You can buy an Aston Martin FOR LESS than a Toyota Camry, BUT SHOULD YOU?

  • Published on Dec 2, 2021
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  • Hoovies Garage
    Hoovies Garage  5 months ago +134

    I SHOT SOMEONE IN THE FACE WITH MY ASTON MARTIN! Car Issues S2 is LIVE on @MotorTrendPlus, with 10 episodes airing over the holidays of pure hooptie goodness, and you can see it all for only 99 cents a month for 6 months by clicking here: TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF THE CYBER WEEK PROMOTION!

    • Matt Malone
      Matt Malone 25 days ago

      Ford is still supplying engines for some of the Aston Martins and Jags even tho they sold it to TATA motors of India. I love the fact that they use a lot of Ford parts because you can source them just about anywhere and at a great price. Mercedes and BMWs don't their value either because they become money pits after a few years.

    • Achronic Deth
      Achronic Deth 29 days ago

      that slots a phone holder

    • Vern Cotta
      Vern Cotta 5 months ago

      What? I found 3 Vantages for 40k yesterday

    • A M
      A M 5 months ago

      Hoovie, its not two ford duratec V6's welded together.... Not even close... get the story correct

  • Dan Howell
    Dan Howell 5 months ago +1851

    I think Tyler should go out on a limb and actually buy a fully loaded Camry and review it since it is the baseline for every car purchase he has ever made…ever.

    • Marko Micovic
      Marko Micovic 10 days ago

      it's not weird at all. Basic Toyota camry, for what people usually use a car, and how much it costs, easy can be said to be a best car in the world.

    • GlockMagic.com88
      GlockMagic.com88 27 days ago

      Pretty sure he uses the Camry comparison because it’s the cheapest new car in America and the most commonly sold.

    • Patrick Lensford
      Patrick Lensford 2 months ago

      Text me for your Aston martin giveaway
      2002 Aston Martin

    • Michael McKesson
      Michael McKesson 3 months ago

      I test drove a TRD Camry it was pretty nice and zippy I have a video of it going to 130 something lol

    • Gary Pamela Bradford
      Gary Pamela Bradford 4 months ago

      @Brian I guess you need to tell that to the people around the world that have bought and continue to buy Toyota to make them the best selling brand vehicle in the world. I suppose if they're all wrong you may be able to convert them all to your thinking.

  • Silicon Alley Electronics
    Silicon Alley Electronics 5 months ago +625

    I owned a 2009 DB9 for about a year and half and can back up pretty much everything Hoovie says here. I think a big part of the depreciation is how journalists either miss the point of the car or get it all completely wrong.
    The running costs aren't bad at all, it was actually the cheaper of the cars that I've owned and they're fairly reliable. The only recurring issue I had was the tail lights, they have this tendency to gather moisture and mess up the electronics inside so you need to replace the whole thing. Both of mine ended up failing, they're about $600 used.
    It handles like a big fat pig and isn't really super fast and the trunk is pretty small but none of that is the point. The car is great for all of the reasons that are hard to put on paper. When you open the door and after 12 whole years you're still greeted with a strong waft of leather. When you look at the gauges and they're gorgeous glass needles on a brushed aluminum face instead of a tacked on iphone screen. When you drive around and find that everyone around you loves the car and you get absolutely no negativity. It's things such as these that make the car truly stand out from pretty much everything else on the market.
    The idea that year for year, these are about the same price as a base tiptronic 911 is a concept I will never be able to wrap my head around, although I hope it stays that way because I want to pick up one of the new vanquishes at some point in the future.

    • Savage22 Bolt
      Savage22 Bolt 3 months ago

      @Mikael Jonsson I was in England a couple of years ago & saw a few Bently GT's parked & on the hiway. I had never seen one before, they look pretty good too.

    • Stewie Griffin
      Stewie Griffin 5 months ago

      Love the summary lol so basically it's like a luxury corvette or a viper ram

    • Bank Ops
      Bank Ops 5 months ago

      Tldr buy one

    • Coach J
      Coach J 5 months ago

      @Oneness100 I don't have any intention of keeping a collectible this was stupid

    • abidamn
      abidamn 5 months ago

      @chad haire Maybe you should've bought the DB9 then, or better yet the DBS. The Vantage always looks tame to me.

  • Chad Edwards
    Chad Edwards 5 months ago +420

    I love how excited and proud Tyler is when he finds a car that isnt leaking from everywhere, on a car that only has 25k on it.

    • Chad Edwards
      Chad Edwards 4 months ago

      @David Snow 100k. 😂 Maybe a few.

    • David Snow
      David Snow 5 months ago +2

      @Chad Edwards oh come on mate, there are plenty of 15 years old German cars with 100k in nice shape.

    • Weldopedia
      Weldopedia 5 months ago

      @mors tyrannis if the owner has no mechanical aptitude, perhaps

    • wykydytron
      wykydytron 5 months ago +1

      @Pandamasque Average car age in my country is 25 (we are poorest EU country) and surprise surprise most have way over 300k km on clock and nothing is leaking.

    • Chad Edwards
      Chad Edwards 5 months ago +5

      @Gandalf721 true. However some brands like Aston, have never made a reliable car. And its been 3 decades since BMW made one.

    EGGBIRDTHEROOSTER 5 months ago +172

    In my opinion, the DB9 is one of the most beautiful cars ever made.. in the wooorld.. 😏 Such a timeless and clean design!

    • Sigi
      Sigi 5 months ago +1

      Really?! It's been two weeks, yet nobody has picked up on the Clarkson reference?
      Well I will, and I salute you!

    • Granola Times
      Granola Times 5 months ago +1

      @CarsofGlasgow it's because of the Ford/aston temporary partnership where they shared a design team. After the partnership ended Ford straight up copied the aston designs they helped make.

