Marvel (MCU) vs Star Wars: Why one is rising and one is falling


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  • Walker Of The Skies

    It's time for the trequel trilogy. All new characters and stories is what Star Wars deserves. I'm talking wiping the slate completely clean with no pre established connection it to anything we already know about in Star Wars. No more Luke, Han, Leia, R2-D2, C3PO, Chewbacca, Palpatine, Obi Wan, Vader/Anakin, Rebels, Empire, Clones, Droids and so on. By letting go of that.. Star Wars can finally grow and not be bound by those old characters and stories. I'm not saying let the past die I'm saying let the past be the past so it can live on and the saga can make room for new stories that don't live in the shadow of nostalgia like the sequels do. The original trilogy was it's own thing so I think that same philosophy should be applied to a new trilogy. Then you have nothing to live up to and you have complete free reign to tell the best possible story. It needs a solid vision too. An idea man.

  • CrimsonNerd
    CrimsonNerd 2 days ago +1

    Star Wars is never going to be truly gone. Heathen.

    • LHF Inatl
      LHF Inatl Day ago

      Instead, it'll be that weird uncle everybody has to put up with during the holidays.

  • gyice
    gyice 2 days ago

    Hey, let's not go overboard with our praises for the MCU they are both now owned by the same Mother Corporation and we haven't seen the Impact of the New, "Captain Marvel" SJW release, which from the first two trailers has the strong smell of Bomb about it. Disney has already with the work they have done on Star Wars proven given enough time they can screw even a Franchise with a real strong Fan Base like Star Wars.

  • Butch Entertainment
    Butch Entertainment 2 days ago

    Its like they are writing the SW movies as they go. Just sad.

  • SamC927 Gaming
    SamC927 Gaming 2 days ago

    marvel is the new king

  • william dechant
    william dechant 2 days ago +1

    Their was no reward after TLJ for sitting through two movies it should have given some answers to maybe Rey or Finns History. besides luke's character that was one the Issues. I loved Solo and Rogue one However. MTFBWY.

  • Samuel Barber
    Samuel Barber 3 days ago +2

    I think STAR WARS fatigue is a factor, we've gone from six movies being released in 23 years, to another 4 in 4 years.

    • william dechant
      william dechant 3 days ago

      I am not fatigued nor anyone i know... It is the SJW stuff,the Treatment of the Fans and George Lucas characters and Universe.K Kennedy does not even know their was another cut of Star Wars,she thinks the Special editions are the Originals! that clip can be found online. She has to Go!

  • Darth Caedus
    Darth Caedus 3 days ago +1

    Before watching, ill say off the bat, one follows the comcis pretty closely where as the other doesnt want to bring in plot material from the eu

  • Josh Lobes
    Josh Lobes 3 days ago

    I have most of my body covered with star wars tattoos, I’ve read all the legacy novels and agree with you totally Star Wars the last Jedi murdered the franchise for me. You are right on the money !!!

  • Dragonage2ftw
    Dragonage2ftw 3 days ago

    Still hilariously wrong.

  • Joanna White
    Joanna White 4 days ago

    If Rian Johnson gets a hold of the franchise in a new trilogy it's all over

  • Alec Toys
    Alec Toys 6 days ago

    Right on Thor

  • roslolian11
    roslolian11 7 days ago

    The problem is Disney put a feminist in charge who decided she would make Star Wars her own personal sounding stage for her cause instead of doing her job and ensuring Eps 7-9 were amazing movies.
    This changed the objective of the movie that is why this new trilogy is so bad, the goal isn't to tell a great Star Wars story anymore rather the goal is to send across the message that "Women are great, men are dumb so listen to Women".
    This is why Ray is so OP and Luke Skywalker and Ben Solo are so pathetic. This is also why the anime chick freed the horsies and why the leader didn't tell anyone on the army her awesome plan. Finally this is why everyone at the end were rejoicing even if only 12 of them were left, the message was already delivered and so nothing else mattered.
    Disney needs to change the head or tell Kennedy to get her priorities straight. It is unfair she is taking a beloved franchise and twisting everything on its head just because she wants to send her message across.

