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  • Liverpool went 16 points clear of Manchester City in the title race, but can they go the whole season unbeaten?!

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  • Football Daily
    Football Daily  2 months ago +111

    Will Liverpool take Arsenal's INVINCIBLE title off them?!

    • Augustine Elmquist
      Augustine Elmquist 27 days ago

      Watford said NOPE...

    • Masimba E. Mwadiwa
      Masimba E. Mwadiwa Month ago

      🤔🤔3-0 soooooo no

    • weast
      weast Month ago


    • agx502
      agx502 2 months ago

      Nah I think 🤔 once the league is done they will manage their resources depending on how they are doing in other competitions. Doing Invincibles-2 is really not that important in the grand scheme of things.

    • Ritvik Shrivastava
      Ritvik Shrivastava 2 months ago +1

      @SaltyCookieYT 2 same bro huh. Just someone we want to defeat them

  • Lars Alexander Larsen
    Lars Alexander Larsen 29 days ago

    Try and tell Watford that.
    3 - 0

  • richard anayiotos
    richard anayiotos Month ago

    Watford fc, watford fc watford fc. Watford fc watford fc

  • Combot
    Combot Month ago

    Well this aged well.

  • You’re Not reading this

    We just lost 3-0 to Watford

    • II_toxicity Ez
      II_toxicity Ez 27 days ago

      You’re Not reading this we barely beat west ham and we losing to 1-0 to alti hope we come back on the 2nd leg


    Well, this video aged well...

  • Milton Kazi
    Milton Kazi 2 months ago

    Please give Ole another 2 seasons

  • 4Bester
    4Bester 2 months ago

    I don’t know if it’s a non-United fan thing to focus so heavily on Solskjaer, but despite his errors in subs and sometimes tactics, he has this United squad in 5th (par) and in all cup competitions possible still plus he has done it all without Pogba all season, Martial and Shaw for most of it and now Rashford and McTominay (his two key players) added to that list. He has done all this whilst only being able to spend money if he makes money, I.e. Maguire in, Lukaku out. All the “big spending” has been offset by sales and he doesn’t select the wages of players. The Glazers are disinterested parasites who will only care and invest in/sell the club when they see a HUGE decrease in their bonuses and dividends they can take out and they will never let that happen

  • squiggly line
    squiggly line 2 months ago

    liverpool is absolutely shitting on the league which has fucked them for 30 years

  • Yavor Draganchev
    Yavor Draganchev 2 months ago

    OGS is doing the dirty job for United. Getting rid of the older players and high earners. When Pogba leavves this summer, they will have money for younger players. Maybe he will stay, or Pochettino will come in the summer and have a young, british core players(just like Spurs)

  • Richard Lefaive
    Richard Lefaive 2 months ago

    The point about time and timing is crucial. Take LIV as a perfect example. Had Rogers' won the EPL in 2013\2014 ... he'd certainly have been given at least 2-3 more years as LIV manager and might still be managing LIV now. Yet ... would LIV be where they are now? I think not. That would have resulted in LIV having missed Klopp. All because someone who wasn't a perfect match for the club had some temporary success.

    As a board, if you feel you have the right manager for your club, you need to support them, as LIV has with Klopp. Conversely, the moment you suspect your current manager is not up to the job long term .... you need to start thinking about what qualities you want in your manager and start looking for that guy. That way you are able to pull the trigger when the right person comes available.

    Oddly, of ALL the managers who have come available since the 2018\2019 EPL season ended and Ole should have been sacked ... the one I think is best suited to ManU's culture and expectations is still available ... Poch. He has proven 2-3 X he can build a team from scratch , which is what ManU needs. He has proven he can improve young players, which ManU needs. He has proven that he can play attractive football, which ManU fans demand. The complaint is "he hasn't won anything" but ... Levy never backed him to the extent required to win big trophies. Levy let his roster stagnate. ManU has the resources to both hire Poch and see his plans all the way to the finish line.

