Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger shows us the contents of his fridge as well as explaining what his workout looks like in 2019. The star of Terminator: Dark Fate shares his approach to eating, working out and the reason why "he'll be back".
    Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health
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Comments • 14 948

  • Eugene West
    Eugene West Hour ago

    An guys my number 1 tip-always wear da condom when your alone wit da maid!

  • Schinagl Daniel
    Schinagl Daniel Hour ago

    He mixes protein and banana? thats a rookie move , lol! sugar + protein is AGE /advanced glycation end product ! never do it if you wanna stay healthy! Lol I thought the guy knows that stuff...

  • DDS Software
    DDS Software Hour ago

    What's with you putting that annoying dinging sound in your vids? DING, DING, DING, ZING

  • ghostdog2041
    ghostdog2041 4 hours ago

    “Well, I’ve backed off of the animal protein.”
    What’s your favorite thing to cook?

  • Natalie Gillespie
    Natalie Gillespie 5 hours ago

    Sorry nate,term

  • Paul
    Paul 5 hours ago

    Work out with arnold? Hell no! And get embarrased by a 72 year old man who was advised to tone down his work outs but still out work me. No thanks. 😂

  • alok shukla
    alok shukla 5 hours ago

    What kind of bullshit is this!!!! Eating egg shells and claiming it gives calcium. Holy moly.

  • Toxic king
    Toxic king 6 hours ago

    Can't see this legend getting old

  • Jason Beebe
    Jason Beebe 6 hours ago

    I've always loved Arnie...

  • Kashfee Habib
    Kashfee Habib 6 hours ago

    I love this man :-)

  • Hector Ortega
    Hector Ortega 8 hours ago

    Arnold sounds like the Pro He is,👍.
    But The gay making the interview needs to change his ways, he's so inexperienced and unprepared.

  • Edzon De Leon
    Edzon De Leon 9 hours ago

    what golden gym is this?

  • N D
    N D 10 hours ago

    His approach is 💯 correct.

  • Adam Fromm
    Adam Fromm 11 hours ago

    this is just bullshit

  • nomad13ify
    nomad13ify 12 hours ago

    Not one mis answer or sweat the whole vid

  • nomad13ify
    nomad13ify 12 hours ago

    Its never going to happen

  • Letta Mego
    Letta Mego 12 hours ago

    I was disappointed he was in "Game Changer"..That movie, "game changer," was a lot of propaganda promoting a grain based diet. It was sponsored by big agriculture and the processed food industry... It was pretty pictures with repeats over and over, " a plant based diet.""" It had plenty of bad logic, "If you want to be strong as an ox, eat like an ox""" False information. too numerous to name.. example, you eat fat and it goes into your blood stream and forms plaque on your arteries.. They have never been able to show there is any truth to that. the best they could do is make a rabbit sick by force feeding it trans-fatty acids.

  • Reshi Bunny
    Reshi Bunny 13 hours ago

    Arnold has an extremely dry, german sense of humour and I love that, because even the younger generation of germans who grew up on american slapstick humour (no offense to that) doesnt do that anymore. And I think that's why lots of people, esp americans dont get when he's joking. In the U.S. youre expected to give some sort of cue that youre joking, while Arnold just says stuff that gets more and more ridiculous with a completely straight face.

  • McLean90
    McLean90 13 hours ago

    How did that fridge never start beeping

  • Johnny Quid
    Johnny Quid 14 hours ago

    Never gonna look like me!! Love it😂

  • Alfa Won
    Alfa Won 14 hours ago

    Imagine all the people wanting selfies at his gym when he works out

    TERRIBEARS GAMING 14 hours ago +1

    Arnold: "I eat more greens now, and stay away from animal products, because of the misconception that's the only way to get big, I feel much better now: DO YOU COOK AT ALL?
    Arnold: Yes, of course, my favorite food to cook is steak". .... OK then. lol

  • Eric meng
    Eric meng 15 hours ago

    Arnold is the gym legend

  • Suckmyballz Gameplays
    Suckmyballz Gameplays 17 hours ago

    Bro arnold is my hero. I love this dude. Hes still in incredible shape too. GOD bless arnie

  • 397 Coney
    397 Coney 17 hours ago +1

    “Stay away from meats”
    What’s your favorite thing to cook; STEAK😂😂😂
    Nice try Arnie.

  • Falcon X
    Falcon X 17 hours ago

    why cant he build his core

  • Aika K
    Aika K 17 hours ago +1

    Arnold: I stay away from red meat
    Also Arnold: my favorite thing to cook is STEAK

  • jerry ziegler
    jerry ziegler 17 hours ago

    „We put a raw egg in there. Actually, i like the whole egg in there“ 😂

  • Johannes Dolch
    Johannes Dolch 18 hours ago +8

    "Nowadays i stay away from animal protein."
    "Do you cook?"
    "Yes i cook often. My favorite dish is Steak of course" .... of course.

