r/Entitledparents Mom DEMANDS Her Kid Becomes a Stripper!

  • Published on Jun 18, 2019
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    r/Entitledparents This mother flips out when someone in another country kills her precious demon spawn in a video game. So, she does what any entitled parent would do: she demands to know his address and then calls the police to arrest him! Makes sense, right? If you enjoyed this video, hit the subscribe button and check out my merch store at the link above!
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  • rSlash
    rSlash  3 months ago +4555

    I hope you enjoy my newest P̶o̶r̶n̶h̶u̶b̶ TheXvid video

  • maranna m
    maranna m 2 hours ago

    Your laugh is so cute

  • Kirk 480
    Kirk 480 9 hours ago +1

    Tell a pregnant stranger to practice safe sex and go f youself

  • _Ampro07Xx
    _Ampro07Xx 16 hours ago

    Soo i have an EM story so couple of years back we lived in a duplex building community we rented.. Me (age 11),my brother(14).the EM lived 4 houses next to us she had a son she adopted(age 10-11), alse she was pregnant one day the school was closed so me and my brother we're home alone.. Later the day the EM came to the house and knocked on the gate(my parents never speaks to them and always ducking away when seeing them)

  • nargacuga05
    nargacuga05 Day ago

    Was his mom trying to get him to become a male stripper?

  • Cornered Fox
    Cornered Fox Day ago

    Hmm... Been a while, but I'm pretty sure "libel" is written word. Calling people names would be slander, unless you print it.

  • Firepelt783
    Firepelt783 2 days ago

    At least the stripper decided not to rob a bank.

  • Kaien Bennett
    Kaien Bennett 3 days ago +1

    After the foutain pen story I'm now looking at foutain pens at the internet and falling in love with them.

  • Tom N
    Tom N 3 days ago


    • Tom N
      Tom N 3 days ago

      Okay that wasnt a good joke

  • Lisa Poirrier
    Lisa Poirrier 3 days ago

    i dont know what
    OP means
    not overpowered just
    in entitled parent story's

  • EpicCherryBoom xxx
    EpicCherryBoom xxx 4 days ago +1

    LOL, my parents are okay if we wanted to become strippers. They said so themselves. However they're not supportive of us becoming vets. My sister chose to do CNA instead of a vet. Good this is she likes being a CNA in hope to become a nurse. thing is she is on a year leave as she had hip dysplasia at 20 and can't work

  • Dustin Steele
    Dustin Steele 5 days ago

    When you said partner, I thought they stripped together.

  • Diomaxus-Sama Exe Prime XIII

    Clickbait title is Clickbait

  • Ronald M Harrison
    Ronald M Harrison 6 days ago +1

    "You're pregnant? Congratulations, you did it to yourself ! " .

  • kerc Chan
    kerc Chan 7 days ago

    rule number 1 through infinity DONT PISS OFF THE JUDGE IN CHARGE OF YOUR CASE.

