My Wife Hates Me - Gavin McInnes (01-13-2015)

  • Published on Jan 15, 2015
    Rich and Bonnie are joined in studio by guest Gavin McInnes. Topics include marriage advice, being famous, coming up as a comedian, transgender people, living in a politically correct society, and Islam.
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Comments • 91

  • Ash Wiggins
    Ash Wiggins Year ago +1

    The main thing I don't like about people like Gavin pushing their half baked chauvinism is he "acts" like a man,but hes not a man. Hes a little boy pretending because hes lived a sheltered life. He needs to do some hard work, not just have a job running his mouth....then he might know something worth saying.

    • MrGenedancingmachine
      MrGenedancingmachine 7 months ago

      Ash Wiggins you seem insecure, are you trying to say you’re the man that Gavin isn’t?

    • Ash Wiggins
      Ash Wiggins 10 months ago

      @The Juggernaut rich boy Canadian hipster... I think you need to grow a pair if you think that is a man... keep ya man crush to yourself snowflake.

  • Jmo Bello
    Jmo Bello Year ago

    black poverty rate was higher in the 1950s, most black single moms are working to middle class and aren't eligible for welfare, black high school dropout rates were higher, and blacks have been at least 35 percent of the United States prison population since before the New Deal.

  • daniel mcdermott
    daniel mcdermott Year ago

    Why did that fucking Cunt ruin the monkees song at the beginning? That was unbelievably UNfunny. Staggeringly unfunny. I'm deadly serious, that was hysterically unfunny.

  • Alex Durdan
    Alex Durdan Year ago

    the guy screaming "i don't know who the fuck you are and no one has ever heard about you"... funny how he was the most uneducated caller and just wanted to repeat himself 4 times and never came up with a prudent point. Dumb ass libtards just want to yell when their beliefs are shit on.

  • Alex Durdan
    Alex Durdan Year ago +1

    gavin, again dominates another show... no wonder he has been successful.

  • Gobbersmack
    Gobbersmack Year ago

    lol that butthurt muslim had me rollin

  • Sam S
    Sam S Year ago

    Fucking Gavin and Patrice would have been the shit

  • Robert Laughland
    Robert Laughland Year ago

    Gavin should be on every day

  • renewer
    renewer Year ago

    Is that her singing in the beginning? Fuck, I hate her even more.

  • Stephen Roby
    Stephen Roby Year ago

    It's just Comedian Anthony Jeselnik says about pussy twitter followers always saying Hopes and prayers for all the sufferers. Fuck them. They are just saying hey victims remember me. Remember how sads i am. Same goes for whitey marching for Black issues, or gay rights, and mostly womens rights. Hey remember how sads i am about this issue that i have no knowledge .

    • Stephen Roby
      Stephen Roby Year ago

      He was fired from Comedy Central for a joke about sharks parting when they finally get a human victim. From the shark's point of view..We kill more of them than they kill us. Using the name of the man who actually died might have been too much, but still its too stupid and against his right to speak freely. Fuck CC pussy assholes love ya Tony J. :)P

  • 3 Knuckle Productions
    3 Knuckle Productions 2 years ago

    50:54 Haha I bet Rich doesn't like that Kevin Spacey comment now haha

  • HostDisorder
    HostDisorder 2 years ago +1

    this is my first cast - I heard this was supposed to be great.. I was like finally a woman is axtually funny... nope
    60 seconds in and omg she is annoying. she's just making fuckkng noises and Interuptijg rich.
    what's the hype? Jesus Christ

  • Jake
    Jake 3 years ago +3

    Bonnie and Gavin are cool and Rich is alright when he isn't trying to be political. Fuck off with the negative comments already.

  • #Farmlands
    #Farmlands 3 years ago +6

    Just "look it up." Gavin looks at the data. Other people just go off what makes them feel good.

    • T F
      T F 3 years ago

      Gavin is so ignorant what are you talking about.. makes you fucking very ignorant

    • jason Jones
      jason Jones 3 years ago +2

      +Shasta! I agree, but he does do more research than most. It helps that he's brutally honest

    • Shasta!
      Shasta! 3 years ago +1

      I'm a huge McInnes fan, but he's not all that into data, He pulls facts right out of his ass half the time. Let's keep it real.

  • Dasha Kavka
    Dasha Kavka 3 years ago +6

    Bonnie is hilarious

  • Skavar4000
    Skavar4000 3 years ago +15

    5 minutes and I hate his wife...

  • Chris Crepon
    Chris Crepon 3 years ago +1

    alright I'm commenting this video to death but ONE more thing..
    hypocrisy is not "not practising what you believe in"
    it's actually not believing in what you say you do, in essence.

    • Don Rodo
      Don Rodo 10 months ago

      @Chris Crepon Tulsa, OK if I remember correctly

  • Chris Crepon
    Chris Crepon 3 years ago +1

    lol there's a "My Wife Hates Me" radio show?
    Sounds more like my wife is a histrionic drunk. As in histrionic personality disorder - fucking divorce her, please...PLEASE.

