I made a game under 24 Hours!

  • Published on May 20, 2022
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  • LixianTV
    LixianTV  3 years ago +6078

    For those who say they can't download the game because they have to buy it ... the game is *FREE!!*
    On both GameJolt and Itch.io, when you press the download button, there is a text button above the price input that says:
    *No thanks, just take me to the download,* click that and you're set!!
    Hope that makes sense.
    It's my fault, I should have mentioned that in the video, I apologize.
    Thanks everyone for watching the video and playing the game, I really appreciate it. *Thank you so much.*

    • Stealth Degu
      Stealth Degu 2 days ago

      this game was so far I fully completed and might reset to get it deathless and restart less

    • TheTrgger
      TheTrgger 6 months ago

      amazing game lixian! i was kinda bummed that there wasnt a secret with the locker 17 thing but hey, cant think of everything when youre that good! kisses to the chef!

    • Running Crusader
      Running Crusader 9 months ago

      it was amazing

    • Ammar Slhim
      Ammar Slhim 9 months ago


    • Benjamin
      Benjamin 9 months ago

      @Ben Stevens haha, are you my long lost brother?

  • Brackeys
    Brackeys 2 years ago +2693

    Thanks for participating in the jam! And what a great video, really enjoyed it - Keep it up! :-)

  • LunarGalaxy__
    LunarGalaxy__ 2 years ago +1484

    Lixian: 'As long as it works, it's fine!"
    YandereDev: *I'm gonna pretend i didn't hear that*

  • Spudd
    Spudd Year ago +678

    YandereDev: *Finally finishes a demo after more than 6 years*

    • Doaski Shino
      Doaski Shino 10 months ago

      Yanderedev is a worker who not only makes videos but also makes a game, yandev probably isn’t the best coder

    • The autistic Artist
      The autistic Artist 10 months ago

      @420 69 fnaf 1 and 2 were both released within three years. Yandev hasn’t even implemented the second rival when mods have Implemented that and more.

    • Space Core
      Space Core Year ago

      @420 69 pretty nice username

    • Shreya
      Shreya Year ago +1

      @SoySauceSquared 😂😂😂

    • SoySauceSquared
      SoySauceSquared Year ago

      @Shreya lol when you say this all I think of is cyberpunk now

  • Nugget
    Nugget Year ago +540

    Everyone say it with me now
    "As long as it works, that's what matters!"
    Also let's take a moment to appreciate Fischer for being amazing tooo ~

    • yeppii
      yeppii 8 months ago

      @Jadelian member

    • Jadelian
      Jadelian Year ago +2

      As long as it works, thats what matters.
      Btw, how did you get that tiny Lixian emoji thing?

    • killer_gamer05
      killer_gamer05 Year ago

      As long as it works. That's what matters

    • theBraindeadz
      theBraindeadz Year ago

      "As long as it works, That's what matters'

    • kira queen
      kira queen Year ago +1

      As long as it works. That's what matters

  • Skyrix
    Skyrix 2 years ago +252

    "as long as it works, it's fine."
    The holy quote of a dev right there.

  • NnVs Kh
    NnVs Kh 2 years ago +2599

    every dev’s phrase:
    “as long as it works, its fine”

    • Glitch
      Glitch 9 months ago

      New notification:
      YandereDev would like to acess your location

    • Mushrooms
      Mushrooms 10 months ago +1

      perfectionists: a r e y o u s u r e a b o u t t h a t

    • Jason
      Jason Year ago

      Why can i feel this...

    • toby
      toby Year ago

      Cyberpunk devs be like:

    • The Quiet Kiddo
      The Quiet Kiddo Year ago

      5 months later
      Funny glitch compilation *insert game name here*

  • ZenyX CZ
    ZenyX CZ Year ago +37

    Oh my god.
    The tweaked version is sooooo good.
    The controls are smooth, the story is amazing, the atmosphere is fitting, level design is probably the best thing I have ever witnessed, and even the dialog is solid.
    Thank you so much for making this game Lixian.

  • murder_of_crows
    murder_of_crows 2 years ago +408

    "I'm stupid I'm sorry!"
    Me to my mum after I fail yet another class.