  • Keith Thorne
    Keith Thorne 7 days ago

    1) Disney is doing a shit job
    2) People are dumb enough to eat up the marvel garbage

  • kevin10001
    kevin10001 7 days ago

    For me what has happened with Star Wars was the force awakens started a a cool mystery of where was Luke skywalker and the real reason he stopped seeking out new Jedis and walked away from training them to have the next director come in and undo what was laid out to be expanded upon in the last Jedi

  • Paul Bahen
    Paul Bahen 9 days ago

    Star Wars.....
    this is what happens when you make movies around characters nobody cares about.
    This is what happens when you kill off all the characters fans do care about.
    This is what happens when you insult and chase away your fan base.
    This is what happens when you dont listen to what your fans are saying they want to see.
    This is what happens when the people running things aren't Star Wars fans.
    This is what happens when you take a dump on Cannon and try to re-write the universe.

  • Roxychik006
    Roxychik006 9 days ago

    Hey the beginning is about me :)

  • Nihon Zaru
    Nihon Zaru 10 days ago

    Marvels star's are ruining the Franchise with there left-wing political stance and preaching to the fan's

  • Timothy Magnussen
    Timothy Magnussen 10 days ago

    Marvel is doing good, but it should be doing better if it was on the rise. I will give it another five years and no one will give a damn.

  • Nok2rnal1
    Nok2rnal1 10 days ago

    Marvel is the new king.

  • I Am Moon
    I Am Moon 11 days ago

    Star Wars should just make legends content and make it canon again. Maybe make a Yuuzhan Vong trilogy.

  • Amorphous Root
    Amorphous Root 11 days ago

    My sons are in junior high and high school, and none of their classmates care about Star Wars anymore. Disney, Kennedy and her team killed Star Wars. Marvel is where it’s at now. Sayonara Star Wars.

  • Josh Dalton
    Josh Dalton 14 days ago

    Star Wars is undeniably at its peak right now

  • Onray Dergonstieff
    Onray Dergonstieff 15 days ago

    “If you don’t like Rey you hate women” JJ Abrams

  • Andrew Pytko
    Andrew Pytko 16 days ago

    Why is giving the audience exactly what it wants to see a bad thing?

  • Nathanial Cotter
    Nathanial Cotter 16 days ago

    As much as I'm sad to say it, cause I'm a huge star wars fan I've read dozens of the "Legends" books and my i was shocked heart broken when chewie died, I was enthralled when Jacen came back as wise and changed man, and I was crushed when Haven went sith, and on the edge in the fight with Abeloth, not to mention the jedi/sith wars, the secret sith colony, and Disney threw it all out and decided we'll do whatever we want and shove politics into Star Wars. And on the other hand I was clueless of Marvel except I knew of Spider Man and Hulk, but no where near as much info like I do star wars, and now I can't get enough Marvel and I want a Moon Knight movie one day, and I love Agents of Shield, and I'm enthralled with Marvel now where today I am disinterested in current Star Wars. I was fine with TFA, though I was ticked with them throwing out the EU and then Rogue One was good, but TLJ was trash and I didn't even bother with Solo and I'm not going to bother with episode 9

  • BCFC 29
    BCFC 29 17 days ago

    FFS Disney just hire the Russo Brothers!! Dont ever let that hack Rian Johnson anywhere near Star Wars again!

  • Sam Murphy
    Sam Murphy 18 days ago

    Solo, was a really good movie tbh but I don't like where star wars is going so I'm kinda leaving the fandom

  • Fafnir world
    Fafnir world 18 days ago

    The Comment section is letting the hate flow through them...

  • RWafpre
    RWafpre 18 days ago

    The real difference between the MCU and Star Wars is how seriously the two franchises take themselves, and how seriously the FANS take the universe.

    Marvel includes movies about wizards and norse gods and a talking raccoon. They also include slightly self-referential/self-aware moments. MCU fans are totally OK with this and with the fact that they movies are expected to be fun. You can have a moment at the end of Ant Man & Wasp with a giant ant playing drums, and fans will be OK with this utter ridiculousness. It is not expected that a comic book movie will be 100% consistent or rational., and the makers of these movies have INTENTIONALLY tried to keep it that way.

    Star Wars on the other hand is taken RIDICULOUSLY seriously by the fans. It is supposed to have cannon which fans consider to be TRUTH. So if you ram a starship into a bigger starship, everyone is going to ask "If this is possible why didn't this happen before?" If you set up questions about "who are Rey's parents" "Who is Snoke", it is expected the answers will matter, because the answers to those questions aren't just gags they are part of the "truth" of the cannon.

