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VICE Official Trailer (2018) Christian Bale, Amy Adams Movie HD

  • Published on Oct 3, 2018
  • VICE Official Trailer (2018) Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Dick Cheney Biopic Movie HD
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Comments • 3 366

  • Steve J. Cline
    Steve J. Cline 57 seconds ago +1

    Is it just me or does Christian Bale look like Dick Cheney more than Dick Cheney...

  • panthertrain1984
    panthertrain1984 36 minutes ago

    This looks amazing! Tyler Perry is also on this and plays Colin Powell, be interesting to see that as well

  • Oscar Park
    Oscar Park Hour ago

    Clint Eastwood should have played Rumsfeld..

  • woahdudette
    woahdudette 4 hours ago

    I thought that was Kate McKinnon instead of amy at first 😆

  • avacc88
    avacc88 6 hours ago

    Propaganda machine still attempting to glamorize the criminal class in 2018 with big time CIA-funded films. Don't waste your time. Learn how to think. Reclaim your attention and leave the rubble behind.

  • adiesha1993
    adiesha1993 10 hours ago

    Hot damn.. !!! 😂😂

  • Eric John
    Eric John 17 hours ago

    I think you could argue Cheney and Rumsfeld are a big reason we have a corrupt toddler running the country, today.

  • networkdeath1
    networkdeath1 18 hours ago

    One day, will we ever see the movie that depicts just how awful the leaders of America’s vast, unaccountable entertainment/media complex truly are? It would be the most incredible movie ever made.

  • TBK
    TBK 21 hour ago

    I lost $10 to my friend because I couldn't find Christian Bale in this trailer

  • colbygraves97
    colbygraves97 22 hours ago

    Will Ferrel should’ve played George W Bush

  • Niranjan Prakash
    Niranjan Prakash 23 hours ago +1

    Why does Sam Rockwell play so perfectly these 'I honestly don't have a clue as to what I'm doing' characters !

  • Mark H
    Mark H 23 hours ago

    Cheney was known in the White House as Darth Vader

  • NailaCafé
    NailaCafé Day ago +1

    I wounder if they would ever make a movie on Mike Pence

  • kristy misty
    kristy misty Day ago

    Tricky Dicky

  • Mike Rojano
    Mike Rojano Day ago

    The Killers song just makes this trailer.

  • 123
    123 Day ago +1

    I‘m just stunned by Rockwell

  • Cucked88
    Cucked88 Day ago +6

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  • Amy Madison
    Amy Madison Day ago +1

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  • Alex Silaban
    Alex Silaban Day ago +1

    Where's Christian Bale?

  • Mark Steinmann
    Mark Steinmann Day ago

    It's funny seeing someone besides Morgan Freeman playing god.

  • au jack
    au jack Day ago

    Oh the mis fire the heart attack... lol we can see how many conspiracies they managed to fit in this one lol

  • Al Krab
    Al Krab Day ago

    Christian Bale looks like Chevy Chase..

  • ytsas48608
    ytsas48608 Day ago

    holy shit is that christian bale

  • Michael Sinclair

    "Are you even more ruthless than you used to be?" I believe the whole Country knows the answer to that question.

  • Averyofthemain
    Averyofthemain Day ago

    HA!, this is going to be a ridiculous smear job filled with leftist paranoia and conspiracy, what? are they going to make the hunting accident intentional? Probably. I know it's bullshit already because they showed Cheney seated when he shot, they don't the first thing about pheasant hunting and how easy it is to lose a bird in the light and have an accident while WALKING through a field. Utter crap.

  • Tom Byorn
    Tom Byorn Day ago

    Isn't it funny how the only people making movies about politics are libtards. Don't believe half this shit folks - but then again most people on here are libtards so you have no clue.

  • Guardington Keke

    How in the shit is that Christian Bale

  • WeStIsThEbEsT 78

    Liberal. Propaganda. Garbage.