    • :O
      :O Year ago

      @TheLuigiNoidPerson 109 fr i've never failed a class before that would be scary

    • Nagy Bálint
      Nagy Bálint Year ago

      @TheLuigiNoidPerson 109 fr xd

    • HiHowareya?
      HiHowareya? Year ago +1

      @TheLuigiNoidPerson 109 imagine passing a class

    • TrA
      TrA Year ago

      @TheLuigiNoidPerson 109 yes

    • TheLuigiNoidPerson 109
      TheLuigiNoidPerson 109 Year ago +5

      Imagine failing a class

  • Art freak
    Art freak Year ago +140

    “I was feeling great!”
    “I wanna die.”
    We just hit both ends of the spectrum in 2 seconds

  • thibautisserant
    thibautisserant 8 months ago +9

    Before you even mentionned it, I also thought "Love is blind" was a great theme for something dark.
    It made me think of a 2D game where you're essentially looking for your character's girlfriend. But the closer you get to her, the darker it gets, and the less you can see what you're doing, leaving you vulnerable to what lurks around.
    Of course, when it comes to ideas in early stage, it's completely touch and go, but the darkness of the themes you play around is something I genuinely love and that makes me curious whenever you put something out there.
    Love your channel Lixian :)

  • Huy Nguyen Trong
    Huy Nguyen Trong 2 years ago +2951

    “As long as it works, it’s fine” literally me every time trying to code 😅😂😅

  • Multi056789
    Multi056789 2 years ago +40

    I came here after seeing the work you did on Damien and I have to say that you are amazing. Not only did you do so much in such a short span of time but it's very inspiring to see this progress too where its also a source of inspiration for me as well because this was the final push for me to try a crack at programming something.
    The game was great and I really liked the concept of it. Keep up the great work my dude. You have my support!

  • Jake Rozewicz
    Jake Rozewicz Year ago +2

    I wish I knew how to code a game, but if I did:
    For "Love is blind"
    I would have done a game where you play as a heart, and you can't see any of the walls,
    but the beats of the heart would act as echolocation, so you could find your way across the room

  • Sketchi Stuff
    Sketchi Stuff 9 months ago +2

    A really fun game, and the endings make you come back wanting more, 10/10 I love games that don't try to be more than what they are.

  • Katherine DeCavitte
    Katherine DeCavitte Year ago +7

    Lixian: I made a game in 24 hours!
    Dani: *Holding 50 game jams* “Amateur.”

  • Madiesunny
    Madiesunny 2 years ago +2073

    Coming from Mark’s recent vid about the game you made for his birthday. DUDE IT WAS AMAZING. You did such an awesome job with it and you completed it so quickly! I just wanted to stop by and congratulate you on it. Keep doing what you’re doing :)

  • Leahreena Riggs
    Leahreena Riggs Year ago +4

    i watched the whole video now im going to play the game myself, I'm planning to help a friend with making a pixel game similar to this and I am learning coding (being self taught) i cant wait to play your game. you are amazing lixian!!!!

  • Joe Augustine
    Joe Augustine Year ago +3

    The game was actually so much fun to play! Deserved a subscription from me.

  • Carrotstix
    Carrotstix 10 months ago +3

    I think it would be cool if a tutorial type textbox would pop up the first time you see a woofle, telling you how the enemy moves, but then when you kill one, that's thrown out the window and all of them run to the other end of their platforms for the rest of the game.

  • Kraken
    Kraken Year ago +44

    "Love is blind might bring some of you to think of happy things maybe but... i wANTED *DEATH* "

  • CKing
    CKing 2 years ago +1214

    Psychopath ending was described as “more interesting”
    Markiplier: Nah, I don’t need that ending

    • CKing
      CKing 2 years ago +13

      The God of Smiley
      I’m sorry. I didn’t know you felt that way. I’ll make sure to treat you better from now on. Because you deserve it. As for the number of likes, don’t worry about it. We all make mistakes, whether it was me, you, or the Internet itself. I’m just glad you’re ok.

    • GoodFeelerMan
      GoodFeelerMan 2 years ago +14

      @CKing listen man it says 500 thumbs up on my end, mabey it's my poor Internet conection.
      As for why I would lie to you, It's because you haven't been treating me with the respect I deserve for too long! AND I am fed up with it.

    • CKing
      CKing 2 years ago +13

      The God of Smiley
      It’s 499 right now. I can’t believe you would lie to me. Do I mean nothing to you?

