“I was out of order!” | Paul Merson apologises to Harry Maguire after Man United comment| The Debate

  • Published on Aug 13, 2019
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    Laura Woods is joined by Paul Merson & Andy Cole to discuss Manchester United's win over Chelsea, the performance of Harry Maguire & Frank Lampard.
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Comments • 1 327

  • Brian Stirland
    Brian Stirland 25 days ago

    Paul is that the drink talking

  • king Monkey
    king Monkey 29 days ago

    Fair play for the apology but the lads played one game he could be a bit or miss who knows but there will be pressure every week for him to preform

  • Jamie B
    Jamie B Month ago

    These pundits are complete flip flops

  • Kafka Crow
    Kafka Crow Month ago +1

    "if he keeps a clean sheet, the other team's always got a chance to score"
    What in the hell does that even mean!?

  • Eric
    Eric Month ago

    The kids mad, John Terry was always a ball playing centre half with both feet

  • BluesRock
    BluesRock Month ago

    Merson actually said that Hazard is the best player in the world, mind boggling

  • steven middlehurst
    steven middlehurst Month ago

    Entitled to his opinion simple

  • Cheximus
    Cheximus Month ago

    Does Andrew Cole have to eat through a straw?

  • Gary Barlow III
    Gary Barlow III Month ago

    Hate merson so much

  • Gentleman Jim
    Gentleman Jim Month ago

    I don't understand the vitriol directed against Merson. It speaks in his favour that he straight-up apologised and kept eating humble pie. I also think he wasn't entirely wrong before - 80 million for Maguire is too much. That is nothing against Maguire, he is and has been for a long time a very good player, but 80 ,million? More than Virgil van Dijk, really?

  • Halldór Þormar Hermannsson

    It's not like anybody takes Paul Merson seriously. The man is a joke.

  • Ibby Batt
    Ibby Batt Month ago

    merson said they got rid of the best player in the world. who? hazard? what ya smoking? @15:40

  • M.E
    M.E Month ago

    Merson was probably half pissed 🍻 & he’ll of been told to apologise by sky, cuz if he loses this job, he’s fckd.

  • B S Lincoln
    B S Lincoln Month ago

    what are you drinking Paul, you will be eating your words every week. what a joke of a pundit

  • Jason Simpson
    Jason Simpson Month ago

    Paul merson must be still sniffing charlie and i dont mean Charlie Nicolas 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • steven clark
    steven clark Month ago

    at least he admits he can get things wrong...

  • TVfridge
    TVfridge Month ago

    In 2013, Sir Alex Ferguson said of Phil Jones, "Arguably, the way he is looking, he could be Manchester United's best-ever player."

  • Josh Maskey
    Josh Maskey Month ago

    He was terrible against Chelsea. Simple as that. This is why more people watch fan-made football channels than this cr*p anymore.

  • Doug
    Doug Month ago

    Paul, quit while you look just a complete tool. Dont dig yourself any deeper!!

  • Kennan Masai
    Kennan Masai Month ago

    Don't blame you , you're a bitter Arsenal pundit.

  • wannaseesomestuff
    wannaseesomestuff Month ago

    Whenever I am listening to Merson I think "Maybe repeatedly heading the ball leaves you with permanent damage to your brain"

  • Robert Hasell
    Robert Hasell Month ago

    Please tell me you have predicted Spurs will get hammered by City Merson, your record on predictions is as good as your ability to keep your women happy, completely useless.

  • lucifer morningstar

    Cole the most miserable bloke I have ever met and tight would not give a door a bang just my opinion.

  • Edwin Sithole
    Edwin Sithole Month ago

    I think McTominay is world class. Wants to play

  •  Month ago


  • Alex Fraser
    Alex Fraser Month ago

    Merson changes his mind every week. This is football not boxing where you're only as good as your last fight.

  • 04h239
    04h239 Month ago

    Did the whole soccer Saturday crew ever apologise for slagging De Bruyne off when city signed him for 50 million?

  • Mike Mullin
    Mike Mullin Month ago

    Mersy, just beeyu'ifu' mate, beeyu'ifu' :) " ... he jus' runs away from 'Azzeruque'a ... 'Azzeruque'a's not slow ... "

  • Collins Collo
    Collins Collo Month ago

    You've always been out of order I suggest you quit punditry

  • Henrik Beckham
    Henrik Beckham Month ago +6

    ''he just got rid of the best player in the world, you know''
    Didn't know Messi played for Chelsea, Mersie

  • pantherfoster
    pantherfoster Month ago

    Andy The Hamster Cole 🤣

  • up up n away
    up up n away Month ago

    Hope hes curbed his gambling..... stick to talking about futi

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson Month ago +30

    If one game can change your opinion on a player then your opinion was baseless in the first place

  • Gary Jones
    Gary Jones Month ago

    How does Paul Merson get air time he is a joke and hasn’t got a clue

  • Mark Pemberton
    Mark Pemberton Month ago


  • banares hussain
    banares hussain Month ago

    Top man Andy Cole great lad legend and icon

  • arun gill
    arun gill Month ago

    these guys have aged!!

  • Murphy moe
    Murphy moe Month ago

    All you talk without knowing what to say The main thing is talk talk talk

  • Mod 66
    Mod 66 Month ago +1

    I think Merson is back on the slope again he needs to sort himself out.

  • Mark Rigg
    Mark Rigg Month ago

    Well when why say it,was you drunk?

  • Brian Whitehead
    Brian Whitehead Month ago

    Jealous cockney prick

  • Michael James
    Michael James Month ago

    "I played in a time with Tony Adams and it was clear your lines"
    It's not 1991 anymore, Merson. Everyone on the pitch has to be able to play now. Get with the times you dinosaur.

