David Lynch In Conversation

  • Published on Jun 14, 2015
  • David Lynch shares his insights into his life, his work and his many passions - painting, film, music and meditation during his visit to Australia for 'David Lynch: Between Two Worlds'.
    With David Stratton in Brisbane.
    'David Lynch: Between Two Worlds' / 14 March - 8 June 2015 / Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) Brisbane, Australia / Recorded Saturday 14 March 2015
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Comments • 863

  • EatinBubsy
    EatinBubsy 4 years ago +2186

    The older David Lynch gets, the more he talks like a David Lynch character.

    • benonaru
      benonaru 10 days ago

      true now

    • Blue Hole
      Blue Hole 28 days ago

      I can’t separate him from Commissioner Gordon anymore

    • Rebecca Hopkins
      Rebecca Hopkins Month ago

      Where have you been? He has ALWAYS been all the characters. And all the characters are part of him 😂 I fu$&@#g love David Lynch. He’s an artistic genius. One of the last of a dying breed. He must be protected at all costs.

    • Chuck Haney
      Chuck Haney 3 months ago

      "One day we wake up and realize that it was a dream, and we realize who we truly are. It's a glorious day when that happens."

      NECROMAGICIAN 8 months ago

      Or obi wan

  • Johnny Mireles
    Johnny Mireles 6 years ago +1083

    He's not crazy, insane, or a lunatic, he's an artist that creates one of a kind, original music, and film. I think he's awesome....

    • Tunnelman
      Tunnelman 3 months ago

      All of the above :)

    • Julian
      Julian 3 months ago

      Jodorowsky on the other hand, is just as crazy as his movies 😂

    • David Linehat
      David Linehat 6 months ago

      @smart guy in a hoodie I can't imagine taking the time to watch an in-depth intervew with someone I think of as "vapid and pretentious."

    • longbranched
      longbranched 6 months ago +1

      @Anna L. Vajda This. The fact that some of the things he says goes WAY above most people's head is so sad. They of course don't see the sadness of what is outside of their grasp. I think the worst part of this though, is how some people, when they don't understand something deep like that, rejects the person or his/her ideas as being crazy etc and that's actually detrimental to humanity. So to those who don't understand: don't be afraid to say you don't get it. It's OK. And remember that your lack of comprehension does not mean it's not a viable idea, untrue or impossible.

  • the8ctagon
    the8ctagon 6 years ago +961

    This is a superb interview, offering the Lynch devotee or newbie a whistle-stop tour through Lynch's creative process, his influences and (chronologically) his films. David Stratton, the interviewer, is respectful and knowledgeable, unlike some other Lynch interviewers (e.g. Letterman), who have treated him as a freakish object of comedy. I have time-indexed the topics covered, for my future use and (hopefully) that of others.
    1:08 The importance of music to Lynch
    2:15 The creative process
    3:45 Art without borders; freedom of creativity
    4:35 Meditation as an aid to creativity; Transcendental Meditation
    8:00 Lynch's early years as an artist and film maker: Six Men Getting Sick; The Alphabet; The Grandmother
    9:45 Eraserhead
    11:50 The Elephant Man
    16:40 Dune
    17:30 Blue Velvet
    22:07 Kafka
    22:30 Wild at Heart
    24:20 Improvisation
    26:06 Twin Peaks
    29:35 Fire Walk with Me
    30:02 Another Twin Peaks TV series?
    31:06 Edward Hopper; Rabbits
    32:12 The Straight Story
    34:12 Mulholland Drive
    40:39 Inland Empire
    46:38 Lynch in film and other media; communicating with actors and other media elements
    49:16 Lynch in 3D?
    50:10 Finishing a film and letting it go
    51:10 Jacques Tati
    52:30 David Lynch the musician and singer
    55:12 Keeping a fresh eye; the need for objectivity in the creative process
    56:16 Revisiting previous works

    • the8ctagon
      the8ctagon 11 months ago

      @Chan Jackie Interesting! Given the dates of Waxwork and TP, it looks as if there was just enough time for Lynch to steal from/be inspired by Waxwork. I need to watch this now (possibly also the 1924 original), and I'll be looking for similarities between the David Lincoln character played by David Warner, and David Lynch. Thank you for pointing this out!

