Giving Myself A Perm

  • Published on Aug 24, 2017
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Tonyia Rains
    Tonyia Rains Hour ago

    I'm always getting bored with my hair!! My mom gave me a perm when I was a teen!

  • Michaela Fritz
    Michaela Fritz 3 days ago

    “ and my kink is ruining my hair” -Jenna 2017

  • Rachel Jade
    Rachel Jade 4 days ago

    the guy at the store is the reason why Jenna thinks she needs a licence to buy hair cutting scissors..

  • Mona Lisa
    Mona Lisa 4 days ago

    Pam? Is that you in the thumbnail?

  • World Destroyer
    World Destroyer 4 days ago +1

    My friend permed her hair and she got a hair disease 😐

  • Kristina Alfaro
    Kristina Alfaro 5 days ago

    This looks like my natural hair and I feel personally attacked with the "dirtier version of myself" comment 🙃

  • Kelsey Kleynenberg
    Kelsey Kleynenberg 5 days ago

    9:22 was cute

  • AliciaX
    AliciaX 5 days ago

    How has it been two years since this wtf 😯😂

  • Bella C
    Bella C 6 days ago

    6:06 omg y'all see that?:😂

  • Rican Love
    Rican Love 6 days ago

    Awesome I looove doing reviews too. I just recently did a review on some Dollar Tree app products.

  • Allstarchickensuit
    Allstarchickensuit 7 days ago

    her permed hair is my natural hair texture and yes. I do look like a fucking witch with my hair down.

  • Sarah Wanders
    Sarah Wanders 8 days ago

    "WELCOME TO VIRGO SEASON BITCH COME CLOSE TO ME ANd I'll tell you what your problem is." Omfg

  • Random stuff with Grace

    That’s the texture of my natural hair

  • Slushi SockMonkey
    Slushi SockMonkey 9 days ago

    Why does your hair permed look like mine with no product

  • KindaNervousLol oops
    KindaNervousLol oops 10 days ago

    that’s what my natural hair looks like haha

  • Alex 180SX
    Alex 180SX 11 days ago

    How about you make yourself more like you used to be like in the opening pic... You used to be hot. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • thegreenmanofnorwich
    thegreenmanofnorwich 11 days ago

    I love how happy you are with it despite it being damaged

  • ninder egg
    ninder egg 12 days ago +1

    *the end result reminds me of natasha lyonne.*

  • Kbrookes _art
    Kbrookes _art 13 days ago

    I’m currently getting a perm while watching this 😂💗

  • AleenaWeena Voices
    AleenaWeena Voices 13 days ago

    Bitch did I just see a juul



  • miseryschewtoy
    miseryschewtoy 13 days ago +1

    Bernie 2020 ;3

  • Malia Victoria
    Malia Victoria 14 days ago

    Your perm looks like my hair after I’ve brushed it 4 days post shower

  • Lindsey Sternberg
    Lindsey Sternberg 15 days ago

    Why is the end result what my hair actually looks like lol

  • jughead
    jughead 15 days ago

    7:44 literally what my hair natural looks like lmaoo

  • Liz Biz
    Liz Biz 16 days ago

    Do you ever see a youtube comment and think *i wish i wrote that*

  • alexandra s.
    alexandra s. 16 days ago

    When I saw the thumbnail I almost jumped because I have THE EXACT SAME CURLERS!!! Even the color is purple! And I live in Belarus, y'all probably never heard of it! How is it even possible????????

  • KC Jordan
    KC Jordan 18 days ago

    It looks sooo baddd

  • sweetpea
    sweetpea 19 days ago

    i have really curly hair that also is kinda poofy so it looks super thick, and when i was my hair my bangs turn into a poof lmao

  • No perkele
    No perkele 20 days ago +1

    Sometimes Julien makes me almost throw up

  • Grace Swenson
    Grace Swenson 20 days ago

    I have had a perm once and you definitely don't wait only 25-30 min 😂 I had to wait 2 hours and the whole process was 4-5 hours............