    I would argue that you can't win making a star wars movie... you can't keep cannot while still respecting the fans while still avoiding the trap of just relying on nostaligia and repeating the same tired themes. I think frankly the idea of Star Wars just breaks down if you think about it too much, and maybe the franchise has just gotten to big and complex for the original concept to hold up. If you want to enjoy it the fans need to just let it go and watch the spaceships shooting at each other and dodging asteroids and the quippy droids and stop expecting it to make sense.

    • MrPatelpb
      MrPatelpb 3 days ago

      I was with you till the last paragraph. It's a franchise that take itself seriously and that *okay*, just because marvel movies dont necessarily do that and are doing well doesn't mean that it's the only way to make a movie. Star wars did well while taking itself seriously, but when taking a franchise seriously, you have to take its lore and atmosphere serious as well. This doesn't mean 0 joking around, obviously there have always been jokes. But you look at something like the animated series of star wars, and despite them being made recently, they feel like star wars and don't make many people angry. This is how you keep people interested and keep your franchise alive - don't try to change something for the sake of changing it, and later try to justify it as "change is a part of life" or something. Build off the pre established rules and very, very slowly shift in the direction you want. Not all in one movie, especially when a new one is only released once every 4 years (on average)

    • BCFC 29
      BCFC 29 17 days ago

      No just hire someone whos good and not a hack who only resume was Looper that was meh at best!
      I just made a comment where IMO they should let the Russo Brothers do a Star Wars movie cause they seem to know how to write characters and to give a story that isnt a pile of shit.
      At the end of the day Star Wars formula isnt hard and the best Star Wars movie which was 'The Empire Stirkes Back' wasnt even directed by George Lucas but from Irvin Kershner.
      You see when you ask the right people to direct your movie and you have people around who love the characters and dont suck the dicks of the suits who interfere then you will get a great movie .

  • 3li0
    3li0 19 days ago

    There is no compromise to be had, Star Wars as we knew it died with The Last Jedi, because of their own blatant and stupid decisions made with the film. I say, let it die, I will remember the story for what it was.

  • Molly
    Molly 20 days ago

    One word: politics

  • Albin Dalbert
    Albin Dalbert 20 days ago

    I an very glad that J.J. Abrams is back for episode 9

  • Tucker France
    Tucker France 20 days ago

    Star Wars shouldn’t have been rebooted at all. Leave a successful franchise alone. FYI it’s not that we don’t want to see real world problems in our fantasy movies (Winter Soldier tackled the America’s response to 9/11, the fight between freedom vs security) the problem is that when a franchise fails at telling a “real world problem” story, it’s fails BAD. People don’t want to have the movie talk down to them and insult them like “last Jedi” did

  • NoName
    NoName 21 day ago

    I sort of agree with you.

  • Greg Dennison
    Greg Dennison 21 day ago +1

    Its not about ignoring the "issues" as you put it and moving on despite the hate, it's about having hope. Hope that things will be better, and they will. For anyone who thinks TLJ ruined star wars, that like throwing away a book because you didn't like the second last chapter. Please hold judgement until the story has concluded.

  • Thanos
    Thanos 22 days ago

    I hope Marvel becomes as Iconic as Star Wars, I know there are people who say Marvel movies are mindless fun, but they have serious stuff under the them, and I'm pretty sure when the first Star Wars came out certain would have said the same thing

    • Thanos
      Thanos 18 days ago

      +RWafpre Good point. Ok maybe more like I don't know back to the future where people love it but they don't go to extent that star wars fans do

    • RWafpre
      RWafpre 18 days ago

      I hope Marvel **NEVER** becomes as "iconic" as Star Wars, because Star Wars fans take their Icon WAAAAYYYYYY too seriously and have forgotten that movies are just entertainment not a freaking way of life. If they put out a Star Wars movie which contains some inconsistency with Cannon or which they don't like, then SW fans act like it is blasphemy against God or they were besmirching your mamma or a personal attack on their childhood.
      Star Wars was designed to sell action figures to kids. That is ALWAYS what it was, it was never intended to be any more than that. And anyone who can't just accept that and move on is taking it way to seriously. The Marvel writers behind Guardians of The Galaxy, Thor Ragnarok, Ant Man understand that movies are supposed to be fun and not take themselves so freaking seriously, and the fans of those movies are totally OK with that.... thank goodness.