    • Chan Jackie
      Chan Jackie 11 months ago +1

      Hey guys , did you know that David Lynch got most of his ideas for Twin Peaks from a movie called Waxwork ( 1988 ) ? You got everything in there, our coffee drinking weirdo hero, the girls looking for danger, the symbolism of fire and smoking, the dwarf , the giant ( as a waiter ) and the waiting room before entering fantasy worlds, the couch, the black and white pattern, the mistery in the middle of a street in a friendly neighbourhood, the football guys ( one is even the same actor, playing the exact same role ( Bobby ) ), the idea of One-Eyed Jack with Marquis de Sade etc , etc, shall i go on ? I mean sure he added a lots of extra layers, but he took the basics from there. And a lots of other horror movies, he took the idea of Jody's disappearance and the funny looking portal from Phantasm. I can share tons of other informations about Twin Peaks if you are interested. Im just too lazy to make a video.

    • the8ctagon
      the8ctagon Year ago

      @callmecatalyst Thanks! Sometimes it's pleasing to catalogue and give order to things. I did it not long after I realised that you could add time cues to TheXvid video comments.

    • callmecatalyst
      callmecatalyst Year ago +2

      You are such a freaking legend for doing this. Thank you.

    • Lucio Flajore
      Lucio Flajore Year ago

      I’m sorry but the interviewer is out of his league. You need to inhabit the same universe as Lynch to be able to ask him questions.

  • Khan, WrathOf
    Khan, WrathOf 5 months ago +44

    I like watching Lynch close his eyes to find his response. It's like he's searching deep down into his soul to find an answer. A true artist. One in a trillion.

    • Tom Allen
      Tom Allen Month ago

      lol he's just making sure he doesn't insult anyone

  • Tony V
    Tony V 2 years ago +143

    His imagination and way of thinking is so pure and chidlike. Childlike, meaning that he hasn’t been condition or corrupted into thinking he has to diminish his imagination in order to fit in. Most people have this wonder and imagination as a child but sadly try to diminish it for fear of being too different. David shows that embracing that part of yourself is rewarding and allows you to make creations that people are ultimately moved by.

  • dougsours1
    dougsours1 5 years ago +319

    "If a piece of music is too loud it breaks the mood, and if it is too soft you don't feel it"
    Couldn't be more on point

    • Stefan Stoicescu
      Stefan Stoicescu Year ago

      i will remember this one.

    • Bink Griffith
      Bink Griffith Year ago

      I just heard that and started to read and saw this comment

    • Richard Joseph
      Richard Joseph 2 years ago +3

      dougsours1 But Lynch often uses loud music! (I'm sure it's intentional.)

  • Mic Edwards
    Mic Edwards 3 years ago +100

    Love how he closes his eyes, reliving the moment in his head he’s telling David about. He’s a national goddamn treasure

  • Jamaica Cuthbert
    Jamaica Cuthbert 2 years ago +31

    i love david so much i feel like he really understands the human condition on a complex level and everytime he talks about it it makes me want to cry because i feel what he’s saying and it’s really rare to find someone that can just explain it plainly like he does

  • adam ropp
    adam ropp 6 years ago +428

    Anybody who turns down the opportunity to direct one of the original Star Wars sequels after it already became a phenomenon is bad ass. Lynch, you are a bad ass.

    • J Navarro
      J Navarro Month ago

      @Tyler Cherneski And yet I think it’s great. Stop parroting film critics, or even Lynch himself. It’s not as bad as people say.

    • beef business
      beef business 10 months ago +1

      @Dragon's Red Women being in it ≠ propaganda

    • Dragon's Red
      Dragon's Red Year ago +1

      @Imperator Furiosa It doesn't forget that we are both dark and light. The main story arc is literally about a father's redemption due to his son's belief that there was still good in him.
      It's a bit ham fisted, but for a starter story it's done quite well. There is no propoganda in the OG Srar Wars. The current sequals, now that's another story...

    • Tyler Cherneski
      Tyler Cherneski Year ago +1

      @123idreamjeannie im a fan of his, I like a lot of his work. His Dune movie is known to be shit, even by The Man Himself.