    • CarsofGlasgow
      CarsofGlasgow 5 months ago

      @Granola Times they did! I still turn my head when I see a 2021 Ford Kuga as I think 'is that a DBX'

    • Granola Times
      Granola Times 5 months ago +4

      And then Ford made a bunch of Ford fusions with that same looking front end.

  • deep6this deep6this
    deep6this deep6this 5 months ago +78

    bought a '07 vantage coupe w/11,000 miles on it for about $48,000 a couple years ago. it wasn't a particularly good deal, but since have driven it about 9,000 miles (once from california to ohio and back) without much more than normal maintenance (which i can do myself for toyota prices). no regrets.
    and i think i DO understand why they are so inexpensive as a used car. if one is the type to take their cars to dealerships every time the check engine light or other warning light shows up on the dashboard, well.... you'll understand why they are so cheap. the true aston replacement parts (the only kind the dealership's service centers will install) are truly astontronomical. the very same thermostat that ford uses on their F150 is the same one that is used on my aston, but aston puts in their box with the aston label on it and charges about ten times the price. this is not an exaggeration.

    • rsr789
      rsr789 4 months ago +3

      Same thing with RR and BMW parts... lots of RR parts come from the BMW parts bin, but they charge RR prices for them...!

  • Martin Marnick
    Martin Marnick 5 months ago +27

    Good review as always fella. I can shed some light on deprecation values, and you missed some huge points anyone wanting to buy a secondhand AM must understand. I’ve been lucky enough to own many cars from Porsche Targa’s, a DB7 also a DB9 and Ferrari plus others new and secondhand.
    The DB7 was a beautiful looking car. At the time AM was owned by FORD. The car had a lot of very visible cheap end FORD parts like indicator switches, wipers and aircon knobs. In fact, once noticed you start to see FORD everywhere. The car had a supercharger and was gorgeous to drive fast in a straight line, 140mph not a problem. The Targa approaching that speed saw the front end become light and steering nonexistent. The DB7 had loads of leg room making it an ideal GT. Your opening was spot on you don’t own an AM to do a track day. And in my opinion its major marketing flaw post DB7.
    AM focused on performance stats against Merc, BMW, Porsche etc. This meant shorter and shorter wheel base, lighter and a more compact vehicle so the models could push higher top end speeds. AM turned the DB range into sports cars and not GTs. The DB9 with bespoke luggage cost me GBP112k new. Vast improvement over the 7 obviously. The cockpit was all bespoke knobs, the sat-nav was old Merc tech though. Everything appeared fine until you start doing longer journeys. Any DB9 owner will agree here, you start hitting your knees on side panels and your legs are bent. Elbows the same, its not relaxing, it wants you to race her. If that makes sense? The car is uncomfortable compared to the DB7.
    The Porsche 997 Targa was serviced twice a year GBP2k max. She was very cheap to maintain and reliable. The DB7 was a different story and this you failed to tell your viewers. General service four times a year GBP8k at least. Every time she went into the AM Service Centre she’d come out with a new problem. Shock absorbers, there are six and if one’s light they all need changing. The air condition system when it worked was a joke. It genuinely got to the point I’d only drive it at weekends and then prey nothing would go wrong with it. It was a hand-built car with shocking reliability, but looked beautiful. My advice for DB7 cheap to buy, but factor in a high upkeep cost. In the end I’d say they are fairly priced, not cheap.
    The DB9 was infinitely more reliable, but again expensive to service. My car actually went up in value at first due to the waiting list. However, within six months that was all gone and AM received massive customer complaints of 30% devaluation levels driving it out of the showroom. The reason for this was AM new sports car focus. My GBP112k car looks overpriced compared to a Targa mid GBP70k or BMW M3 or even a GT3. And that’s problem, they look stunning but reliable top end performance sucked for the outlay. They were competing in a different market instead of focusing on what AM are good at. Rolls Royce I don’t believe advertise their cars top end speed and rightly so.
    Subsequent AM models get better with the DBS and DB11, but they’ve had to move to a more production line system to increase reliability and use out sourced Merc engines. AM Finance means any starting out banker can afford one. The brands style and exclusivity as suffered. You see AM everywhere now...
    I loved my cars genuinely and looking back on them fondly they remind me of that old girlfriend. A great ride with lots of baggage, great memories but glad I’ve moved on!
    Sorry for the length

    • Mostly Penny Cat
      Mostly Penny Cat 14 days ago +1

      It's like people not buying Alpines for sports cars.
      People just don't know.
      But people who _do_ know, get awesome GTs for cheap.

    • Dean Russell
      Dean Russell 5 months ago +3

      Love the review, especially the final paragraph!!

  • cyril dieudonné
    cyril dieudonné 5 months ago +16

    The "thing to play with" can hold your toll ticket and your bank card to easily pay toll fees. It's actually a clever design.

    • Al Abadilla
      Al Abadilla Month ago

      Ah ok ... I thought it was for wedging your cell phone so it doesn't slide around everywhere!

