What If Everyone JUMPED At Once?

  • Published on Aug 19, 2012
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  • big bird Boi
    big bird Boi 3 hours ago

    what about the crips

  • Foxy TheBoss253
    Foxy TheBoss253 21 hour ago

    What about the disabled people?

  • Kyra Roselush
    Kyra Roselush 23 hours ago

    0:34 *lays on the ground*

  • ment7
    ment7 Day ago +2

    Everyone jumping?
    that probably would cause a few cracks on the earth or somthing

    just get 7 billion radios playing the ali-a old intro
    the entire universe would explode

  • Drimzeho
    Drimzeho Day ago

    What if We shot all Nukes in the world at the same time

  • Saksham Jain
    Saksham Jain Day ago

    We would not be able to tell

  • Ibrahim Possani
    Ibrahim Possani Day ago

    So much knolage, im on break bro!

  • XxRăᵶorRăᵯăxX Øøƒ


  • Udit Sharma
    Udit Sharma Day ago

    I decimate my every test😀😥

  • Carson Garanito
    Carson Garanito 2 days ago +1

    *using this font is funny*

  • Zachary Boots
    Zachary Boots 2 days ago

    0:43 who else layed on the ground just to mess up someones day on the other side of the world

  • ZombieGreen
    ZombieGreen 2 days ago

    I did choose 6!!!

  • RedBlade
    RedBlade 2 days ago

    They aren't fat enoughf

  • Twisted Squid
    Twisted Squid 2 days ago

    If everyone subbed to pewdiepie at the same time this world would be better

  • Cody Stoddard
    Cody Stoddard 2 days ago

    Theoretically that wouldn’t work because some people are amputees

  • Axel Mota
    Axel Mota 3 days ago

    Hi how to basic

  • Jimin you got no jams
    Jimin you got no jams 3 days ago +1

    I finally watched it TheXvid ARE YOU HAPPY

  • &510
    &510 3 days ago

    michael how much does the internet weigh??

  • KaKo
    KaKo 4 days ago

    Oh cool, i just decimated a math test

  • Pedro Barbosa
    Pedro Barbosa 4 days ago

    Van Halen can’t be wrong

  • Yousuf Khalil
    Yousuf Khalil 4 days ago +3

    and people complain about overpopulation, smh

  • Leo Almonte
    Leo Almonte 5 days ago

    I think felisha should jump on this dick

  • Xxx Concussion
    Xxx Concussion 5 days ago

    Rip disabled

  • Memeikyu
    Memeikyu 5 days ago

    But what will happen if we all fart at the same time? 🤔

  • Gideon Erick
    Gideon Erick 5 days ago

    pause a 1:14

  • Rebecca Sanders
    Rebecca Sanders 5 days ago


  • Daniele antouchable
    Daniele antouchable 6 days ago

    So if we jump for all our life we can change a little bit the position of earth

  • Ebony Mandolin
    Ebony Mandolin 6 days ago

    Three Words: Cyd "Codex" Sherman

  • kalu 6
    kalu 6 6 days ago

    He scared me at first second

  • William Baker
    William Baker 7 days ago


    14,999,999 views 7 days ago

    Can someone tell me what’s that site: 2:34

  • Eleuterio Cabada
    Eleuterio Cabada 7 days ago

    I want this guy as my science teacher

  • Damnson gaming
    Damnson gaming 7 days ago

    What about the fat people who can't jump

  • MD. Jiad Parvej Joy5


  • Jim Smith
    Jim Smith 8 days ago

    The earth is flat everyone knows that

  • Sàám Stha
    Sàám Stha 8 days ago

    It just show how small a creature we are.

  • robloxGuy 12342341343

    Hey v-sauce!
    Michael here.

  • HD YT
    HD YT 9 days ago +1

    Now go watch those videos about the size of the universe...

  • Akshay Sawant
    Akshay Sawant 9 days ago +3

    Plz jump near my school... I'm not done with homework 😌

  • Asia Mud
    Asia Mud 9 days ago

    I decimate all my tests

  • FaTaL alma
    FaTaL alma 9 days ago +7

    What happens it we snap our finger at the same time
    If Thanos can kill half of the universe with one snap ...surely all of us can lol

  • turtles at play
    turtles at play 9 days ago

    I said the word sextillion in my math class and everyone laughed whall I just sat there like "im smarter than these nibbas"

  • Little Yeti
    Little Yeti 9 days ago

    We all lay down when we sleep.... So Basically we are shortening the amount of time of our own sleep?

  • Hex _
    Hex _ 9 days ago

    Dude ur fat

  • Cory Sidilau
    Cory Sidilau 9 days ago


  • Bethany May
    Bethany May 10 days ago


  • Insert Name Here
    Insert Name Here 10 days ago +4

    1:16 “what could us humans do?”
    Me: send nukes

  • Ahmed A a1998
    Ahmed A a1998 10 days ago

    2:36 What is the name of this program PLS, and is there any better?

  • MJ Junior
    MJ Junior 10 days ago

    What if the earth jumps

  • Winter Gaming
    Winter Gaming 10 days ago

    I enjoyed decimating that pack of cards😂

  • Leave me alone. Now.
    Leave me alone. Now. 10 days ago

    What’s that program at 2:34

  • Alyson
    Alyson 10 days ago

    He else is laying on the ground trying to get the days to be shorter? Only me? Ok.