  • Kelly
    Kelly Year ago +44

    "I'm not a musician or a singer but I do make music and I do sing." David is a creative genius

  • Caro Rijkehaven
    Caro Rijkehaven 3 years ago +15

    I'm so glad that he never limited himself as to only doing painting. His films and shows are amazing. With deep meaning and opened for interpratations.

  • Matthew .Brylinski
    Matthew .Brylinski 6 years ago +171

    He is the greatest director of my lifetime and it is by no small margin, he is 1000 x's better than my second favorite artist. No one can do it like Lynch. He is the master.

    • Boris Martinez Castillo
      Boris Martinez Castillo Year ago

      @Muhammed Shefin overrated

    • Boris Martinez Castillo
      Boris Martinez Castillo Year ago

      we won't see something like this perhaps never more, and I'm not saying it lightly. Very unique, incredible artist.

    • Muhammed Shefin
      Muhammed Shefin Year ago

      Tarkovsky is very close to Lynch's level

    • superdeluxesmell
      superdeluxesmell 2 years ago +1

      Matthew .Brylinski it’s not a competition dude. 😂

    • TETCOM
      TETCOM 2 years ago +1

      ok....i'll bite.....who's your second favorite?

  • somethingnew
    somethingnew 2 years ago +61

    David: We are all human beings
    Me: Absolutely brilliant what an artistic genius

    • Jason Delvaux
      Jason Delvaux Year ago +1

      Looking at how human beings treat one another, it shouldn't be surprising that the fact gets forgotten on a regular basis. Sometimes the obvious needs to be said.

  • meditating010
    meditating010 6 years ago +58

    This man is the best artist in modern Film making - best until now - his works are thought provoking, surreal and non stereotype - that's what makes them unique and fresh.

  • Antony Irvine
    Antony Irvine 2 years ago +39

    David is one of the great masters of film along with Fellini, Bergman, Tarkovsky and Buñuel,

  • Definesolitude
    Definesolitude 3 years ago +21

    I just love David Lynch! His mind is out of this world. 👏🏻 I started meditation recently and it has changed how i view the world and myself. 🙌🏻

  • Pete Owen
    Pete Owen 6 years ago +796

    This guy has the greatest hair in the world. I hope I get to his age looking this cool.

    • Chan Jackie
      Chan Jackie 11 months ago +1

      Hey guys , did you know that David Lynch got most of his ideas for Twin Peaks from a movie called Waxwork ( 1988 ) ? You got everything in there, our coffee drinking weirdo hero, the girls looking for danger, the symbolism of fire and smoking, the dwarf , the giant ( as a waiter ) and the waiting room before entering fantasy worlds, the couch, the black and white pattern, the mistery in the middle of a street in a friendly neighbourhood, the football guys ( one is even the same actor, playing the exact same role ( Bobby ) ), the idea of One-Eyed Jack with Marquis de Sade etc , etc, shall i go on ? I mean sure he added a lots of extra layers, but he took the basics from there. And a lots of other horror movies, he took the idea of Jody's disappearance and the funny looking portal from Phantasm. I can share tons of other informations about Twin Peaks if you are interested. Im just too lazy to make a video.

    • Jonathan Chester
      Jonathan Chester Year ago

      It's true - he does. I dream of it being my hair one day, real or not.

    • J H
      J H Year ago

      Such a nice number "666" sorry I changed it to 667

    • Deb Jacobs
      Deb Jacobs Year ago

      Yes!! Best hair IN THE WORLD!!!!

    • Lenny
      Lenny Year ago +1

      I'm 18 and my hair line is already just 70% of his xD

  • Jorge Avalos
    Jorge Avalos 2 years ago +28

    The common sense of creativity. People laugh at some of the answers given by David Lynch, because he explains his process in such simple and true terms. He's not pretentious at all.

  • Sam
    Sam 3 years ago +27

    Whenever I’m at a low ebb ..and feeling uninspired, David Lynch is always there. Love this man.