    • GoodFeelerMan
      GoodFeelerMan 2 years ago +12

      Listen I'm just commenting this so that I can explain to people that I made your likes an even 500.

    • DreamLandBuds
      DreamLandBuds 2 years ago +14

      rejection sucks

  • LiterallySomeOne
    LiterallySomeOne Year ago +30

    Alternative title: Man has a mental breakdown in less than 24 hours

  • Louvie
    Louvie 2 years ago +2

    I just found your channel, Lixian, even thought I have been subscribed to it since Mark played Damien, and oh, my, god, you're amazing. I love the passion and hard work you put in these games and I can't wait to see what you are going to do next, especially as a game developer. It made me aware of what they go through and what it takes for a game to be completed. I wish you luck, and want to thank you for this nice moment.
    Also imma share this to everyone in France :)

  • Yelisey
    Yelisey Year ago +10

    Dang Mark be giving some influence xD

  • Skapie
    Skapie Year ago +1

    Great job, Lixian! I'm so proud of you. ♥️

  • Ash Alansari
    Ash Alansari Year ago

    This game is so good! I'm playing the enhanced version, collecting all the different endings. This game definitely deserves a full fledged commercial release version!

  • Cypher_Decode
    Cypher_Decode 2 years ago

    This is honestly really inspirational. The amount of dedication you put into your game really is enlightening to me. I wish I was able to create these things

  • antiplier darco
    antiplier darco 10 months ago

    Lixian this is one hell of a game and after getting two ending im in love with the game and even if this game was originally made in less then 24 hours and how much more time you put into the game afterwards it feels like a game that was in development for ages with a huge team behind it also thanks for giving me a game to play when i ran out of games to play

  • Tim Records
    Tim Records Year ago

    I just played your game, and it was amazing, I love platformers and the idea that collecting items or killing enemies could affect the level. I do wish however that their was a bonus segment for the Blind Love ending, maybe with more alternate endings or an "after credit" type scene, but overall with that comment in mind 8/10. Loved it! keep making great games!!

  • Caravene's Art
    Caravene's Art Year ago

    The game was absolute fun, insane how you got that out so fast! One thing I noticed is that I accidentally got only one heart but didn't kill any woofle, and yet I still got the puppet ending.
    I was a bit confused but anyways I absolutely love this!

  • Jonathan Maynus
    Jonathan Maynus Year ago

    I paused and played all 5 endings and I absolutely LOVED it! I loved the effects and the twist on psychopath! Well done!

  • qqWw!!
    qqWw!! Year ago

    This is simply unbelievable! The graphics is very beautiful, the music + sounds are wonderful, and the plot is just 10/10!
    Great job, I really liked it! Such simple but at the same time brilliant projects motivate me to make my own games!
    Thank you very much, Lixian!

  • Gabe Lipciuc
    Gabe Lipciuc Year ago

    I went and played it as soon as I finished the video. That was honestly an amazing experience, great gameplay, animation and story. 9.5/10, only problem is that I wish there was more :)

  • ocular orb
    ocular orb 3 years ago +1223

    you should consider making this a full game, I think it's a great concept

    • Nikolaos Libero
      Nikolaos Libero 2 years ago +6

      It is a full game.

    • lChristl
      lChristl 2 years ago +3

      666 dont like

      LUL OMEGA 2 years ago +2

      @LixianTV pls do more, its epic! Finally a concept that is actually interesting xD

    • ZopZ Gaming
      ZopZ Gaming 2 years ago +21

      @LixianTV pls do itt i played the whole game i want muure xD

  • Wes
    Wes Year ago +11

    “As long as it works, it’s fine”
    Bethesda: I’m all ears

  • Nathen T.S
    Nathen T.S Year ago

    Overall the game was really good! The jumping was still a little buggy I feel and I couldn't see which endings I got BUT the gameplay handled well and the cutscenes were dark but sort of humorous aswell! Thanks for the game i'd rate it 8/10!

  • TubzyWubzy
    TubzyWubzy Year ago

    When you said you were gonna spoil it and I went and just downloaded it and played through all 5 endings before finishing the video. I went back and donated money because the game was pretty damn amazing. Awesome concept and the atmosphere was perfect my man.
    Hope to see more from you.