    • gary ba ba booey
      gary ba ba booey 3 months ago


  • Stratoszero
    Stratoszero 5 months ago +54

    Ive owned both of these cars in the last few years. I went backwards from a DB9 Sports Pack to the DB7 Vantage Volante, for just the same reason Hoovie said - old world comfort and vintage feel. Both cars have their problems though;
    The DB9 - Good stuff: rock solid build quality, beautiful paint, deceptively simple construction so you can DIY service and repair it with a modicum of skill, the auto box is slick, its reasonably fast, and the reaction from other drivers and kids was very positive, people would jump out and shoot cameraphone videos. I would jump in and drive to Italy tomorrow, an ideal daily driver.
    The DB9 Bad stuff: Unfortunately a lot more....yes its solidly built, but to the point of discomfort. The seats adjust all ways but never quite right; in my GT Aston had listened to idiot journailsts and stiffened it far too much so the steering column vibrated in your hands over rough roads, the awful Bridgerock tyres made things worse (change to Michelins Hoovie), it was noisy, the stupid startup exhaust made it embarrassing when you just wanted a pint of milk at the shops, the stupid engine/box layout meant the driver was sitting where the rear passengers should be (I felt like Dick Dastardly), the rear seats are a bad joke, the dreadful puch button gear selection was slow and awkward, the dashboard was designed by a non-driver as being white-on-silver could not be read in daylight, the radio controls were dreadful, but not as bad as the heater which pumped hot air at your face......I could go on. Suffice to say it lasted barely 2 years with me, one of which was spent trying to sell it. Yes, no-one wanted a 27000 mile AM that looked as good as the day it was made for £37k
    The DB7 Good Stuff - I think it looks nice (though not all agree), its comforatble, quiet, unobtrusive, the parts are still easy to find as AM has all the stolen bits the original makers forgot about, its reasonably fast, and just feels nice to be in and around.
    The DB7 Bad stuff - this is where it gets subjective and where most would bale to the 9.....the auto box feels awfull, prehistoric actually, and linked to the ancient Salisbury diff makes it really revvy at motorway speeds, and it GUZZLES fuel. There are several afflictions which appear to affect all cars; vacuum leaks, EGR sticky bits, plugs and coils, and fuel pumps are the major ones, plus its tough on its Fred Flintstone suspension joints. Overall it feels like an old finicky car best left to a specialist. Its doenst even have proper modern jacking points for Christs sake. Overall I dont feel like I could jump in and drive to Italy, without some really good breakdown insurance and a bottomless wallet for fuel.
    And yet out of the 2 I still prefer the 7. To me the original DB9 looks worse every day, its slab sided, nose heavy, and has shallow windows. What I should have done is save more buy a post 2012 DB9 with the adaptive suspension, better chassis plates (yes those things underneath are structural), and the best bodywork revamp this century. Or even better just wait for a Rapide S to depreciate a little more.

    • Stratoszero
      Stratoszero 8 days ago

      @Mostly Penny Cat PS where did the nomenclature McSporty come from?

    • Stratoszero
      Stratoszero 14 days ago

      @Mostly Penny Cat Oh yes, my mistake, I wrote GT instead of "Sports Pack", I'll change the original post now. In Jay Emms recent review he said that AM made the dampers 66% harder as a result of feedback from the leadfooted knobs at Evo magazine. What kind of "chassis engineer" would do that FFS? Should have given it to Lotus and be done.

    • Mostly Penny Cat
      Mostly Penny Cat 14 days ago

      Was it a DB9 GT or a DB9 McSporty?

    • Stratoszero
      Stratoszero 5 months ago

      @Christian Valdez It depends how highly you prioritise comfort and refinement. On a sprts car not so much but its supposed to be a GT.

    • VW
      VW 5 months ago +1

      @Christian Valdez i know right? He complained the exhaust was too loud for his milk store trips? Lmao buy a Daewoo Matiz, grandpa.

    RAZGR1Z 5 months ago +20

    5:38 Lexus still builds a car that provides this exact experience and it's called the LC 500. You also get an amazing mechanical symphony as part of the deal and a car that looks like they took the concept straight to production. Because they did. One of the most soulful cars you can buy yet no one is buying them. Those not buying them now will be shocked when they are double the value in the future.

  • Furree
    Furree 5 months ago +102

    The bonding machine at the Aston Martin factory is of course called "James Bonding" by the workers.

    • Furree
      Furree 5 months ago +3

      @MarksBikeExports I'm very sorry for remebering the name wrongly from a documentary I saw 4-5 years ago. Shame on me to say the name was "Bonding" and not "Bonder" I do apologize!

    • MarksBikeExports
      MarksBikeExports 5 months ago

      ......aaaaand here is a classic example of all that's wrong with social media, the urban myth gets 7 x the recognition than the actual lived experience.

    • Brian Forrester
      Brian Forrester 5 months ago +15

      it's actually "James Bonder" - and an impressive bit of kit. I owned a 2007 V8 Vantage and arranged a factory tour through the dealer on the way back from a transcontinental trip (Edinburgh to Spain & back - via the Alps, of course...). Well worth a visit.

  • Dave DuMond
    Dave DuMond 5 months ago +23

    I've always loved the AMs, especially the V8 Vantage and DB9. Looks like the DB9 is the better car. I'd love to drive through my remaining years on earth in one. The search starts now. Thanks Hoovie, you rule!

  • Guy Gadbois
    Guy Gadbois 5 months ago +10

    Bought a 25k 2007 DB9 with the "sports pack" a couple years ago for $93k, could probably sell it for $110k now (in Australia). 2007 is the sweet spot just before the interior upgrade but late enough to have all the kinks worked out and all the options fitted as standard such as the metal knobs on the dash, heated seats, perforated leather etc. The sports pack added the upgraded 5 spoke wheels with titanium lug nuts, uprated springs and dampers and a solid aluminium underbody even more extensive than the one in Hoovie's for additional stiffness. I have a couple of blown dampers too though, the Multimatic ones had a design flaw where the seals leaked, I think from 2008 they replaced them with Bilstein's. They're a good $1500 each unfortunately.

  • Garrett Duplechain
    Garrett Duplechain 5 months ago +186

    I feel like I am in an alternate universe where Tyler actually buys a good car for a great price. Love it

    • Charles Of Savage
      Charles Of Savage 5 months ago

      @Wade H Yes, no more episodes with the many repairs : )

    • William Reinhard
      William Reinhard 5 months ago

      Yeah, and in reality that car isn't that cheap either. Maybe if you look long enough but I'm not seeing anything on the market with miles that low for less than $60k.

    • Andrew Nichols
      Andrew Nichols 5 months ago +4

      I think normally he buys the cheapest version of a car, so it is a basket case, so he can get the content for his channel, buying a perfect car and just driving it, wouldn’t work for his channel. It just happened that db9 was a good car, but he brought it in a bulk buy to buy that 911, which will give him the content for his channel.