  • Duan Torruellas
    Duan Torruellas 2 years ago +11

    I love his work , and his creative process is other worldly . He taps the depths of his subconscious and pulls ideas from dreams , he is one artist who doesn't have to keep up with trends or cater to the approval of the status quo. His work is a rewarding and personal experience for him and gives him joy first and foremost. This is something David and I have in common.
    We are creative and if the public likes the work all well and good .

  • velocityJE
    velocityJE 4 years ago +7

    What an absolutely amazing artist. I'm in awe.

  • Nathan White
    Nathan White 4 months ago +1

    Adore this man. He puts me at peace. He searches for the humanity we all have inside of us. To find it you have to walk both through the darkness and light.
    David Stratton is a world class interviewer. Very proud to be Australian here.

  • Haut Strange
    Haut Strange 3 years ago +7

    It gets thrown around a lot but I think David Lynch is truly a genius.

  • Fred Labosch
    Fred Labosch Year ago +6

    Such a kind, well mannered, intelligent, educated, outspoken and good hearted person, he's simply just fabulous.
    Definitely one of my favourite people of all time, ever.

  • HunchbackJack
    HunchbackJack Year ago +2

    It took me a long time to appreciate Lynch’s work. Now, I think he’s quite extraordinary.

  • Lenny
    Lenny Year ago +3

    one of the greatest filmmakers alive and I'm a huge fan of his work, glad I can listen to this content for free!

  • El Látigo Lector
    El Látigo Lector 4 years ago +30

    To see and hear David Lynch talk gives me peace. He makes it look so easy. Amazing ideas just reach to him because they know he's the man to make them come true. I love him and his hairdo.

  • magda
    magda 2 years ago +5

    I love him so much - his art and the way he talks about it. He's on of a kind

  • Gabriel Soileau
    Gabriel Soileau Year ago +4

    I love how he simultaneously avoids answering the questions but somehow answers them in the most complete way.

    • Mad George
      Mad George Year ago

      He tells you everything you need to know. People think he's being cryptic and he's really not.

  • Aero Mundos
    Aero Mundos 4 years ago +7

    The Guru has spoken , talent of such a scale happens seldom in life.I hope he keeps creating as long as he cans.

  • Isis Kiwen
    Isis Kiwen Month ago +1

    He explains the “creative process” as an act of manifestation. Lovely

  • Tim Hansen
    Tim Hansen 2 years ago +19

    I have only experienced bliss in dreams and half-sleep. There has been a couple of times when the alarm clock has dragged me out of my dream, and even if I don't remember what I dreamt or what I felt, I do remember that waking up was like suddenly being pushed into a cold ocean of hard reality. The other time was when I was taking the train in the middle of the night, and ended up stuck somewhere between sleep and being awake. I have no idea what it was, but that state of consciousness was so comfortable I could have stayed that way for thousand years without getting bored.

    • wep sar
      wep sar 8 months ago

      Hypnagogia, the transitional space between sleep and wakefulness. Don't let that state constrain your boundless creativity of lived experience.

  • Allison Halpin
    Allison Halpin 3 years ago +9

    "Unbounded creativity." That sums him up perfectly. I hope he never stops. I love David Lynch! (And the way he keeps his eyes shut for half the interview.)

  • Ian McCausland
    Ian McCausland 2 years ago +11

    He asks”But where did the title “Inland Empire” come?” “It came from the story...” I love how he says just enough and let’s it hang there. He doesn’t explain away his brilliance like Tarintino for example

    • S. Daniel
      S. Daniel 11 months ago +1

      True Tarantino talks much. He has much energy.

  • Alan Healy
    Alan Healy 2 years ago +5

    What an absolutely wonderful, intelligent and articulate man.The interviewer is very respectful in the presence of a true genius.

  • Andre Obin
    Andre Obin Year ago +2

    Why would anyone vote this down? He's a genius, down to earth and sharing all of his knowledge!

  • Alex Ferguson
    Alex Ferguson 5 years ago +40

    I remember being there and almost having a heart attack when he said S3 of Twin Peaks may not happen.

    • C H
      C H 2 years ago +1

      @watertommyz gotta light?

    • watertommyz
      watertommyz 2 years ago

      Did you like The Return?