  • Buster Scruggs
    Buster Scruggs 2 months ago

    Strange. Liverpool have a great back four and keeper, great forwards and a bunch of yard dogs in midfield that aren't worth a light . ???????

  • Jarrad Swain
    Jarrad Swain 2 months ago

    Came for that fresh looking fade

  • F. Rafique Zayn
    F. Rafique Zayn 2 months ago

    Yeah right. There's no shame losing to 2 - 0 to Liverpool. But losing 2 - 0 to Burnley at home???

  • msdm83
    msdm83 2 months ago

    Any player who is asked to play through an injury should leave the club. That could ruin a promising career.

  • RyanMK666
    RyanMK666 2 months ago

    lol I’m sorry what? VVD didn’t get man of the match. Hendo did.

  • Lewis Ellis
    Lewis Ellis 2 months ago

    Love how Klopp was allowed to finish 8th twice as people could see his long term vision. Yet OGS literally has his 3 best players out injured, Uniteds players have missed 210 games this season combined. The rest of the top 6s players have missed 198. The signings he has made have been excellent, and when the players play to his system, he gets results. I.E, PSG away, City away, Chelsea twice. His system is lacking a creative midfielder to break the lesser teams down. Let’s not forget he’s also playing with the youngest team in the PL. and yet these idiots wanna slate him when he loses 2-0 away to the best team in the world. We were without 3 KEY players.

    • MrPhixdIt
      MrPhixdIt 2 months ago

      He only finished 8th in his 1st season. Then 4th, 4th n 2nd

  • reason duma
    reason duma 2 months ago +1

    I thought henderson was given the man of the match award

  • Justin Amat
    Justin Amat 2 months ago

    where's captain miserable? you know, the humourless tubby prick with perpetually dour look on his face?

  • NUFC 9
    NUFC 9 2 months ago

    What happened to you’re bold claim that NUFC will get relegated and Bruce will go by now ? Yea thought so

  • mn98lfc
    mn98lfc 2 months ago

    Matip is injured... He will return to the squad again, he was playing just as good as VVD at one point before his injury. I feel like VVD is mentoring these other CB and just making them perform much better!

  • Morgan Montrose
    Morgan Montrose 2 months ago


  • EN3rgYy30
    EN3rgYy30 2 months ago

    Let's go Wolves🐺

  • Owen Smith
    Owen Smith 2 months ago

    Mike skinner looks different

  • DJ.11 N5
    DJ.11 N5 2 months ago

    “Suffering on the road” just like dem Tpl mali skunks

  • Jemel McCLean
    Jemel McCLean 2 months ago

    His Pants:WHAT ARE THOSE!!!

  • Luke Guardiola
    Luke Guardiola 2 months ago

    Scenes when they lose to Arsenal

  • Lumsdini
    Lumsdini 2 months ago +1

    2:30 when Allison was waiting for his hug🥺

  • kane perry
    kane perry 2 months ago

    14:02 watford lost some games on the piss? ;)

  • redbeaman remastered
    redbeaman remastered 2 months ago

    Liverpools defensive woes solved🤣🤣🤣 pereira missed an open net and martial missed a 1 on 1

  • Michael Wright
    Michael Wright 2 months ago

    Wasn't Sir Alex Ferguson one match away from the sack and the rest is now history. Olly deserves more time and I agree with Roy Keane on this, that he needs more time and more players. You cannot say he didn't start well, when he took over.

  • Abradolf Honkler
    Abradolf Honkler 2 months ago +2

    The chick with the glasses has some good points.

  • Ludvig Poulsen
    Ludvig Poulsen 2 months ago

    Will PVS apologise for claiming that LFC had a 5% chance of winning the title this season?

  • Jack Winstanley
    Jack Winstanley 2 months ago

    No you're wrong. The players are 100% Ole, they like him and they are playing their hardest for him. The issues are the; tactics, coaching, squad depth, squad injuries and lacking a good right winger/midfielder. Make no mistake, Ole is a league 1 manager. Hes out his depth and this is his tactical ceiling. United don't have a style of play. Try watching them against a team like Palace. There's no excuse.

