Kelly Marie Tran's The Last Jedi Prank and Google Home's Star Wars Trivia BTS

  • Published on Nov 29, 2017
  • In this installment of The Star Wars Show, we talk with The Last Jedi's Kelly Marie Tran, go behind the scenes of Google Home's Star Wars Trivia Challenge (paid content by Google), tell you about the largest Galaxy of Heroes expansion EVER, and more!
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Comments • 615

  • Jesse Wu
    Jesse Wu Month ago

    Lol Pokemon Go

  • Christian Stoleski
    Christian Stoleski 11 months ago

    Rose sucks balls lol and KK bye bye

  • thegooseman
    thegooseman 11 months ago +1

    She's a gentle soul.

  • UpNorthSoutherner

    I imagine it's been said, but surprised the final phonecall didn't finish with "Boring conversation anyway."

  • Leia Schuyler
    Leia Schuyler Year ago

    7:39 that is sooooooo me XD 🤣🤣🐧

  • Ashton TheGamer
    Ashton TheGamer Year ago

    Hello rose 🙂

  • 0000 0000
    0000 0000 Year ago +1

    disneyfied garbage

  • CandyCane TV
    CandyCane TV Year ago


  • Whootinieee Untini
    Whootinieee Untini Year ago +2

    I have a new hobby.... hating new Starwars

  • Yandles
    Yandles Year ago +4

    Jar Jar Binks > Rose

  • Marlo Hansen
    Marlo Hansen Year ago +4

    All I know is Kelly Tran had the most useless scenes in the film. Her only good part was when she met Finn. Remove Rian Johnson from this franchise and I MAY see another SW film in the opening weekend. One thing is for sure, I will never watch another film by Rian Johnson, and I'm not tuning in for the next part. My son may have loved it, but he didn't even know it was coming out until I was all excited about it and told him. Next time I'm just going to save myself the money and skip out. Maybe 45 minutes of this were watchable.

  • Jon Sutton
    Jon Sutton Year ago

    Dude, I love the obscure references to EU stuff that you guys throw in. Loved Anthony's reference to Grael from The Adventure Journal's "Escape From Balis-Baurgh" short story from 1994. :)

  • Thomas Kingston
    Thomas Kingston Year ago

    Not available in the UK

  • Jack Sparrow
    Jack Sparrow Year ago +1

    OMG! I loved Rose Tico so much! She's my 2nd favorite Star Wars character! Kelly Marie Tran is so cute! Can't wait to read Cobalt Squadron and can't wait for Episode IX I want to join the team so bad!

  • L Don
    L Don Year ago

    Bring peter back

  • 9 9
    9 9 Year ago


  • Armed Astronaut JM-83

    Kelly Marie Tran ruin everything.

    • Paloma P
      Paloma P 2 months ago

      Armed Astronaut JM-83 blame the character not the actress

  • Marvin Çoban
    Marvin Çoban Year ago

    As you wish😂

  • knessi ng
    knessi ng Year ago +3

    Rose will NEVER be Porkins ... she will forever be Jar Jar Rose.

    REFLECTO Year ago +1

    #SWSASK What will happen to Leia since Carrie Fisher Passed away?

  • terminal brain cancer


  • Rafael Avila
    Rafael Avila Year ago

    I'm buying Google Home mini just for star wars

  • CeazAmaze
    CeazAmaze Year ago +2

    so dam corny. they'e so blinded by their stupidity cause,they can'y even see it. due to they're excitement for working at star wars.

  • Angela Davidson
    Angela Davidson Year ago

    I love Kelly. She seems so cool!

  • Matheus Vinicius
    Matheus Vinicius Year ago

    Boa viagem de

  • Maxwell Nelson
    Maxwell Nelson Year ago

    Is the word "Jedi" in the title of "The Last Jedi" singular or plural? #SWSASKS

  • PhantomFalcon
    PhantomFalcon Year ago

    Kelly is so cute!!!!😍

  • G.N. R.J.
    G.N. R.J. Year ago

    I got a phone call just at 9:19

    GUS GUS Year ago

    Now I have to clean my bed.

  • heatman38
    heatman38 Year ago

    Just here for K Tran!

  • Joshua Carnero
    Joshua Carnero Year ago

    hi my name is Josh carnero I seen all your star wars shows who is the last Jedi to Luke Skywalker and Rey and kylo ren

  • First Name Last Name

    she's cute shame she was a trans?


    #SWSAsks who are reys parents plz daisy answer this question

    TALAAT HASSAN Year ago

    #SWSASKS: What is your favourite planet in the Star Wars Universe?