  • Troy Ansell
    Troy Ansell 7 days ago

    I got a story that I can’t wait to share so I’m posting here will put up on Reddit later, So background I’m 18 and I work at a small supermarket branch that is only in New Zealand, I stock shelves all day there’s no other way to put it, Im also in my last year of college, and I’m friends with a mate of mine who is a manager for checkout and is in one of my classes at school as well as everyone I interact with often like my boss my immediate co-workers and my mates boss, so after turning 18 I usually buy a weeks worth of beer for myself (6 pack of Sommersby cider) my mate had never tried it before so one day before I headed out on a Sunday I did my usual of buying my beer and my mate asked if he could have one to try I agreed and gave him a bottle and asked his boss if he wanted one (note this is close to closing barely any customers, low alcohol ciders, and they just want to unwind and relax before the end of their shift) she accepted the cider and I passed him a bottle and stuck around for a bit drinking with them it became routine for us to do this on a Sunday, so enough background, this past Sunday (yesterday as of this post) I had just clocked out for the night and was heading towards the beer and wine section to grab a couple boxes of cider (I was also still in uniform), and I saw a customer struggling to load a 24 pack of lion red into their trolley so I offered to help and loaded it in for him he thanked me and left, then this guy well call him Cuntstomer (just kidding I’ll call him customer) came up to me and loudly proclaimed “Hey, you’re too young to be working in the alcohol section”, ok so just quickly, I grow my facial hair out each week and never “shave it” I trim it to a length my school allows and I had a good amount of facial hair yesterday and definitely looked older than 18, the man then noticed I was in uniform and said where is your boss I’m going to get you in trouble for serving customers in a area you’re too young to work in, my boss Chavaun is a no shit taking kind of woman who likes to get her job done on time but will help customers if needed, so I went and got her she looked a bit annoyed that I had to take her away from display building but when I told her a customer had a complaint she agreed, on our way back to the customer I hear my make (D) call “Hey Troy where’s the beer mate?” I laugh and keep walking the customer heard this and began berating Chavaun about how I am underage buying alcohol and distributing to staff on shift, D and his boss (J) heard this and came over briefly to see what was going on but were told to go away with me by Chavaun as she passed me the two boxes of cider she knows I like, I go and stand by the counter with my ciders waiting for Chavaun to finish talking to the guy so I can purchase my cider and relax with D,J and her because I had a feeling she was going to want one, I put 4 ciders into one of the drink fridges by checkout and waited for about 10 more minutes until we heard a crash all 3 of us quickly bolted towards Chavaun I started getting my box cutter out as I was the only one with one and wanted to be able to defend anyone in trouble D got his phone out just in case and J grabbed the mop of all things, when we arrive we see the man cowering in the corner we ask Chavaun what happened she said “After we went to checkout he started telling her to do her job and fire me” and when she replied with he goes to the local college with D they are both the same age and in one of the same classes they both also know Lindie (check out lady, not her real name), as she is the same age as them and went to the same school, D has been working here for 2 1/2 years and Troy for 1 3/4 I know them well enough to know they can all purchase and enjoy a beer, I even willingly let them enjoy it because business is always slow this time of night so it’s better for them to drink and talk with each other and customers than just stand there looking sad and depressed” at that point the customer flipped out and apparently screamed “if they can have beer then you won’t mind in I do this” whilst proceeding to smash a 24 pa k box of very expensive beer (speights I believe) then she slapped him and told him to sit in the corner, I do know he smashed the box of beer from the fact he had a couple cuts on his leg whilst chavaun was completely fine, D knows martial arts and is good at it representing at a national level multiple times, I practice boxing and kickboxing and play football so I’m pretty fit so we both volunteer to keep an eye on him until the cops show up as D passed his phone to Chavaun and J is mopping up broken glass and spilt beer, D and I spent 10 minutes watching him while waiting for the cops when they arrived the took a copy of the camera footage our statements, took down my, D and Lindie’s age for reference and allowed me to purchase my beer by the time this had all finished I had been clocked out for around 40 minutes and D, J, Chavaun and Lindie has 20 minutes left in their shifts, I bought Lindie a can of Monster as she doesn’t drink and grabbed the 4 ciders I placed in the fridge and we all enjoyed a nice refreshing drink while joking about the whole ordeal overall a great night, moral of the story, get to know your co-workers and let them get to know you it could save you from people like this

  • Ty
    Ty 7 days ago

    Type op in a twitch stream

  • Liam Schumann
    Liam Schumann 9 days ago

    I saw this in another channel

  • Mother Lizzy
    Mother Lizzy 11 days ago +1

    "She was my partner" he started stripping too?


  • Dream
    Dream 11 days ago

    Your my daughter so Blow it

  • ian gordon
    ian gordon 12 days ago

    The background is so easy on the eyes

  • shadow raiden23
    shadow raiden23 12 days ago


  • DisRandomDude :v
    DisRandomDude :v 13 days ago

    *holy shet guys he saw the future*

  • Aatheeya Jeyanth
    Aatheeya Jeyanth 13 days ago +2

    Entitled mom : I want you arrested
    Me : (gets a inkling gun) pew pew in the face you craZy

  • Vinnie Burns
    Vinnie Burns 14 days ago

    /pillow case/

  • Vinnie Burns
    Vinnie Burns 14 days ago


  • Vinnie Burns
    Vinnie Burns 14 days ago

    _y u bully me_

  • Vinnie Burns
    Vinnie Burns 14 days ago


  • Vinnie Burns
    Vinnie Burns 14 days ago


  • Vinnie Burns
    Vinnie Burns 14 days ago +3

    "Then I became her partner"
    Me: _sings_ Sweet home Alabama

  • UwU xo_gaygacha_xo UwU

    Oh yeah i -had- have sweet home Alabama stuck in my head

  • GalaxyDogenut
    GalaxyDogenut 14 days ago

    I feel bad for the kid and lawyer1 in the last story. 😅

  • ZakBot
    ZakBot 14 days ago

    i Karen-te you its true lol

  • ravager0292
    ravager0292 16 days ago

    Shopping one day I was behind a women who had so much stuff she filled almost the whole conveyor, I asked if I could go first as I had 3 items she said no which was fine but she literally took so long to both pay and move her stuff that a que had formed and they opened 2 other tills, it was odd as she took her time packing her stuff and then counting out her money exactly. I went to the next till which opened and took less than 10 seconds to pay for my stuff, half the que had gone by the time the women had finished.
    I'm not complaining just saying it was odd not sure if she just had OCD or something and hope she had someone to help her with her bags as she had a lot.

  • Talko Boredito
    Talko Boredito 16 days ago

    Is there a subreddit called r/rSlash

  • noninvasive intruder
    noninvasive intruder 17 days ago

    12:14 didn't misspell misspell
    I hate that things like this are grammatically correct(aka 2 pr more of the same word, kind of like police police police, police, police police)

  • Desperadox23
    Desperadox23 17 days ago

    Nothing wrong with being a stripper.

  • Leth Fuil
    Leth Fuil 17 days ago +1

    Calling people names isn't liable in Germany. xD
    If it's towards an official, it can be. But that's about it.
    If you completely over do it in court, you get warned and eventually fined. But...the "target" of your words does not get the money. xD
    Oh, it is, however, illegal to actively ruin someone's reputation. Like handing out flyers with false statements about a person. But, it must be excessive!