  • Ethan P
    Ethan P 22 days ago

    Obviously dc is the king they have the best movies ever made is what I wish I could say

  • Tactical penguin
    Tactical penguin 22 days ago

    Marvel is breaking ground and making HISTORY. Star Wars is ruined for me. There is no turning back. The only way is to erase as far back as force awakens and try again. The last Jedi KILLED any wonder I had about the Star Wars universe. I’m boycotting out of boredom more than anger. I hope it all flops and nearly bankrupts them all.

    • ShadowSonic2
      ShadowSonic2 20 days ago

      You let one movie affect you that much?

  • isse sound
    isse sound 23 days ago

    I literally boycotted Solo because the movie was so unnecessary. I would have come seen ANY other star wars movie except that one.

  • e bear
    e bear 23 days ago

    They tried to push a political agenda as a movie franchise and it failed. Who would have guessed?

    • ShadowSonic2
      ShadowSonic2 20 days ago

      There is no real agenda, that's hyperbole.

  • Pam Young
    Pam Young 23 days ago

    Say everything you want about Star Wars and then compare it to marvel. Sure maybe your right Star Wars is a little political but in a sci fi way it’s not real politics and it’s Star WARS NOT Star Politics. I never saw solo but I’m only getting it on blu Ray just so I have a full Star Wars set until the next movie. You can tell me hundread and thousands of times that solo is bad and maybe the worst Star Wars movie but to me I can make it work Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, some of you maybe allot are saying “she dosnt know anything about Star Wars someone else should take over now”. MY 2 BIG QUESTIONS ARE what would you want Kathleen Kennedy to do for Star Wars? If she does get replaced who?

  • Andrew Frank
    Andrew Frank 24 days ago

    Fact. I will not watch anything Star Wars, ever, again. 30 years in the making and Luke is comedic relief..... Wow. Just wow Jar jar Abrams. (and I get it, Ryan Johnson, but no way Jar Jar didn't have influence)
    But to your question, the moment they hired JJ Abrams, the franchise was doomed. He was given the reigns of Star Trek, and although visually appealing, he destroyed the canon and the characters. The ONLY redeeming moment of those movies is seeing Leonard Nemoy one last time.... Otherwise, he simply took an already established franchise and plagiarized the previous stories.... Sound familiar?

  • Justin de Combes
    Justin de Combes 24 days ago

    I think people in 2008 knew who Wolverine was.

  • David Spalding
    David Spalding 24 days ago +1

    Something else that the Marvel Studios do well, is maintain consistency. The films may have different tone (compare tongue in cheek Ant-Man and its sequel, against Captain American Civil War or Avengers Age of Ultron). Many of the films have pretty individualistic styles owned by the writers and directors.But at a core level, all the Marvel movies have rather consistent looks, and story features. You could face a library shelf of all the films since Iron-man, pick ANY two, and you'd have a double-feature that doesn't seem like a mismatched pairup. Any two films would go together like peanut butter and jelly. The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi have IMHO very different tones and stories. There doesn't seem to be a creative oversight ensuring that more than just production design matches up. That is, that the stories blend from one film to another and to the next. Most of the intelligent criticism of TLJ is that the story does a 180 (if not 270) degree turn, and trashes most of the good points of TFA. It also picks up the BAD aspects of TFA, i.e. Mary Sue-ness of Rey, the blandness of Poe, with the added outright inanity of Adm Holdo. It doesn't seem to be a continuation of the TFA story at all, like a kid using LEGOs from a speedboat kit to make a dragster.

    As you said. Kennedy doesn't seem as concerned about what Lucasfilm can do to make the best Star Wars stories, and more with what Star Wars The Franchise can do in service of Lucasfilm. That's going to wobble and teeter and perhaps fall over IMHO.

  • Paul Carhart
    Paul Carhart 24 days ago

    Solo was fun. It's failure was TOTALLY a backlash from the bad taste The Last Jedi left in fans' mouths.