  • CB Colbert
    CB Colbert Year ago

    Ask them if they could be anyone in the Star Wars universe (besides yourself) who would you be?

  • 8bitpothead
    8bitpothead Year ago

    i bet i would hate her in real life she seems annoyingly nerdy

  • sultan hits
    sultan hits Year ago


  • Darth Sand
    Darth Sand Year ago

    Question for TLJ cast: Do you know the entire plot when you get the script or just your scenes? #SWSASKS

  • Darth Sand
    Darth Sand Year ago

    Question for TLJ cast: Do you know the entire plot when you get the script or just your scenes? (If this question is asked tell Daisy I think she's amazing) #SWSASKS

  • Admiral Raddus
    Admiral Raddus Year ago

    Why doesn’t Rose show up in either trailer!?

  • IM GAY
    IM GAY Year ago

    You know whats bad about star wars? Battlefront.

  • Tommy Estrada
    Tommy Estrada Year ago

    Can we get a version of Google Star Wars Trivia Challenge WITHOUT Andi and Anthony? That would be sweet.

  • GALAXIE 67
    GALAXIE 67 Year ago


  • The Real JL Films /J.L.C.R

    ask them are there other types of bb8???

  • druha10304
    druha10304 Year ago

    lol my moms name is rose now shes going to be star wars

  • Judge Dredd the Law

    I can't wait..for..this.....MOVIEEEEE!!!! Too bad I gotta work that Friday.....oh well, guess its time to cash in on that personal day! "Hello boss? Yep..I just hit by an...asteroid...I can't make it to work.."

  • Raven Light Assembly


  • Mike The star Wars Toy Collector Poirier

    Better with just her 80) MtfbwU always.👍

  • Max Eisenhardt
    Max Eisenhardt Year ago

    4:44 Cassian! Hey, man! How's that voice recording session going? (come on, I hope Cassian and K-2 will show up in Rebels)

  • Tigra Spartan
    Tigra Spartan Year ago

    Hope she will die in Last Jedi so we wont see her in next movie.

  • Annabeth Lovegd
    Annabeth Lovegd Year ago


  • Evac0721
    Evac0721 Year ago

    Andi you activated my Google home, and you're talking on there too! haha

  • Fly
    Fly Year ago

    #SWSASKS Do you think TFA setup The last Jedi better than A New Hope setup Empire? Thanks.

  • Iris Patcher
    Iris Patcher Year ago

    "dew it"

  • tamimerkaz
    tamimerkaz Year ago

    Ask them EVERYTHING

  • Zandor Felok
    Zandor Felok Year ago

    #SWSAsks - TLJ Cast: when did you realize that Rian J. had the perfect vision for TLJ and what was that like, what did it feel like?
    Wow, SWGOH is getting more love/recognition in the SW Community... thanks!
    Also... wish I would have bought a Google Home Mini on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.... *sadface*

  • joev816
    joev816 Year ago

    Annnndddd! A moment of sjw, mentioning how girls can have an action figure that looks like them. Of course they missed the part, where it's a movie with, MILLIONS of different looking species, but whatever!

  • DanYourChristianMan \\ Daniel Neff

    #SWSASKS All members of Star Wars the Last Jedi and Force Awakens if they thought they wouldn't get their parts and that if they did think that, how did they feel when they did get their parts?

  • Benjamin K
    Benjamin K Year ago

    #SWASKS What was your favorite time on set shooting The Last Jedi?

  • Cat
    Cat Year ago +1

    please ask them if they were shocked by the script or how they felt when they first read it! btw say hi to all of them from cat and the whole family SW fans who liked this comment! #SWSASKS

  • Odbarc
    Odbarc Year ago

    The video said it had paid advertisement or something and the video sucked. No prank? >:(

  • Purefoldnz
    Purefoldnz Year ago

    No mention of the Lootbox controversy? lol

  • Carter Lavigne
    Carter Lavigne Year ago

    #swsasks what was your favourite scene to shoot in the movie?

  • Greedy Geferson
    Greedy Geferson Year ago

    Dude you’re not supposed to say Star Wars jokes it is so awkward

  • zw98
    zw98 Year ago


  • Mr_Ice_ Cube_now_

    #swsask what is your favorite star wars weapon and charachter in star wars? (can't be yorself) what is your favorite lego Star wars set?

  • Kane Haylock
    Kane Haylock Year ago

    #swsasks what was the hardest part of the movie to film???