  • Nathan Palcs
    Nathan Palcs 3 years ago

    the host dude needs to fucking get his words out of his mouth for fucks sack

  • Twinkie toes
    Twinkie toes 3 years ago

    anyone have a photo of gavin mcinne's Squaw?

    • Kee McGee
      Kee McGee 7 months ago +1

      LOL did Google not exist three years ago?

    • LyovMyshkin
      LyovMyshkin 3 years ago +1

      +Zamus Gail She's in the McInnes video 'Sophie Can Walk'.

  • Auggie Doggie
    Auggie Doggie 4 years ago

    great episode. still holds up.

  • Brent McInnis
    Brent McInnis 4 years ago +5

    Jesus! Does Gavin have Lung cancer?

  • Mendax Venandi
    Mendax Venandi 4 years ago

    I love Gavin ! ..who the fuck is this Rich Voss guy, though ? He's humblebragging with his mouth full of marbles / cocks or whatever as if he is Johnny Depp or something.. haha. Listen, guy, nobody cares about Magicians - get over yourself. . And honestly with a voice like that why did you decide to do a podcast?? Grats on booking Gavin McInnes, though.

    • General Skittles
      General Skittles 3 years ago +1

      And he's got an astonishing 14.1 IQ. Can't forget the decimal!

    • Alastair Y
      Alastair Y 4 years ago +1

      +DMMcGregor Rich Vos is a legend of comedy.

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez 4 years ago

    Gavin is my ninja !!

  • MakerInMotion
    MakerInMotion 4 years ago +2

    I love how Gavin brought up Rich Vos's mush mouth way of speech.

  • Icky Spliff
    Icky Spliff 4 years ago

    1:04:00 "50 richest are all democrats". What a fucking moron talking out of his ass.

  • Conor
    Conor 4 years ago

    Gavin comes in around 50:00

  • Englewood Frank21
    Englewood Frank21 4 years ago +6

    Holy fuck Bonnie is annoying. How Rich hasn't ended this in a murder/suicide is beyond me. Annoying broad.

    • Chris Crepon
      Chris Crepon 3 years ago

      +konatown5 Yeah I can actually understand Rich having such low self-esteem between his Jewish guilt complex which is like Catholic guilt... I bet Bonnie is a lot like Rich's mother.. a fucking borderline personality disordered invalidating cunt. That's how he perceives love which is really odd but at least, well, possible But honestly the poor guy will never get better EVER until he ditches this woman... but he keeps coming back for more of her abuse because he doesn't think there's any genuine alternative. A guy like him grew up with a mother exactly like his wife, and thinks that's just how all women are. Invalidating passive-aggressive (to aggressive) cunts.

    • Spydiggity
      Spydiggity 4 years ago +11

      @konatown5 because Rich is also incredibly annoying? maybe?

  • Alex Coffin
    Alex Coffin 4 years ago

    Ho-ly-shit this is awful. Not in an unsafe way. This is show is not funny. Both Rich Vos and Bonnie MacFarland are just painfully annoying, ignorant, egomaniacs, that just make me fucking sick. Oh god. NOTHING FUCKING CLEVER WAS SAID. No originality was brought to light or even implied. Gavin McInnes can go suck on a bag of dicks that got cut off because he's so uncomfortable about it. Who gives a FUCKING FUCK? He only says it to try and be shocking, but in this post modern world, thats been done FOR 30 YEARS NOW! ITS SAFE! BOOOOOO this man! ITS FUCKING LAME AND YOU LOOK LIKE A PIG!! Who gives one fuck what people want to do with there lives, telling transexuals to just where a strap on. Fuck you, you coward. Like I would want to hear what these fucking adult children think about islam and transgender people. Oh god, I bet there are people who like this fucking shit. (Looks at comments). Yep, good fucking god. And I bet people are going to make sweeping generalizations about my beliefs so they can find it easier to hate me like the god damned swamp ass gas in their head tells them to do.

    • Alex Coffin
      Alex Coffin 4 years ago

      Thank you! Someone knows whats up!

    • MarkS1356
      MarkS1356 4 years ago +2

      @Alex Coffin Good luck with all that tulip.

    PIZZA 4 years ago +1

    Legion of Skanks is 500 times better than this shit podcast

    • Auggie Doggie
      Auggie Doggie 4 years ago

      LOS sucks the devil's taint. and not in a good way

    • napukapu
      napukapu 4 years ago +3

      @PIZZA Oh cmon, LOS isn't THAT bad.

    PIZZA 4 years ago

    Rich Vos is out of touch and I hope it hurts his already shitty career, He deserves to have a worse career than Bob Levy

  • Top Gun
    Top Gun 4 years ago +3

    Good lord, Bonnie is a cunt.

  • LuneyTune72
    LuneyTune72 4 years ago +14

    To the caller at 1:38:00 if you're reading these comments, you are so hard to listen to. You literally yelled "IF YOU YELL AND SCREAM LOUD ENOUGH..." (and then you failed to finish that sentence.) I can't imagine how fucking annoying you are in real life, people must hate you.
    You came in all hard about how Gavin is a hypocrite but when you realized that your main point was a misinterpretation on your part, you tried (and failed) to play it off as if Gavin was still wrong...rather than just admitting you fucked up. Ugh, I hope you get AIDS.

