The case for having children

  • Published on Jun 5, 2019
  • In our continuing series, Ideas That Matter, we are looking at the declining birth rate in America. The CDC says the rate is at its lowest level in 32 years. New York Times contributing Op-Ed writer, Wajahat Ali, made his case for having kids in a recent TED Talk that has been viewed more than a million times. He joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss why fewer people in the U.S. are having children and the dangers of underpopulation.
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Comments • 151

  • Scott D
    Scott D 13 days ago +1

    Sad ma$querade 💔 & child abuse .

  • Greoge Brewer
    Greoge Brewer 19 days ago

    watch the end of the line. what are all these people going to eat when all the fish are gone?????????

  • Roy_Thousand
    Roy_Thousand 23 days ago +1

    Just say "NO" to children!

  • Daisy Marmelade
    Daisy Marmelade Month ago +1

    Here's how to have a family. SACRIFICE. I had 4 and stayed home with them for 20 years. Never paid a penny of childcare. We never made more than 45,000 annually during that time. Limited our expenditures, drove old cars. Lived frugal and stayed focused on the family. Oldest went to college on grants and scholarships. Now I'm back working and enjoying the fruits of my labor. Millions do it everyday.

  • Celeste Lehtomaa
    Celeste Lehtomaa Month ago

    Does a wild animal think about how much does it cost to reproduce it's species? I'm just saying; if human beings are going to be the top surviving species; get smart with your instincts. Mind you, I thought about how much it cost, because I'm not a wild animal and guess what, it's not what makes a parent but, human parents still should be involved in their families' life and work and give what's due. Any inquiries on the subject matter?

  • Skyline Fever
    Skyline Fever Month ago +1

    The middle class can't afford to have children after paying the taxes and inflation on the welfare class.

  • Hgke Gjejwick
    Hgke Gjejwick Month ago

    I didn't herd anything about adopting. Made me think that babies are just numbers. I think it's about adopting orphans who are already in this World, help them be prosperous, and if you have the money and emotional intelligence to raise children you can choose to procreate all while being environmentally conscious.

  • Fred Hampton's Ghost
    Fred Hampton's Ghost Month ago +7

    Having a child is woefully unaffordable.

  • Liza'sLucky5
    Liza'sLucky5 Month ago +3

    People: Don’t have kids if you can’t afford them.
    Me: Sounds good to me.
    At least I can afford a dog.

  • Tor Teo
    Tor Teo Month ago +1

    Feminists and liberals should never have children. Most children of feminists/leftists parents are mentally ill. That being said, its obvious how much CBS hates children. Soon you will need government approval to have children.

  • prilep5
    prilep5 Month ago

    USA need YOUTHCARE for all children up to 18 and pregnant women

  • PaiN ExoTiC
    PaiN ExoTiC Month ago +5

    Kids are a burden. Say goodbye to your money, freedom/free-time, and sanity. I'd rather take a motorcycle trip across the country, travel to europe for a month, play video games, work in my workshop building cool shet, go offroading with my jeep, and the hundreds of other things you can do if you have a vivid imagination. Life is always interesting and me not having kids affords me the luxury of doing whatever I want, whenever I want.

  • first last
    first last Month ago +1

    I HATE children

  • xiangming zhang
    xiangming zhang Month ago

    An muslim guy having no issue of having more kids, who would have thought of that.

  • Aidee Gonzalez
    Aidee Gonzalez Month ago

    Should we support parents with a Paid Family Leave, Affordable Insurance, Subsidized Child Care, Universal Pre K.... half of the population of our country will say No the other half is too busy with the daily grind to push forward any real change. Our reality is that we currently Do Not have any of these things in place or any plans in the foreseeable future. I personally made a choice to have a child. In order to do so I had to save $15k for prenatal and hospital bills (the total cost with insurance was roughly $17k out of pocket). That doesn’t include the cost of a nursery/post natal care for myself or the time my husband/Mother/Sister took from their places of employment to support us. Having a child although incredibly rewarding is difficult and expensive. To say it’s anything else is misleading and not preparing yourself for the realities. This speaker is married to a Doctor and they have the means to provide quality healthcare for their sick child. Until we have the protections and help the speaker wishes the United States would invest in... I wouldn’t recommend having children without a stable, financially prepared and insured home to bring a child, to.