    • ubik _
      ubik _ 2 years ago

      Josef Mandel I do not like apples

    • Josef Mandel
      Josef Mandel 5 years ago +9

      Alex Ferguson I like apples

    • William Wong
      William Wong 5 years ago +9

      Same. I left there that day feeling like I had a major existential crisis.

  • Quiet Side
    Quiet Side 3 years ago +11

    Great interview. I wasn't expecting to be as transfixed as I have been. I was simply browsing TheXvid looking for something to watch, and this little gem popped up. Lynch has a calming aura about him that seeps into you.

  • E.A.W Tzipporah
    E.A.W Tzipporah 2 years ago

    David lynch is a genius. His artwork is amazing along with his films

  • MC Y
    MC Y Year ago +1

    He is so honest and pure. Learned a lot from the conversation.Thanks for sharing.

  • Sue Anderson
    Sue Anderson 8 months ago +3

    This is great. Iḿ currently re-watching Twin Peaks, and I love it all over again.

  • Resurrected Cylon
    Resurrected Cylon Year ago +15

    Interviewer forgot to mention Anthony Hopkins in The Elephant Man. Amazing actor, along with John Hurt, and an incredible film.

  • Cellar Door
    Cellar Door Year ago +2

    Such a really pure soul 🙏 So much respect 🙏

  • Mac McDonald
    Mac McDonald 2 years ago +1

    How could anybody not love David Lynch? Genius.

  • Lars Nilsson
    Lars Nilsson 6 years ago +241

    I sat 10 feet away from David.
    Happiest day of my life.

    • c0l1n_M4
      c0l1n_M4 2 years ago

      @Slavomir G Only men with the name David Lynch

    • Ness Earthbound
      Ness Earthbound 2 years ago

      @Slavomir G hahah well played

    • Billy Pop
      Billy Pop 2 years ago

      Did you say "hi"?

    • John
      John 2 years ago


    • Slowdiver
      Slowdiver 2 years ago +8

      I could only I imagine... it’s so weird, I live in a random town in California. About 2 months ago I was taking my sister to the airport around 9pm. As we made our way through the parking lot into the airport, we saw a lady walking a cute dog. There didn’t seem to be another soul besides us and this lady. We were walking about 15 feet behind her when my son ran forward towards the lady. I called for him to slow down and the lady turned around and said something to him. I don’t even know why she turned and spoke to us. But when she did I saw it was Kimmy Robertson from Twin Peaks. In shock, I was able to say “I am a huge fan”. She was SO SWEET and SO NICE. We sorta walked with her for a few feet. I asked her what the heck she was doing in my town. She has a place outside of my town and this was the closest airport. Anyways, just thought I’d share! PS I was a fan of her work from Twin Peaks, but my sister was a fan of her work from Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead, and told her so :) I also saw Grace Zabriskie in a restaurant in LA and also told her I was a huge fan. I’m hoping randomly running into Lynch muses will become a pattern.

    ASANER YOGA 5 years ago +11

    If I had a chance to meet just one person in life to be with him or her it would be Lynch. He gives so much and he has that ability to transport very darkish and deep topics in a very upcheering way.

  • Poison girl
    Poison girl 5 years ago +55

    "Oh , a moving painting!" David Lynch, a man able to see gifs when gifs didn´t exist yet. XD I love this man.

    • Ayven Moon
      Ayven Moon Year ago +2

      it's called imagination, you don't need a screen for that

    • Jacob Loving
      Jacob Loving 2 years ago

      He was tripping

    • Chris B.
      Chris B. 2 years ago

      @Poison girl David Lynch and maybe also Brian Eno.

    • Nebojsa Durmanovic
      Nebojsa Durmanovic 4 years ago +2

      Best reply for this video. I'll stop scrolling now.

  • Luisa Ritosa
    Luisa Ritosa Year ago +1

    He is spokesman for creativity! So positive! I love his movies, but sometimes, in some of them I think there is too much violence (for my taste), other than that- perfect! He and his work inspire me a lot! Inland Empire, Mulholland Drive, Lost Highway are my favorite...

  • Danielle LeClair
    Danielle LeClair Month ago +1

    It’s good to experience people who haven’t experienced the death of their creativity perhaps because of the comfort it brings knowing there are people out there alive in a way that seems to be increasingly rare.