  • OrangeKyle91
    OrangeKyle91 Year ago

    Question for Daisy Ridley: Would you like it if Daisy got a double-bladed lightsaber in Episode 9 that she could use the same way as her old staff?

  • Rubab Nadeem
    Rubab Nadeem Year ago

    Q: what was the funniest thing that happened on set?

  • Sam Ribar
    Sam Ribar Year ago +1

    Hey Star Wars, why is Disney releasing Infinity War and Solo in the same month? I'm a Star Wars fan all the way, but with Infinity War in theaters, I don't think Solo can compete

  • Kaerim Arturo Cisneros Soto

    Diego Diego Diego!!!!!!

  • ShadowArtist
    ShadowArtist Year ago

    That repair droid in the game Droid Repair Bay looks very very much like the robot Johnny Five from the film Short Circuit....

  • Eazy E
    Eazy E Year ago

    She looks like someone they would hire just because of the Social Justice Warriors: Asian, Woman, Fat.
    The way she sits makes me puke, so unprofessional and rude putting your shoes on the coach.

  • Angel Ramón Morales Duarte


  • Gamera 23
    Gamera 23 Year ago

    Andi says she has seen videos of Asian girls crying when they see the Rose action figure because there is a character that looks like them.....
    .... however I can't find any such videos anywhere.
    Very touching if true, I just can't find confirmation.

    • Andi Gutierrez
      Andi Gutierrez Year ago +1

      It's absolutely true. People have tweeted them to me to share their excitement.

  • OrionRex23 Hub
    OrionRex23 Hub Year ago


  • Mr_Ice_ Cube_now_

    #swsk what is you guys favorite weapon and charachter in star wars? (can't be you'r self)

  • Ивайло Ивайло

    #SWSASK:1.Who is your favourite star wars legends hero.2.What is your favourite animal.

  • Samuel Kerby
    Samuel Kerby Year ago

    Andy has a dark side the elevator was no accident

  • Sameer Khan
    Sameer Khan Year ago

    poor anthony, i would definitely not be that calm in a stuck elevator though rofl. that kelly interview though #realtalk #inspiration. so happy for her, she seems like a great and awesome person. cant wait to see how she portrays her character in The Last Jedi.

  • PutPanic8522
    PutPanic8522 Year ago

    "Did you press the stop button?" "No, did you?" xD

  • Andrew Mulert
    Andrew Mulert Year ago

    Okay Google, Talk like Yoda, works

  • Peter Cruckshank
    Peter Cruckshank Year ago


  • I Control My Fate

    Been wondering about her. First time hearing her voice.

  • Gaurav Bindra
    Gaurav Bindra Year ago +1

    #swsasks What is The New Republic's (or remnants of anyway) role in the movie? Like is it just non-existent? Joins up with the Resistance(unlikely) or just defects to the First Order(my personal guess)

  • somehungariankid
    somehungariankid Year ago

    #SWSASKS My question is for everyone. Do you like cheese?

  • Aviel Mann Ballo
    Aviel Mann Ballo Year ago

    @3:59 Anthony admits he's a fake geek boy???

  • F-105 Music
    F-105 Music Year ago

    Kelly is wonderful! Can't wait to see Rose in TLJ - Din

  • Kris Hahn
    Kris Hahn Year ago

    lol this show just makes my day, please don't ever change it

  • Raven Light Assembly

    REMEMBER ! Diversity is our strength ! No more white male heroes in future star wars movies ! Thats a no no !

  • Star Wars Thoughts
    Star Wars Thoughts Year ago +4

    They are making another cook book!!!!!!! I have the first one with all the stickers still in it my favorite recipe is the "jawa jive milkshake" it's so good

  • Jeb Hoge
    Jeb Hoge Year ago

    Oh, I chortled at the last line of this one!

  • Kristopher Wickline

    Does she hate Anthony that much?

  • Mati B
    Mati B Year ago

    *Snoke is the last jedi 😨*

  • Jarrod Wilson
    Jarrod Wilson Year ago

    “Boring conversation anyway”

  • Kronen Baxter
    Kronen Baxter Year ago

    Star Wars is so sinister for putting Andi in that shirt! I see what you're doing there!

  • Emoe Blk
    Emoe Blk Year ago

    Andi reminds me of sabine

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi Year ago +2

    Will kotor ever be canon?

  • EDOG'S Music, magic, & street art

    is luke going to use his lightsaber? #swsasks

  • Sean Keane
    Sean Keane Year ago

    Kelly seems lovely, I’m glad she feels comfortable talking about her insecurities!