    • Wade H
      Wade H 5 months ago +2

      Means he won't keep it long..

    • classicforreal
      classicforreal 5 months ago

      An Aston Martin no less

  • Josh McCartney
    Josh McCartney 5 months ago +14

    Tyler, keep grinding my man…. Your TheXvid Channel is pure entertainment and can’t miss…. Thank you….

  • Christian Erekson
    Christian Erekson 5 months ago +5

    I love watching Hoovie & car wizard but I highly suspect any DB9 at Camry price tag has missed every maintenance schedule or has numerous other issues.

  • Braeden Johnson
    Braeden Johnson 5 months ago +64

    That’s a terrible paint match on the front bumper on the convertible, definitely been replaced

      EUROASIAN Bob 5 months ago +6

      Watch the show and you will understand. Lol.

    • Paul Sz
      Paul Sz 5 months ago +2

      No attempt at even blending the bumper with the rest of the car.

    • David Dowling
      David Dowling 5 months ago +1

      The bumper has not been painted,the car…yes.

      I HAVE THE DOCUMENTS 5 months ago +3

      I noticed instantly

  • Michael Pfaff
    Michael Pfaff 5 months ago +10

    I love Tyler and love watching all of his videos. But recently it seems that the channel has leaned to being a channel about sports cars only. We didn't even see him drive the Fleetwood after it was finished; he sold it. I really loved the videos from the first 2 seasons so much! They were very entertaining and focused on large cars that needed rescued or repaired. I hope the channel migrates towards the original premise from a few years ago..............don't get me wrong, I will still watch. He is a great personality! So much better than anything on TV!

  • LMacNeill
    LMacNeill 5 months ago +1

    The DB9 is definitely my favorite modern Aston Martin. I'd definitely own one if I could find a decent one near me at a decent price.

  • chris
    chris 5 months ago +5

    the way the suspension is made it looks like you could remake it in your garage without much issue its just some round and square tube with a little flatbar splashed in. the axle shafts look like something any decent driveline shop could make with parts on hand. the real problem with these cars is finding someone to work on them for a reasonable rate

  • RyanRoadReaper
    RyanRoadReaper 5 months ago +2

    Just signed up to see your show, and already binge watched all of S1. Can't wait to do the same for S2!

  • Jerald Lifsey
    Jerald Lifsey 5 months ago +23

    8:55 It looks like the rear disc brakes were moved out to the wheels. I had a 1986 Jaguar XJS with the rear disc brakes at the differential and when the engine leaked (as it did often), the oil would blow back onto the rear brakes but the rear suspension looks like the XJS

    • CambridgeMart
      CambridgeMart 4 months ago

      It's actually the XK8 rear axle, as that has XJS underpinnings, albeit updated by 25 years; Hoovie's being a bit disingenuous calling it an XJS based car in my opinion.

    • MathsYknow
      MathsYknow 5 months ago +2

      In the last years of the XJS, the rear brakes did get moved outboard to the wheels. =)

  • Will Greenlee
    Will Greenlee 5 months ago +13

    Funny car wizard kept calling those rear axles "CV" axles, but what's interesting about those old school axles (also called "wheel drive shafts") is that they are NOT CV's (constant velocity), they are variable velocity because they use u-joints. So the axle changes velocity depending on the phase angle, so if the camber was out for example, the u-joint phases would not be able to cancel each other out and the wheel would slightly speed up and slow down every time it made a rotation. But like wizard said, they are also cool because they are pretty tough!

    • VW
      VW 5 months ago +1

      They are called half-shafts.

    • Ingram Powell
      Ingram Powell 5 months ago +1

      @Will Greenlee You are correct! Returned to adjust for brain fade but you had already done it.

    • Will Greenlee
      Will Greenlee 5 months ago

      @Ingram Powell The vehicle in the video does not have a transaxle.

  • mark carter
    mark carter 5 months ago +6

    I have just replaced the rear dampers on my DB9 so, if your sitting down, I can tell you they are £675 each for the OEM Aston Martin part. A totally unjustifiable amount, however, I fitted them myself and they are actually very easy to install. The struts drop out after removing only 5 bolts. Refurbished the entire rear brake system at the same time with new discs, pads, pins & clips and finialy a new hand brake cable. Really enjoyed getting to know thew Aston better through undertaking the work and being a 'modern' design they are easy to work on. I would encourage everyone to get stuck in and do some spannering its a great way to bond with your car.

    • Mostly Penny Cat
      Mostly Penny Cat 14 days ago

      That's not bad £675.
      It's not a Fiesta 🤷‍♂️
      Hopefully you had savings but credit for that kind of about is pocket change to lenders.

  • Sakara123
    Sakara123 5 months ago +1

    12:50 I think the depreciation has a bit to do with the crossover between car collectors and track enthusiasts now. People have found out how easy it is to get involved with local groups & honestly, I can't blame them. If you're going to get a modern(ish) sports car having the flexibility to be able to go to a track with it and drive it hard or just cruise around in the summer is super tempting.

  • Cheryl Cold
    Cheryl Cold 5 months ago +1

    Aston Martin's have always been cheap second hand. I remember when my dad had a (reasonably posh) company car and was worth (in the early 80s) more than twice as much as a used DBS. Same as other cars, my neighbour in 1980 had an e-type probably only worth 2k and dads company Ford Granada was retailing at around 8k. I bought an integrale 8v in 1998 for 5k and sold for 3k, now its 20k car, I bought an evo2 in 2007 for 11k and now worth 60+. DB7 was basically a Jaguar XJS and a clean XJS will go for similar money to a DB7.

  • jay klein
    jay klein 5 months ago +138

    My grandfather had several Aston Martin's, including a DB5, in his life. The only ones I remember are the 71 and 79 DBS V8s that he owned from the 70s until the early 2000's. He didn't drive them much after the 80s. When he did drive them in the early 90s they'd break down and finding people to work on them was hard. He once offered to send mechanic that worked for the garage that maintained his company's vehicles to England to learn how to work on them. They sat for 10 years and he wouldn't let me, my brother or our cousin do anything with them. He sold them in 2002 for $20k each, not running. I would guess that my grandfather didn't put 5k miles on either car in the decades that he owned them.

