GIANT Poutine Challenge (Saltiest challenge ever..)

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
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    Poutine!! Heading back for my 6th year to the Smoke's Poutine World Poutine Eating Championship & wanna be as prepared as possible. No better way than to cook up some of my own homemade delicious Poutine...
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Comments • 19 365

  • Jai Bee
    Jai Bee Hour ago

    A typical soviet citizen could probably eat more potato

  • Mimi Edralea
    Mimi Edralea Hour ago

    Its salty bcuz he only put 7gls of water into the gravy while its actually need 9gls of water.he said it

  • DeeFibben aka Sanya Estherian

    Speaking french 2:17

  • immaZebrah
    immaZebrah 2 hours ago

    mushroom gravy goes fantastic on poutine. advice from an artery clogged poutine eating canadian.

  • Kabrial
    Kabrial 3 hours ago

    for ingredien, you forgot
    4: love
    5: big belly

  • Burrito eat me Hacks
    Burrito eat me Hacks 4 hours ago +1

    Cooks that cook big things: I cooked this sack of sh**!
    Matt Stonie: I ate that pile of sh**!
    Me: I watched him eat that sack of sh**!

  • Jackie brown
    Jackie brown 4 hours ago

    Should have layered it

  • Rylan Castillo
    Rylan Castillo 4 hours ago

    His face before the challenge (pause at 5:48) -/-/-///His face after the challenge( pause at 7:46)

  • danisa channel
    danisa channel 5 hours ago

    Im afraid u die in poutine

  • THE JoKeR
    THE JoKeR 5 hours ago

    Finally the prince of the net pumping his man loll

  • Prod. shx
    Prod. shx 5 hours ago +1

    Matt stonie will always stay irrelevant for sure

  • Sarcc
    Sarcc 6 hours ago

    Canadians do this shit every day i bet

  • Sarcc
    Sarcc 6 hours ago

    Crush: Ayo where my poop go?

  • AmmadtheGamer
    AmmadtheGamer 6 hours ago

    I will never invite you matt on my birthday :D

  • Carli Paige
    Carli Paige 6 hours ago

    Man I’ve never seen you gag so much! This is insane! You still did a damn good job!

    IICHAUNCEYII 6 hours ago +4

    Anybody not gonna talk about how he wrote “100% Canadian on the cheese curds 😂

  • DA Legend11 ツ
    DA Legend11 ツ 7 hours ago +1

    Kidney stone

  • Liam Perfetto
    Liam Perfetto 7 hours ago

    Me being a canadian : feeling so proud

  • Justin Damsker
    Justin Damsker 8 hours ago +5

    Stonie: Eats all that without his bare hands
    Me: Touches a chicken wing with more than 2 fingers and goes in for a napkin

    • Coyote Recon
      Coyote Recon 3 hours ago

      Justin Damsker it was with his bare hands..

  • Alberto
    Alberto 8 hours ago

    comment or like below if him eating with his hands makes you cringe.

  • Lewis
    Lewis 8 hours ago

    I think its cute you don't show people the part where you throw 95% of this up a few hours after eating it.. fucking freak. keep listening to your heavy metal and puking up poutine you soundboy from 2007

  • Canete Jerold
    Canete Jerold 8 hours ago

    mukbang: we eat random food in a bowl
    matt stonie: nice try

  • chris gaudett
    chris gaudett 9 hours ago

    Oml can't wait until around my birthday I'm buying some smokes wow size poutine

  • da gamer in gaming
    da gamer in gaming 9 hours ago

    That looks so freaking good

  • jade mcnamara
    jade mcnamara 10 hours ago

    I have seen so many of your videos, this is the only one I've ever seen where u have had to stop. Must have been bad for the Stonie to throw the towel in!!

  • チェリーフクロウCherry Owl

    i want this

  • Michael Kordon
    Michael Kordon 11 hours ago +1

    Toilets: *exists*
    Matt Stonie: im gonna end this man's whole career

  • SAvEGe MKI
    SAvEGe MKI 11 hours ago

    use a napkin

  • Devy_Chan
    Devy_Chan 11 hours ago

    Poutine? He sound like he eating poontang.

  • Dick Gozinya
    Dick Gozinya 12 hours ago

    You know they make bigger sheet pans right?

  • Lina Sultangulova
    Lina Sultangulova 12 hours ago


  • •m¡lkteaa•
    •m¡lkteaa• 13 hours ago

    Poutine is so good i live in canada right now and if u havent tried it try it nowww

  • Lorenidus TV
    Lorenidus TV 13 hours ago

    when's matt gonna upload a video of the size of his shits...

  • Vic Thor
    Vic Thor 14 hours ago

    Brian Shaw : let's add 4 strawberry milkshake

  • Destiny2 Pro
    Destiny2 Pro 14 hours ago

    he gonna have a stroke one day

  • Lane Klassen
    Lane Klassen 14 hours ago

    when the toilet is clogged 6:06

  • Contrxils
    Contrxils 15 hours ago +1

    This mans just ate 13lbs of poutine and gained 2lbs I eat that and gain 90 ? 🙂

  • Tuna_boat
    Tuna_boat 16 hours ago

    hey Stonie, you're insane !

  • Nando van Rooijen
    Nando van Rooijen 16 hours ago

    This makes me hungry in a way

  • Tuba Güner
    Tuba Güner 17 hours ago

    Vladimir Poutine

  • Alfred Angelou
    Alfred Angelou 18 hours ago

    Lady:Hey are you interested in our free sample?

    Matt stonie: *Demolishes the food and eats table under one second*

  • Rad Carrington
    Rad Carrington 18 hours ago +2

    *Hey Guys Don't Worry...He's Owned The Black Hole*

  • Meh eh
    Meh eh 19 hours ago

    You need to invest in a bigger plate mate

  • 강철건
    강철건 19 hours ago

    이렇게 먹어도 살이 안쩌...굶고 먹는 건가...ㅡㅜ

  • Lyla Sutherland
    Lyla Sutherland 20 hours ago +1

    u didn't use a fork nooooooo I thought u were AHHHHHHHHHHHH STOPPPPP 😐😬

  • DefoNotJoe
    DefoNotJoe 21 hour ago

    When theres no tissue left

  • Xavier Stokes
    Xavier Stokes 22 hours ago

    What happened to the water

  • Ali Hassan
    Ali Hassan 22 hours ago

    **That gravy is T H I C C**

  • Angel
    Angel 22 hours ago +1

    This looks like a really bad porn scene.

  • SweetTooth
    SweetTooth 23 hours ago

    I can see the glitters of salt and preservatives when you zoom in the gravy now you ask y its so saltyyyyy

  • Fletcher Brewer
    Fletcher Brewer Day ago

    Why do the sounds coming from this man sound like that snow monster from Star Wars ?

  • Thotsftw 1337
    Thotsftw 1337 Day ago

    Jesus this new was vile to watch

  • uwu owo
    uwu owo Day ago

    Ok I got it wrong then,I thought it was just chili cheese fries XD

  • My Journal
    My Journal Day ago

    You listened to your body Matt. No need to be ashamed man.

  • Rush Wal
    Rush Wal Day ago

    The noises though

  • Willy Boy
    Willy Boy Day ago

    PPoutine! 6 PPPounds!

  • Katie Giles
    Katie Giles Day ago

    Who else thought the thumbnail was bananas with caramel?

  • Zacky taheri
    Zacky taheri Day ago

    When you run out of toilet paper 6:17

  • Ace
    Ace Day ago

    So your not gonna tell me where you got the cheese curds from...

  • Noelthe_ nico
    Noelthe_ nico Day ago

    Impressive...But do you eat ass like that ?