  • Dlemmuh
    Dlemmuh 21 hour ago


  • nfn7121
    nfn7121 22 hours ago

    Is the fridge still open?

  • Frank Wagner
    Frank Wagner 23 hours ago

    I want an omelette with whatever is laying on the floor just put it in there and i will love it! And i did.

  • How To Vegan
    How To Vegan Day ago


  • Fadil Fawzi
    Fadil Fawzi Day ago

    Is he trying to stay away from meat and like to cook steak!?! Seriously he always trolling.

  • Fadil Fawzi
    Fadil Fawzi Day ago

    That beer and lemon sounds very tasty

  • mmyyaahh
    mmyyaahh Day ago

    *now here's a raw egg let's cr..actually let's just put the whole egg in there*

  • Nikhil Ninja
    Nikhil Ninja Day ago

    Wtf. How is Egg Vegan???

  • Garbage Man
    Garbage Man Day ago

    I heard when Arnold had the heart surgery they had to use a jackhammer to open his chest, and when they finally did... it wasn't even there.... because of all the muscle confusion.

  • Rajkin Chakrobarty
    Rajkin Chakrobarty Day ago +1

    I guess you could say Arnold puts the egg in SchwarzenEGGer

  • Simi LeHoczky
    Simi LeHoczky Day ago

    Arnold: They all want to look like me but it's never going to happen.
    Also Arnold: I want to inspire others, I want to be an inspiration

    • Evaristo Guzman
      Evaristo Guzman 10 hours ago

      Simi LeHoczky he inspires me, but I will never look like him.

  • kitharfiddle
    kitharfiddle Day ago

    2:35-2:42, less than 10 seconds - Arnold: "I feel much better by eating Greens." Reporter: "What's your favorite thing to eat?" Arnold: "Steak", lol, geez. Uh, ok Arnold. Whatever!

  • Sabin Rai
    Sabin Rai Day ago +1

    04:07 that brunette with red top wow

  • Noah Reinke
    Noah Reinke Day ago

    Crappy mayor

  • Flor Rosales
    Flor Rosales Day ago

    He is amazing lol 😂 and hilarious 🤣

    • sweetparvardi
      sweetparvardi Day ago

      I always thought he was "amazingly hilarious" !, so I guess we'll just have to strongly disagree on that. : - )

  • Lanae Mathis
    Lanae Mathis Day ago

    I. Love. Arnold!

  • CrunchyNapkins69
    CrunchyNapkins69 Day ago +1

    This man is 72 years old..

  • eby mathews
    eby mathews Day ago

    Ok he keeps away from meat and cooks steak.......hmm

  • eby mathews
    eby mathews Day ago

    Arnold rips a banana and it looks like he's TERMINATED it.

  • Yo Wazzup
    Yo Wazzup Day ago

    Nooo dont die arnold..... noooooo

  • Will Johnson
    Will Johnson Day ago

    What separates Arnold is his brain. He is not only stronger but smarter than the other guys.
    Think about it. Body builder, Movie star, governor. The world has always been his oyster because he is so special.

  • Rockeroviejo
    Rockeroviejo Day ago

    I'm amazed that he wouldn't choose Franco for a work out session...

  • Mary Ann Ho
    Mary Ann Ho Day ago

    I really thought he's on the mid 50s..

  • Gjr Hatz
    Gjr Hatz Day ago +1

    I don’t eat the meats...
    My favorite thing to cook is steak
    Fxkn lying cali hypocrite

    • Gjr Hatz
      Gjr Hatz Day ago

      I hate cows milk
      I don’t hate too much of anything

  • Zonex123
    Zonex123 Day ago

    vegan police! you re under arrest for veganity violation, code nr 827

  • Ayman Buffon
    Ayman Buffon Day ago

    I love that man! He is a true legend

  • Untilted 9AM
    Untilted 9AM Day ago

    Dude just put the whole egg, might try it

  • Lisa Connor
    Lisa Connor Day ago

    8:55 "Time for fooling around is over." Just like in the Simpsons: "Laughing time is over."

  • adwentureman
    adwentureman Day ago

    Steroid forever:(

  • Drew Clapp
    Drew Clapp Day ago

    Arnold, you're my hero!

  • Walter Condi
    Walter Condi Day ago

    I enjoyed watching this. Arnold is a beast. I'm working out as I'm watching this! Working out on a bag of Doritos 🤫