  • Retro MouseX
    Retro MouseX Month ago

    🍃🌹Children are a blessing. 🌹🍃

  • Ayesha Karim
    Ayesha Karim Month ago

    I want to be able to become a mom. I can have kids up until my early 40s. I am healthy.

    • Mpho Molapo
      Mpho Molapo Month ago

      Are you sure about that? Health and fertility don't always mirror each other, healthy girls in their early 20s sometimes cannot. So just get an unbiased 2nd opinion if this is what you really want. *I want you to be successful & healthy!* Take care ❤

  • Tunisia H
    Tunisia H Month ago +3

    If I knew then what I know now i never would have done it. As adults, I've actually apologized to them for doing so

    • culversketch
      culversketch 21 day ago

      At least you're more honest than most, and I can respect that.

    • Matt Stewart
      Matt Stewart 25 days ago

      What do you know that changed your mind

  • First Name
    First Name Month ago

    Demographic winter propaganda. Chickens are coming home to roost

  • MrRocktex1978
    MrRocktex1978 Month ago

    This is where democrats come in with their love of open borders. THe illegals fk like rabbits w no protection so they have children like roaches. Trust me I should know i live in a sanctuary city.

  • rob see
    rob see Month ago +5

    economy sucks, and the courts are stack against men, and climate change (if you believe in it), therefore, there is no case to have children.

    • rob see
      rob see 28 days ago

      @Mystery Monk you may be right, i am not sure about climate change

    • Mystery Monk
      Mystery Monk 29 days ago

      Climate change is a scam, Plastic
      is your worst problem in modern

  • Ricky Mercado
    Ricky Mercado Month ago +2

    Hopefully we get that #FreedomDividend from #AndrewYang and you'll see the birth rate sky rocket 😂

    • Tor Teo
      Tor Teo Month ago +1

      Yang and his followers = dumb and dumber

  • Phillips Watson
    Phillips Watson Month ago +4


  • Mario Johnson
    Mario Johnson Month ago +1

    It’s best to have children and let the chips fall where they may, beside the fact it’s fun making them, anyway your children are your legacy. Our stupid country makes it difficult to have children. Heck someone thought enough to have me and I’m thankful.

  • Michael Ray
    Michael Ray Month ago

    The decline is because of abortion and homosexuality

  • Jeandré du Toit
    Jeandré du Toit Month ago +2

    What use is growing the economy if the biosphere is destroyed by human overpopulation? "When the last tree is cut, the last fish is caught, and the last river is polluted; when to breathe the air is sickening, you will realize, too late, that wealth is not in bank accounts and that you can’t eat money." - Alanis Obomsawin

    • first last
      first last Month ago

      we will just barbecue liberals and eat them

  • olskoollover01
    olskoollover01 Month ago

    What the percentage now for teen pregnancy ? And what race is having more babies?

  • Miss Sincere
    Miss Sincere Month ago

    It’s expensive to have children. This is what the elites want anyways. Depopulation. Idk what they complaining about. *shrugs*

  • Skyfoxx23
    Skyfoxx23 Month ago +11

    Case for not having kids.....can’t afford it!

  • Tiffaney the Enchanted

    Women have more choices now, more than ever before. When men can biologically birth a child then that's a REAL discussion about having kids.

    • Michael Coleman
      Michael Coleman Month ago +1

      No biggy. Men will be able to make that decision ALONE in 10 yrs with the Artificial Womb. Egg on the open market sell for $5,000-6,000, which is cheap.

  • Jamail44
    Jamail44 Month ago

    It's not safe to have kids in America at this point in time, or ever. So much propaganda and lies are and can be passed as truth without being challenged by the "journalists" of today. No fair elections, the media favoring one candidate over another, instead of being neutral. Fear mongering, police brutality, Civil Rights being displayed as political stamps. It's just too much to bring something so pure into the world, and for it to be corrupted. Fix our country, for all of us.

    11STARFIRE Month ago +3

    Why is this being discussed? Wajahat Ali should move back to his country of origin and father 20 children and STFU. This appears to be really an ambush to woman and men who have consciously decided to not have children.

  • K Ben24
    K Ben24 Month ago +13

    There's a selfishness to this life, and if you've been on the losing end of that, you have no desire to replicate it.