  • csehszlovakze
    csehszlovakze 25 days ago

    marvel is failing too watch?v=tks3XxUxtpg

  • Ben Zombie
    Ben Zombie 26 days ago

    Star Wars worked best when Lucas was at the helm keeping the story on track but other directors and writers were coming in to perfect his ideas. That was the original trilogy. The prequels show what goes wrong when one man (Lucas) had control over everything and nobody to question him. The sequel trilogy has the opposite problem, nobody seems to be acting as the master of the story, it's just anybody throw shit at a wall and see what sticks. Kathleen Kennedy is clearly not up to the task, if only we had another Kevin Feige.

  • clemio
    clemio 26 days ago

    If snoke is really dead.. star wars is dead too

  • Michael Blowfield
    Michael Blowfield 26 days ago

    I ask you will any of the MCU movies be still watches in the rate that Star Wars has had over 30 plus. Star War trilogy are iconic classics. I doubt if any MCU will be classics.

  • Lubjubjuba McDingleface
    Lubjubjuba McDingleface 26 days ago +1

    Marvel is the new king. I’m not even sure if I should see ep 9 and I grew up with Star Wars. My favorite Christmas was when my dad got me a a bunch of Star Wars toys. Now, that is all gone.

  • raul muniz
    raul muniz 27 days ago +1

    Star Wars is helmed by a woman
    MCU is helmed by a man
    Nuff said

    • Hollowfox
      Hollowfox 14 days ago

      +ShadowSonic2 I stand corrected, I was just fixing something that really claims it's all about gender when it comes to how both Disney-owned franchises are handled when in reality it isn't.
      I mean, it's not like just because a producer is female it means they're bad.

    • ShadowSonic2
      ShadowSonic2 14 days ago

      +Hollowfox Kennedy isn't really inexperienced, just maybe not with a series like SW though.

    • Hollowfox
      Hollowfox 14 days ago

      Star Wars is helmed by an inexperienced producer
      MCU is helmed by a comic book fan/film enthusiast.

    • ShadowSonic2
      ShadowSonic2 20 days ago

      Oh grow up.

  • Samuel Maier
    Samuel Maier 27 days ago

    TBH I was never a big Star Wars fan. The original 3 (episode 4-6) I found decent, the rest IMAO were only really nice for their eye candy (and maybe the 1st episode). And when the story didn't fuck up the in the face character of the... Interesting scify concepts made it hard for me to be immersed. Like, lasers just suddenly vanishing after

  • Peaky Blinders
    Peaky Blinders 27 days ago

    There both shit... Except one was made. For passion and fun.. The other was made for a distraction and money...

  • Darth Lucas
    Darth Lucas 27 days ago

    Everyone is comparing movie franchises, meanwhile there is me who is a movie franchise nerd, I am like that one meme ship all the ships😂

  • movies & more
    movies & more 27 days ago

    Star Wars isn’t doing well because Marvels films are building towards something . Disney throwing random Star Wars films out every now and then is a bad move not to mention it resulting in fatigue...

  • Goofy Goober
    Goofy Goober 28 days ago

    Stan Lee now:"I don't feel so good..."

  • Lelia McNees
    Lelia McNees 28 days ago

    I all ways just like star wars I never thought it was that great

  • The Maxster
    The Maxster 28 days ago

    I think your points are spot on. Star Wars has seemed directionless and no one seems thrilled by the new characters and the way the legacy characters have been treated. The explanation so many defenders have given is "usurping expectations" which conveys a "we don't care" attitude about the rank and file, life long Star Wars fans. Pretty lousy way to treat people that have been there from the beginning. Also it's a cover for the current leadership for making bad movies. Certainly not a model for more success!

  • Carlos Augusto Saraiva

    Well "Fuck Kathleen Kennedy" is the best reason I can find for Star Wars' decline and current state

  • R Taylor
    R Taylor 28 days ago

    The Star Wars films all feel like a cash-in opportunity. They've ignored the extended universe that existed in the books and just decided to pump out movies for money. I loved Star Wars as a kid, never really a comic book fan, much, but now Marvel is giving me an expanding universe of stories I want to see. Star Wars has just become cynical.

  • Henry Morgan
    Henry Morgan 28 days ago

    Im a big star wars fan, but i havent seen the last two star wars films. I want to remember the star wars of my childhood, not the trash it is now.

