• Published on Oct 19, 2019
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Comments • 233

  • Carter Davidson
    Carter Davidson 8 hours ago

    Simon woke up and sneezed 3 times

  • Bens Soccer
    Bens Soccer 8 days ago +1

    This is Logan vs ksi but Logan wins
    Like if you are in 2019 cause I’m talking about the 2019 rematch

  • t0x1c_ chessyboi
    t0x1c_ chessyboi 13 days ago

    Logan vs ksi 3 leaked

  • Dave
    Dave 13 days ago

    game link?

  • MarvelBhavil
    MarvelBhavil 13 days ago

    is this game available on ps4?? i havent seen it and i really want to play it

  • 10000 subs with 1 video 76

    6:08 fifa 16?😂😂😂😂

  • tree meme
    tree meme 18 days ago

    Ksi v Logan paul part 3

  • TheShadyGreen
    TheShadyGreen 21 day ago

    Instead of the sidemen distracts they should have done boxing matches😂

  • Neb FF
    Neb FF 23 days ago

    How did u get this game on PS4?

  • Cody Irvine
    Cody Irvine 23 days ago

    The new fifa 2021

  • NaKo Gaming
    NaKo Gaming 23 days ago +1

    some point in the boxing I thought I was gonna hear Michael Buffer say “Majority draaaawwwww”

  • Bradley_ Gaming26
    Bradley_ Gaming26 23 days ago

    He started doing the nuruto run at the ends of the race

  • No hiT
    No hiT 23 days ago +1

    Why did the character on the thumbnail look like ksi in the boxing match 😂😂😂

  • JumbaLoveForLife
    JumbaLoveForLife 24 days ago

    i love how simon is so excited hahahaha

  • Nate Vlogs
    Nate Vlogs 24 days ago

    They still never beat usain bolt in the 100m sprint...

  • NitroBlast 08
    NitroBlast 08 24 days ago

    Or did you buy it in Japan

  • NitroBlast 08
    NitroBlast 08 24 days ago

    Did you import this game from Japan??

  • Realkillers rk
    Realkillers rk Month ago

    He should do more

  • Ruben_M
    Ruben_M Month ago

    13:13 He knew about JJ's gameplan

  • pr's_topshotta
    pr's_topshotta Month ago

    What game is this

  • ILF-Toxiczz
    ILF-Toxiczz Month ago


  • Bide Luminous
    Bide Luminous Month ago

    Is this game on Xbox one? Cos it isn’t

  • Lazo TV
    Lazo TV Month ago

    the way he says fam is so fucking annoying

  • Hamaas Khan
    Hamaas Khan Month ago

    Is this on pc or ps4

  • VonixGR
    VonixGR Month ago

    your character looks like ethan

  • Fiendable Claw
    Fiendable Claw Month ago

    8:00 when you get more gassed scoring a goal here then Fifa this year

  • Eduardo Elizalde
    Eduardo Elizalde Month ago

    Damn your channel dead dead

  • MCG
    MCG Month ago

    Roses are red
    Ketchup is too
    You clicked on this vid
    For 9:02

  • Wqq eddie
    Wqq eddie Month ago

    What's the name of the game

  • Claire Speight
    Claire Speight Month ago

    You should play mike Myers in cod with sidemen

  • karvo productions
    karvo productions Month ago

    you should do this but with mma

  • Tyrique Tagoe - Wyse

    Do a sidemen boxing tournament

  • Joshua BAKER
    Joshua BAKER Month ago

    18:38 Way to make me briefly think that my laptop had died with that fade-out! :-/

  • Joshua BAKER
    Joshua BAKER Month ago

    18:32 Is that a medally medley? ;-)

  • Joshua BAKER
    Joshua BAKER Month ago

    15:47 Excuses, excuses!

  • Joshua BAKER
    Joshua BAKER Month ago +3

    8:58 If you lose this as well, then I think you'd be leaving by mutual consent!

  • Joshua BAKER
    Joshua BAKER Month ago

    You know that the football game mode is broken when it reminds you more of Big Beach Sports for the Wii than it does of FIFA or PES...

  • Joshua BAKER
    Joshua BAKER Month ago +1

    5:18 Ahh, "Ode To Joy" - I'm getting Die Hard flashbacks now!

  • Joshua BAKER
    Joshua BAKER Month ago

    0:04 "Ready Team"?

  • Ruby robsob
    Ruby robsob Month ago

    can you get this one xbox?

  • Jawsh Yuh know
    Jawsh Yuh know Month ago

    This what the precursor to the nd I Logan Paul

  • Couch has You
    Couch has You Month ago

    We need JJ back

  • Mira Jeon
    Mira Jeon Month ago +3

    A titan from attack on titan when they see a human

  • ashley wilson
    ashley wilson Month ago

    Such a relevant video title right now 😝

  • Greig Lockhart-Ross
    Greig Lockhart-Ross Month ago +10

    "I have never been so dominated in a match"---- After having watched some Fifa draft videos i can confirm this is untrue

  • B1gHeadNed -fatnobs-
    B1gHeadNed -fatnobs- Month ago +1

    Fuck them for using ps4 I though sdmn were Xbox forever

  • Steven croucher Speaking

    Canada 🇨🇦

  • Joseph Vernon
    Joseph Vernon Month ago

    It has to be Ethan he is the only one built for it 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Keegan99
    Keegan99 Month ago

    Play titanfall again

  • Salam Dou
    Salam Dou Month ago

    No one
    Not a single soul
    Tobi: get dem gloves up

  • Lou Payne
    Lou Payne Month ago

    with all the boxing matches Tobi played on his channel I would have been worried if he hadn't won haha

  • Marzy
    Marzy Month ago +1

    Ksi is the nightmare
    Simon copying without showing it is the knightmare😂

  • DEVI11 KI11ER
    DEVI11 KI11ER Month ago

    Simone was Logan and Tobie was jj, they drew in the end of boxing

  • Craig Milton
    Craig Milton Month ago

    Just me that heard the halo theme at round about 4:30

  • Sreekar Nagul
    Sreekar Nagul Month ago

    Simon, all you gotta do to get a perfect block is not block all the time and when he throws the punch you put your gloves up for the block and time it. Basically its trying to prevent you from blocking all the time and reward you for not doing it.

  • Omega
    Omega Month ago +1

    Who else died at the swimming 🤣🤣

  • 2pac fan R.I.P
    2pac fan R.I.P Month ago

    Can u get this game on Xbox?

  • Ben Toland
    Ben Toland Month ago

    Do your ultimate team for a series

    MEHFANTOM YT Month ago +2

    4:31 When my dogs sees my friend

  • A. Fusion
    A. Fusion Month ago

    Your channel is popping at the moment, keep up your hard work