    • choob
      choob Month ago

      @Oneness100 buy a car battery from a store, if it doesn’t need special programming like BMW’s

    • Siddarth Bhagirath
      Siddarth Bhagirath 5 months ago +1

      @Franc D unfortunately yes, but if you had a DB5 its like a vintage Jag. Will only go up in price once more vintage buyers come and remember the movie. Even the Vantage in Casino Royale is pretty damn spectacular, if you have money one day and you can effortlessly cover the investment, I don't see how its such a big issue. My uncle used to work for Aston martin in the UK and he has a 2016 DB9, he got it for very cheap and he's kept it stock and in great condition. The culture is cool and the car makes u feel like a spy!

    • nismo510
      nismo510 5 months ago +1

      @Oneness100 I'd just do it myself.

    • jay klein
      jay klein 5 months ago +3

      @Siddarth Bhagirath you're right, I really wanted that 71 DBS V8. It was beautiful and mean looking.

    • Oneness100
      Oneness100 5 months ago +1

      for a first time Mercedes owner, I don't see why it should be a problem just for a battery.. no, I wouldn't normally consider taking it to a Pep Boys for anything else, but this was on a Sunday, the Mercedes Service places I normally took it to were closed and I wanted to get the battery replaced if it needed.. A battery isn't THAT complicated.
      What other options are there?

  • CarsofGlasgow
    CarsofGlasgow 5 months ago +3

    Love seeing the underside of the DB7 vs the DB9. Great cars, I hope you keep them for a while :D

  • Gina's Speedy Pit Stop
    Gina's Speedy Pit Stop 5 months ago +2

    I agree that car reviews based on track performance are rather irrelevant to the majority of car buyers. Why they often leave out comfort and practicality is beyond me...

  • John Sim
    John Sim 5 months ago +1

    Both cars were done by Ian Callum, the design genius, but the DB9 was finished off by Fisker, and same with the Vantage of that era too. The engineering of the original Vanquish was done by Lotus, but they went hugely over budget and delays so for the DB9 Dr Bez came up with the VH platform. The idea being that they could make cars sharing the same fundamental platform which could stretch in length, wheelbase, and width. Thereby allowing for the Rapide, DB9, DBS and Vantage to share expensive castings for the suspension mounts etc. That means you don't have the same problems you highlighted with the Z8 only recently as those parts are far far strong than it's suspension mounts. Yes, many parts from Ford but that gives two advantages, firstly they're inexpensive, secondly tested and developed to a higher standard than Aston could have so you get better reliability.

  • Ryan Peralta
    Ryan Peralta 5 months ago +1

    Tyler should make more POV drives to the wizards or when he’s reviewing his cars

  • StarKaster RSer.
    StarKaster RSer. 5 months ago

    I've always favorited the db9 and the vantages, the question is, where do you find them? Dealers and locals usually only carry porsches, bmws and benz

  • Algenis Correa
    Algenis Correa 5 months ago +4

    I've always been a big fan of the DB7. I think it's the fact that most people overlook it attracts me to the car. Even when it was new.

  • delbomb3131
    delbomb3131 5 months ago +10

    The new Camry's look great tho, I'm constantly doing a double take when I see them

  • Gareth Edwards
    Gareth Edwards 5 months ago

    The DB9 looks great and that engine just sounds sweet, please just replace the wheels as it would transform the car.

  • Ryan Gura
    Ryan Gura 5 months ago

    I've always wanted a DB9, such a good looking car! But I can't decide if sell my 2011 S6 with 75k miles for a newer S6 and do the RS7 turbo upgrade, or get a nice low mileage DB9 like yours..

  • johnro6659
    johnro6659 5 months ago +3

    I love Aston Martin, unfortunately I probably will never own one. I would be happy with an 8cly version 2008 or a 2011 V8 Vantage. I could probably do most of the maintenance myself so those costs wouldn't scare me away. I have found a lot of Brit Luxury/exotics tend to depreciate a lot. My last three cars were Jaguars one I leased so i won't count that really but my 98 XJ8L cost me 5K and was mint. I put in a wheel bearing and an Alternator in the 6 years i had it. That got stolen and wrecked. I used the insurance money to buy a 03 VDP for 7K low miles mint condition originally had a 75K sticker. Had that for the last 7 years and all I did was an alternator new battery and I broke part of the rear suspension hitting a pot hole really hard but the parts cost nothing. My next car will probably be another Jag but most likely an XK Coupe 2007 to 2011. Closest I'll get to an Aston Martin I guess.

    • VW
      VW 5 months ago +1

      Nice taste in cars.

  • Brainless Spud Logic
    Brainless Spud Logic 5 months ago

    When underneath the DB9 they should have pointed out the chassis is a stiff alloy space frame. Along with the protection from the alloy trays, these cars are well protected from rust. The alloy suspension arms reduce un-spring weight to good effect.

  • M Szerlag
    M Szerlag 5 months ago

    I always see myself owning one of these cars eventually in my life. I'm glad they're not appreciating!

    CLC III 5 months ago +2

    Seems strange that the brakes are that worn on a DB9 with only 25k miles. I'm used to easily getting 50+ thousand on the front pads and twice that on the rear of almost any modern car.

  • David Hennessey
    David Hennessey 5 months ago +15

    When my grandfather passed away I inherited an old antique reflecting the oldest technology known to humanity that I'm still able to use to this day - A Hammer. Remarkably, it works just as good, if not better than modern high-priced hammers.

    • Mark Stevens
      Mark Stevens 5 months ago +2

      The other guys grandfather was suffering too many first-world problems. Yours seems more relatable.

