Binging with Babish: Cinnamon Rolls from Jim Gaffigan's Stand Up (sort of)

  • Published on Oct 23, 2018
  • Okay, let's face it, I just wanted an excuse to make cinnamon rolls this week - and Jim Gaffigan ranting about them to a 2006 audience's delight was good enough for me. Follow along this week as we bake up a batch of the saccharine cinnamon sweet; careful, you just might learn a thing or two.
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Comments • 3 691

  • puccagarukiss
    puccagarukiss 3 hours ago

    This is why I love you so much. YOU ARE HONEST! You dont bullshit about the taste of these fictional recipes (or more traditional ones like this) and then you do your best to improve upon them! That's why I trust you and support you! Other channels that make fictional food often say what they make is "great" despite the recipe being mediocre at best. Which would be ok if they were just more honest in their reactions to tasting their food. Love you Babish! Thank you so much for everything you and your team do!

  • Fourthgirl
    Fourthgirl 5 hours ago

    I haven't made cinnamon rolls since my teens.

  • Hanna Masri
    Hanna Masri Day ago +1

    is it just me or do u kinda ship claire from ba with babish

  • Nicoleee
    Nicoleee 3 days ago +1

    “We can pull them apart as God intended” 😂 you’re hilarious

  • matszz
    matszz 3 days ago +1

    You poor thing, you made alot more mistakes than you think you did.

  • Dog slayer
    Dog slayer 4 days ago +1

    Please like just send me some food, it looks so good

  • Deliciousness Yumyum

    Not everybody can afford a kitchenaid mixer and a bread hook so I guess we just knead by hand haha 👐

  • Roman Zadorozhnyy
    Roman Zadorozhnyy 7 days ago

    Instead of cutting the buns you gotta spread them, just like God intended. 😂

  • Avis Coma Phoenixx
    Avis Coma Phoenixx 7 days ago

    One of my favorite breakfast foods! 💛💚💙

  • XXsp1cyX X
    XXsp1cyX X 8 days ago +3

    Cinnamon Rolls are quite literally the best thing to exist that (fun fact) Sweden celebrates a whole day for cinnamon rolls it’s on Oct 4th btw 👉😉👉

    • :/
      :/ Day ago

      Yes but we don't jack off on our rolls like total asshats

  • TheEpicDiamondMiner
    TheEpicDiamondMiner 8 days ago

    I mean you could meet us a Basics with Babish, instead of trying to connect it with some stand-up comedy, but you do you.

  • Mr. Snuffles
    Mr. Snuffles 10 days ago

    Does anyone know what steps can be done the night before? It would be nice to be able to have cinnamon rolls before noon.

  • bleach
    bleach 10 days ago

    i thought u allawys pasted your recipe in the descriptio, I love baking so I wanted to give this recipe a shot. :)

  • timbo slice
    timbo slice 11 days ago

    1:35 this is very important, I had to start over two times because I messed up this step

  • Patrick Kelly
    Patrick Kelly 12 days ago

    Half the reason I watch this guy is because of the good recipes, the other half is because he sounds like Spike Speigel.

  • amelia :P
    amelia :P 13 days ago

    hi this many people can’t fucking sleep

  • Milan I
    Milan I 17 days ago

    So, i made these today...
    F*ck me backwards, this shit is sweet!
    I ate two at once, not recommended.
    Greetings from Sweden. I gotta lay down for a while...

  • Dragonslayer2016
    Dragonslayer2016 18 days ago

    I made these I regret it they’re wayyyyyyy too good like I’d eat these for my last meal good

  • BooBunny
    BooBunny 18 days ago

    It is not a mistake but you will get better rolls if you refrigerate the dough overnight.

  • jayden brown
    jayden brown 19 days ago

    Dude I'm poor send me food ..

  • Finlay Millington
    Finlay Millington 22 days ago

    I love his voice😍🤤

  • youcanshootnow
    youcanshootnow 22 days ago

    you just wanted two batches of cinnamon rolls..

  • booty_ hunter420
    booty_ hunter420 22 days ago

    Comments: _c r e a m_

  • B Elliot
    B Elliot 23 days ago

    Mine didn’t rise. Anyone know why? The yeast was not dead

  • Asdfghjkl
    Asdfghjkl 23 days ago

    Babish you should have Julien solomita on and teach him a recipe

  • Connor Mcorrie
    Connor Mcorrie 24 days ago +1


  • Patrick Orrin
    Patrick Orrin 25 days ago +1

    Once you’ve gotten to know your rolling pin 😂😂

  • Andrew Shea
    Andrew Shea 25 days ago +44

    Me messing up royally: My house is on fire
    Babish messing up royally: Buns that taste fantastic but don’t look the part and have a slightly off texture

  • BIG smoke
    BIG smoke 25 days ago

    Louis ck

  • King Tutt
    King Tutt 25 days ago

    Every time i think somethings funny five people have already commented about it on the comment's you guys are no fun

  • Mindfulness Key
    Mindfulness Key 25 days ago

    What is this? Cow and chicken? Dude!!! Show your face you mistery cinnabon bun man.

