Cobra Museum

  • Published on Jan 2, 2015
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    Drew Serb's Cobra Experience Museum, is a must see stop if you are visiting the Bay Area on the west coast. You will see all things Shelby American related, and a lot of cars that came out of the race shop located in Venice California put together by Carroll Shelby.That is where I worked from 1963 through 1966. Some of the cars include the Dragonsnake which I drove to many NHRA national records during the 1964 season. There are cars driven by the most famous names in auto racing such as Dan Gurney, Bob Bondurant, Ken Miles, Dave McDonald, and his very first driver Bill Krause. GT40's, Daytona Coupe, and the world beater King Cobra. If you like this video please check out some of my others at .

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Comments • 21

  • Richard C
    Richard C Year ago

    I 1st got hooked on Shelby when I was 11. We lived in South Texas at the time and my oldest sister and her husband drove down from San Antonio for a visit in there new Shelby GT 500. It was equipped with twin Holleys on the 427.
    Fell in love with it.
    A few decades later I owned a 427 S /C ( csx4000 series) although I had always wanted the 67 GT 500.
    My sister told me that the Cobra was always her dream car but they couldn't afford it ($10,000) vs $3500 for the GT 500 in 1967.

    • Jere Kirkpatrick
      Jere Kirkpatrick  Year ago

      Hello Richard:

      Yes. Once you see and hear a Cobra or a GT 350/500 your hooked. I still love to go to the Shelby reunions every year and spending some time with my friends from the 60's.

      Thanks for watching. Jere

  • Kyle K
    Kyle K 3 months ago

    Hello from one Kirkpatrick to another! Thanks for helping build my dream car! I've got a '66 replica and a '65 Sunbeam. My buddy has two '66 GT350H cars one black and one blue and the 40th anniversary Hertz. We have a blast going to the cruise ins or just meeting up for a huckleberry cider.

    • Jere Kirkpatrick
      Jere Kirkpatrick  3 months ago

      You guys could start your own Shelby car club all by yourself.
      Nice to see originals on the street.


  • david teixiera
    david teixiera 4 months ago

    Thanks for the tour of this great historical FORD museum simply beautiful 😍

    • Jere Kirkpatrick
      Jere Kirkpatrick  4 months ago +1

      David. You may want to look at "Into The Snakepit" also.


  • paul summers
    paul summers Year ago

    Great video and restoration. Well done.

    • Jere Kirkpatrick
      Jere Kirkpatrick  Year ago

      Hello Paul:

      Thank you. The blue "dragonsnake" car is the car I drove to many NHRA records in 1964.

      Thanks for watching and please subscribe. Jere

  • Andy Brewer
    Andy Brewer Year ago

    Great video. I have one question. Why have I never seen any Cobra race car with the number 22 on it? I see 21 and 23 but never 22 yet. Does anyone know why?

  • rossco289
    rossco289 Year ago

    I take my hat of to you sir, one of the few people who were there saw it, and did it.
    I have a photograph that my Mum took around 1959 of Carroll Shelby at Ardmore Grand Prix, little did we know then what the future was to be regarding Mr Shelby. Harry Schnell was there, and I'm not sure but I think Roy Salvadori may have been there.
    We had a farm close by and would walk across the paddocks to get there. My interest carries on today having built a few replicas here in Australia for export only etc etc. I met up with fellow Kiwi John Olsen one time spanner man for Shelby and Pete Brock, sadly John passed a little while ago.
    There were a lot of ex New Zealanders either as mechanics or as drivers for Shelby, McLaren, Amos, Hulme, 3/8 inch plate, Ron Butler, ( Shelby once said "every time he makes a bracket its 3/8" inch thick" ) Apologies to any other Kiwis I may have missed out but I'm bloody proud of these blokes. Thanks for the video and the history its a gem.

    • Jere Kirkpatrick
      Jere Kirkpatrick  Year ago

      When John came to the US to work on the Daytona Coupe he stayed for a while with me and my mother. We would go back to the Shelby shop after dinner and he taught me how to weld aluminum with a torch.

      Thanks for watching. Jere

  • Andre Capella
    Andre Capella Year ago

    Great place, all paper work etc, from when I built the 1st 427 is there. Andre Capella

    • Jere Kirkpatrick
      Jere Kirkpatrick  Year ago

      Hi Andre:

      It was a great time working there alongside other talented people.
      Thanks for watching. Jere

  • Aaron Reeves
    Aaron Reeves Year ago

    That’s simply awesome

  • Mrs Doyle
    Mrs Doyle 2 years ago

    Cracking mate well done

    • Jere Kirkpatrick
      Jere Kirkpatrick  2 years ago +1

      Hello Spot:

      This video was one of my first. The Dragonsnake is the car I drove for Shelby in 1964.

      Thanks for watching. Jere

  • Roger Coote
    Roger Coote 3 years ago

    The Ace chassis is fitted with an AC engine not Bristol.

  • outsidescrewball
    outsidescrewball 6 months ago

    Enjoyed and great proud looking kid in that photo

    • Jere Kirkpatrick
      Jere Kirkpatrick  6 months ago

      If you liked that one, take a look at "Go Like Hell" video on my channel. The movie was based on this book.
      There will be two showings of the movie at the museum soon. Get on their web sight to find out times and purchase tickets.