unique and pleasant to listen to. She also has so much control while never losing the emotion of the song and she’s the best actor of the bunch.

  • TheMysticboi
    TheMysticboi 3 days ago

    Jeremy Jordan

  • Nick Richards
    Nick Richards 3 days ago +8

    You left off literally the best cover and best climax of them all, Shoshana Bean. These are all good but none compare to Shoshana's brilliant cover.

    • Charlotte
      Charlotte Day ago

      that's the only one that makes me cry

  • Cassandra Garay
    Cassandra Garay 3 days ago

    Luke Islam won idk

  • Eliza Kay
    Eliza Kay 3 days ago

    they all are amazing. PeriodT

  • Rejisama
    Rejisama 3 days ago

    Jessie Mueller by a mile

  • Hector Maldonado
    Hector Maldonado 3 days ago

    Jessie Mueller...and then the kid, Luke Islam, from America’s Got Talent...

  • Olivia Deanae
    Olivia Deanae 3 days ago

    Jeremy is so good at going for the bold choices.

  • Camille Comia
    Camille Comia 3 days ago

    Aww, what a shame this was a few months too early for Adrian's performance!

  • Mimi Xx
    Mimi Xx 3 days ago +4

    Lucie Jones who is currently playing Jenna in the west-end is the best imo 💗

  • Annabelle Kim
    Annabelle Kim 4 days ago

    Damn Jessica Vosk killed it

  • Rags !
    Rags ! 4 days ago

    Am I the only one who finds Caleb really annoying?

  • Gaby Rivest
    Gaby Rivest 4 days ago

    Jeremy jordans did an amazing version so passionated

  • ninder egg
    ninder egg 4 days ago +17

    *Luke Islam.*

  • Vinícius Ferreira
    Vinícius Ferreira 4 days ago

    Jeremy always takes me there

  • sophie grace
    sophie grace 4 days ago +4

    can we all have a joint session on how to pronounce "her"

  • SimplyinGeorgia
    SimplyinGeorgia 4 days ago +1

    I think you saved the best for last.

  • Paul Jay Philip
    Paul Jay Philip 4 days ago

    2nd singer no no no hahahaha

  • dancingtoelectro
    dancingtoelectro 4 days ago +6

    Ever since i saw that Lucy Jones girl sing it i always find it weird hearing the last note go low instead of high.

  • Joe Huw
    Joe Huw 4 days ago +1

    Where’s lucie on this list?!

  • Kenton Jones
    Kenton Jones 4 days ago

    Jessie. No contest.

  • Draconicmadre
    Draconicmadre 4 days ago


  • Lyneida Lopez
    Lyneida Lopez 4 days ago

    I have watched several and still I think Jessie Mueller was made for this song! No one can beat Jessie Mueller

  • Maria Chaib
    Maria Chaib 4 days ago

    i think jessie is the best bc it seems like she doesnt really think about technique when shes singing, shes literally telling the story with everything she has, you can feel her pain sm,,
    but all of them are so so talented and deserve the recognition !! Sara i dont even need to say how ridiculously talented she is

  • Amber Mopa
    Amber Mopa 4 days ago

    Caleb’s voice😭so good

  • Abby Mingus
    Abby Mingus 4 days ago

    jessie Mueller and Jeremy Jordan

  • Zoe Koth
    Zoe Koth 4 days ago

    Okay unpopular opinion but I think Katherine McPhee’s first “Mine” was best. While her overall performance wasn’t my favorite, I can hear the longing so strongly when she goes up just a half step into that dissonance, very similar to Jeremy Jordan’s which I also loved. I think runs sound really good too in the case of Jessica Mueller and Sara Bareilles, but other people’s runs took away from the true emotion for me and got kinda flashy. I just love that strong dissonance and it’s power. I can hear the anger and sadness, she used to be mine!

  • absoftitanium
    absoftitanium 5 days ago

    Will somebody get serious here? It's not about vocal calisthenics or volume, it's about feeling, emotion. And nobody stands a chance against the woman who wrote it, for Christ sakes. After Sara Bareilles, everyone else is merely an imitation.

  • Debra Scaturro
    Debra Scaturro 5 days ago

    They were all amazing!!! Love that song!!!

  • pastoragreen1
    pastoragreen1 6 days ago

    Jessie Mueller by far!