Olivia Wilde Directs Her Own Vogue Video | Vogue

  • Published on Dec 8, 2021
  • Actor-director Olivia Wilde does double duty on set.
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    Olivia Wilde Directs Her Own Vogue Video | Vogue

Comments • 809

  • Helen D
    Helen D  +820

    Love when a celebrity doesn't take themselves seriously.

  • ؘ
    ؘ  +372

    love her sense of humor, specially in booksmart

  • flaviacmps
    flaviacmps  +319


  • take me home.

    I just know it's gonna be good cuz she's a director herself 🤣

  • Irene Tarigan

    I like it...she is really superwoman...funny, clever, modern, bold and smart...

  • ارغوان

    Her sense of humor is so underrated

  • Paula Amezquita

    The “I HAVE ONE MORE IDEA!” Really got me 😅😅😅

  • Viciloves
    Viciloves  +117

    Wow is she talented! Loved this video that had her stamp and unique voice all over it!

  • Ariel
    Ariel  +34

    there's so many reasons to love her

  • Mumtahina Munzia

    Now that she is “Harry’s GiRlFrIeNd” TheXvid has ALL HER videos recommended on my fyp.

  • Swetha Ganesh

    Olivia is truly one of a kind . Her beauty of course her jaw line and her cheek bones are out of this world and she is this exotic alien beauty but her mind is a different game altogether. She is a mad genius and funny and lite. Have always loved adored her.

  • sara m
    sara m  +309

    Omg, I love her! She’s so pretty and her personality is so fun

  • Rebecca Meador

    that's amazing to make a video for vogue. what a dream come true for olivia, she did a great job.

  • Sayumi Devasurendra

    She looks so GORGEOUS 😍 ❤

  • Aditi Dharmesh

    She's so talented and funny I love this

  • silvertcne_
    silvertcne_ 2 hours ago +1

    I can't believe there's people who really loves her!!

  • Akansha Das

    Olivia is really witty and talented 🤯

  • nuor within

    I love her sense of humor :')

  • Simple Nail Designs

    So good, love her humor 😆🥰

  • cupie
    cupie  +70

    Came back again just to listen to her magical voice ✨✨