THE GRAVEYARD: The Night That Changed Us Forever... (FULL MOVIE)

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
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    Sam and Colby experience a life changing overnight at St Andrews abandoned church and explore London's scariest Langham hotel at 3am... Jake Webber and Corey Scherer experience real paranormal curses from the haunted graveyard
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  • Sam and Colby
    Sam and Colby  Month ago +1996

    Huge thanks to Current for sponsoring this video: !!
    Make sure to turn on notifications because our new series is dropping December 15th!!! LET'S GO #TheCastle

    • Karis Long
      Karis Long 4 hours ago

      Is it only me but i think Jake is super fucking adorable and cute

    • Paige Blowers
      Paige Blowers 16 hours ago

      guys i have found some info about langman hotel

    • Sup_Im_Reaper _
      Sup_Im_Reaper _ 22 hours ago

      Is it just me or does the bag in the night vision camera at the church look like a weird demonic face?

    • -•-SOUR MALK-•-
      -•-SOUR MALK-•- Day ago

      Hello humans I’m rewatching series by Sam and Colby while waiting for the next one. ^^

    • Esmeralda Medina
      Esmeralda Medina 2 days ago

      I really liked that vid

  • Dio & Giada
    Dio & Giada 15 minutes ago

    In the mirror I saw an orb

  • Hailey Kress
    Hailey Kress 40 minutes ago

    Im not sure but im pretty sure that colby dates Brennan

  • Fortnite Chanel
    Fortnite Chanel Hour ago

    The slam in the hallway might be the butler

  • Horizon FallsFaraway
    Horizon FallsFaraway 2 hours ago

    The thuds could be people being dragged to the giulltene and the low boom can be their heads being cut off

  • Magnus Dissing Praastrup Lorentsen 6B Engstrandskolen

    ur room was 333 333 + 333= 666 get even more hrorrified

  • Ronja Brumoen
    Ronja Brumoen 2 hours ago

    1:37:30 when sam said "OOHH!" i jUmPeD in my seat no joke

  • john doe john doe
    john doe john doe 10 hours ago

    abit late but my friend in grand theft auto is level 333

  • rhiannon prescott
    rhiannon prescott 10 hours ago

    how come in the car during day 2, sam looked like yung gravy

  • Bell Gutierrez
    Bell Gutierrez 11 hours ago

    4:14 Sam tries making transition
    Jake: keeps talking

  • gangstress rios
    gangstress rios 13 hours ago

    40:24 Sams sweater an orb appears for a brief second.

  • Kenny BANDZ
    Kenny BANDZ 15 hours ago

    Jake waking up going crazy

    Me: Wowwow

  • Not Zoey
    Not Zoey 16 hours ago

    When hearing the screams I thought to myself, which is a stretch, that somebody was buried alive and yelling. But it's impossible saying all the bodies are over 200 years old

  • Kayleigh Torres
    Kayleigh Torres 16 hours ago

    I'm not even joking but when you guys were driving past the church and I was changing apps I saw a big tall black figure run past

  • Tamiah Stewart
    Tamiah Stewart 17 hours ago


  • Ohana Cameron
    Ohana Cameron 17 hours ago

    at 22:35 i lowkey thought Colbys shirt said i love condoms

  • Izabelle Jamieson
    Izabelle Jamieson 17 hours ago

    When corey talks about the shadow man at like 57:30 I remembered that I used to tell my brother the shadow man is in his shadow car and he’s following us. And we need to watch him to make sure he doesn’t catch up.

  • supitzsash _76
    supitzsash _76 18 hours ago

    sam with his glasses looks like yung gravy and you CANNOT tell me im wrong

  • Breylan Balderas
    Breylan Balderas 18 hours ago

    Tbh you guys should start doing slo mo and a reply slo no if you catch something

  • Tamiah Stewart
    Tamiah Stewart 18 hours ago

    my fav part is 39:57

  • Leighanne Baverstock
    Leighanne Baverstock 19 hours ago

    I'm from the uk. I could tell u soooo many places to go!!!

  • sᴏs
    sᴏs 19 hours ago

    Unscripted horror movie

  • Bray_ J
    Bray_ J 20 hours ago

    Theres no electronic energy in mirrors but mirrors are also portals for spirits...spirits watch you through mirrors so if you have a mirror across your bed move it so you can’t see yourself laying in bed

  • Èlise Wilbraham
    Èlise Wilbraham 20 hours ago +1

    Lol my country is the most haunted didn’t know that 😂 Ik my whole family is haunted but I didn’t know the whole county was 😂😂😂👏🏻

  • Ira Smith
    Ira Smith 21 hour ago

    i feel like the girl must have died in the shower and than the prince must have last looked in the mirror where the vortex is than jumped out of the bathroom window cause that makes the most sense

  • Ebere Amogu
    Ebere Amogu 21 hour ago

    Colby: he was an executer
    Me: huh? an executive? Oh OHHH you mean an executioner!!