  • Torquemada
    Torquemada 3 years ago +533

    After binge watching Twin Peaks I expected him ti yell everything.

    • Heather Gustafson
      Heather Gustafson Year ago

      So true

    • Vijema
      Vijema Year ago +14


    • Grumpy Spinach
      Grumpy Spinach Year ago +3

      Yes, but my eyes hurtt afterwards!

    • odw99
      odw99 Year ago +6

      Grumpy Spinach I did that in lockdown, it was an absolute joy!

    • Grumpy Spinach
      Grumpy Spinach Year ago +12

      I literally locked my self in my room and watched it all in three days with breaks for black black coffee and cherry pie.

  • Brian Kopp
    Brian Kopp 3 months ago

    Exceptional interview. David is so interesting to listen to. Kudos to the interviewer. David makes them work : )

  • Gabriel Nogueira
    Gabriel Nogueira 2 years ago +7

    we look at him and he is so kind and genuinely happy. it's a honor to share the same world with you, David

  • ceourso
    ceourso Year ago +3

    What an absolute gem.

  • Feona Lee Jones
    Feona Lee Jones 3 years ago +8

    He's one of my biggest influences as a composer

  • Dholu
    Dholu 2 years ago +7

    One of the best directors, along with Kubrick, I am so gland he made movies past 5 years. Long live to you David.

  • Jimbo Saurusrex
    Jimbo Saurusrex Year ago +1

    What an inspirational character David Lynch is

  • sara taylor
    sara taylor Year ago +2

    I'm thoughtful because I discovered you as a child Mr David Lynch. I already knew I was an artist, but you make me proud of being an artist. Even though people make stupid comments when I tell them I'm an artist. Thank you Mr Lynch.

  • Andrés Yépes
    Andrés Yépes 2 years ago +2

    24:51 Y así sucedió una de las mejores escenas de la historia del cine

  • Green Sea Ships
    Green Sea Ships 7 months ago +2

    David Lynch is in touch with the twilight zone that exists between wake and sleep. In fact, he probably does his work there. This is the kind of thing people think you need LSD to explore. But somehow he has the ability to slip in and out at will. He understands that area of consciousness and he knows how to recreate it.

  • Professor Murf
    Professor Murf 5 months ago

    "There's a thing called freedom in art. No restrictions." -David Lynch. My, how the industry has changed in the last 6 years.

  • Xi Zhang
    Xi Zhang 5 years ago

    I unfortunately wasn't able to get hold of a ticket to this one. I did went to the Between Two Worlds and it was amazing. Thank you for uploading this session.

  • Dare David
    Dare David 2 years ago +1

    I love him. He is a phenomenon

  • Thomas Hall
    Thomas Hall Year ago +1

    Imagine a world, where everybody took inspiration from David Lynch, to guide them on how to be. The peace and serenity he emits is like no other (In my opion/ I can think of) His creativity and mind is a thing of beauty. To some, I can see how he seems "whacky" or hard to understand, Im not saying I completly get him myself, but he truly has an understanding of life. It would be beautful if everybody had this train of thought and compassion towards being. What a world that would be!

  • Kent Borges
    Kent Borges 4 years ago +4

    Truly One-Of-A-Kind...Superbly talented...Bravo !

  • JJ
    JJ Year ago +5

    I love Lynch sensei, and not sure if his 5 minute explanation of taking notes was a joke or serious.

  • ashwater skydust
    ashwater skydust 2 years ago +6

    I liked where he explored some of the ideas popping into his head. I feel like he has a lot he could invigorate in peoples minds. I feel I understand a good part of where he comes from even though he does his thing at a very high level, but we can loose our connection to our version of that and get stopped on the creative part of our lives and he knows how to tap into things and hasn't lost that ability and that he can teach it. Creativity and art can be killed in people. Those who can jump start others... one of the better things to pass on. Yet he is always so very mysterious.

    • kiersten pappas
      kiersten pappas Year ago

      Exactly what I was thinking and feeling. My creativity has been out of touch for a bit. The way he talks made me remember something

  • Aleksandar Stojsic
    Aleksandar Stojsic 6 years ago +15

    What a wonderful man.