  • Marshal Dunnik
    Marshal Dunnik 5 months ago +9

    Let’s just say that the used car market prices Astons very efficiently.

  • Arkokes
    Arkokes 5 months ago +16

    1:43 "i bought this db9 with $25,000 for $38,000" thats a hell of a deal

  • Bryce Travis
    Bryce Travis 5 months ago

    Just started watching Car Issues Season 1 Ep 1 with the Audi S6 V10. Hearing Tyler say that a $13,000 Audi was the closest he’s ever been to owning a Lamborghini really shows how far he’s come in just a few years since Daddy Doug helped kickstart this awesome automotive masochist’s channel.

  • Max Power
    Max Power 5 months ago

    You got me!!! I can spare $6 for six months to watch More of you and The Wizard on Car issues. :-)

  • MathsYknow
    MathsYknow 5 months ago +1

    I own a 1980s Jaguar XJ-S. The underside of the DB7 is definitely an old Jag, except they seem to have put some cross bracing below the front and rear suspension to make it even harder to work on! I wonder if that's only a feature of convertible DB7s.

  • Phillip Massie
    Phillip Massie 5 months ago +3

    As a 74 year old man I would gladly embrace a beautiful 3" Aston Martin

  • wojak
    wojak 5 months ago +7

    the Aston Rapide was one of my favorite cars he owned.

  • Andre
    Andre 5 months ago +3

    9:58 I love how back then, Aston used Volvo's chime for their cars too. Gotta love Ford.

  • geeky zebra
    geeky zebra 5 months ago +2

    Besides the viper..the Aston Martin db9 would be my second dream car

  • Luke Walker
    Luke Walker 5 months ago +5

    They should have made that thing next to where the shifter used to go deeper for those long road trips.

  • Brendan O'Connell
    Brendan O'Connell 5 months ago +2

    Let it be known that it’s Hoovies fault when they’re both worth 6 figures next month 😂

  • Keaira Finlay
    Keaira Finlay 5 months ago +3

    I want one. I would love a DB9 even. I bought my 2019 S550 Mustang GT because it reminded me of an Aston Martin in its styling.

  • Coses
    Coses 5 months ago +3

    The DB9(S) is just one of the best looking cars ever.

  • jake lami
    jake lami 4 months ago

    How reasonable are spare parts for these though? I know a lot of the engine bits are interchangeable with the ford i6 of the time but are things like struts, pads, rotors etc affordable enough to make it worthwhile? I guess anything comparable to the maintenance of an s-class Mercedes or a BMW 6 series would be acceptable.

  • Ben Cappello
    Ben Cappello 5 months ago

    Awesome cars. Is it me or is the bumper cover on the db7 a totally different colour from the rest of the car

  • sgoody1
    sgoody1 2 months ago

    What beautiful, super value cars - probably wont stay that way for long, as people catch on.

  • michael logullo
    michael logullo 5 months ago +2

    I'm a huge fan of your videos. I had no idea an A M could be so affordable. The rubber slot you are so interested in located on the center console is actually a "slot" to hold your cell phone secure.

  • commentator
    commentator 5 months ago +5

    I’m glad they depreciate so much. I’m looking to pick up a used Valkyrie for $10

    • p l
      p l 5 months ago

      me to :)

  • Silvermane
    Silvermane 5 months ago +2

    A mid-level Camry is $40K now? Damn...I remember when the Lexus LS & SC 400's were that price, back in the 90's.

  • Alexandre Couture
    Alexandre Couture 5 months ago

    Nice cars! Interesting to see that the DB7 has almost the same instrument cluster as my 91 Jaguar Sovreign XJ40. It is probably exactly the same, but with a different skin.

    • VW
      VW 5 months ago

      The DB7 was initually supposed to be the XJ-S replacement and so it is essentially a Jaguar. The brake fluid reservoir is identical to my 1997 XJ6.

  • Max Nicholls
    Max Nicholls 5 months ago +6

    NOTHING rides or has the beautiful handling of that XJ suspension set up. It makes me weep every time i get in a new Jag/Aston /german car how they have lost that ability to cruise at speed in total smooth comfort. Harden the suspension, widen the track, put big low profile tyres on any car and you can make it handle like a track car; but attaining the XJ ride quality takes real art and engineering. I've had all sorts of cars sporty fast and luxury and nothing beats an 80s XJ/xjs set up.. with a lot more power; hence a DB7 GT manual. It maybe antediluvian but it works

  • Kuya Millefune
    Kuya Millefune 5 months ago +1

    Hoovie has that rare combo of being a car guy and Star Trek fan. That Sulu "Shields! Shields!" Impression from Star Trek VI at 14:20 was really good.

  • Mike Broom
    Mike Broom 5 months ago +31

    Every friday when I get done watching torque test channel I know there's going to be a Hoovie to watch.

    • Evan Little
      Evan Little 5 months ago

      @Alex H not sorry dawg- I love hoovie and he’s inspired me to make my own bad car decisions but when I think of people using HOOVIE for ESCAPISM I mean it’s pretty obvious that you could be achieving more.

    • Alex H
      Alex H 5 months ago

      Brutal comment Evan

    • Evan Little
      Evan Little 5 months ago

      Maybe you should direct your attention to bettering your own life. Waiting for some dude to feed you escapism is really sad. You’re at the point of getting excited for this. Come on man, have a little more pride.

    • SEXY GIRLS🔞🔞
      SEXY GIRLS🔞🔞 5 months ago

      ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💜 NUDE.SNAPGIRLS.TODAY/marsya 💜 PRIVATE S*X
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    • イズミちゃん
      イズミちゃん 5 months ago +4

      ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💜 💜 PRIVATE S*X
      #ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!1#万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!#今後は気を付けないとね5). .
      !💖🖤❤#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!( #笑)#垃圾

  • guitarandotherthings
    guitarandotherthings 5 months ago +9

    Is it true these cost $10k a year to maintain? That would be a good reason for low price, as is the case for many used European luxury vehicles.