  • Zishan Sheikh
    Zishan Sheikh 10 days ago

    I’m sure if the vsuace subscribers all jumped we could probably bounce T seiries back to india

  • King Millo
    King Millo 10 days ago


  • pogled u daljinu
    pogled u daljinu 11 days ago

    Nadrogirana budala

  • - ItzYeeTurtle -
    - ItzYeeTurtle - 11 days ago

    Idk how to put it but when Chile won the World Cup, the stadium was full of 60,000 jumping people and the Richter scale measured the jumping as a 2.0 earthquake

  • Wingus
    Wingus 11 days ago

    Try this one then...what if the world suddenlt farted all at once? What are the odds of it happening and more to the point..would it explode or just smell bad.

  • Jason Gardner
    Jason Gardner 11 days ago

    Vaginal fantasy book club???

  • The Rarest Beauty
    The Rarest Beauty 11 days ago

    He’s talking about 7.7 billon people jump at once

  • Nick Tokar
    Nick Tokar 12 days ago +1

    Jump higher.

  • Maroon Axolotil
    Maroon Axolotil 12 days ago

    you said 7 millipn ppl but 28 million ppl watched this vid

  • ǶƐហͲȺį ᎠƐϚͲའටӋƐའ

    What if everyone jumped at one?
    *Nothing will happen*

  • Dash Breen
    Dash Breen 12 days ago +1

    Who’s watching in November 2018

  • Brian Martir
    Brian Martir 12 days ago

    We are not spinning the earth is flath 100%. Dont now how people still believe this bs

  • Katie Anne West
    Katie Anne West 12 days ago

    The thing is, I know that one person that would be 2 tenths of a second off.

  • starling
    starling 12 days ago +11

    if everyone jumped at once, a freeze frame will happen and the end credits will start

  • Lost Havok
    Lost Havok 13 days ago

    What if everyone one earth burnedall there money?? Who would have to pay the debt?

  • Jayden Miclat
    Jayden Miclat 13 days ago

    What if

    They were asleep

  • Tim Beutling
    Tim Beutling 13 days ago

    „Glauben sie das ich verrückt bin?“ diese Frage stellte mir Elon Musk...

  • some guys channel don't sub me, please

    I lost 0.0000018 of sleep cause of japan

    Edit:I don't care if the number is wrong

  • StumpyCat2015 ROBLOX
    StumpyCat2015 ROBLOX 14 days ago

    1.. 2.. 3..
    Jim-p SIKE

  • Colin Devereux
    Colin Devereux 14 days ago +4

    Amputees can’t jump

  • Kighan Modeste
    Kighan Modeste 14 days ago

    "we are all awesome people" nice compliment

  • A Magical Shark
    A Magical Shark 14 days ago

    What if everyone yelled MEME REVIEW at the same time?

  • Olivia C
    Olivia C 15 days ago


  • Patrick Green
    Patrick Green 15 days ago

    Micheal, you sexy motherfucker you....

  • Coaster Maniac
    Coaster Maniac 15 days ago +1

    What about babies

  • Felix Roux
    Felix Roux 15 days ago +11

    *_i can jump higher than a skyscraper._*

    *_skyscrapers can't jump._*

  • Arab Money
    Arab Money 15 days ago

    Ooouuu I see u micheal

  • Sergeant Waddle Doo
    Sergeant Waddle Doo 15 days ago

    🅱️ey 🅱️sauce 🅱️ichael 🅱️ere

  • RegularGamer 0306
    RegularGamer 0306 15 days ago

    There would always be that one guy that try’s to be cool and doesn’t jump

  • I started a life. But that was a dream.

    What would happen if everyone shot there parents at once?

    *Ask Vsauce*

  • TrÄš H
    TrÄš H 16 days ago

    was that charlie from spn

  • R2shed_q8
    R2shed_q8 16 days ago

    Why don’t we try it guys ?

  • Naomi Gibson
    Naomi Gibson 16 days ago +2


  • Wyatt Wright-Bowman
    Wyatt Wright-Bowman 16 days ago +2

    Hey Michael Vsause here

  • Swampyexe _
    Swampyexe _ 16 days ago

    Wait so my great grandma can jump to??

  • Shubham Agrawal
    Shubham Agrawal 17 days ago

    You could have also considered the possibility of earth reaching its natural frequency of vibration. Way off I know, but some numbers would have been interesting.

  • Object Productions
    Object Productions 17 days ago

    Hey, you used Michael and Cary Huang’s scale of the universe! I love that guy!

  • Zahra Does Stuff
    Zahra Does Stuff 17 days ago

    Baby’s can jump???? THATS AWSOME

  • Minemaster 101
    Minemaster 101 17 days ago


  • Lor Beast
    Lor Beast 18 days ago

    At a concert they had a earthquake

  • Chinmokoto
    Chinmokoto 19 days ago

    Let's jump

  • Cinnabar Student 65
    Cinnabar Student 65 19 days ago


  • Della Lewis
    Della Lewis 19 days ago +2

    0:20 *flat* *earthers* *are* *quaking* !

  • Lillian The Dog
    Lillian The Dog 19 days ago

    What if we all lay down at once?

    *Hey Vsauce Michael here.*

  • Rook Castle
    Rook Castle 19 days ago

    Joe Swanson cant jump *joke

  • Blueberry
    Blueberry 19 days ago

    Jump in 3... 2... 1... GO!