  • Brett Burdick
    Brett Burdick 21 hour ago

    At 1:53:54 it looks like something speared Jake in the chest while sleeping and got up immediately as it hit him I swear

  • Mariah Guarino-Nelems
    Mariah Guarino-Nelems 22 hours ago +1

    Is it just me or at the beginning when Sam says brother it sounds like Harry Potter 🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Sup_Im_Reaper _
    Sup_Im_Reaper _ 22 hours ago

    The bag during the night vision camera at the church looks like a demon watching over them

  • Shane Wilburn
    Shane Wilburn 22 hours ago

    look at 1:43:17 theres a mist

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 23 hours ago

    I had the same problem as corey, the shadow man, I never did the ouija board, but he chased me around, until I turned 8, bc that age was the age I stopped believing in ghost and stuff, he just vanished one day...... I feel bad for you Corey... Hope you get better..... Hope you rid him like I did........

  • Baileigh Grace
    Baileigh Grace 23 hours ago

    The way sam said where X. P. L. R. ,ssssss

  • Iced Klutch
    Iced Klutch Day ago

    My hair cut place has a vortex

  • hana Harvey
    hana Harvey Day ago

    I looked up the meaning behind the birds since y'all never seemed to. In Britain, birds can be a sign of love or death. The crow more specifically, is significant of approaching death or impending doom. If it flies insistently above a place of very close to someone or in circles around a house then that is where the death occurs. This is the only thing I could really find. Enjoy.

  • Andrea Patterson-Kerns

    the two bath room doors both make a vortesx when you open them so you can get two vortexs

  • Draigalon x
    Draigalon x Day ago +1

    2:50 damn that makes me feel great about my country

  • Liseth Flores
    Liseth Flores Day ago


  • Liseth Flores
    Liseth Flores Day ago


  • Juicy Wieners
    Juicy Wieners Day ago

    No hate but like is it just me or Cory full of it because he always “sees” something or “hears” something every 5 seconds. 😤🤚

  • Epyton
    Epyton Day ago

    bathroom has more space then the actual room

  • Epyton
    Epyton Day ago

    that british red lady is thicc doe

  • Anne Keys
    Anne Keys Day ago

    Uk squad where are you at?

  • Byron Kemp
    Byron Kemp Day ago

    As soon as Sam got outta bed and 5 feet away from Colby he just got up his boy friend instincts got him up

  • Byron Kemp
    Byron Kemp Day ago

    Seconds after Corey felt sick I heard get out

  • Byron Kemp
    Byron Kemp Day ago

    Theory the 2 baby’s as wings the two baby’s were twins and the middle spot is the parent and the praying hands are as god but the ones without the hands they were executed but were high up and the beds are as you wake you’ll see the graves and the rest

  • yuckytara
    yuckytara Day ago +1

    1:11:00 Jake’s legs look shaved-

  • Galaxy And void
    Galaxy And void Day ago

    My last name is Langham- but I live in Australia- I’m not scared-

  • nubbs
    nubbs Day ago

    That is for the langham bathroom

  • nubbs
    nubbs Day ago

    Heat signitures or gravitational magnetec pull

  • isha 22
    isha 22 Day ago

    "champing is like a sleepover with God"
    I can't with Jake 😂😂😂

  • Maddy Freeman
    Maddy Freeman Day ago

    Awww I love how Colby cares for Sam so much that he said to make sure he wakes him up next time

  • Isaac Stevens 2027

    1:14:03 I would just like to point out that the pink flowers are still alive even though its an abandoned church and noone has been there for decades

  • Kylie Garrison
    Kylie Garrison Day ago

    At 1:33:21 did anyone else think Sam wasn’t wearing pants because I got confused 😂

  • rosemary gradwell

    The shower, glass is reflective. I swear I saw something move when they were standing there. 50:57

  • mia escobar
    mia escobar Day ago

    tell me why im casually just watching the video and my gma told me to go get her mail right .. so i go downstairs and get the mail and im going through it, an unfamiliar name is just there w my gmas apt # so im like huhhhh . i come back upstairs and ask her who tf it is and shes like 'oh that is so weird , hes been dead for a while and i had told the mail man years ago to not give me his mail anymore and they havent so i have no clue how that got there" THE MAN HAS BEEN DEAD FOR YEARS AND MY GMA STOPPED RECEIVING HIS MAIL A WHILE AGO????? DONT TELL ME THATTTT .. yall done cursed meeeeeeeeeeeeeee NOW I GOT GHOST MAIL COMIN TO MY GMAS HOUSEEEE

  • Ashlyn Knight
    Ashlyn Knight Day ago

    Corey every overnight video: Did you just hear that???!!!

  • Lisa Loveless
    Lisa Loveless Day ago +1

    I have a shadow man...follows me everywhere mostly when me and my friend are together. He appears in my dreams and tells me problems my friend have, me and my sister also see the same little girl at the same time and get warnings from the shadow man about her it's not okay... I haven't touched an Ouija board ever. I swear my house is haunted. Weird wispers too

  • Jane Skelton
    Jane Skelton Day ago

    The theory of some spirits that are seen often and doing the same thing over and over is called Stone Tape Theory. It is basically a recording of that persons energy being replayed. It isn’t just because of a traumatic event happening, it can be a recording of someone just going about their daily things. A good place to investigate would be Dover castle, which dates back to the Romans. A very active place, I would love to see if you could last over night there. I am due to go on another investigation in March, unfortunately not Dover though

  • Niky Chain
    Niky Chain Day ago +2

    Is this all planed like a movie or its real ? Someone can explain please


    Colby”We’re gonna make you drive”
    Nothing but silence