What If Everyone JUMPED At Once?

  • Published on Aug 19, 2012
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  • ThiccToucan
    ThiccToucan Day ago

    EVERYONE: Look at Vsauce 2017 then look back at... uh... the not so good clickbait era? 2010-11 was his clickbait era

  • Ac Ab
    Ac Ab Day ago

    And by jumping in rhytme to resonate the earth?

  • Nickalous M
    Nickalous M Day ago

    I would like to see the people without legs do it

  • Martin D
    Martin D Day ago

    The stuffed cuddle-turd would fall off Jukiya's wall shelf

  • Blob Brothers
    Blob Brothers Day ago

    if vsauce made a video everyday: "imput scene of earth quake"

  • Henry Meyers
    Henry Meyers Day ago

    there was an add for youtube in front of this video. lol

  • Newer Account
    Newer Account 2 days ago

    White men cant jump

    RANDOM BETA 2 days ago

    What app that is at 2:34

  • AhmedProYT
    AhmedProYT 2 days ago

    It will lag

  • pp shooter 69 AKA Communist Dog

    Pretty sure i saw this 4 years ago but what ever.

  • Robert allan
    Robert allan 2 days ago

    Now what if we all farted at once.

  • Jacob
    Jacob 2 days ago +1

    Omg I chose the sixth ace no joke

    EPIK DUCK 2 days ago

    _Well let's try at least_

  • Source Official
    Source Official 2 days ago

    So...... handicapped people are excluded in this universe right?

  • Markus Brunner
    Markus Brunner 2 days ago

    thexvid.com/video/tODlPxhbGF8/video.html This is what over 80,000 ppl look like jumping

  • Luke Pawson
    Luke Pawson 2 days ago

    What is everyone started playing "I am the globglobgabalab" On their radios, can we summon this ancient creature?

  • Dabi 456
    Dabi 456 3 days ago

    I've learned more stuff about science from watching Vsauce than in my Science classes

  • Schädel Troopen
    Schädel Troopen 3 days ago

    Just imagine what 7 billion people jumping would sound like sound like.

  • unrealistic mess
    unrealistic mess 3 days ago

    I didn’t expect to see a Supernatural character in a Vsauce video

  • Original Default
    Original Default 3 days ago

    What if earth JUMPED

  • wanse27
    wanse27 3 days ago

    Ok now lets make a "jump day" into calender once every year.

  • Just A Frans Shipper

    *flat earthers are triggered*

  • Cosmic Remix
    Cosmic Remix 3 days ago +1


  • Atomic Aiz
    Atomic Aiz 3 days ago

    What if every one yeeted at once?

  • bxgsxster x
    bxgsxster x 4 days ago

    I chose that card

  • Pixel of Pixels
    Pixel of Pixels 4 days ago

    "Now, the change you would make to the Earth's rotation is way smaller than we can even measure."
    (It's basically zero)

  • Arq_
    Arq_ 4 days ago

    Vsauce doesn't know me :(

  • Cvo777
    Cvo777 4 days ago

    Vaginal Fantasy book club.

  • Wesley Smith
    Wesley Smith 4 days ago

    There's twice as many nipples as people

  • ravenwood06
    ravenwood06 5 days ago

    Then you add a phew eggs, a dancing roast chicken and flush it in the toilet.

    Then get it out, fry it, chuck a fish head on it and then jump on it. That's how you measure it.
    Who knows what I'm talking about?

  • Elena N
    Elena N 5 days ago

    Ясно понятно

  • Sulav Sitaula
    Sulav Sitaula 5 days ago

    There are 7,000,000,000 of us.

  • Patrick Neil
    Patrick Neil 5 days ago

    i swear it's like every channel i've clicked on is subbed to this guy... i might aswell get on the bandwagon.

  • CIA
    CIA 5 days ago

    Last I knew people weighing 600lbs couldn’t jump

  • Ann Mendoza
    Ann Mendoza 6 days ago

    I just need a short, simple answer.

  • Peter Kiss
    Peter Kiss 6 days ago

    nothing by on universe bowlig ball is same as feather. Earth is on universe this way everithing have unchangeble waight. Weight is changed after you reach point where start atmosphere. Gravity and mass of Electromagnteic fields. Only one things what is with silicone 28 ? on free space of universe is same as on earth with atmosphere ?

  • Amar Thadathil
    Amar Thadathil 6 days ago +1


  • larissa
    larissa 6 days ago

    who else actually picked 6 on the deck of cards and got scared

  • MoJam
    MoJam 6 days ago +1

    There’s always one or two cheeky people that won’t jump.

  • sniper shotzz
    sniper shotzz 7 days ago


  • Flying bacon37Ayeee
    Flying bacon37Ayeee 7 days ago


  • Simion Nicolas
    Simion Nicolas 8 days ago

    Not everyone can jump unfortunately :/

  • beautiul beasts
    beautiul beasts 8 days ago

    Isn't that the girl from supernatural

  • Prize_hunter1
    Prize_hunter1 8 days ago +1


  • Farouk BL
    Farouk BL 8 days ago

    We'd all lose a bit of weight, hopefully...

  • Julius Dawson
    Julius Dawson 8 days ago

    What if we all get rickrolled at once?

  • Julius Dawson
    Julius Dawson 8 days ago

    What if we all get rickrolled at once?