  • J Leppsalu
    J Leppsalu 2 months ago

    Hamill's argument against Ole:
    1. He's failed to improve players.
    2. He's failed to bring in the right sort of players.
    3. The star players are not buying into his vision.
    Here is why I think all of them are unfounded:
    1. Players who have improved: Fred, McTominay, Rashford (also brought Greenwood and Williams into the 1st team)
    2. AWB has been excellent, James has been decent, Maguire has been decent. All Ole's signings and without them we would be really up against it. Also selling Lukaku in my mind was the right move, because he was one of the few players of value, and his style does not fit this United's playing style. Net spend of 80mil was not the largest.
    3. The players seem to be buying into the project. Rashford himself in a Sky Sports interview said that Solskjaer understands players better since he's played the game and played at the club. Scotty has also echoed this sentiment.

  • bineta diagne
    bineta diagne 2 months ago +1

    but if you add another manger what will change what could pochiteno do with this team?

  • Will Vincent
    Will Vincent 2 months ago +1

    Every team that's won a tittle has had a dip at some point in their season only reason people are freaking out at Leicesters results is because Liverpool are on another level most other seasons our points tally would have us in good contention for the tittle definitely gonna get champions league especially with the big injuries at spurs and utd we should focus on staying as close to man city as we can and see where we are when the season ends

  • eddy nsabue
    eddy nsabue 2 months ago +1

    Lool, liverpool currently are having the best season in premier league history (at this point). 2 min chat about, mention some dead xg stat, which does not reflect the match. Then proceed to speaking about United for 8 mins (like you do, every week). Yes I'm a liverpool fan. So really don't fancy watching United fan tv. Peace

    • eddy nsabue
      eddy nsabue 2 months ago

      @Nathaniel Reid bored of hearing about United. Same shit different manager

    • Nathaniel Reid
      Nathaniel Reid 2 months ago

      because it would be boring talking about how good liverpool are

  • Ezam Yusof
    Ezam Yusof 2 months ago

    It's a pity to see non-United fans talk about United when they don't really realize the real problem at the club. Why do we need Poch to bring the Mourinho aura to attract players/fix the situation when we had Mou earlier in the first place and it didnt work. We had world-class managers in Van Gaal and Mourinho and it didnt work. Changing managers wont ever solve the mess United's in. #WoodwardOut

    • 21Youngstars ZH97
      21Youngstars ZH97 2 months ago

      Agree, only after the actual deadwood, ie Shitward and the glazers, get the hell out can a manager be judged

  • eddy nsabue
    eddy nsabue 2 months ago

    Looooooool still United fan tv

  • Mr. Water Melon
    Mr. Water Melon 2 months ago

    No! Arsenal come on! Need to beat the reds! U have to protect the history!

  • Kaustubh Pawar
    Kaustubh Pawar 2 months ago +1

    Evra be like : Give your word boss,I'll kill Carragher.

  • Tobeness
    Tobeness 2 months ago +1

    Winners : Liverpool
    FD : talks about united

  • Jonny Arrowsmith
    Jonny Arrowsmith 2 months ago

    Anyone calling for Ole’s head doesn’t know football, the mans had 1 proper window with a mess of a squad and has outperformed and competed with most sides in the league, he’s done everything right thus far. McDonald’s generation, good things take time.

  • Baginda Mora
    Baginda Mora 2 months ago

    Whoever thinks that keane deserves to be a pundit should go back to elementary school

  • Marcus Nyalak Aloh
    Marcus Nyalak Aloh 2 months ago

    Marcus Rasford could facing early burn out if thing keep the way it is at Man Utd right now.

  • Dickson Cider
    Dickson Cider 2 months ago +1

    Remember when ppl though AWB was better than TAA aha delusional ppl

  • ankr3w1
    ankr3w1 2 months ago

    Hamill can't slice bread? Yeah ok man stay in your lane apparently

  • X Peter Gunn X
    X Peter Gunn X 2 months ago

    I don’t think they will.... Ifc fan lokey

  • Debasish Sarkar
    Debasish Sarkar 2 months ago

    The problem with Manchester United is with the players in the squad. They have a few good players but there are some absolute brain-dead humans who are in that club

  • Isares Archvarin
    Isares Archvarin 2 months ago

    3 points at a time.
    The next PL matches are no walkover.
    Wolves plays good football.
    West Ham, Southampton, Bournemouth and Watford will fight to avoid relegation.