  • Abhi chaterjee
    Abhi chaterjee 2 days ago

    Wow! Ever surprising Bale n my fav Nocturnal Animal Amy Adams

  • United States Navy 75

    Thank you Vice President Cheney for your service. Tell Hollywood to fuck off.

  • United States Navy 75

    Wonder Iif McKay will make a movie about Obama’s corruption. Dumbass Hollywood.

  • Sabrina Lozar
    Sabrina Lozar 2 days ago

    1:45 Does Dick Cheney look a lot like Jeff Daniels or what?

    THESSALONIAN31N 2 days ago

    Holly shit, i thought it was Chevy Chase. DAAAAAAAAAMMMMNN Christian Bale.

  • diluteduk
    diluteduk 2 days ago

    Starring Christian Bale as Chevy Chase

  • Mia Kusumawati
    Mia Kusumawati 2 days ago

    Any Oscar buzz for C Bale?

  • India
    India 2 days ago

    I’m a dem and I don’t even believe this crap.

  • BangoBuck87
    BangoBuck87 3 days ago

    Christian Bale is insane

  • navneet singh
    navneet singh 3 days ago

    Where is Christian bale in this movie. I don't understand.🤔🤔🤔

  • Bimal Karki
    Bimal Karki 3 days ago

    And the Oscar's goes to Fatman

  • Vola Kola
    Vola Kola 3 days ago

    Yup bush was Dumb ... awesome character played by Sam R. hilarious !

  • JJ
    JJ 3 days ago

    Rockwell sounds just like W!

  • Akshayraj Kore
    Akshayraj Kore 3 days ago


  • jrag1000
    jrag1000 3 days ago


  • Enigma Ratsel
    Enigma Ratsel 4 days ago

    What even is Christian Bale.

  • K. The Artist
    K. The Artist 4 days ago +1

    "Hahaha! Hot damn!"

    BKLYNTURK1975 4 days ago

    There is a special place in hell for Dick Cheney.

  • Tighty Whitey
    Tighty Whitey 4 days ago

    Oscar bait! Some classic politically charged propaganda

  • Range Motorsport
    Range Motorsport 4 days ago

    Can't wait for the sequel. Vice Me Too - The Joe Biden Story

  • Bella
    Bella 4 days ago

    Dick Cheney made money off the Iraq War
    Dick Cheney made money off the Iraq War
    Dick Cheney made money off the Iraq War
    Dick Cheney made money off the Iraq War
    Dick Cheney made money off the Iraq War
    Dick Cheney made money off the Iraq War
    Dick Cheney made money off the Iraq War
    Dick Cheney made money off the Iraq War
    Dick Cheney made money off the Iraq War
    Dick Cheney made money off the Iraq War
    Dick Cheney made money off the Iraq War
    Dick Cheney made money off the Iraq War
    Dick Cheney made money off the Iraq War

  • NocturnalPlur S
    NocturnalPlur S 5 days ago

    can't believe anyone paying to see this.

  • Sai Vikas
    Sai Vikas 5 days ago +1

    Did anybody see Christian bale in this?

  • Matteo Von Knapp
    Matteo Von Knapp 5 days ago

    My God......the cast!!!! Giv'em two Oscars for every role!....

  • Christine Lee
    Christine Lee 5 days ago

    This trailer is so well made. It's single-handedly restored my faith in Hollywood.

  • Michael Seidl
    Michael Seidl 5 days ago +1

    What a cast.
    Christian Bale looks more like Dick Cheney than Dick Cheney does.

    • Alvin Chee
      Alvin Chee 4 days ago

      Sam Rockwell looks more like Christian Bale than Christian Bale does.

  • Rob Mackenzie
    Rob Mackenzie 6 days ago +1

    They should have called this "DICK".

  • Adam F
    Adam F 6 days ago

    Wow full on political conspiracy theory junk.. Sick of people forcing politics into entertainment.. Comedy is already ruined for it.... "The Office" would have been shamed off the screen if it came out these days...

  • The red demon
    The red demon 6 days ago

    Where's Paul Allen?

  • Earle Fowler
    Earle Fowler 6 days ago +1

    the power of method acting.

