Who Sang The 'She Used To Be Mine' Climax Best?

  • Published on Aug 12, 2018
  • I love Waitress so I thought, why not?
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Comments • 3 729

  • Mister Golightly
    Mister Golightly  Year ago +2534

    Waitress meets Wicked. Can you spot the Elphie's in the video?

    • Hugs not Drugs
      Hugs not Drugs 7 days ago

      Jessica Vosk!!

    • Jenna Luff
      Jenna Luff 8 days ago

      and this was before Shoshana Bean and Alison Luff, I have Alison's version on my channel

    • Isabel Erhart
      Isabel Erhart 18 days ago

      Yes and Alisson Luff

    • maddy g
      maddy g 2 months ago

      jessica vosk!!!

    • Moderately Erika
      Moderately Erika 2 months ago +1

      Mister Golightly I cant recognise them without their green paint!

  • HedwigsHalo
    HedwigsHalo 15 minutes ago

    When Lea Salonga sang, all I could hear was Jasmine/Mulan singing 😂 Beautiful though

  • Phoebe Aguirre
    Phoebe Aguirre 10 hours ago

    CHASE HOLFELDER :³ he's not even here :c

  • millie davis
    millie davis 15 hours ago

    Hands down Carrie Hope Fletcher. (My honorary big sister) her vocal talent is some that’s incredibly on TheXvid and better live

  • Sheila’s Beauty/ Hair/ Nails/ Fashion

    Without doubt Jessie

  • David Zalayet
    David Zalayet 19 hours ago

    Shoshana bean

  • RubyC
    RubyC 23 hours ago

    1) Jeremy Jordan
    2) Jessie Mueller
    3) Katherine Mcphee/ Sara Bareilles

  • Kooteh
    Kooteh Day ago

    Shoshana bean??

  • Kayla Nicole
    Kayla Nicole Day ago

    Jordin sparks

  • Catherine Galvin

    Kathryn McPhee was the Jenna I got to see and her voice sent chills down my spine

  • SophieGracexx
    SophieGracexx Day ago


  • SophieGracexx
    SophieGracexx Day ago


  • David Hands
    David Hands Day ago

    Lucie jones is definately the best. Even though shes not on here ☹

  • Emma Vipond
    Emma Vipond Day ago

    1) Jesse
    2) Carrie
    3) Sara

  • Jojo Thelu
    Jojo Thelu Day ago +1

    Stephanie was AMAZING OML

  • Alyx Ramirez
    Alyx Ramirez 2 days ago

    1. AdrianMathew (search him up... you’re welcome)

  • Julianne Morris
    Julianne Morris 2 days ago

    Chase Holfelder obviously : thexvid.com/video/xt73pYw2o9Q/video.html

  • thegraycandle
    thegraycandle 2 days ago

    Adrian Matthew END OF DISCUSSION~ thexvid.com/video/IGVxaFJeYTo/video.html

  • Khaori Merke
    Khaori Merke 2 days ago

    Add jordan sparks

  • Emma 456
    Emma 456 2 days ago +1

    💗😭👌jeremy jordan is queen👌😭💗
    💗😭👌jessie mueller is queen👌😭💗

  • Emma 456
    Emma 456 2 days ago


  • Karai Carr
    Karai Carr 2 days ago

    i got chills from literally every singer omg

  • Umbra
    Umbra 3 days ago

    How could you forget about Adrian Matthews, tho? His version gave me chills!

  • Ruth Ngeny
    Ruth Ngeny 3 days ago

    Y'all, Stephanie Torns is my musical theatre I feel sooo blessed

  • Pookie0504kb
    Pookie0504kb 3 days ago

    SARA! She owns this song emotionally and it shows! At least no version has TOUCHED me more than hers!... vocally I'd almost say Jeremy ;)

  • Gi Lang
    Gi Lang 4 days ago

    I know your answer admin, the last, jessie is your choice, and i think so. Jessie is best.

  • Gel
    Gel 4 days ago

    Shoshana Bean hands down

  • Craig Gibson
    Craig Gibson 4 days ago

    You need Shoshana Bean in this line up to even be considered.