    • Kayla Brule
      Kayla Brule 17 days ago

      Processing time should realistically only be 15-20 based on what kind of perm you get, the solution is super strong and if left too long will leave no curl and your hair will dry and have a dry feeling, the reason perming still takes a long time is more or less the processing and rinsing etc all together

  • Alexis Smith
    Alexis Smith 21 day ago

    This is how my hair looks naturally 😭

  • I Am In Extreme Pain
    I Am In Extreme Pain 22 days ago +2

    Your end product is my hair expect my hair isn’t damaged and it larger

  • yeet
    yeet 22 days ago

    J e n n a n o

  • luhole
    luhole 23 days ago

    “My kink is ruining my hair” is puntastic.

  • momentsofagatha
    momentsofagatha 23 days ago

    You look like my mom

  • amanda orly
    amanda orly 23 days ago

    8:15 wow rewatching this and I JUST peeped the carly incontro plug

  • Fae Heart
    Fae Heart 24 days ago

    Hahaha her hair is what my hair looks like normally

  • Veronica Lodge
    Veronica Lodge 24 days ago

    I went to her basketball game, ngl she’s pretty good at shooting hoops

  • royalparadigm
    royalparadigm 26 days ago

    I do literally nothing to my hair other than wash it and that's exactly what it looks like after I brush it. I need it to calm the fuck down.

  • • Hasuna •
    • Hasuna • 26 days ago +2

    Why am I watching this exactly two years after this is posted

  • CassandraOfEarth
    CassandraOfEarth 26 days ago

    Today is the first day of Virgo season 2019 and I am spending it with THE virgo

  • Aliyah Randolph
    Aliyah Randolph 26 days ago

    Happy 2 year anniversary of this video

  • Liberty2014
    Liberty2014 26 days ago

    Brad Mondo who?

  • cry baby
    cry baby 27 days ago +3

    If you listen close enough, you can hear brad mondo screaming.

  • Malachi Young
    Malachi Young 27 days ago

    is it just me or am i the only one asking why her hair is wet to start with????

  • Queen Minnielynn
    Queen Minnielynn 27 days ago

    Perm ur hair again but eith alot more rods and small rods

  • Refrigerator Skates
    Refrigerator Skates 28 days ago

    So what’s your sexuality?
    Me: 9:33

  • Diana DeMartino
    Diana DeMartino 28 days ago

    Jenna you should make Julien dye you're hair

  • Harley Grace
    Harley Grace 28 days ago

    Brad is Quaking

  • Evangelime Quintana
    Evangelime Quintana 29 days ago

    “It dries confused” lol 😂😂😂 my moms and sisters hair the past 10 years.

    Both my sister and mom had extremely big curls and now they “dry confused” as jenna says.

  • LuFFu 's Hell
    LuFFu 's Hell 29 days ago

    Medusa cospay

  • Michelle Blank
    Michelle Blank Month ago

    Perm 2.0 eh?

  • Angelina Vargas
    Angelina Vargas Month ago

    Brad mondo PLS do jeannas hair

  • Aja Floyd
    Aja Floyd Month ago

    From the neck up..... Neapolitan ice cream.

  • Kami Lupin
    Kami Lupin Month ago

    I’m watching so I can dye her hair blonde and give my friend a perm against her mom wishes when she visits me

  • Tara Dactyl
    Tara Dactyl Month ago

    Lol this takes me way back to my freshman summer of H.S. I decided to color my hair and perm it back to back despite the boxes warning against it. I burned my scalp and fried my hair so bad it broke off like crazy and it was a look not complimentary to braces for sure. So I eventually couldn't stand the damage and gave myself a bob. Lol which I eventually went and had fixed at a salon after having my braces tightened. Now i just try to appreciate my hairs natural state, which is also kind of wavy or frizzy depending on humidity etc. Lesson learned. I now feel that the most beautiful hair is healthy hair, no matter the color or texture.

  • Anika Groff
    Anika Groff Month ago

    I'm a 32 year old lady

  • LaRae Bank
    LaRae Bank Month ago

    Beech in VR

  • Mahjë Putsčhe
    Mahjë Putsčhe Month ago

    The alternative title for this is, “Jenna babysitting Julian for ten minutes”

  • Coral Gene
    Coral Gene Month ago

    Rachet Hermione Granger xD 🙌🙌👏👏