    • Randy Kumpf
      Randy Kumpf 5 months ago

      @fboomerang - Yeah, when the warranty is done, I am done going to the dealer. Plenty of good mechanics around.

    • Scott MacKenzie
      Scott MacKenzie 5 months ago +4

      Not at all - I have a 2007 DB9 with 41K miles. I bought it a couple of years ago at 33K miles. While there was some initial maintenance I did that the previous owner did not do that upped the cost, it has been reasonable. Initial costs were new coils and plugs, and all the fluids. I had it done at a AM service/restorer - not the dealer. Cost was $5K. Yearly maintenance to the schedule, with changing the oil (16 quarts Mobil 1), and changing brake fluid every 2 years, the annual cost is about $1100/yr.

    • fboomerang
      fboomerang 5 months ago +3

      Dealer maintenance is more expensive by far than @CarWizard maintenance

  • Mike Ross
    Mike Ross 5 months ago +19

    It’s simple. They depreciate because they were NEVER worth the msrp.

    • VW
      VW 5 months ago

      You just can't afford one, not even a depreciated one.

    • Mitch D
      Mitch D 5 months ago +2

      Correction. They are like ANY Maserati built since the 1980's.

    • Ziggy Stardust
      Ziggy Stardust 5 months ago +3

      These are like Maserati TCs by Chrysler

  • Matthew Thrasher
    Matthew Thrasher 5 months ago +1

    The Vanquish never gets any love and it's by a mile my favorite Aston Martin.

  • Ferrari Scuderia
    Ferrari Scuderia 5 months ago +8

    Considering how much this era of Aston Martins consisted of Ford parts - including the engine - it's not a real mystery why they depreciate. Also, it shares its chassis and overall design with the Jaguar XK series so again this doesn't make it unique, however, there is no denying that they are some of the most beautiful cars ever made.

    • Mike Yap
      Mike Yap Month ago

      The chassis is Aston Martin Aluminium VH1 which is the Jaguar is a completely different steel, carbon fibre long shaft and torgue tube is all Aston Martin proprietary, the engine was based on a V6 Duratec that had been reengineered by Costworth.

  • xanzar21
    xanzar21 5 months ago +5

    I disagree with hoovie @5:58 the SL was historically a sports car its even in the name Sport Leicht (SL), the car had lost its way for the past 58 years. Aside from the SL73 , SL60 , and SL65 Black series the SL hasn't been truly sporty in decades. Let the modern SL return to its roots.

    • xanzar21
      xanzar21 5 months ago

      @Right Wing Safety Squad they've actually culled a lot of them , and the SLS was something wholly different (a spiritual successor to the original 300SL road car).

    • Right Wing Safety Squad
      Right Wing Safety Squad 5 months ago

      They've expanded their sports coupe lineup. Now you've got the SLS, SLK, SLC, CLK, CLS, and AMG GT. There's plenty of room for the SL to be a speed boat.

  • Tamara B
    Tamara B 5 months ago +2

    V12 Astons will climb up nicely once Aston will make their dumb choices going EV
    I was happy I got to take ours DB9 when I did my driver test. Lad who tested me was enjoying car more than test itself
    My dad was more nervous than me when he agreed to this

  • ahealthystudent
    ahealthystudent 5 months ago +2

    My neighbor had a db9 and honestly one of the best sounding cars!

    ZOLTORE 5 months ago +2

    I like Hoovie. He makes me happy.

  • MonkeyMonk2000
    MonkeyMonk2000 5 months ago +8

    Thumbs up for the comment of the trend of building cars more sporty to please journalists testing on a race track. Probably the first thing I want from my luxury car is a comfortable ride on my long daily commute 👍
    Give me that powerful smooth take off like a 747, I don't really need to plaster my body on the seat in 3.5 seconds

  • Marcus W
    Marcus W 5 months ago +5

    40k isn't a cheap car in any means! 5k is. I know, It's top notch and was priced way higher - but it's still almost 20k more, than I could afford for my midlife crisis right now, without tearing my whole savings plan apart. Could I buy it? sure! Could I really afford it? Given it's 40% of my cash lifetime savings - no!

  • Brendan O'Connell
    Brendan O'Connell 5 months ago +8

    Let it be known that it’s Hoovies fault when they’re both worth 6 figures next month 😂

    • Rick Hunter
      Rick Hunter 5 months ago

      Buyer beware, these are a maintenance nightmare

    • anon
      anon 5 months ago +2

      Yup, he’s hyping it up with the intent to make money on his down the road.

  • Mohamed Latif
    Mohamed Latif 5 months ago +2

    Kids years later be like: "Dad why can't we afford the University fees?"
    Taylor replies:
    "Let me tell you a story about a car."

  • K B
    K B 26 days ago +1

    From almost every angle I prefer the looks of that DB7. It's simply stunning. I could never had paint shot at it.

  • grayson serrano
    grayson serrano 5 months ago

    Still my favorite car channel !

  • ABC
    ABC 4 months ago

    After seeing the DB7 from under, I like it more than the newer ones!

  • Four utubez
    Four utubez 5 months ago

    The DB9 is still one of the most beautiful modern GT's

  • Red Herring
    Red Herring 5 months ago +1

    Just started watching Season 1 of Car Issues and have to admit that it's a very entertaining show and I enjoy it.
    The Wizard and yourself should produce a Wheeler Dealers type show where you buy a car to flip that has some issues, the wizard fixes up the car and then you try to sell the car for a profit and split a percentage of the profits between yourselves (or something to that effect).
    The show would probably have to focus mainly on the wizard fixing the issues with the cars, but I believe that with the proper amount of assistance (and comedy relief) from you it could work.
    I believe that with the chemistry and fan base that both of you have a show like that would be an instant hit.

  • Garsim mulholland
    Garsim mulholland 5 months ago +1

    These are a solid option. I know a few people who run them with big miles and no drama.