    • culversketch
      culversketch Month ago

      This is absolutely true. Well said.

    • Apjooz
      Apjooz Month ago +1

      Believe it or not victims exist.

    • NicoTNN
      NicoTNN Month ago

      wise words

  • Saundra Wills
    Saundra Wills Month ago +5

    He is RIGHT, the jobs do not let u stay home, only 6 weeks. Baby sitters a lot of 💰💵. some times ur job let u go.

    • Miss Sincere
      Miss Sincere Month ago

      Saundra Wills That’s why you get married and the husband works extremely hard so the Mom can stay home!!!

  • Czarina Trinidad
    Czarina Trinidad Month ago +11

    Misery seeks company. I’m still not having babies!

  • heat cliff
    heat cliff Month ago +2

    ROFL.. family is not good. Friends are enemies. Time change nothing will remain the same. Only baby have baby.

    FRINGE LIFE Month ago +1

    My son died at age 3 March 10, 2000. I would rather live with the pain than to have never known him.

      FRINGE LIFE Month ago +1

      ​@Cindy Christian His life wasn't in vein. Amen-

    • Cindy Christian
      Cindy Christian Month ago

      My God I'm so sorry for your loss! God bless you!

  • Tom G
    Tom G Month ago +6

    No, zero case. The population is already way too high. Theres 7 billion people in this world. Instead of the old fashioned idea that one should be encouraged to have a big family, it should be reversed and those that have big families should be looked down on. If this doesnt change, expect living similarly to people in China and India with zero space and living almost ontop of each other. Buildings everywhere, no space.

    • judas brute
      judas brute Month ago +1

      actually it's 7 billion 800 million. check out documentary Ten Billion

  • Virginia B. Britton
    Virginia B. Britton Month ago +14

    Too poor and too wise.

  • Selina Davis
    Selina Davis Month ago +2

    Soooo when you are at the beginning of the video you might be offended but towards the end, his perception is valid

  • Ama. K Ows
    Ama. K Ows Month ago +4

    That's not necessary. Immigration is the solution.

  • The Aquarius
    The Aquarius Month ago +8

    Is this guy delusional? In China its a crisis that there's too many kids! They literally have a one baby limit. Over a billion people in that country, why would you need more? So they can be born into poverty?

    • rob see
      rob see Month ago

      Annemarie Dunn-Morgan based on the insane assumption of infinite growth

    • Annemarie Dunn-Morgan
      Annemarie Dunn-Morgan Month ago +1

      @The Aquarius the need is economic. Countries need a work force for economic reasons. So you don't necessarily need an increase in birth rate if you are the recipient of immigrants. You are correct, there are plenty of human beings on this planet.

    • The Aquarius
      The Aquarius Month ago +1

      @Annemarie Dunn-Morgan Think about what you're saying. Even if you're correct, why do we NEED more people? Humans population is up hundreds of percent in just the last few hundred years. So why do we need to have more people? What is the goal for that?

    • The Aquarius
      The Aquarius Month ago

      @Oliver Allen "China announced the decision to relax the one-child policy. Under the new policy, families could have two children if one parent, rather than both parents, was an only child. "

    • Oliver Allen
      Oliver Allen Month ago

      they got rid of the one baby thing a while ago.

  • Rosalina Ayala
    Rosalina Ayala Month ago +9

    With the GOP in charge anyone with a brain will postpone having kids.

    • Rosalina Ayala
      Rosalina Ayala Month ago

      @Fred Hampton's Ghost The donors for both parties are the same. The USA is being run by the Davos group and even if we managed to get rid of Citizens United they would still find a way to buy politicians. USA is a Banana Republic but until Trump became POTUS it was done on a stealth basis. Now it's all out in the open.The democrats will at least stay out of your bedroom. The democrats will at least try and do something about clean air and water. The democrats will at least make sure we don't fall behind in renewable energy.The democrats will at least not start another hopeless war.

    • Fred Hampton's Ghost
      Fred Hampton's Ghost Month ago

      Same with democratic party, two-party regime

  • Jay DiBernardo
    Jay DiBernardo Month ago +19

    Over 50. No kids. No regrets. No thank you. 'Nuff said.