  • 1987 caprice police car

    Police are not the one who is in the wrong person sorry man this is a beta beta for the game but it’s a beta beta and now this is

  • nasty hoe
    nasty hoe 8 days ago

    What if vauce stopped making videos? ;)

  • Aidan Spiderman
    Aidan Spiderman 8 days ago

    Your videos are very soothing especially after loosing 2 Games of overwatch in a row

  • Dino
    Dino 8 days ago

    Wait a minute, so if everyone lies down the days will be 7 billion times more faster?

  • {} Noobzera {}
    {} Noobzera {} 9 days ago

    What about the people that can't move their legs?

  • Dominick Chavez
    Dominick Chavez 9 days ago +1

    They say if every body farted at once there would be a toxic cloud that wiped out the globe only three % would live

  • Bennett Cook
    Bennett Cook 9 days ago

    *T H I C C B E A R D*

  • Alex Meadows
    Alex Meadows 9 days ago

    Geek and sundry. NO THANKS!!!

  • X1 Remote9
    X1 Remote9 10 days ago

    ok i wanna know how he did 3:58

  • Hairy Boi
    Hairy Boi 10 days ago +2

    i would be under the ground...

  • Terrus Ciekawostki
    Terrus Ciekawostki 10 days ago +1

    I love your gesticulating.

  • EliteDuck
    EliteDuck 10 days ago

    Thanos can erase half of the universe what can you do?

  • Malthe Joergensen
    Malthe Joergensen 10 days ago

    Bye Felicia

  • playhouserage
    playhouserage 10 days ago

    It would be a total miracle because some people are paralyzed.

  • Jumpy George
    Jumpy George 10 days ago

    0:20 At the Ee-quator

  • Brown Panther
    Brown Panther 10 days ago +2


  • nope ropes ain’t real sorry

    y o o t

  • Alexandre Sauze
    Alexandre Sauze 11 days ago

    Well when Mexico scored a goal against Germany in the world cup most people in Mexico City jumped and it detached the sismic alert

  • JPVD 9669
    JPVD 9669 11 days ago

    Vsauce clappin mad science cheeks

  • Spencer
    Spencer 11 days ago


  • WatermelonJC
    WatermelonJC 12 days ago

    What would be most incredible is if vsause tried ketchup

    It would be a revolution

    • WatermelonJC
      WatermelonJC 12 days ago

      I can already feel the ground shaking

  • FunnyVids? Nah
    FunnyVids? Nah 12 days ago

    2:11 “awesome people on earth” bahahahahhaha
    explain the extinction of several animals and crime.

  • Gergő Laky
    Gergő Laky 12 days ago

    Did you guys ever watch this without sound on? ITS SO MUCH BETTER

  • Gamonize
    Gamonize 12 days ago

    What if you were born, and just measured time by counting down from 28,470 days.

  • Kai Iida
    Kai Iida 12 days ago

    What if everyone flushed the toilet at once

  • Marcus Hosu
    Marcus Hosu 13 days ago +1


  • Andrea Salceda
    Andrea Salceda 13 days ago

    Why is TheXvid recommending me this in 2019???😕

  • Swaggy Shaggy
    Swaggy Shaggy 13 days ago

    I decimated her booty last night!

  • Le High Spy
    Le High Spy 13 days ago

    I need to stop watching this shit when I'm high

  • Static Frosk
    Static Frosk 13 days ago

    What if we jumped like 10 times if like the president went on the news and told everybody to jump 10 times what would happen

  • Little Linky
    Little Linky 14 days ago +1

    what would happen if everyone on Earth all layed on the floor?

  • Biblary Polska Biblioteka

    i can jump higher than a skyscraper.

    skyscrapers can't jump.


    Hello howtobasic

  • Νinj a
    Νinj a 14 days ago

    Make earth Godzilla jump

  • zach murphy
    zach murphy 14 days ago

    Decimated that mf'n quiz!

  • Raging Boy777
    Raging Boy777 14 days ago

    How will handicaps jump?

  • Sigmund Solo
    Sigmund Solo 14 days ago

    But, you don't have any legs Lieutenant Dan!

  • Sigmund Solo
    Sigmund Solo 14 days ago

    Kris Kross will make ya'.......

  • deerturkeyfishgbaker
    deerturkeyfishgbaker 14 days ago

    What if everyone on earth screamed at the same time

  • jacob pona
    jacob pona 14 days ago

    What if everyone just jumped a lot?

  • Red- Blue
    Red- Blue 14 days ago +1

    If we all jump at once the earth takes a screenshot

  • NorCal McCrizpy
    NorCal McCrizpy 15 days ago +3

    Just one question.....

    Why is this on my recommended even though this was 6-7 years ago?

  • Hadley Harris
    Hadley Harris 15 days ago

    What if we all said the n word at once?

    THANOID 15 days ago

    ᗩᑎYOᑎE? 2019? ,ᑭᒪᔕ?

  • Shogun
    Shogun 15 days ago

    What if everyone from my 600 pound life jumped? 🤔

  • Titan Designs
    Titan Designs 15 days ago

    What if everyone farted at once

  • bob bob
    bob bob 15 days ago

    The way micheal jumped

  • Phixii ¿¡
    Phixii ¿¡ 15 days ago

    so greek can make a huge difference if he could jump omegalul

  • Im a fucking homosexual

    We’re all awesome

  • galllion
    galllion 15 days ago

    Charlie from supernatural

  • KLink
    KLink 16 days ago

    I stapled my nipple to a toaster.... Send help Michael

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy 16 days ago

    I thought bringing mass inward only increases rotation speed on earth because it decreases air resistance, which obviously would not be a factor for the earth rotating on its axis?