  • Portfolio Automotive
    Portfolio Automotive 3 months ago

    Service requiring the AMDS tool is part of my guess… I still love my Vantage regardless 🥂

  • Eric Autoxes
    Eric Autoxes 5 months ago

    Just keep in mind, the rails on the bottom of the car are aluminum and the car should be lifted by the steel rails on the side. Something I learned when I got my V8V. Either way, great buy!

  • Berwhale The Avenger
    Berwhale The Avenger 5 months ago +1

    The DB7 really hasn't aged at all well. The DB9 though was a much more serious effort and looks expensive in the way a DB7 just doesn't.

  • Mikael Jonsson
    Mikael Jonsson 5 months ago

    The rear of that DB9 looks great! 😊👌

  • RyansuBike
    RyansuBike 5 months ago +4

    I would take the Camry and not worry about maintenance bankrupting me. I do love the Goldfinger DB5 -my favorite Bond care ever, but have no illusions of affording one let alone keeping it running.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 months ago

    The DB9 is still one of the most beautiful car ever built

  • Andrew Hurst
    Andrew Hurst 5 months ago

    I think the DB9 is one of the most beautiful production cars made since 2000. However, I can think of one great reason these depreciated heavily. Don’t they get like 12 mpg at best?

  • AM D
    AM D 5 months ago

    DB5s are million dollar cars now? I swear I remember looking at them in the late 90s and they were like

  • Panda N.
    Panda N. 5 months ago

    I think the aston martin hole you're playing with in the intro is meant for you to take off any rings and place them there. That way you don't scratch up your wheel

  • AT Restoration
    AT Restoration 5 months ago +3

    Bonded. James Bonded.

  • KeefKreator
    KeefKreator 5 months ago

    Thank you Hoovie, I'll tell my wife you said it was 👍

  • Marius Dragomir
    Marius Dragomir 5 months ago

    Judging by the oil staining on the floor, that’s the Hoovie reserved elevator.

  • Chronos
    Chronos 5 months ago

    Wizard was grinning ear to ear when you pulled into the shop with that Ford Aston.

  • Christian Boyd
    Christian Boyd 5 months ago +2

    That’s a very interesting “slot” in the DB9, I suppose you could show your love to the car but only just the tip…

  • JJ Legend
    JJ Legend 5 months ago +7

    Those Jaguar/Aston Martin DB7s are probably the best bet for buying an older Aston Martin. If you buy the right one, you get the Jaguar 6 cylinder, and the iconic Aston mouth on the front.
    Some people think its ugly, but ill take a point on styling, if it means I can enjoy the car more often. Even if its not a "Real" Aston Martin. I've got an older Xk, but the DB7 is the car I really wanted. Still do, so maybe stop telling people how great they are.😂

    • flyingphoenix113
      flyingphoenix113 5 months ago +2

      Straight-6 equipped DB7 w/ manual is definitely a dream car for me. One pulley change and intercooler upgrade away from the car it always should have been.

  • Schnitzel_Stephan
    Schnitzel_Stephan 5 months ago +5

    I'm surprised these cars are so cheap in the States, in Europe I feel like Aston Martin's hold their value much better than other luxury sport cars of the same age.

    • BoS Knight
      BoS Knight 4 months ago

      @Schnitzel_Stephan “here” in my case meaning Europe. Yeah,there incredibly overpriced,and for that reason,many think that muscle cars are low quality crap because they’re being compared to something like a 911,which is obviously much nicer. Also,the high powered motors cost a small fortune to insure. On the other hand,many German brands get a bad reputation in the states because the license built models from there have bad quality control and break a lot

    • Schnitzel_Stephan
      Schnitzel_Stephan 4 months ago

      @BoS Knight Not sure if "here" means Europe or United States or somewhere else, but I feel like here in Europe, American cars are generally insanely overpriced (basic mustang has to compete with Porsche in price, while it's a fairly budget car in the States), From Doug Demuro I heard that old Landrovers and some G-Wagons sell for outrageous prices in the states, where up to a few years back the same car could cost 10K in the United Kingdom.

    • BoS Knight
      BoS Knight 4 months ago

      Everything auto here seems to be SO much more expensive….every time I hear about a car that’s supposed to be cheap,it’s nowhere near that price here. Even new cars like the new Kia stinger (it’s great because it’s like an M4,but much cheaper) costs just the same as it’s German counterpart

  • Scrapcash2
    Scrapcash2 5 months ago +1

    I think the "Little slit" is for holding your cell phone. Rubber sides keep it from scratching your phone, and holding it so it doesn't rattle or slide around. While keeping it in reach.

  • Skaught Mc
    Skaught Mc 5 months ago +12

    Shush!!! You’re going to drive the prices up before I can get one!
    I took an XK8 coupe for a test drive in the early 2000’s. I had a 98 C5 Vette at the time. The XK was nice - plenty of power, smooth ride - but once you got it into some twisties, it became apparent how NOT track oriented it was. Also, all of the wood grain everywhere really made it feel like an old man’s car. I assumed the DB7 would be better all around, but they were out of my price range at the time. I’ve been eyeing V8 Vantages lately, as they’re finally dropping into reasonable prices.

    • Tharun R
      Tharun R 5 months ago +1

      Come back here when or if you buy the aston martin

    • Michael Q.
      Michael Q. 5 months ago +1

      The XK8 was never meant to be a track car. It was a wonderful GT. All the bookended veneers we're stunning to see in a modern car. They were all finished by one man at Jaguar. If you were comparing it to your C5 you were comparing apples to oranges. I had Anthracite XK8 convertible with black top and Cashmere colored interior, and even when it was 12 years old it was turning heads and grabbing attention.

    • anon
      anon 5 months ago +1

      That’s exactly what he’s doing. It’s so obvious that’s borderline cringey. He’s trying to hype it up so he can make some $$ on his when he decides to sell it later.