  • Jonathan Jensen
    Jonathan Jensen 26 days ago

    Your plastic shrinkwrap stuff gets me every time. What the hell is it? I can't stop wondering about it every time I watch these episodes...

  • Sam Mondello
    Sam Mondello 26 days ago

    "Once you've gotten to know your rolling pin" fucking hysterical

  • B Elliot
    B Elliot 27 days ago

    Can someone write out the recipe??

  • Brett Navarro
    Brett Navarro 27 days ago

    What can I use instead of a dough hook? I don’t have a lot of the equipment for your foods and I really wanna try em

    • Brett Navarro
      Brett Navarro 24 days ago

      Trunks Vegeta Briefs thank you!

    • Trunks Vegeta Briefs
      Trunks Vegeta Briefs 25 days ago

      Brett Navarro

      I use the handle end of a wooden kitchen spoon

      Please be careful while doing this as you will get tired pretty fucking fast

  • ScreamingPanda 101
    ScreamingPanda 101 27 days ago

    I'm about to make this I'm so excited

  • Jade Bell
    Jade Bell 28 days ago

    You keep it real... That’s what I like about your videos Babish

  • Inspector Steve
    Inspector Steve 28 days ago

    Patreon and memberships and getting paid by TheXvid. You are racking in that money wow.

  • sily sister
    sily sister 29 days ago


  • Beth Wallace
    Beth Wallace Month ago

    Oh yeah.....

  • Mr. E
    Mr. E Month ago

    Next do the sinnamin roll from smokin aces lmao

  • Matthew Cox
    Matthew Cox Month ago

    How about Bill Burr stand-up routine about punching muffins at a street Farmers Market

  • Susie Grace
    Susie Grace Month ago

    Bloopers with Babish

  • bob barley
    bob barley Month ago

    U can do breaking bad u should know there’s cinnamon rolls if u watch it

  • The Backyard clubhouse

    Who is eating a cinnamin role and watching i am

  • Soflosports
    Soflosports Month ago

    4:08 I think you mean too thick. Because you don’t add cream to something to make it less creamy.

  • the three dorkateers

    It is not a cinnamon rolls if it does not have chocolate chips

  • Soflosports
    Soflosports Month ago +1

    That clip at the beginning was the most unfunny thing I’ve ever watched

  • Savannah Encke
    Savannah Encke Month ago +1

    Hey @chef Julen from Aries kitchen... this is how you do it

  • Frida
    Frida Month ago

    this is so fucking extra

  • CredibleDerek6511
    CredibleDerek6511 Month ago

    This is more like basics

  • Trunks Vegeta Briefs

    I personally like to add some cinnamon to the actual dough and to the icing

  • SeptemberDreamer
    SeptemberDreamer Month ago +1

    Came for the food, stayed for the 'dumb' jokes.

  • LegendaryRedCow
    LegendaryRedCow Month ago

    Once you get to know your rolling pin 🤔🤔🤔

  • Joseph Pullen
    Joseph Pullen Month ago

    I'm British and we don't really make cinnamon buns over here in the UK, i've never had one. I'm 22 and i've always wanted to try one, they look sooo good 😭

  • IDK
    IDK Month ago

    I’m so hungry

  • kexter
    kexter Month ago

    2:18 - I'm loving this video already.

  • Laura Alston
    Laura Alston Month ago

    There was a hot pockets commercial before this video for me today

  • x Taniwha x
    x Taniwha x Month ago +1

    **once you've gotten to know your rolling pin**

  • EatFruitNow
    EatFruitNow Month ago

    Nothing but the best from Babish!

  • Marissa Lopes
    Marissa Lopes Month ago

    That looks so good 😊

  • honganh
    honganh Month ago


  • Poly The Wicked
    Poly The Wicked Month ago

    If you want the filling to be gooey like Cinnabon, the secret is to make a goo out of brown sugar, butter, cinnamon, and... heavy cream. Mix everything together and smear over the rolled out dough.

  • Hehe xd
    Hehe xd Month ago +1


  • JellyKid
    JellyKid Month ago

    I’m so glad your making Izuku Midoriya clones!

  • T R
    T R Month ago

    Butter butter butter where's the butter!!🤪

  • T Gay
    T Gay Month ago

    He sat there for ten minutes waiting for the dough to mix

  • Joeshella Labz
    Joeshella Labz Month ago

    Can you make a treasure cake?

  • Stephane Ouellette
    Stephane Ouellette Month ago

    Did he mention what the temp of the oven is?

  • Betsy Siegel
    Betsy Siegel Month ago

    your filling will be like 50 times better if you mix the powder filling with a stick or two melted butter

  • whobitmyname
    whobitmyname Month ago

    I feel like cinammon rolls should be from Smokin' Aces.
    "The cinnamon roll? The roll of the cinnamon?"

  • Crab Rave
    Crab Rave Month ago

    Should’ve made it with an ass print on each of them

  • Avian Ascended
    Avian Ascended Month ago +2

    How much yeast is in one packet??

  • Existing Alien
    Existing Alien Month ago +1

    Stop im so hungry

  • Ultra_axe781
    Ultra_axe781 Month ago

    Who doesnt know why its called cinnamon roll?