    • Phillips Watson
      Phillips Watson Month ago

      Jay DiBernardo 😎
      NO REGRETS 💃🎵🏃

    • Cindy Christian
      Cindy Christian Month ago

      Over 50. No kids. Regret so many things and not having children is one big one! No more talk!

  • Marcus LeeP
    Marcus LeeP Month ago


  • Cc Caravaggio
    Cc Caravaggio Month ago +1

    That’s why they’re making abortions illegal they’re trying to force women to keep populating and having kids they don’t wanna care for. I know just don’t have sex but that’s never gonna happen.

  • Sandra T
    Sandra T Month ago +13

    It's time to stop breeding as we are overpopulating the planet.

    • first last
      first last Month ago

      we need to first remove womens rights and then sterilize them

    • judas brute
      judas brute Month ago

      @Meme Cakes population grows exponentially not linearly which is why population expands greatly, even with declining birth rate

    • Meme Cakes
      Meme Cakes Month ago

      Birth rate is down but People are living longer unless you don’t want to leave longer

    • judas brute
      judas brute Month ago

      documentary Ten Billion is worth seeing

  • annette lathan
    annette lathan Month ago +3

    Until america stops giving all the jobs to hispanic, african, and asian immigtants maybe more americans could afford having kids.

    • Phillips Watson
      Phillips Watson Month ago +1

      Jenny Winter 😎

    • Jenny Winter
      Jenny Winter Month ago +2

      But Americans won’t do jobs like wiping old butts & picking fruits in 109 degree weather

    • Rosalina Ayala
      Rosalina Ayala Month ago +1

      The first move to send jobs overseas happened when Nixon went to China. After that all the manufacturing jobs declined and service jobs were never meant to support families.Stop blaming immigrants! The jobs they take are so badly paid no american could support a family on that pay scale.

  • mr fantastic
    mr fantastic Month ago +12

    We consume and destroy, we are a virus to this planet, why bring any kids into this world when all we do is destroy it.

    • L91
      L91 Month ago

      mr fantastic I am 27. I have had depression since I was 10. Yes I do take meds for it and even had electroshock therapies. Until nothing has helped me. Taking my own life is just the matter of time.

    • mr fantastic
      mr fantastic Month ago

      @L91 I went through that in my early 20s, do you take anything for it? How old are you?

    • L91
      L91 Month ago +2

      mr fantastic got unwanted severe depression.

    • mr fantastic
      mr fantastic Month ago +2

      @L91 don't say that, just make the best of what you got

    • L91
      L91 Month ago +3

      Agree. I wish I was never born.

  • zorazora zorzzora
    zorazora zorzzora Month ago +21

    Don’t have children. You can’t afford them...

  • Naturally Beautiful
    Naturally Beautiful Month ago +61

    Why should I have kids when it is impossible to support them 😂. No thanks

    • Roy_Thousand
      Roy_Thousand 23 days ago +1

      Naturally, exactly! Childless life is the best life!

    • Cindy Christian
      Cindy Christian Month ago +8

      That's one big reason why there's a birthrate decline because people are broke! The wage economy hasn't had a significant raise from the wealth economy in about thirty years! And Italy is having the same problem. Check out the CBS Sunday morning about the low Italian birthrate.

  • Willie Jones
    Willie Jones Month ago +9

    Adoption doesn't factor as an option?

    • Cindy Christian
      Cindy Christian Month ago

      @Willie Jones You cannot be further from the truth! I actually campaigned and voted for Hillary! Been a Democrat my whole voting life and I never wavered. Not once! I'm just speaking the truth. How does Trump fit into my agreement that we in the US need more support for young and new parents? There's nothing wrong with adoption I'm just saying that adoption doesn't increase new birth numbers. Actual live births do! Until wages increase in a really significant way then subsities must be given for daycare, for adoption, fertility clinic assistance and of course guaranteed paid parental leave!

    • Willie Jones
      Willie Jones Month ago

      Cindy Christian I can almost bet money you voted for Trump. Yet all the initiatives you mention; he is opposed to. Democrats have been talking about these things forever but nope, the religious ones vote against them every time.

