OMG I RAGE SOLD MY TEAM! RIP MESSI! #FIFA20 Ultimate Team Road To Glory #40

  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
  • I RAGE SOLD MY TEAM! RIP MESSI! #FIFA20 Ultimate Team Road To Glory #40
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  • AA9skillz
    AA9skillz  28 days ago +603

    im sorry bros!!! i didnt wanna drop messi but i had to!!!! IM SORRY!!!! love u guys thanks for watching!!!!

      ABDULLA HAMAD 26 days ago

      I feel the same way with Messi like no matter where I play him

    • Lynx Rapidzz
      Lynx Rapidzz 26 days ago

      Use if Ben yedder

    • b aras
      b aras 27 days ago

      You never play well with messi dont know why you keep trying.

    • Lachlan Dowd
      Lachlan Dowd 27 days ago

      @aa9skillz bro get a kaka baby

    • Coco Flores
      Coco Flores 27 days ago

      Take pirlo he’s good I’ve heard good thing from him on draft

  • The Ace
    The Ace 2 days ago

    Only reason why Ronaldo is staying is because of his stats * Plays 300 more games with him* ok

  • Andrei Andrei
    Andrei Andrei 20 days ago


  • S Delpan
    S Delpan 22 days ago

    Disliked for the stupid over reactive fake thumbnail

  • Mr. Blekkan
    Mr. Blekkan 23 days ago

    im so surprised

  • Jack Melly
    Jack Melly 25 days ago

    Tbh I think Ronaldo can go if messi can

  • Mohammad Shaakir
    Mohammad Shaakir 25 days ago

    Pick figo up

  • Evan Dipasquale
    Evan Dipasquale 25 days ago

    This past weekend was so frustrating I consider myself lucky to make gold 2 lol

  • Dxniel
    Dxniel 25 days ago +1

    Well...RTG lost excitement.

  • Robin Jako
    Robin Jako 25 days ago

    Pick up 85 okocha, you wont be dissapointed

  • Michael Raggett
    Michael Raggett 25 days ago

    9:20 bro he has high agility just add a hunter to him and on 10 chem and he will be good 😂😂

  • Michael Raggett
    Michael Raggett 25 days ago

    Those are the wrong formations for messi to work skillz

  • Michael Raggett
    Michael Raggett 25 days ago

    Skills you dont play messi at ST how can he compair with r7 and he hasnt been in your club for nearly the same time as r7 thats 1 stupid decision mate

  • 90 days Ahead
    90 days Ahead 25 days ago

    Buy 89 rated gerrard

  • myles seaton thomas
    myles seaton thomas 25 days ago


  • Marcio Costa
    Marcio Costa 25 days ago

    bring matuidi in for the chem

  • Orlando James
    Orlando James 26 days ago

    RB capa for semedo

  • Kiro
    Kiro 26 days ago

    I thought you said you would never sell messi STOP LYING

  • Steffan Olaosebikan
    Steffan Olaosebikan 26 days ago


  • Isaac Ramos
    Isaac Ramos 26 days ago

    I truly enjoy del perio a lot

  • Emil Kristiansen
    Emil Kristiansen 26 days ago

    AA9skillz, Bro, IAN RUSH!

  • August Carlsson
    August Carlsson 26 days ago

    Buy 90 best

  • GanjuBABY 420
    GanjuBABY 420 26 days ago

    Y he lying dawg he said he will never sell messi and ron on this account ...

  • Muizz Khan
    Muizz Khan 26 days ago

    Skillz: I'm so bad that's why I'm selling my team
    Where's the logic

  • Carlos Nunez
    Carlos Nunez 26 days ago

    Buy Matuidi for your cm!

  • Sam Newman
    Sam Newman 26 days ago

    Get pirlo

    NXNDEZ_ 26 days ago +1

    I agree with you bro. I’m tired of facing teams that play 10 in the back then counter when I make a mistake. It’s hella annoying and frustrating and it makes me want to try out that type of play style to win games but I don’t like playing defensive all game, it’s boring and makes me not play want to play fifa.

