I Have Road Rage | Anwar Jibawi

  • Published on Jun 25, 2019
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Comments • 2 366

  • Anwar Jibawi
    Anwar Jibawi  20 days ago +1464

    Thanks for watching! Subscribe & join memberships! Links in bio.

  • Qoteba Qoteba
    Qoteba Qoteba 16 hours ago

    دخيل ربك شو بحبك

  • ŠñïPęř ĞãMëř
    ŠñïPęř ĞãMëř 21 hour ago +1

    فكرة حلوة 😍أخوك من تونس 🇹🇳

  • shoaib zeeshan mohammad
    shoaib zeeshan mohammad 22 hours ago +1

    Anwar Jibawi looks like Riyad Mahrez the Algerian Football player who plays for Manchester City in English Premiere League .......I guess🤔

  • TRH Sweady
    TRH Sweady 23 hours ago +1

    Oh, U got road rage. I got Bike rage.

  • Dina Faeq
    Dina Faeq Day ago

    My dad when he drive🤦

  • haider gamas
    haider gamas Day ago

    انور انا عراقي واحبك

  • Melinda Bartók
    Melinda Bartók Day ago

    Why so funny? 😂😃

  • IJ Stewart
    IJ Stewart Day ago


  • Nashir Washington

    This my mom

  • Terry Dorsey
    Terry Dorsey Day ago


  • Melissa_ Bee
    Melissa_ Bee Day ago

    Ha Anwar has a Nissan Cube

  • Nojus Kiūdys
    Nojus Kiūdys 2 days ago +1

    You are like one youtuber "CelebCity" he has smaller amount of subscribers than you i think because he does all hes videos alone but those videos are so funny.

  • Jake Hays
    Jake Hays 2 days ago


  • ForgottenSoulz
    ForgottenSoulz 2 days ago

    “These are my gang signs”

    “They ain’t gang signs, they’re shadow puppets”

  • Itz_gacha lil
    Itz_gacha lil 2 days ago

    I hear a different kind of raid rage when I'm in the car with my grandma.
    Don't meets with with her.

  • Alexa audrie Carter
    Alexa audrie Carter 3 days ago

    Statue funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • jr_squarez_tv
    jr_squarez_tv 3 days ago


  • alexeetter
    alexeetter 4 days ago


  • Sultan Ghazni
    Sultan Ghazni 4 days ago


  • JayVicious creer
    JayVicious creer 4 days ago

    The first time no car was behind them

  • rishav sahay
    rishav sahay 4 days ago +12

    One day I'm gonna meet this dammmm funny guy ANWAR JIWABI👍❤

  • sahana tyagi
    sahana tyagi 4 days ago


  • Bria Andrade
    Bria Andrade 4 days ago

    Your so stupid

  • mhmd bm
    mhmd bm 5 days ago

    You are soo fuckin fone mmmmmmmeeeeennn😂😂😂😂

  • JaydenYQX
    JaydenYQX 5 days ago

    Ad closed by

    ZAXIOS 5 days ago

    Love your content


  • Steven .i3
    Steven .i3 5 days ago

    3:17 ogs remember the vine cameo

  • laylay 4queen_10
    laylay 4queen_10 5 days ago +13

    Never mess with Anwar or these✌️🖕🖖🤙🤟🤘will be all up in your face😂😂

    • Gacha Cookie
      Gacha Cookie 3 days ago

      Not this🖕 its also


  • Luna _the weirdo
    Luna _the weirdo 5 days ago +1

    Road Rage 😡

  • Video Edited
    Video Edited 6 days ago

    0:10 anyone else relies the car teleported behind them

  • Benjamin Parody
    Benjamin Parody 6 days ago +10

    I lost it when they got the tennis rackets 😂

  • juicy fruit
    juicy fruit 6 days ago

    This uid ain't funny

  • Maisie Angell
    Maisie Angell 6 days ago


  • Unicorn pig Unicorn pig

    You just show the license plate

    FIDILIKE 6 days ago +5

    I can't stop watching this. This is really funny, great job Anwar.

  • Reni Anand
    Reni Anand 6 days ago +1

    Ahhhhh. This is my road homie.🤣🤣

    AliMNTRIX KO 7 days ago +1


  • Hunter Morrison
    Hunter Morrison 7 days ago

    Most funny video

  • naijalaugh comedy
    naijalaugh comedy 7 days ago

    God u deam creativi

  • Muhammad Abdullah
    Muhammad Abdullah 7 days ago

    Haha hahaha...

  • EmperorPrince
    EmperorPrince 7 days ago +2

    No one:

    Anwar: Im reppin my hood! 😂😂😂

  • tj money
    tj money 8 days ago +2

    He was trying to throw up gang sign I cracked hp

  • Nut the Nutcracker
    Nut the Nutcracker 8 days ago

    Omg I lov

  • SALMA Bak
    SALMA Bak 8 days ago +4

    Anwar you are the best comédien

  • EMOUP7
    EMOUP7 8 days ago

    When i Saw The Car... Good Grief!

  • MyFriend wasim
    MyFriend wasim 9 days ago

    that’s me🙃😂🤣🤣

  • Mia Watts
    Mia Watts 9 days ago

    I love your videos and you piece of fuck

  • bluberry
    bluberry 9 days ago

    no, they were finger puppets

  • Robtao311
    Robtao311 9 days ago

    I just came for the girl, shes crazy sexy fine.........

  • Nigel Fonoti
    Nigel Fonoti 9 days ago


  • richel conte
    richel conte 9 days ago

    Omg anger issues

  • hello there
    hello there 9 days ago

    How does this guy not have 100 million subscribers

    RASHID SKEIK 9 days ago

    Us arabs daily...

  • Sr Lancelot
    Sr Lancelot 9 days ago

    This is one of the most cringe video evah

  • Louis P.
    Louis P. 10 days ago

    WAY overdone. Been funnier you slowly lead up to it..

  • Frederick 314
    Frederick 314 10 days ago +1

    To be honest I just wanted to see the girl in the thumbnail.

  • xXYT_ DxrkenedXx
    xXYT_ DxrkenedXx 10 days ago +4

    Who remembers the video
    This vid reminds me of that vid XD
    And btw u guys are good at not covering your licence plates 😂
    👇like if u thought the same thing

  • Ivette Rodriguez
    Ivette Rodriguez 10 days ago +1

    I would have called the police 😡

  • Dean The Bean
    Dean The Bean 10 days ago

    Is any one gonna talk about him not having a seatbelt on????

  • Aspen Byrd
    Aspen Byrd 10 days ago

    This is a good video

  • jameil
    jameil 10 days ago

    Ay fam ur from “Beverly hills”😭😭

  • Mark Still
    Mark Still 10 days ago


  • MonsterLegend 27
    MonsterLegend 27 10 days ago +1

    You mean you’re an Arab?

  • Abdulaziz Merdad
    Abdulaziz Merdad 10 days ago

    Do a how to handle bully video

  • Alex Jimenez
    Alex Jimenez 10 days ago

    Omg he past my house

  • Tiffany Kwan
    Tiffany Kwan 10 days ago

    I think he this need a drive lessons

  • Fernando Tahiraj
    Fernando Tahiraj 10 days ago

    I couldn't stop laughing 😂👏👏👏👍

  • Jasmine Simmons
    Jasmine Simmons 10 days ago

    No lying Crush but you making me do this for no reason I'm coming don't text me no more

  • Jasmine Simmons
    Jasmine Simmons 10 days ago

    Lion Kush