  • Alex Tovey
    Alex Tovey 2 months ago

    Dirty mackem

  • ProtectedByJah1
    ProtectedByJah1 2 months ago

    Tiger loaves man!

  • ddx99
    ddx99 2 months ago

    ham do you mind pronouncing Solskjær correctly or at least not as painfully used 10 times every vid, cheers

    • Football Daily
      Football Daily  2 months ago

      I can't help it. Apparently the wrong pronunciation is programmed in now. Fs.


  • Callum Wells
    Callum Wells 2 months ago +1

    Also nick pope was the man of the match your facts are rubbish

  • Callum Wells
    Callum Wells 2 months ago +1

    You give Burnley no credit at all 😡

    • Callum Wells
      Callum Wells 2 months ago

      Wayyyyyyy what u saying now

    • Callum Wells
      Callum Wells 2 months ago

      No one cares about your stats 0.65374748473 goals what ever no one gives a shit we are Burnley super Burnley and that’s the way we play

    • Football Daily
      Football Daily  2 months ago

      Because you've been utterly dreadful this season. And last for that matter. Not sure I've seen a side ship 17+ goals and stay in the division before.


  • Briansafc Hd
    Briansafc Hd 2 months ago

    Big up sunderland

    • Megladon gaming
      Megladon gaming 2 months ago

      Briansafc Hd sorry to ruin the parade but Sunderland ain’t going up

  • Charlie'sEyeball7duh
    Charlie'sEyeball7duh 2 months ago

    i remember when they were saying Ole is at the wheel just a few games after he had started, and they are doing the same with Arteta, these guys even came up with a video of how hes changing Arsenal, i say come on hes only been there a few weeks, start making those videos after a year after 16 months. Arteta will fail and Ole will fail too, looks like Mou will fail too

  • Sylvin Kabongo
    Sylvin Kabongo 2 months ago

    I'm not a United fan but I agree with Roy Keane. Ole does need a little bit of time, the players are not as bad as they look and he has improved the team defensively and in attack than Mourinho. Ole should be allowed to stay till the end of the season

  • the grim
    the grim 2 months ago +1

    Wolves are going to beat them on Thursday. Neto masterclass incoming

  • Dabestcow21
    Dabestcow21 2 months ago +7

    Ole was given the job of fixing Man Utd when his coaching CV consists of Molde and Cardiff. It was never gonna be an instant fix. As a Barcelona fan, I think Ole has done a fantastic job given the circumstances.

  • 21Youngstars ZH97
    21Youngstars ZH97 2 months ago

    Nobody wants to hear the opinion of a Sunderland/Celtic fan on the Ole matter. Get PVS/Joe/Michael on this

  • 21Youngstars ZH97
    21Youngstars ZH97 2 months ago

    7:07 Chris, what have you been smoking? Mctominay, Fred, Rashford and Martial have all improved under Ole (in the first three cases, massively). And his signings have all been good at the very least. It's the board who have to leave first. Only then, can any manager be properly judged

    • 21Youngstars ZH97
      21Youngstars ZH97 2 months ago +1

      Football Daily love the fact that you used your favorite catchphrase (purple ptch)😂Rashford never had such a „purple patch“ under Jose, he‘s scored 6 more goals already now than he did in his best ever season...Fred was supposed to be this calibre, but Jose didn‘t get the best out of him, so...
      Ole may not be elite, but with this squad (and the inexistent backing), I don‘t think Pep or Fergie would be able to do much better, if at all.
      Anyways, cheers for responding

    • Football Daily
      Football Daily  2 months ago

      McTominay, sure. Rashford had a purple patch too under Jose, Martial has demonstrated this form before (if he gets consistency out of him, that'd be impressive) and Fred was always supposed to be this calibre (£50m anyone)?