  • นันทิกร กลรักมาเฟีย

    หน้าจำไม่ได้เเต่เสียงจำได้นะ โฮ้ววว คริสเตียน เบล 😘

  • นันทิกร กลรักมาเฟีย

    หน้าจำไม่ได้เเต่เสียงจำได้นะ โฮ้ววว คริสเตียน เบล 😘

  • Afnan Omar
    Afnan Omar 6 days ago

    And it gets nominated as comedy and music movie 🙄🧐

  • MrCzullo
    MrCzullo 6 days ago

    Bale is so good, that he could be Bush and Rumsfeld at the same time.

  • Uncle Bollox
    Uncle Bollox 6 days ago

    Looks like alpha males are back in fashion

  • mattycakesmuhammmad
    mattycakesmuhammmad 6 days ago

    eye wonder if this movie will touch on the fact that chaney was one of the masterminds of 9/11

  • mark anthony
    mark anthony 6 days ago

    Hope there’s a scene where Cheney organizers the explosive devices that took down the twin towers ✈️ ✈️

  • Shawn Crowe
    Shawn Crowe 6 days ago

    This will be a hilarious movie becuz of the actors involved. Take it with a grain of salt becuz it’s just a movie based on semi-facts. I’ll watch it when it comes out on movie channel for a good chuckle

  • luke33luke
    luke33luke 6 days ago +1


  • Red Pilled At Birth
    Red Pilled At Birth 6 days ago

    More piffle from Hollywood. What has happened to aliens, action heros and testosterone fuelled man movies? Come on Hollywood get a grip. Cant take another movie with Sam Rockwell and Christian Bale in a disguise.

  • J Magness
    J Magness 6 days ago

    They should have just called the movie 'DICK".

  • hillel raz
    hillel raz 6 days ago +1

    A good US soldier is a dead one

  • Arnold Stollar
    Arnold Stollar 6 days ago

    Great film and great acting

    TENN VOLS 7 days ago

    Lol, once again Hollywood trying to smear! I wonder, when will they do a story on Bill and Hillary Clinton? Oh yea, that’s right. If you turn on a Clinton you end up committing suicide by shooting yourself in the back multiple times of getting robed and murdered but yet all of your belongs are on your person?

  • Del Fuego
    Del Fuego 7 days ago

    Clark Griswold rules

  • Southsideman
    Southsideman 7 days ago


    "FIGHT THE WAR ON TERROR"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Diggen Cash
    Diggen Cash 7 days ago


  • haider hlsk
    haider hlsk 7 days ago +1

    DICK CHENY, What a horrible person to make a movie about ! The liar and the king of torture!

    • Hilarious Comic
      Hilarious Comic 7 days ago

      Isn't that more reason to make a movie about him?

      TENN VOLS 7 days ago

      Lol, no he is not the king of torture. Have you ever had to listen to a liberal? OMG, now that’s the worse kind of torture!!

  • Aytaç Söğüt
    Aytaç Söğüt 7 days ago

    Chrıstan bale magnıfıcıent

  • abcdefghijklmnop
    abcdefghijklmnop 7 days ago

    Nothing like being mocked by the gov't. and Hollywood at the same time. One says we'll do whatever we want and use your tax dollars to do it and the other says we'll show you how dumb you all are by getting rich making a movie you all will pay to come and watch as we glamorize everything that's wrong with this country. Got us fools coming and going. By the looks of the comment section you are all excited to be a part of it. By making a show of it the reality is suspended allowing you to accept, hell enjoy, the travesty as you slop it up like pigs at the trough. Reinforces that we will never do anything but lie and watch like babes. See you at the movies.

  • Will Duchon
    Will Duchon 7 days ago +1

    Idiotic. Leave it to Hollywood to make a lame joke about a horrific chapter in US history. This group of evil clowns is responsible for murdering hundreds of thousands of human beings. Moronic films like this make a mockery of that tragedy.

  • merchant099
    merchant099 7 days ago

    Good timing

  • BP M
    BP M 7 days ago

    What a stupid movie. Will probably win Best Picture.