  • john smith
    john smith 29 days ago

    Pre Disney Star Wars has not been surpassed and never will be

  • arj 3891
    arj 3891 29 days ago

    New star Wars are better then old ones and if you disagree then yourracist misogynistic transphobic antigenderneutral etc xD

  • John von Shepard
    John von Shepard 29 days ago

    Fire KK

  • Toby G
    Toby G 29 days ago

    I do not want to reiterate but l agree with every point you made regarding Marvel and Star Wars. I find the sequels to the original trilogy to be similar to how the highlander movies where written out. The story in the movie just did not follow the movie before it. With Current Star Wars intriguing and interesting Character stories where scrapped. Sadly Star Wars IX will be the last for me and that will be a quite a sad day.

  • CS
    CS Month ago

    its simple, one was kevin fiege, a strong leader who likes the comic universe. another has kathleen kennedy, weak leader who only cares about identity politics and trying to kill the past movies. edit: even more, marvel plans their movies in phases to one epic avenger movie. new starwars can't even do a trilogy right, last jedi ignores all the setups from force awakens.

  • josue Fuentes
    josue Fuentes Month ago

    Now I think marvel is going down and it looks like star wars is getting an upper hand now, its all an agenda and I'm against it. And real world issues is the whole point of star wars in episode 9 things are going to be revealed because they set it up in E8.

  • Dutch Messiah
    Dutch Messiah Month ago +1

    Solo has been my favorite Disney Star Wars movie, so it saddens me that it didn't do so well, and I'm afraid Disney makes the wrong conclusions. That movies with male leads don't do well, so more female lead SJW movies will be made instread

  • John Willy Flaten
    John Willy Flaten Month ago

    I wish Marvel bought Star Wars instead of Disney

  • Ziggy oickle
    Ziggy oickle Month ago

    To answer your question at 4:38
    It was ant man or guardians.
    They needed to introduce "less main stream" characters because we would've quickly gotten bored of the thor, cap and iron man movies, they needed to expand, so they did, they just did it well
    Edit: wasnt really devisive, but the point still stands

  • Joanna Rygiel
    Joanna Rygiel Month ago

    Were there really so many people who actually liked TLJ? I mean even if you take out the things that put off the fans of SW what you're left with is a boring, fragmented movie. It doesn't capture you in any way. I can't think of any moment that was "wow", but a lot of "meh" or "yuck". It was visually pretty, though for most of it.

  • Andrew Cuthbertson
    Andrew Cuthbertson Month ago

    I’m just glad Rian got 8 instead of 9. I’m sure Colin Trevorrow would have made a fine movie, but imagine if Rian was left to END the trilogy. That sounds like a horror story.

  • Andrew Cuthbertson
    Andrew Cuthbertson Month ago

    They would say “Solo, Han’s down”. Classic.

  • red5llaw
    red5llaw Month ago

    I am 60 years old. My name is Luke, my lucky number/birthday is 5 and my favorite
    When I saw Star Wars (none of this "A New Hope" BS) for the very first time - I LOVED IT. "ok red5 get back into place" "May the force be with you LUKE" I have loved it for 40 years. But I watched episode 1, okay its going to get better...right? WRONG. As far as I'm concerned there is ONLY 3 Star Wars movies, Ending with The Return of the Jedi.
    As for MCU...I love it. So much action, humor, pathos, Great Actors (95% of them), Well written stories. Enjoyment. I look forward to every new MCU movie!! The current hulk and spiderman are the best so far. Though I am a Thor/ Loki fan

  • MrJRoberts0113
    MrJRoberts0113 Month ago

    Maybe if the current makers of Star Wars weren't obsessed with their own personal politics, they could make good movies everyone enjoys.

  • Trevor Bechtold
    Trevor Bechtold Month ago

    I know nothing about the comics, but it seems that Marvel has developed new characters with compelling survival skills that are unique in every single movie. Yondu, a supporting character, slaughters an entire battleship of goons by whistling to an arrow that he stores in his mohawk to the tune of a pop song from the 70s. The Force is supposed to transcend life itself and after 10 Star Wars movies, the most talented beings at tapping into that force on the big screen, Yoda (barely holds up a chunk of concrete to keep it from crushing two powerful jedis), and Luke (kills himself transmitting an image of himself for a few moments). Compared to what other weapons and powers that other franchises have come up with and utilized with the incredible cinematic technology available, Star Wars has become repetitive and lame. There's nothing new It was fine in the prequel trilogy because it wouldn't be expected that they had better technology or knowledge of the force, but come on how are stormtroopers still using the same worthless blasters, clinky AT-STs, and body armor that couldn't deflect a stick thrown by Eli Manning.