  • Mr Skyzear
    Mr Skyzear 10 months ago

    I love this, it's straight up just love for game development. As you said it's not a great game but at the same time you made it in a short time so it's to be expected. I have no doubt that if you would put alot of time into this, the game could be incredible. I love the idea, i love it being a platformer, and multiple endings are always interesting. Great job Lixian

  • Gamerboygaming
    Gamerboygaming 3 years ago +7898

    "You see, most people think of love as happiness... I WANT DEATH!"

  • danie schenkekraft
    danie schenkekraft 5 months ago

    Seriously dude, this game was so much fun!! :D Played all the endings in about an hour and enjoyed the lovely visual design and the clever level-design! And this all for free?! Thank you a lot :))

  • Ena
    Ena Year ago

    I loved your game! It was so fun to collect the endings in different ways, keep up the good Lixian!

  • Carduran_11
    Carduran_11 Year ago

    DUDE, I LOVE IT! The idea is so clever, the endings are the best thing of the game as it makes the game more challenging. I love your game. Great job!

  • Mystic Lightning
    Mystic Lightning 2 years ago

    Dude, this is awesome, I tried to use a preset code thing with RPG maker, and my motivation is gone for it because it's still too complicated for me lol. But I came here to say how I really appreciate the editing you do for Marks video's, the things you put in it like the wobbly mark and the wobbly voice mark and, it's just kind of like you inhaled marks essence and you know the perfect things to put into the editing, way to go man!!!

  • Let’sTRYthisOUT !
    Let’sTRYthisOUT ! 2 years ago +262


    • Julia Shanti Puca
      Julia Shanti Puca 4 months ago

      I am interested in playing it too, do you know if it can be downloaded on Mac too? I don’t have a windows pc

  • Shmu
    Shmu Year ago

    Lixian you’re so talented, you make everything look so easy, I wish I had your skills :’)

  • Jedidiah Edmonds
    Jedidiah Edmonds Year ago

    I loved playing the game, and I was more and more curious on what results will give me a different ending. One of the levels was super frustrating sense it was difficult for me to get through it, but it made me all the more happier after I passed the level. I loved the game, Great Work!

  • Corujango ' - '
    Corujango ' - ' 2 years ago

    Eu realmente não sei porque não tinha jogado isso antes, É MARAVILHOSO!

  • Dashmeet Singh
    Dashmeet Singh Year ago

    Sir, i played the game and really have to come to respect it with the amount of care and awesomeness you put into the game, especially with such small content and i played for all the different endings. AGAIN LOVED IT
    Also shout out for the incredible music..especially the dark themed, please keep on making games also the videos so HELPFUL FOR ALL OTHER ASPIRING GAME DEVS
    Thank you!!!

  • Barbietoes
    Barbietoes Year ago +1

    I watched someone play this! It's surprising you made this, it's amazing! It turned out really well :)

  • Mdbgamer
    Mdbgamer 2 years ago

    I found this video, having recently gotten interested in programming, a while after I had watched gameplay of it post tweak. I would say that you did really well, and it really explores the potential darkness in the heart of someone in love.

  • Andrei Ungureanu
    Andrei Ungureanu Year ago

    Amazing game, I really enjoyed it! I would love to see a sequel.

  • Duncan Buchanan
    Duncan Buchanan Year ago

    Hey Lixian! Just wanted to say that I loved this game! I played the tweaked version on GameJolt and couldn't stop until I had all the endings xD Great job man and keep up the good work! I love your vids

  • Joy Rollins
    Joy Rollins 2 years ago +436

    I was honestly expecting some sort of ending for getting 17 hearts specifically, to go off of her locker number 17. Not sure what it would be or how it would tie in with the overall theme, but it would’ve been interesting. Loved the game and all the endings in it regardless, great job!

    • Jackson Muszynski
      Jackson Muszynski Year ago +2

      @Nooby He used Unity to make it

    • Nooby
      Nooby Year ago +1

      What did he use to make the game

    • Brazilian Cyborg
      Brazilian Cyborg Year ago +6

      @Jackson Muszynski I don't remember the names, but what I meant was naive (and if there's also naive, just change the name, the explanation is what matters)

    • Jackson Muszynski
      Jackson Muszynski Year ago +9

      @Brazilian Cyborg Wasn't there already an ending with the word "Innocent" in it? While it is a good ending title, it would seem kinda similar and copy and paste, and wouldn't work imo.