  • Nimori Kandara
    Nimori Kandara 8 days ago

    I wish bush was back.

  • Nimori Kandara
    Nimori Kandara 8 days ago

    Next movie: *Clinton, And the Benghazi Massacre*
    *Kennedy, And the Bay of Pigs*

  • Nimori Kandara
    Nimori Kandara 8 days ago

    He was such a good man.
    Went right to the point, and was super smart. He accidentally insulted Hollywood and democrats massively to make them pissed off to the point of making this movie.
    So he accidentally shot someone. Big woop. He didnt die, and didnt lose anything.
    Furthermore, whats so bad about supporting a company that is helped rebuild iraq?

  • Mal Chapman
    Mal Chapman 8 days ago

    Rumsfeld and Cheney were more corrupt neocons than Bush id say so I’m looking forward to those characters more than anyone else

  • Luke B.
    Luke B. 8 days ago +1

    Bale nails Cheney’s signature smirk at the end. - 1:47

  • Matthew Whatshisname

    This proves Bale could have played Batman and the Penguin.

  • Evan Wagner
    Evan Wagner 8 days ago

    This movie's existence just proves how bad Trump has fucked America: so bad that we're actually NOSTALGIC for the days of bush and cheney.

  • skipstah70
    skipstah70 8 days ago

    Holy Fuck... Rockwell IS Dubya. lol

  • mr zed
    mr zed 8 days ago +1

    Christian Bale is a fucking legend. did y'all see that gut on him. Holy shit.

  • crb4059
    crb4059 9 days ago

    So...Batman gains 100 lbs to become Vice President?

  • Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh 9 days ago +2

    I'm a conservative and I'm really excited to see this. I don't understand the hate.

    • Minako Arisato
      Minako Arisato 7 days ago +3

      Seen it premiered. Paints a blunt and clear examination of the Bush Administration and the Republican Party's influence on our current foreign policies, defense, war, misdirection and powers. It's been getting enormous praise, although the final act may upset conservatives who feel positive about the Bush / Trump administration.
      It doesn't paint him in anything other than what he and that administration meant. It's also a notice to Democrats that it isn't wise to ignore the unethical and damaging legislation being passed by their opponent party (GOP) and expect them to play fair. As a liberal myself, it's something needed.
      Hope you enjoy it!

    • Danijel Mornarić
      Danijel Mornarić 8 days ago

      Abhishek Singh concern that it’s going to just portray George W Bush, a good man, as a bumbling Moron. And dick Cheney as a conniving malicious evil man hell bent on destruction and power... but hey Hollywood is objective after all, Obama never told a lie, Bill Clinton’s character flaws didn’t matter but Trump is unprecedented the world started with him.

  • MrKajithecat
    MrKajithecat 9 days ago

    Finally a movie about President Cheney and Vice President Bush Jr.

  • Mustafa Hadi
    Mustafa Hadi 9 days ago

    I’m probably the only one who’s more excited to see steve carell than anybody else in the movie

  • lynaem88
    lynaem88 9 days ago

    My only question, will Sam Rockwell dance in this movie.

  • sebastian aminoff
    sebastian aminoff 9 days ago +1

    If only Al Gore had won

  • Carty Seay
    Carty Seay 9 days ago

    Wow, what a one two punch. The drive by media spin current events & Hollywood rewrites history. Remember, it’s the same media six months ago that told us France & Europe was the model for American energy. Oh, is that smoke coming off the Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile (Paris burning). 🤣

  • Carty Seay
    Carty Seay 9 days ago

    Wow, what a one two punch. The drive by media spin current events & Hollywood rewrites history. Remember, it’s the same media six months ago that told us France & Europe was the model for American energy. Oh, is that smoke coming off the Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile (Paris burning). 🤣

  • craig robertson
    craig robertson 9 days ago

    yes bale plays chevy playing.chany

  • Mike Watts
    Mike Watts 9 days ago

    Wolf of Wall Street meets War Dogs. I love it.