  • Cactus Flowers
    Cactus Flowers 4 days ago

    Hot damn, Caleb Hyles. It’s like his voice mixes rock and broadway in this fantastic way, I can’t even describe it

  • Joe Pegel
    Joe Pegel 4 days ago

    A 12 year old boy named Luke Islam sang this song on "America's Got Talent" and absolutely nailed it. They only get 90 seconds, so it's a very abbreviated version, but it's worth checking out.

  • Drew Manry
    Drew Manry 5 days ago

    jeremy jordan all the way

  • Victoria
    Victoria 5 days ago

    I think Betsy Wolfe was amazing. She seemed to put so much more emotion into it. Beautiful. Makes you feel the lyrics

  • maythen78
    maythen78 5 days ago

    Jessie every day all day

  • James Gavin
    James Gavin 5 days ago

    1) SARA BAREILLES (by a mile)
    2) Jeremy Jordan
    3) Katharine McPhee

  • divashalo 24
    divashalo 24 6 days ago

    1. Sara B
    2. Kat McPhee
    3. Jordin Sparks

  • Nina Gutierrez
    Nina Gutierrez 7 days ago

    Adrian did it best PERIOD

  • Rachel Slack
    Rachel Slack 7 days ago

    Sara. the others are no comparison. Though Katherine McPhee did a great job too. So many just went flat or off key when they held the long notes.

  • GabzOfficial
    GabzOfficial 7 days ago

    She's not on here but Lucie Jones is my fave by far

  • David Pellegrene
    David Pellegrene 7 days ago

    Jessie Mueller.

  • Melodie Porter
    Melodie Porter 8 days ago

    My favorite isn't in this video (probably because this video was posted a year ago). My favorite is Shoshana Bean. I saw her live in NYC and she took my breath away. There is a video on TheXvid and she just absolutely kills it.

    MOOΠΔ 8 days ago


  • דקל קמל
    דקל קמל 8 days ago

    Jesssie mueller

  • Jazzie Girl
    Jazzie Girl 9 days ago

    Jessie ! Period

  • Isabel Erhart
    Isabel Erhart 10 days ago +1

    Jessie Betsy and Sara

  • Ava Yenovkian
    Ava Yenovkian 10 days ago

    Shoshana Bean but I guess u forgot her

  • Anne Y
    Anne Y 10 days ago

    Omg idk my queen Lea also covered this!

  • Adnan Abdulkader
    Adnan Abdulkader 10 days ago +1

    search up luke islam agt and then you’ll hear another amazing one as well as all of these

  • Kai C.
    Kai C. 11 days ago

    Lea Salonga is a sentimental favorite!

  • Kai C.
    Kai C. 11 days ago

    Nettles has such a unique voice!

  • Vindi1961
    Vindi1961 11 days ago

    Hands down, Sara! I feel that some of them put too much emotion in the song, overacting, rather than it becoming a realization (to the woman in the song). Sara wrote it, and she puts just the right amount of emotion in at the right times. The others sang it well, but you asked who we felt sang it best... for me.... Sara!

  • kari mauer
    kari mauer 11 days ago

    Through the whole video I wanted to listen to Caleb Hyles's version and BOOM there he is.

  • Beth Anne Sacks
    Beth Anne Sacks 11 days ago

    Jesse...... just everything....chills

  • Rudi Muliyono
    Rudi Muliyono 11 days ago

    Caleb 👎

  • Nathan Tresvalles Ali
    Nathan Tresvalles Ali 12 days ago

    JEREMY for the WIN! All that emotion.. all that power... all that character... and HE IS A MAN!!!!

  • Naphtali
    Naphtali 12 days ago

    I am soooo glad I saw this video so I could discover Caleb Hyles. What?! WHERE has he been hiding?! His covers are incredible. Especially phantom of the opera. 😍

  • Paola M
    Paola M 12 days ago

    Alba Reche 😇

  • Dionne Garcia
    Dionne Garcia 12 days ago

    Jeremy Jordan...hands down....perfect

  • sparilis
    sparilis 12 days ago

    Jeremy, by a mile.

  • Lorenzo Afable
    Lorenzo Afable 12 days ago +9

    My personal favorite is Sara Bareilles bc she created the masterpiece and she’s soo underrated but I really like the other ones and I have to give Caleb Hyles an honorable mention bc of all the emotion he put into it.

  • Drone Tech London
    Drone Tech London 12 days ago

    Kathrine Mcphee.