  • Joachim A
    Joachim A 26 days ago

    try 90 butragueno before you try mbappe. he's god tier

  • Air Hehus
    Air Hehus 26 days ago

    Buy baby gattuso he’s sick

  • Olle
    Olle 27 days ago

    Bring in figo

  • Samuel Grecu
    Samuel Grecu 27 days ago

    Get hagi!!!!

  • Iqqy reviews Fifa
    Iqqy reviews Fifa 27 days ago

    Get Ramos instead of Lenglet, he's so much better.

  • Sixarr
    Sixarr 27 days ago


  • Hoxha Eduard
    Hoxha Eduard 27 days ago

    you could get figo in rf and then maybe is ronaldo on full chem

  • Jordi boy
    Jordi boy 27 days ago +1

    Skillz: I’ve been playing in the 4231 and 442, theyre just too defensive for me.

    Also Skillz: Its Messi’s fault.

    Surely just try a 3 back or whatever with messi at striker or RW?

  • Devon Hawkins
    Devon Hawkins 27 days ago

    Mbappe is like a mill bro. You looking at 1.8 just on your front two

  • dark devil
    dark devil 27 days ago


  • f1 player
    f1 player 27 days ago


  • Daniel Powers
    Daniel Powers 27 days ago

    You change your mind like the wind.

  • Louis Barnes
    Louis Barnes 27 days ago +1

    use Naigonalin as CM he's insane

  • Midso7
    Midso7 27 days ago

    Play the 4222 in game man it’s fire fire fire

  • r1stzz
    r1stzz 27 days ago

    put kante lcm allan cm ronaldo rcm and buy a rw from seria a or portuguese icon whatever

  • Mapuche Warrior
    Mapuche Warrior 27 days ago

    Lost interest in the series now... Skillz forever showcases Ronaldo. Fifa 17, 18, 19 and 20, we always see Ronaldo, but we never get to see Messi😂 I'm so bored of seeing Ronaldo every single year, I'm out bruh.

  • Fortnite Master
    Fortnite Master 27 days ago

    Try out Hugo Sanchez

    BaxSNIPEZ 27 days ago

    Baby guardiola is so good

  • ItzMarra 77
    ItzMarra 77 27 days ago


  • der allerEchte
    der allerEchte 27 days ago

    I feel the Argument with messi

  • Ben Harel
    Ben Harel 27 days ago

    Baby Hagi the goat

  • DankerSpy
    DankerSpy 27 days ago


  • MriNovaHd
    MriNovaHd 27 days ago +1

    Love this fifa, finally a fifa where pros cant exploit OP strats (Shooting, skills)

  • Fabian F.
    Fabian F. 27 days ago +1

    This episode reminded my of my girlfriend wining...

  • Uchiha_UnknownYt
    Uchiha_UnknownYt 27 days ago

    Aa9skills get kaka

  • Cormac 11205
    Cormac 11205 27 days ago

    Gattouso cdm 85 base in game 89

  • Nicorette
    Nicorette 27 days ago

    Buy Essien

  • Erik Rahr
    Erik Rahr 27 days ago

    Go Hagi

  • Borislav Grgv
    Borislav Grgv 27 days ago

    I dont think anyone here is gonna be able to trust what youre saying from now on. Despite rage, frustration, anger etc. you said earlier that both Messi and Cristiano will stay. What happened? Where are your balls? Especially as a YTber you can follow all your comments and statements made. Im not a Messi fan by any means, but if youre having the best luck on this account, I cant see anyone better than Messi and Cristiano who are gonna fit better or will have the same appeal to us, the viewers. Next time you rage quit, sell Cristiano also, by then we will know why you did it.

  • Rohan Mascarenhas
    Rohan Mascarenhas 27 days ago

    Get son salah mane n either Fabinho or wijdnaldum

  • FakeRemis
    FakeRemis 27 days ago

    rui Costa middle gets a strong link to ronaldo

  • CC TV
    CC TV 27 days ago

    Kante cm, then icon henry off chen RF

  • RATEDRsensei
    RATEDRsensei 27 days ago

    This was annoying I'm out