  • kpictures
    kpictures 4 years ago +3

    Receiving ideas and then making a film from them is a true gift.

  • Earthwalker Films
    Earthwalker Films Month ago +1

    Amazing answers from a legend

  • Una Kahoona
    Una Kahoona 2 years ago +1

    David Lynch is such an authentic person. He makes me glad to be alive.

  • Rogan Chapman
    Rogan Chapman Year ago +1

    He's the perfect example of a creative thinker

  • foreverdrift
    foreverdrift 2 years ago

    Love this guy! He's so positive

  • sparklinggrey3
    sparklinggrey3 6 years ago +25

    A David Lynch virtual reality film is something I dream about

    • TungstenViper
      TungstenViper Year ago

      Well... Dreams are mostly that, so...

    • ADT2695
      ADT2695 5 years ago

      @sparklinggrey3. That was sarcasm - I feel as though you're just "saying that". That would be pandemonium.

    • sparklinggrey3
      sparklinggrey3 5 years ago

      @adt2695 great comment.

    • ADT2695
      ADT2695 5 years ago +1

      +sparklinggrey3. Yeah, okay.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 3 months ago

    He’s such an amazing person

  • Zach Higgins
    Zach Higgins 2 years ago +14

    It's so effortless to listen to him speak, really natural speaker.

  • Don Ho
    Don Ho Year ago +2

    “We live inside a dream, then one day we wake up and discover who we really are, and it’s a glorious thing.”
    How does an interviewer NOT follow up on this enormously intriguing assertion? It’s like a beautiful present waiting to be opened, yet the interviewer just plods onward with his next question.
    At the very least, ask Lynch if that assertion has ever been expressed in his films.
    Are these guys even listening to the answers they get?

    • Don Ho
      Don Ho 9 months ago

      @HunchbackJack That’s very true of his work, but this is Lynch talking about LIFE, saying something profound about being human, and saying “we” - not just HIS life.
      If this epiphany is real and open to all, it’s the most important thing Lynch could say to us. It’s a kind of Lynchian gospel message, his idea of salvation (I think). Is this a TM thing ? Something reached thru artistic exploration ? Both ?

    • HunchbackJack
      HunchbackJack 9 months ago +1

      David Stratton knows Lynch very well, and knows that Lynch won’t answer these kinds of questions about his work.

    • S. Daniel
      S. Daniel 11 months ago +1

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  • coleen van staden

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    Jonathan Bradshaw 3 years ago +4

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    Gil Thomas 10 months ago

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  • disco dent
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  • Nosebleed
    Nosebleed Year ago +1

    Both Dave and Tarkovsky has this time element. Flowing through time, sculpting in time.

  • Steven Townsend
    Steven Townsend 4 years ago

    My true hero of contemporary American cinema - there is no bullshit in art! It’s up to our own imaginations to interpret what’s in our heart - if we dare!

  • Angel Medina
    Angel Medina Year ago +1

    A true gentleman and an even truer artist.

  • Jesse Dampolo
    Jesse Dampolo 6 years ago +481

    And I said "ooooh a moving painting."

    • State of Opportunity
      State of Opportunity Year ago

      His films truly are moving paintings. Interpretive.

    • Alex Delarge
      Alex Delarge 2 years ago +9

      @Lewis Costin
      He actually wasn't on drugs, he says so when he recounts this story in his book Catching the Big Fish.

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    longbranched 6 months ago

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    marl boonyer 4 years ago +4

    for those that know, the remark by mel brooks that lynch was like "jimmy stewart from mars".. seems to me that lynch is actually metamorphosing into that very person around about 26 mins. in.
    thanks whoever posted. this guy is hugely formative for me...

  • Herr Wabbaloo
    Herr Wabbaloo 6 months ago

    I love how he shuts down the notion of improvisation! So many movies today have their stars or directors doing press for the movies talking about what a great time it was and how much we improvise this scene and that scene and did this and did that and joked around set and pulled pranks... I cannot for one second imagine David Lynch putting up with any of that BS. I love how he defended the script, because it is a vision, the screenwriter wrote it and it should be faithfully represented, 100%. How great it must be to work for a director who has that much loyalty to a vision.

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