  • torvahnys
    torvahnys 17 days ago

    I perfectly understood what he meant by saying he became her partner. I was a driver for a stripper a few times, she is an old friend from high school. She worked for an agency that booked private parties (bachelor parties, frat parties, and one time, some foreign businessmen). You're the sober cab, bouncer, money manager, minder of the dancer's possessions, general assistant to the dancer(s), and let they guys know what the rules are. Its a fun job if you can get it. Basically you get paid to watch strippers do their job. Don't think I'd like watching any of my sisters do it though.

    For the record, I never slept with my friend or any of her stripper friends. I'm sure it happens with some drivers, but typically trying to get in their pants is a quick way to lose their trust and no longer be asked to drive for them anymore.

  • Leth Fuil
    Leth Fuil 17 days ago +1

    Sorry, but...the last story is fake. xD Because, that's NOT how German law works. At all.
    (Also, I don't get, why the metric system isn't used...)
    1.) The "kid" would have been charged by the state. If you, a private person, want to sue, do so. BUT, as for public interest, the state ALWAYS charges people that brake the law (and that was theft. Had the bag been on her shoulder, it would even have been robbery.)
    2.) Police NEVER asks you, if you want to press charges. Because, it's non of their business. A Prosecuting attorney will press charges, if you want too, call a lawyer.
    3.) You CAN call someone fat cow. No one gets punished for that (as long as you don't say it to an official). And, what the judge "did", would basically be illegal, as he can't just so open a new case, on the spot, just because someone wants it.
    4.) Sadly enough, a bad injury COULD lead to you being punished. Even in that situation/circumstances.
    5.) ..... If a minor is involved in a case, the Judge will ALWAYS question him/her. Small children are questioned in a nice back room, but everyone else ist just in the front.

  • Skating Chewy
    Skating Chewy 18 days ago

    i wonder if my mom will let me strip Lolz!

  • internetboy
    internetboy 18 days ago

    "I'm not into stupid blondes"
    Just that

  • Suck3r
    Suck3r 18 days ago

    R/: I bet some of my viewers had sweet home Alabama playing in their head

  • SparkTammy31 Cerda
    SparkTammy31 Cerda 18 days ago

    Rslash are you a boy or a girl

  • Chris Star
    Chris Star 18 days ago

    I 100% did XD

  • Jackrabbit 1215
    Jackrabbit 1215 18 days ago

    At 3:57 think of the word Karen. Or think of the word guaran. It’s one of those things

  • The Sedaiv
    The Sedaiv 19 days ago

    Strippers make good money. I'd drive me sisters to a job & charge gas +20. But I'd bring a shotgun if guys get handsy.

  • the gaming oof
    the gaming oof 19 days ago

    Why do entiteled people always go for sikc people

  • SoccerproMS
    SoccerproMS 19 days ago

    In German fat cow is a really bad insult like calling a girl a whore for no reason

  • Dakota Jaloszynski
    Dakota Jaloszynski 19 days ago

    Doesn't it sound like he said I karen-ty you

  • EmmaDoodlesArt Draw
    EmmaDoodlesArt Draw 20 days ago

    3:55 I KARENtee you

  • sylverscale
    sylverscale 20 days ago

    Not entirely sure but the libel charges could have been because of having falsely been accused of purposefully breaking the kid's wrist. Though you can in theory also take someone to court for insulting you (most people won't but yeah, you could...).

  • Aku From the future
    Aku From the future 20 days ago

    During the last story, the narrator's laughter at the end was just great..

  • Logan Estes
    Logan Estes 20 days ago

    It's sad entitled people avoid me because I think they're instincts are telling them to avoid me probably because they have no effect on me like its almost nature for them to sense who they can manipulate and I am immune on the other hand i really want to tell an entitled person off but can't since they avoid me like the plague

  • Xeno Phy
    Xeno Phy 21 day ago

    Somebody come get her she’s dancing like a striped

  • Proud Ravenclaw
    Proud Ravenclaw 23 days ago

    So I live in Germany and i'd be screwed if insulting people would actually break the law, but if police is around or you're in court it can cost you from 50-500€ but no person in this country would sue you for calling them names xD

  • Shadowgod1000
    Shadowgod1000 23 days ago

    A few months ago I fractured the tip of my ulna, which hurt like a mf, and after insurance it was still 7.9k USD, I mean just the surgery without the specialists and everything was a few thousand, after insurance. I also had 20 PT sessions and my arm still can't extend all the way, it's typically like 20 degrees from straight and takes a good amount to stretch it

  • KillerMode
    KillerMode 24 days ago

    Who recognized the first post mentioned here?

  • TutuHamburger Gamer
    TutuHamburger Gamer 24 days ago

    The last one was funny

  • Wren Howard
    Wren Howard 24 days ago

    Whenever an entitled parent says "excuse me" I automatically think of this: thexvid.com/video/FPxY8lpYAUM/video.html