    • Brazilian Cyborg
      Brazilian Cyborg 2 years ago +45

      The innocent friend ending
      You confront her, already knowing what's on the locker. You give her a chance to stop immediately, because you don't want to snitch on her, since you're her friend. She says she understands, and when you tunr around, you're stabbed in the back; then she says "thank you, friend"

  • Cats are da best
    Cats are da best 9 months ago

    I LOVED this game, and now I love it even more knowing that you made it! overall GREAT game you are the best!!

  • Ender Onryo
    Ender Onryo 2 years ago +1

    It was pretty good. I especially liked the secret at the end. I love when things like that are in games.

  • Galaclon
    Galaclon Year ago

    I loved that you decided to choose to use the darker side of blind love and it was enjoyable to play through and realize what you did. Very entertaining game.

  • Zeta Zimmer
    Zeta Zimmer Year ago

    I appreciate that you leave in what you struggled with and mistakes you make, because so many people leave it out and it feels like I'm doing game dev wrong or I'm missing something. It's a relief to know I'm not alone in struggling with weird random glitches and obstacles

    MIGHTY MISTER 2 years ago +830

    If the Enemies had some lines like
    "Don't kill me, I your Best friend" in weird glitch effect
    And some other lines about being his teacher etc. That will make it more scary.

    • kazukixe
      kazukixe 2 years ago +4

      maybe something more subtle? like giggles when the woofles are walking and screams when you attack them?

    • Smidgeon
      Smidgeon 2 years ago +5

      they should be high pitched backwards and sped up so they sound random

    • Jeremy Redus
      Jeremy Redus 2 years ago +1

      that would actually add some good touches to it.

    • Boney Hawk
      Boney Hawk 2 years ago

      @Dead account Boss Fight

    • VNGEFull
      VNGEFull 2 years ago +5

      @Bony_Thicc y u @in me and ik that but it would be cool if it was subtle things said during the game play with static not in text but like voice lines

  • Echo Phantom
    Echo Phantom Year ago

    I loved that game, i kind of thought it was pretty weird at first, but when the game finished, it was just one of those "Oh snap, what the hell is going on" moments. Great game all around, i liked the weird post processing effects you added, it was great :)

  • curtisdrago
    curtisdrago Year ago +1

    The concept for this is SO good and impressive as hell.

  • Al GS
    Al GS Year ago

    Hello Lixian. I'd like to thank you for making this video. Maybe I'd have never started making games without it ( This was at my recommended one year ago and as I watched TheXvid kept recommending game dev stuff for me, and now I made about 8 games, so yeah, thank you ).

  • HenryPlaysYT
    HenryPlaysYT Year ago

    i loved this game, i played through it 5 times, to get every ending, but it never felt like i was just playing the same levels over and over, with the different objectives to to get different endings, the puzzles and things you had to do were very different each time, sometimes i had to time something right to stop the enemy guy from falling and dying, while playing through again, i just ran through and stabbed him as i passed, very entertaining

  • Wandering Firbolg
    Wandering Firbolg 2 years ago

    I haven't played a platformer in decades.... really had some fun! Great job!

  • Pandini
    Pandini Year ago

    I just played the game and since he asked for my feedback here it is I guess (it's good feedback, loved the game)
    I really liked how the last level brought different problems depending on what ending you wanted to get
    I also really liked the simplicity of it and the puzzles
    the woofles were cute

  • 7KilledSeven
    7KilledSeven 12 days ago

    You made this game?! I was completely obsessed with this game, you did such a great job with the game and concept of it! It was such a plot twist.

  • Spider
    Spider 11 months ago +1

    Holly hell! I remember seeing this once like a year and a half ago and thinking about it almost everyday since, I forgot about it's name but I always remembered the girl and the fact you kill all the students, I also thought about the endings alot to, and thought that the creator of the game was a genius, and now I found this game after so long, and found out it was made by you and on one day! I am truly amazed

  • Testing Isaac
    Testing Isaac 2 years ago +355

    Hey Lixian! Just watched Markiplier's vid on the birthday gift you gave him. Just want to say a few quick things:
    First: God damn it, you and Mark inspire me. You have actually been an inspiration for me to learn everything I can about gave dev. and pursue it with everything I have. Mark inspires me to just be myself, giving me the courage to post a video yesterday about a game design course I'm taking.
    Second: Have a good god damn day!