  • Trevor Bechtold
    Trevor Bechtold Month ago

    The Last Jedi failed because Luke Skywalker, who is the only thing the First Order feared because he is supposed to be so powerful, dies after projecting his image for a couple moments as a distraction, Tony Stark built robots that that allowed him to fight crime in hundreds of places on the planet from his laboratory. Luke was the last jedi, an organization that has existed for thousands of years with knowledge and access to powers beyond death. Snoke was the biggest tease ever because The Force Awakens barely gave us any insight but he seemed like a god who could snap his fingers and kill half the universe's population without a tin hand, and orchestrated the growth of an Empire 1000x greater than Vader and Sideous, and he barely gets out of a lame chair in a lame throne room before he dies. Rey is supposed to be the next "chosen one" and basically spends the entire movie as a helpless prisoner, whining, or running away the whole time. Everyone in the Star Wars universe has access to ships that can blast them across the universe in seconds, but they use blasters that are less accurate than Hawkeye with a bow and arrow. Your point about Star Wars being a galaxy far far away is on point. It's so far away where amazing displays of power, violence, and loss should be common place while in Marvel a bad-ass raccoon voiced by Bradley Cooper takes on alien hordes with machine guns. The Last Jedi was just lame, sure there were a lot of explosions and war machines running around, but that is commonplace in any of today's action movies. The expectation is for Star Wars to come out big with something huge that we've never seen before. Marvel incorporates humor, action, drama, and character emotions into today's best cinematic technology. I have faith that Lucasfilm can save the franchise with Episode 9 because The Last Jedi was supposed to be a set up movie, but it was so lame while Marvel had 20 extremely entertaining set up movies that always left you craving for more of the story.

  • Rhys Thomas
    Rhys Thomas Month ago

    Marvel> star trek> jurassic > star wars > dc

  • The Garbage Movie critic

    The Star Wars fandom is still savage and Disney is still making billions of dollars off them but Disney needs to learn to not aim solo towards super Star Wars nerds. The fanboys will hate the movies for taking risks. The marvel fans will evolve into the cancer levels of the Star Wars fandom, then every bad marvel movies will become worse and they’ll both be as bad as each other.

  • Enrique van Leeuwen

    Lets be honest marvel has like 2 more years before the bubble bursts and superhero fatigue sets in.

  • Natassia Howes
    Natassia Howes Month ago

    I honestly love Solo, it is a great film and one of my favorite Star Wars. I feel that it doesn't deserve the weight and blame that has been placed upon it. However, I do not like the sequel trilogy because of what it has done to the original heroes. I also don't like that the mgmt disregards and insults the fans that don't just agree to whatever agenda they are pushing. Because I also love the prequels. I am excited for The Mandalorian tv series but am disappointed in the abandonment of the spinoffs because I feel that they have the most potential. I will always love Star Wars though and will just continue to watch and appreciate the content that resonates with me and that I feel connected to.

  • Phill Riley
    Phill Riley Month ago +1

    Averages and star wars dc comics super heros mcu

  • matthew gallaway
    matthew gallaway Month ago

    The next star wars movie will make or break the franchise.
    My prediction. It will break it.

  • Phil
    Phil Month ago +1

    Today's "fans" need to know the history of fans hating nearly every Star Wars movie and why they forced George Lucas to leave. George leaving is 100% the fan's fault.
    1. When the Empire Strikes Back came out, George got backlash from fans that it was too dark and didn't follow A New Hope's positive message.
    2. Since fans gave George backlash for the ESB, he made the Return of the Jedi fanfare. A positive comeback for the hero, Luke. IMO by doing so made ROTJ the worst movie of the 3 and the goofiest with a giant Space slug gangster and forest teddy bears.
    3. When the Star Wars: Special Editions came out in the 1990s, George Lucas got backlash from fans for "ruining" their 3 favorite movies with stupid updates "that were not needed".
    4. Then Episode 1: TPM came out that George Lucas received huge backlash from fans for new characters like Jar Jar Binks and killing off Darth Maul too quickly.
    5. George Lucas followed up with AOTC and ROTS. He received backlash from fans for these Episodes for terrible dialogue, bad acting, plot holes, bad editing, etc.
    All the fan ridicule for all the films after ANH really destroyed George Lucas. Not to mention personal threats. Therefore George decided he was done with Star Wars and sold the property to Disney.
    Be proud fans, be proud you destroyed the creator.