    • Michael James
      Michael James Month ago

      @Peder Hansen and that's before I get to the UEFA Cup, where there were three finalists (Arsenal, Liverpool and Middlesbrough) and a couple of semi finalists (Newcastle) between 2000 and 2006. Serie A had NO winners and no finalists in that tournament during that period, or later in the decade.
      As I've already said: English clubs scored more coefficient points than Serie A in four of the first seven seasons in the 00s. That means that it performed better. If you don't know what the coefficient is then look it up. It measures the performance of ALL clubs from a league and gives an aggregate score.

    • Michael James
      Michael James Month ago

      @Peder Hansen if you'd bothered to study the coefficent link that I kindly shared, or looked up ALL of the games that took place in European competition between 00-07, you'd have seen that I was completely correct in my assertion that the PL surpassed Serie A in terms of results in Europe. Clearly you didn't. You're obviously not going to agree with facts. Never mind.
      I'll remind you that players like Henry, Bergkamp, van Nistelrooy, Veron, Scholes, Giggs, Pires, Vieira, Crespo, Ronaldo, Makelele, Alonso, Rooney, Gerrard, Ferdinand - plus too many others to mention - were playing in the PL in 2003. Others like Drogba and Robben arrived in 2004. The PL was very strong in the early 00s, and getting stronger.
      There was a PL semi finalists in the CL every single season between 00 and 04, and two semi finalists and a winner in 05. Also a finalist in 06, and three semi finalists and a finalist in 07. All of this happens before the 07/08 season.
      You have a bad memory.

    • Peder Hansen
      Peder Hansen Month ago

      @Michael James "It was much earlier than that, as I have shown conclusively"

      no you haven`t shown that imo.. before 2007 prem and Serie A was pretty equal. but people forget this..

      "I disagreed that Serie A was better or more technical, because it isn't"

      well it def was.. because serie a had in general the better.. or at least more technical players up until around 2007. although the difference wasn`t so significant in the 2k`s. like it indeed was in the 90`s

    • Michael James
      Michael James Month ago

      @Peder Hansen 🤣🤣🤣🤣
      No it wasn't! You typed "The Premiership didn't surpass Serie A until 2007/08" - it was this I disputed. It was much earlier than that, as I have shown conclusively.
      The rest (before that) was about which league was more technical, and I agreed that the Spanish league was generally more technical than the Premier League. Also agree that it's a stronger league.
      I disagreed that Serie A was better or more technical, because it isn't.
      I agreed that it was stronger in the 90s, because it was. But since 2000 onwards it's slowly declined and, in general, has not been as good as the Prem. You can disagree with me but the facts are on my side there.
      Can't believe how much of my day off I've wasted on this 🤣🤣

    • Peder Hansen
      Peder Hansen Month ago

      @Michael James no. italy wasn`t really the discussion.. the discussion was englands position in europe. and you said in your earlier posts that england started taking over in the late 90`s.

      again... you were wrong

  • Philip H
    Philip H Month ago

    Have Mersy on him.. will ya?

  • Fadlan Nasution
    Fadlan Nasution Month ago

    Your brain is out of order, your mouth has disorder

    • Joshua Pevy
      Joshua Pevy Month ago

      Fadlan Nasution Cheers mate 👍

  • HeCameFromFrance
    HeCameFromFrance Month ago

    Powgbaa was good in his Guventus days

  • devil of a red
    devil of a red Month ago +4

    It takes a man to appologise so fair play to him for that, i don`t think there was ever any doubt about Mguire`s ability, it was just the massive fee, but because Woodward left it till the last minute to sign him , we didn`t have any choice but to pay it, but it could turn out to be money well spent, i still think it was a wasted opportunity by those running the club to catch up on our rivals , but i don`t think we really expected anything else from businessmen trying to run a football club.They have turned us from being the biggest club in the world into a small thinking, small spending ( compared to the revenue we earn ) club with no ambition, very sad day for us when these parasites blighted our club.

  • eyaltb
    eyaltb Month ago

    Eden Hazard is the best player in the world????

  • Sam Law
    Sam Law Month ago

    The guys a full blown idiot

  • Lind L Taylor
    Lind L Taylor Month ago

    Never liked mersons punditry but he admitted his mistake on TV no less so he's earned some respect in my view

  • n13ssn delboy
    n13ssn delboy Month ago

    hes man enough to apologise

  • willard peck
    willard peck Month ago

    merson was good at clearing lines too

  • Jamie Morrison 1872
    Jamie Morrison 1872 Month ago +1

    At least it’s not another video about Mourinho and top 4

  • DJD26
    DJD26 Month ago

    Wonder if any of these pundits would ever apologise to Pogba 😒😒

  • Harry B
    Harry B Month ago

    15:40 😂😂😂Messi and Ronaldo just don’t exist now ?

  • Sey Ley2
    Sey Ley2 Month ago

    "when he plays deeper he makes things happen", REALLY? Really?....4 chances created, 2 assists on £200K a week and this is what English fans have been gagging for all summer, Oh please....

  • Tommy Gill
    Tommy Gill Month ago

    Merson is full of crap he’s so unprofessional.

  • kjromao
    kjromao Month ago

    3:25 - "He just runs away from Azuwikweta"

  • Crimson
    Crimson Month ago

    This was so satisfying to watch 😂😂

  • Freddy
    Freddy Month ago

    Great analysis

  • John Rambo
    John Rambo Month ago

    Lukaku was a 105 kg trampoline ..good riddance