  • Tony Staton
    Tony Staton Year ago

    THIS IS AMAZING! THE FIGURATIVE AND LITERAL APPLICATIONS are absolutely spot on and the game itself is great. Did you win?

  • Future YT
    Future YT 2 years ago +2

    I played the game and it's brilliant! I love it!

  • Jammooo
    Jammooo Year ago

    The game's awesome! I found myself playing it multiple times. Great Job!

  • BonBon
    BonBon Year ago

    The game was fun and very challenging, I got all of the endings, and props for your friend for that fan-art, it was awesome!

  • STLF
    STLF 2 years ago +612

    I paused the video when it told me to to avoid spoilers.
    I just played the game and it was much better than I expected it would be. I played and got all 5 endings.
    10/10, would play again

    • goji
      goji 2 years ago

      Same, twas pretty good

    • SammyIsEpic
      SammyIsEpic 2 years ago

      same same

    • Electro Squid
      Electro Squid 2 years ago

      Exact same thing with me. Did you also have some trouble with the Innocent Love ending? I got it wrong twice and I have no clue why,

    • Max Kilson
      Max Kilson 2 years ago

      same ! =D

    • Matt Noudelman
      Matt Noudelman 2 years ago

      @STLF Nevermind, I just unlocked all of them, I was missing Blind Love because you learn to restart only after the beginning, so I forgot to try and get everything after restarting the level

  • Ambynt
    Ambynt 2 years ago

    Great game! I had to play the game before those spoilers and I wasn't disappointed! Interesting concept and I love the different endings based on the gameplay

  • Sherry Chen
    Sherry Chen Year ago

    this video is actually very motivational, and really is what I needed to see to start some kind of personal project... I've always been curious about game dev, and this video made me really want to look into it and learn!

  • Jaelin Hux
    Jaelin Hux Year ago

    After a good hour since it downloaded, I finally got all the endings. Lixian this was an amazing game, and damn near scared the shit out of me!!!!!

  • Agnes Landry
    Agnes Landry Year ago

    I love the idea of not following the traditional route in taking on Love is Blind. I also love that the consequences change depending on what choices are made.😄

  • Genoteh
    Genoteh 2 years ago +302

    im just going to say... The "Disclaimer song" Was sick as hell, i love what u did there

  • Card-Joker
    Card-Joker Year ago

    i played the game and got all endings (5)! first i was wondering where the "love-path" is beside collecting hearths.
    nice twist !
    the only thing i was not amused by is "jumping on high platforms" i can not see where the guy is and where i would land. i dies often because of that unclear landings, while the boy is out of the screen.
    the music was catchy too!
    i liked that the platforming was so "forgiving", you can jump of the platform while it disapear and sometimes you land of the enemy head instead of dieing.
    regards from germany

  • Vitor Hugo
    Vitor Hugo Year ago

    Adorei a parte do planeamento ser feito em paint xD. Excelente Trabalho, Lixian :).

  • Swamp-Deity
    Swamp-Deity 6 months ago

    this is a very cool game! this video came up on my recommended (albeit 2 years later) so I clicked on it and was def not disappointed. the work you did in such a small amount of time is amAZING so bravo to you!!

  • AmyNeedsHelp
    AmyNeedsHelp Year ago +1

    I just finished all the endings, i have also seen the game you made for Markiplier and i must say you are extremely talented! I have been watching Markiplier for ages and suddenly started seeing your amazing animated character and i immedietly re-watched all his videos and looked forward to your own twists, i decided to check your channel out and saw this! I am DEFINETLY subscribing! This game was AMAZING (the og and the tweaked one) and to think you made it in 22 HOURS?! INCREDIBLE

  • Jedediah Hopkins
    Jedediah Hopkins 3 years ago +1183

    I see markiplier has released you from his basement glad to see you back 😉 👍🏻

    • Mr Internet Guy
      Mr Internet Guy 2 years ago

      @Kris Damn, ultimate roast. But what did he(or she, no need to be sexist) even say?

    • ash
      ash 2 years ago

      Anti gacha Master damn, whats your problem, just dont?