      He's not doing a bad job - I'm just not sure he can do what is required. Only a truly elite manager can dig United out of this hole IMO.


  • PC Paul
    PC Paul 2 months ago +1

    37 W 1D Imagine

  • Catherine Stevens
    Catherine Stevens 2 months ago

    Hamill s pants are so tight his balls must be tucked up his wonder he s losing his voice sometimes

  • Catherine Stevens
    Catherine Stevens 2 months ago +4

    Klopp iss rhe best manager atm. What he did with Dortmund from a club in ruin is amazing....what he done with liverpool is amazing too all that with nowhere the spending of certain clubs

  • Demarco Gayle
    Demarco Gayle 2 months ago

    I don't understand Ole out like it's complete bullshit. This is the worse squad we've had for years and honestly it's utter crap; he deserves time and backing. How are 3 siginings and multiple injuries really going to compete. It is short sighted and uneccessary criticsm.

  • angel bbb
    angel bbb 2 months ago +4

    Is he wearing leggings?

  • Positive Robbo
    Positive Robbo 2 months ago

    Mark Robins is playing better football at Coventry than Ole.

  • Positive Robbo
    Positive Robbo 2 months ago

    Olly giving everyone, a high five from a loss

  • j_ gauntlett
    j_ gauntlett 2 months ago +1

    has nobody else noticed how it’s taken the other top 6 teams to fall into crisis for liverpool to win the league?

    HCL WITH HARRY 2 months ago +4

    I wanted mouriniho to stay


  • J haych
    J haych 2 months ago

    You can't compare United with city or Liverpool as they are established and finished articles, United aren't they're rebuilding, and what top class managers would you replace ole with? Because poch isn't a top manager he's never won anything, then allegri has only done it with juventues but never did much in the champions league, and saying ole hadn't got the cv but what did pep do when he got hired at Barcelona? An ex player who knows what the club needs and how they are run just like ole, I'm not saying ole is anywhere near pep but you can't just bring up oles cv when you have managers around who was in his position, like Zidane, then Jamie was saying about us needing to hire the top manager as we are a top club but look at Barcelona new manager he's not top class, United are certainly progressing under ole but the team is so young so it's going to take time with the inconsistency due to age, yes you can say United spent the most money but they signed 3 players and also made around 100 million back so the net spend wasn't huge, we need to stop axing managers and give ole time and the funds to build as its so clear that United are progressing and what the plan is. He's still working with players that don't fit his vision and system etc.

  • Victor
    Victor 2 months ago

    Hamill looking like he works the grill station at a beatnik themed restaurant

  • 69’sLeft Hand
    69’sLeft Hand 2 months ago

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they do but I feel they might drop points in draws and to lose at max twice Maybe City and someone unexpected like Chelsea or Wolves

  • dart man
    dart man 2 months ago

    Kick Head Goal

  • Martin
    Martin 2 months ago +1

    Solskjær has not improved any players? Rashford, McTominay, Fred, Greenwood, Brandon? Shut it roundglassed prick

  • Alice
    Alice 2 months ago +9

    The agenda against Newcastle continues 🤦🏻😂 if any other team beat chelsea after being dominated for 90 minutes they'd be praised for it 🙄

    • Daniel Hassan
      Daniel Hassan 2 months ago +1

      Alice it’s because Dougie is in the room ( a Sunderland fan)

  • Moose Lord
    Moose Lord 2 months ago

    Roy is so keen 😂😂😂😂😂😂. Love yoy Dougs!
    That was obviously spost to be "you" 🤦‍♂️

  • Moderador Civilizado
    Moderador Civilizado 2 months ago

    You would better to chose another team. The most powerful team in the world is called Flamengo. Flamengo has played better than Liverpool at Mondial Championship. Who thinks English League is the best is crazy. Brazilian League is the greatest in the world.

    • Football Daily
      Football Daily  2 months ago

      I love that this is the first comment