    • Cindy Christian
      Cindy Christian Month ago

      @Willie Jones Because that's what makes the world go round! No new babies mean the population would come to a stand still, much worst than it is now! I'm all for caring for those that are already here but America has got to make being a parent something desirable! Italy is going through the same thing because they have even less support for parents with young children than the US. They have no daycare, no kindergarten, no school lunch, no latchkey and their wage situation is similar to the US because they say that economics is the reason that couples and single women choose only to have one child or no children at all!

    • Willie Jones
      Willie Jones Month ago +2

      Cindy Christian Why do we need more procreation when there are so many that need to be adopted?

    • Cindy Christian
      Cindy Christian Month ago +1

      Well that's not increasing the birthrate because you are becoming a parent to a child that's already born. To increase the birthrate they need people to procreate and have new babies!

  • Mz Nurú
    Mz Nurú Month ago +9

    I'm getting a midwife. Can't stand hospitals and their money hungry antics and pressure they put on Mothers.

    • Selina Davis
      Selina Davis Month ago

      A midwife is located in clinics and hospitals LOL

  • Its ASetUp
    Its ASetUp Month ago +25

    Until men have reproductive rights #MonkMode for me.

    • J J
      J J 25 days ago


    • Its ASetUp
      Its ASetUp Month ago +1

      K S and to save your self some keystrokes
      Just put up the level like a Chinese restaurant order. Im thinking you will go purple.

    • Its ASetUp
      Its ASetUp Month ago +2

      K S your response further proves my point.
      It takes two to tango. But dont worry, science will take that burden from you soon enough.
      But to enlighten you: family court, custody is overwhelmingly given to females, divorce court, child support is paid overwhelmingly by males, we have no choice if the baby lives or dies, only women get to play god. Family court had even tried to go after sperm donors for child support.
      Until then, I choose not to participate. If you look at the MGTOW #s as well as just google “men not having sex” im not alone.

    • K S
      K S Month ago

      What rights does a man need? WOMEN carry the child so the reproductive choice is our right.

  • seeking wisdom
    seeking wisdom Month ago


    B_GINA_MUA Month ago

    Omg, a baby with stage 4 cancer?

    • M Hert
      M Hert Month ago

      B_GINA_MUA so tragic!!!

    • Wah Tong
      Wah Tong Month ago

      B_GINA_MUA the universe is weird.

  • Mary Czarnik
    Mary Czarnik Month ago +6

    Third world countries do not now how to stop having babies and then they want to come to the USA to get freebies. Thanks to Obamacare it increased the ins rates and ded, hospitals, doctors etc followed increasing rates.

    • NicoTNN
      NicoTNN Month ago +1


    • John D
      John D Month ago

      We do not have to worry about Ali's fellow Muslims not having enough children.

    • B_GINA_MUA
      B_GINA_MUA Month ago

      Russian troll

  • Rem Rens
    Rem Rens Month ago +41

    Thumbs down to that propaganda. Childfree for life. People who tell you to have kids are not the ones who will raise them and pay for them. Also, there are thounsands of orphans. Take care of them if you like kids that much, heh!

    • Tom G
      Tom G Month ago +2

      Tor Teo butthurt catholic detected 😂

    • Tor Teo
      Tor Teo Month ago +1

      @Tom G anyone who isn't procreating has no reason to exist. Bye Felicia.

    • PaiN ExoTiC
      PaiN ExoTiC Month ago +2

      Same. Childfree = freedom. I constantly get told by parents about how "jealous" they are that I dont have kids lol. More money, more freedom, more sanity. I can do whatever the heck I want.

    • Tom G
      Tom G Month ago +4

      Rem Rens its globalist and trash cultures like catholicism that promote excessive breeding.

    • Rem Rens
      Rem Rens Month ago +2

      @William Wallace I'm so happy for you William. More disposable income and less headaches.

  • doomtomb3
    doomtomb3 Month ago +28

    Until the government pays a family for having children, im not buyin

    • Tor Teo
      Tor Teo Month ago +1

      You want the government to decide who should/shouldn't have children?

    • Wordlife Wordlife
      Wordlife Wordlife Month ago +1

      doomtomb3 I hope humanity dies off, 7 billion people in 150 years is clown level stupid. Most humans are like cows grazing for the government, yet judging others for not participating being used as food.

