I Crossed Countries by Sea in a Zorb Ball & You Won't Believe What Happened (Zorb at Sea Challenge)

  • Published on Oct 5, 2017
  • After I spent the night on a lake in a zorb ball and it was insane (sleep on a lake challenge) I decided to step it up a notch by attempting to crossed countries by sea in the same zorb ball! I try to survive in the zorb ball while crossing from the UK to france, I also tried to sleep! I call this the zorb at sea challenge and you won't believe what happened…
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  • hol
    hol Hour ago

    Next video: sailing to Australia in a rubber dingy

  • Martin Bedeir
    Martin Bedeir 13 hours ago

    That’s crazy

    SOBRE TUDO RV 3 Day ago

    Alguem veio pelo felipe neto
    Ou ta em 2020 ????

  • Porrnesian Parrapio
    Porrnesian Parrapio 2 days ago

    So ARMYS we can finally go to Korea 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    GEOMETRY D GAMER 2 days ago

    Should have eaten seasick pills

  • Jay Townsend
    Jay Townsend 2 days ago

    Hear about the moaning so I didn’t even finish watching it man😂✌🏽

  • snoiky boi
    snoiky boi 2 days ago

    Why not to the netherlands

  • Hello Gatinhos
    Hello Gatinhos 2 days ago

    Qm veio pelo você sabia?

  • Cyro
    Cyro 2 days ago

    Only the British....

  • FuntimeNoel 512
    FuntimeNoel 512 3 days ago +2

    *imagine if the camera wasn’t on*

  • Paige Wallace
    Paige Wallace 3 days ago +2

    Next video:

    Flying to America on a carpet lifted by a leaf blower...
    (Also, chocolate isn't a good energiser, you should have energy drinks and red skittles)

  • melina cepeda
    melina cepeda 4 days ago

    How did a shark or other sea animal not pop it

  • Mr Humble
    Mr Humble 4 days ago


  • Georgette Harriott
    Georgette Harriott 5 days ago

    Did you do it under deep water

  • Amalia Antari
    Amalia Antari 7 days ago

    Bule goblog anjing

  • Rafael Gamer
    Rafael Gamer 8 days ago +1

    Quem Veio Pelo Voçe Sabia Ou Pelo Felipe Neto Ou Pelo Goularte Da Like

  • Symp
    Symp 8 days ago +1

    Glad theres no shark

  • Karimatu Syadiah
    Karimatu Syadiah 8 days ago

    Adakah orang indonesia yang mampir ke sini😳🌝👏

  • mason x
    mason x 8 days ago

    Why bring a tank bring a inhaler

  • pedriii13
    pedriii13 8 days ago

    eu vim pelo felipe neto

  • Matthew Harrup
    Matthew Harrup 9 days ago

    Stupid video

  • Dallas Harris
    Dallas Harris 10 days ago +1

    What if u have to take a shit or pee 🤣

  • Yo Bro
    Yo Bro 10 days ago

    WOw you crazy duuude

  • Samuel PanjaiTan
    Samuel PanjaiTan 10 days ago

    This is bulshit

  • dank_ chicken05
    dank_ chicken05 10 days ago

    Why are so many people Spanish in the comment section?

  • Oof Ree
    Oof Ree 11 days ago

    This guy packed a 13c compass,
    A whole few hours of air
    And a massive ass orb ball and set off across the English Channel

  • kellin niggas
    kellin niggas 11 days ago

    And also He needs To bring a Pocket Knife so when he Gets to shore He can pop The Ball Open.

  • kellin niggas
    kellin niggas 11 days ago

    I just Realized He’s still at Shore..You can see the sand and the ball is in the sand Next to The Shore i think. But he needs To start moving And getting up To Go to the Deep water where the Ball will Float and Move by itself. And Also He needs to Be careful Cause the ball can go Past France.....

  • Tay Talk
    Tay Talk 11 days ago

    How can you do this?! The one time I tried none of those, my parents payed 10 dollars for 5 minutes because I wanted to do it so bad. 2 minutes in I gave my mom a horrified look as my brother splashed around in his. She told the man to get me out and the moment got out I started bawling because he told us before we got in you only have a certain amount of oxygen.

  • Carla Maria
    Carla Maria 11 days ago

    Vim pelo Goulart

  • MrSubSub
    MrSubSub 12 days ago +1

    You absolute madlad

  • ZShore GT
    ZShore GT 12 days ago

    This video teaches you how to suffer.

  • Arasy DK
    Arasy DK 12 days ago

    mantappp !!
    from Indonesian

  • Jonezy_ Playz
    Jonezy_ Playz 12 days ago

    Imagine if people were on the beach

  • DataFlick
    DataFlick 12 days ago

    are you morgz brother?

  • The world of UK
    The world of UK 12 days ago

    The stupidest challenge ever

    • rYan
      rYan 10 days ago

      The thing that is stupid is you comment on this video 2 years after it is made

  • ila nur fadilah
    ila nur fadilah 13 days ago

    Im here because YTCrash

  • Will Parton
    Will Parton 13 days ago +1

    Next video:

    I spent the day like a normal person does

  • DBLB
    DBLB 13 days ago

    Thats where my house is in the Netherlands The Hague

  • Nicholas Fraumano
    Nicholas Fraumano 13 days ago +1

    Your over dramatic

  • Niki’s Path to Fertility

    well you did make it to another country not just the one you were trying to get to

  • Gacha_Potato7654 76
    Gacha_Potato7654 76 13 days ago +1

    That is polluting the sea so much he just left it there

  • Lili
    Lili 13 days ago

    eyyy NL gang

  • Brayden Fenn
    Brayden Fenn 13 days ago

    Talks about not getting any toys
    *in the toy aisle*

  • Lola Neale
    Lola Neale 13 days ago

    I would take a phone with a charger phone case so it will charge by sun light so if you needed air ambulance you might be able to call

  • Eric Morphis
    Eric Morphis 14 days ago

    You annoyed the shit outta me

  • muziekmindtwister
    muziekmindtwister 14 days ago +3

    Yes kids, that's how you can succesfully smuggle drugs

  • Hey it’s Niko
    Hey it’s Niko 14 days ago

    It’s a great idea to put myself in a zorb ball . Find out it’s hard to open the zipper

    IKONIK_BOT_LOL 14 days ago

    A boat is bulling u

  • EJ Plays Official
    EJ Plays Official 14 days ago +32

    "don't try this at home" how we gonna cross the English Channel at home lol

  • Enderfer
    Enderfer 15 days ago

    Você é um idiota
    Qm veio pelo goularte da like...

  • Joelle Neoh
    Joelle Neoh 15 days ago +2

    Next video:

    I sail on a pice of wood to china

  • sca696
    sca696 15 days ago +1

    He's over reacting

  • inventei tudo na hora
    inventei tudo na hora 15 days ago

    Eu vim pelo goularte

  • itz_BigAlpha
    itz_BigAlpha 16 days ago

    what if u have to pee?

    • itz_BigAlpha
      itz_BigAlpha 16 days ago

      im commenting while watching thi s so if he has to pee and i dont no sorry

  • cosmic ༄
    cosmic ༄ 16 days ago

    Quem veio pelo Goularte ?

  • Jacob Averitt
    Jacob Averitt 16 days ago

    I've always wanted to buy air

  • Charlene Rich
    Charlene Rich 16 days ago

    You could end up any were 🤣😂😆😆

  • Charlene Rich
    Charlene Rich 16 days ago

    🤣🤣😂😆nooo thank you ..dam crazy stunt...

  • Taylord76
    Taylord76 17 days ago +2

    This was the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen

    I loved it