  • 92pesavento
    92pesavento Month ago

    (Sorry for my not perfect english)
    If star wars use some modern "society problem" in some of the films, it totaly ok.
    The major problem is the last jedi is a bad film. I usualy like film with some errors (I'm just want to be enjoied). But the last jedi has too many probelm:
    Rey, is kinda invicible.
    Snoke, is nothing but desapointy.
    Luke, is kinda a jerk with no wisdom (maybe this is still ok).
    The rebels, so unorganazied and stupid..
    And Kilo Ren, maybe is the only one who try to be not a total shit of character (he has some good point).
    But the visual effect are goddam good!

  • Wewerna
    Wewerna Month ago

    This is just bad. I love Stat Wars. It is such an awesome classic that could have prospered in the modern era. Now it is getting replaced with stupid plots about people in superhero costumes beating each other...

  • Devin Sidhu
    Devin Sidhu Month ago

    For me and other massive Star Wars fans out there, No MCU film will ever be better that the originals. Sure, maybe a couple might have been better than the prequels, but nothing can ruin the originals. A new hope shocked the world and made sure the franchise hit the ground running. Empire strikes back introduces Yoda, a clearly broken character who sees Luke as a chance of redemption for the Jedi order. Likewise, Palpatine is also introduced, another dishevelled character who tries to pull the hero to the dark side. Return of the Jedi is the culmination of these things. Han has committed to the rebel alliance, Luke is held bent on turning Vader back to the light and Leia learns even more about her past.
    Then came the prequels. As hated as it was, the Phantom Menace was capped off by an amazing lightsaber duel and characters who triggered nostalgia upon old fans. Attack of the clones showed signs of Anakins eventual fall to the dark side. And Revenge of the sith brings about a story of betrayal, manipulation and downfall.
    For me, TFA was actually a decent film. It showed a girl who wanted to learn who she really was. It showed a traitor who, like Han, isn’t fully committed to a cause. It showed a boy turned monster who’s mind is conflicted by both the light and dark. R1 added a whole new dimension to the franchise and Solo told the otherwise mysterious story of a young man who would later become a galaxy known hero.
    The last Jedi was a shitfest. Pure Fuckery, really. It had stupid plot, awful writing and ruined Luke skywalker.

  • CO2Giger
    CO2Giger Month ago

    Great video! Many good points. But Star Wars is going to get worse; not better.

  • Naheem Quattlebaum
    Naheem Quattlebaum Month ago

    You can't really compare the two. The MCU has over 60 years worth of source material. Star Wars has its expanded universe, but once Disney put the axe to it, SW is kind of like a baby again.

  • DeepDeepBlue
    DeepDeepBlue Month ago

    Genius he is. Stan lee his name is

  • Aubrey Huff
    Aubrey Huff Month ago

    I boycotted solo to let them realize The next movie needs to be good. I'll watch 9 and if it is good then I'll watch solo.

  • CordlessJet
    CordlessJet Month ago

    Christ this comments uncivilised.

  • Charlie Sosa
    Charlie Sosa Month ago

    No fkn wonder its run by girls 😖

  • TFP Radgirl
    TFP Radgirl Month ago

    As soon as I saw the shirts, I was like: oh piss off with that crap!

  • TruthHurts 777
    TruthHurts 777 Month ago

    Because Starwars is listening to and incorporating SJW culture.

  • jackson pollack
    jackson pollack Month ago

    rian johnson snapped his fingers and half the star wars fans still existed

  • 黑龍 - Hắc Long

    To me this issue started at day one, I've always hated Star Wars (though I did enjoy the prequels, a little bit, at least more than the original trilogy), but I can see that if the first thing Disney does with the property as soon as they own it is decanonise the extended universe I'd be pissed as a fan. Meanwhile the M.C.U. Is "just another universe" among Marvel's many universes. Disney gave the keys to the wrong people at Lucasfilms.

  • yugoxgc
    yugoxgc Month ago

    I'm kinda on the Side of... "Who wanted A Solo movie?!"

  • just a dude Who is normal

    I feel like avengers 4 is gonna be like the last jedi or justice league of marvel. I just, for some reason think it's going to disappoint at least half the audience.