    • doomtomb3
      doomtomb3 Month ago

      @Wordlife Wordlife and that's exactly why I don't care

    • Wordlife Wordlife
      Wordlife Wordlife Month ago

      The government want kids for future taxpayers and soldiers

    • Selina Davis
      Selina Davis Month ago +1

      That's in the United kingdom

  • Fin Al
    Fin Al Month ago

    Gee, I wonder what halved the worlds birth rates in the last 50 years??? Abortion you idiots. Why can’t you liberals look ahead at the ramifications of your idiotic and evil ideologies. “Your body, your choice! Women shouldn’t feel that they need to have a baby! You do you girl! Your eggs will still be there when you’re 42....” Buffoons 🙄🤦‍♀️

    • judas brute
      judas brute Month ago

      what halved the worlds population in the last 50 years? it's DOUBLED in the last 50 years!

  • Greg M
    Greg M Month ago +13

    This is a real issue i deal with everyday. Im 32, If I have kids at 35 ill be 55 when they go to college. I feel deprived of part of my life trying to get it all right before i have a child. Trying to do it the "Right " way has become a burden
    I Hope this video helps so many americans in the future

    • Mpho Molapo
      Mpho Molapo Month ago

      What is this "doing it right" thing Americans always talk about? (Genuinely curious)🤷‍♀
      Coming from South Africa, *we have a lot of help from grandparents, the fathers 9/10x take responsibility, and you don't HAVE to be married* but it's preferable. Kids used to be raised on "nothing" like 20yrs ago and we still grow up in the "community will help you" mindset no matter rich or poor.
      So when my student debt-free American friends give me all the reasons they "cannot have kids until X age," it registers as nonsensical.. but I dunno, *they're is something I'm missing here, right?* 🤔

    • Thandi M
      Thandi M Month ago

      I do not have children and I am still happy with my choice.

    • Greg M
      Greg M Month ago

      @kdoo no where to go but up :)

    • kdoo
      kdoo Month ago +3

      you already squandered ur late 20s and early thirties if you're trying to get life right lol you'll be fine. . . 😊

  • Geo Hurtado
    Geo Hurtado Month ago +11

    The crazies are gonna be here arguing why you should abort them all.

    • first last
      first last Month ago

      yes I am pro death

    • CulinaryGuide
      CulinaryGuide Month ago +1

      I think crazy has already arrived to insert a non-issue.

    • Geo Hurtado
      Geo Hurtado Month ago +1

      @Jamail44 No it's not

    • Jamail44
      Jamail44 Month ago +4

      That's intellectually dishonest, and you know it.

  • Jim & Corinne Forever

    But pp and liberal governments are telling black people it’s far safer to have an abortion than to try to have a kid and white people are apparently what’s wrong with the world so who should be having kids the 26mill illegals?

  • judas brute
    judas brute Month ago +14

    human overpopulation is the disease, everything else is a symptom. anything over two biological offspring per couple is irresponsible, especially in todays world. look up Population Matters conference on overpopulation from April 2019. look up Earth Overshoot Day, it comes earlier every year. no way anyone born from 2009 on can live their life to full potential and die from old age/natural causes. underpopulation? WTF is this guy babbling about? look up population in USA and world over the decades! population grows exponentially, not linearly, which is why population, and all the negatives associated with it, increase even with declining birth rates. even if we lived in a reduce reuse repurpose recycle vegan world where we weren't concerned with material goods, earth can only handle about 6 billion of us at any one time. for the true story watch documentary Ten Billion. side note: not everyone can or wants to procreate. if you are a biological parent don't be a snob about it. you reproduced, you didn't split the atom

    • judas brute
      judas brute Month ago +1

      @Robert Blackford correct

    • Robert Blackford
      Robert Blackford Month ago

      Judas, you don’t have children, right?

    • doomtomb3
      doomtomb3 Month ago +5

      This is absolutely true. Overpopulation can be the catalyst of many of the problems we have seen today. Especially climate change

  • Jason Tempel
    Jason Tempel Month ago +7

    results of prophylactic technology advancement and environmental variables. Why are children born with stage 4 cancers?

  • Mike Btrfld
    Mike Btrfld Month ago +16

    Go forth and multiply, like rats. Divide into religious tribes. Destroy.

    • mr fantastic
      mr fantastic Month ago +2

      Don't forget " consume" and destroy