    • Lil scrapp
      Lil scrapp 2 years ago

      Anti gacha master stop using a jc dent profile

    • VNGEFull
      VNGEFull 2 years ago

      @Sel thread

  • Haileigh White
    Haileigh White Year ago

    Paused the video and went and played it, was able to do all the endings in under an hour. Overall good game! Had to do some serious thinking with the vanishing platforms. I wish you had said a little bit in the video about your process for making the puzzle aspect of the levels!

  • Zorioy
    Zorioy 2 years ago

    Watching this really makes me want to make games too, it looks so fun.

  • Adam Volný
    Adam Volný Year ago

    Hi. Just played the game. I loved it. Liked the art, enviroment and even the endings.
    Maybe if you're going to play with it, it'd be interesting if the Good (or Awake) path had either little or no distortion and the worst ending had the worst distortion during gameplay. But that's just an idea.

  • Manon
    Manon Year ago +2

    When you said you were gonna spoil the ending, I paused the video, downloaded the game, played all 5 endings, and I just came back to finish the video ;P awesome game, it was very relaxing and enjoyable to play!

  • Historical Hindsight
    Historical Hindsight 2 years ago +102

    I played the game and got all 5 endings. The twist at the end was very well done. I was suspicious the whole time, but never 100% sure. Honestly, if I had to find something to say about the game that was in any way critical (it's hard to do, very well done game) is some of the dialogue. There are a couple grammatical errors, but that's not really what I mean. Sometimes the dialogue is a bit too "on the nose", like the antagonist kind of just says things that the person playing likely already knew, or could have assumed. I can't remember exactly what it was, but she basically said that was going to finish the job. It wasn't THAT long, but I feel like a simple "She pulled a gun out of locker 17, looked at me and said 'no witnesses'" and then a fade out would have been more effective as a punch to the gut. Just my opinion though, I really loved the game overall.

    • Be Fancy!
      Be Fancy! 2 years ago

      my subscriber 100M+ ;)

  • Luca
    Luca Year ago

    I just played through it and I have to say, I really liked this game, it was a lot of fun, great work

  • Generally Level-Headed

    I paused at the 7 minute mark to play the game, and I got the Innocent ending! After hearing your explanation of the game, I love the thought you put into making platforms disappear and how that would impact the gameplay. Super impressive for a jam and just impressive period!

  • Lukas KEKW
    Lukas KEKW 2 years ago +3

    I've played this game and I know how fun it is to try to get all of the endings!

  • basil
    basil Year ago

    i love this game its just so fun to try the different endings!
    honestly i was shook when i figured out the woofles were P E O P L E
    purple lady betrayed me so bad

  • myemailwasironic plzdontthinkimoneofthem

    the game was super fun and i liked the plot twist! the love is blind theme implementation was super cool :D

  • Emma Sullivan
    Emma Sullivan Year ago

    found out about this yesterday. the game is super fun, and it’s exactly the kind i’d play in my own free time. lixian’s a great game dev

  • Jamiebro752
    Jamiebro752 2 years ago

    i want to play all Lixian's games, because they're all amazing, interesting and unique!

  • Just Someone
    Just Someone Year ago +92

    Lixian : *Makes a game in a day*
    ”Hello World”
    *Last online : 5 weeks ago*

    • Just Someone
      Just Someone 6 months ago

      @Sebasstain Castellanos that’s the fcking joke, Im trying to say that this guy made a whole game in a day while Im already struggling in html 💀

    • Sebasstain Castellanos
      Sebasstain Castellanos 6 months ago

      @Just Someone There ain't no joke only a guy who uses strings in html headers

    • Just Someone
      Just Someone 6 months ago

      @Sebasstain Castellanos your incapability to take a joke is blowing my mind

    • Fdev studio
      Fdev studio 7 months ago +1

      You don't need a string in html

  • vixx !
    vixx ! 2 years ago

    LIXIAN!!! i loved this game so much!!! the story is great and it’s very well done :)

  • Sarah Baatz
    Sarah Baatz Year ago

    I finally found the name of the game after literal months.
    I had no clue you were the one who made it, good job, it's one of my favorite platformer games.😁

    VERAVISION Year ago

    I played the game and it was incredible and a really cool concept, keep at it!!

  • Moon Dragon
    Moon Dragon Year ago +1

    I stopped at 7:37 to download the game and i ended up at tryhard to get all the endings. It's a really good game, fun and addicting.