    • errant3
      errant3 3 years ago +3

      +LuneyTune72 That guy is living irony.

  • LuneyTune72
    LuneyTune72 4 years ago +6

    Bonnie's voices are cringeworthingly terrible and annoying. Not "funny annoying" just annoying.

  • Patriot Cane
    Patriot Cane 4 years ago +1

    OK after listening to this.. Rich sucks. God Bless him but he sucks.. Bonnie is funny as fuck and Gavin fucking runs shit. I see Bonnie or Gavin even in Arizona I'd be like LOOK IT'S BONNIE .. THE SLUTTY RED EYE CHICK.. then I would see Gavin and say.. SHIT, THAT IS THE INTELLIGENT GUY WITH A SENSE OF HUMOR ON RED EYE. If Rich was there I'd be .. wonder who the clinger is.

    • Richard Talbot
      Richard Talbot 4 years ago +1

      dude rich vos is awesome. listen to him on o and a...he kills better than almost any other comic. hes a fuckin ghetto ex drug addict cutthroat ny jew. he has no agenda and doesnt give a fuck. hes one of the sharpest radio riffers ive ever hear. ur a dumass. auto correct is broken on my phone and i refuse to edit, so ignore the shitty speeling

  • WeAreRadicallyGay
    WeAreRadicallyGay 4 years ago +1

    Gavin McInnes = William Wallace with AIDS.

  • Rob X
    Rob X 4 years ago +16

    Gavin, I just have to thank you for changing my life. The way I dress, act, attitude, confidence, picking up women, all the tips you provide on How To Be A Man are right on, and I cannot thank you enough, you are my hero!

    • Col McGillveray
      Col McGillveray Year ago

      Yay! You are a RAPIST!

    • Robert Laughland
      Robert Laughland Year ago

      Chris Crepon did you not hear he started a trend they all wear the same gear hipsters??? Gavin just copied British sub culture from mods and and ska I think Fred Perry is seen as a Nazi skinhead thing but that's from a small percent I Fred Perry has some of the best polo tops jacket lovely to for the ladies the all in one tennis gear the ska girls look so good black white what ever you are

    • Chris Crepon
      Chris Crepon 3 years ago

      +Rob Loyola You dress like him? lol that just wouldn't work for me - a fat 27 year old who is balding ... better off just dressing "comfortably". But yeah if your body is already at least OK then the clothing compliments it. He's a funny guy

    MELEKH HA OLAM 4 years ago

    I'd like to direct that Muslim caller who completely accused Gavin McInnes of saying something generalizing that he did NOT say, to a video I made recently to replace the one that was banned by TheXvid, as he obviously is such an idiot or solidarity fag that he thinks any comment made about anyone he has something in common with is about all people who have that in common:

    MELEKH HA OLAM 4 years ago

    And that moron who is so enraged and has everything completely backward is just precious.

    MELEKH HA OLAM 4 years ago +7

    Approx. 1:25:00- That guy knows what he's talking about. I bet know-nothing but nonetheless unbelievably smug, PC New York Mongoloids hate his guts.

  • Daniel
    Daniel 4 years ago +11

    Totally right about the Islamic inbreeding. In England alone it is RAMPANT.

  • pornswordtobacco
    pornswordtobacco 4 years ago

    Great One!

  • Davies Productions
    Davies Productions 4 years ago +4


  • joe momma
    joe momma 4 years ago +1

    This reminds me of how O@A used to be. The passion and anger from the callers is great.

  • joe momma
    joe momma 4 years ago +17

    Gavin killed it. Very funny guy.

  • jason wier
    jason wier 4 years ago +1

    I love this show but cannot stand that Gavin bloke he is a 40 odd year hipster old cunt.

    • GhastlyCretin85
      GhastlyCretin85 9 months ago

      @Richard Talbot He co-founded Vice and I don't think he made much money from it.

    • Richard Talbot
      Richard Talbot 4 years ago +2

      but he invented hipster, so hes not a hipster. he also invented vice and is rich as fuck.

  • Nick
    Nick 4 years ago

    the ending! hilarious!

  • james edmiston
    james edmiston 4 years ago


  • oltorf520
    oltorf520 4 years ago +17

    gavin needs to be on monthly

  • Manintoga
    Manintoga 4 years ago +8

    Gavin McGoodgoyim...better suck up to the zionist. Most of the faults of modern society he constantly bitches about are part of Cultural Marxism, a subversive movement invented and promoted by jews for decades.

    • Manintoga
      Manintoga 3 years ago

      @Chris Crepon Talking with jews...yeah that's productive. Enjoy your pilpul.

    • Chris Crepon
      Chris Crepon 3 years ago

      And here's some Philosophy Encyclopedia's article on TFF and CT
      Probably the best I've found, most objective.
      The Fromm interview is easily found by searching on here - sorry I'm tired

    • Chris Crepon
      Chris Crepon 3 years ago

      +Manintoga I would agree with you but if you bother to actually watch interviews with the original members of The Frankfurt School like the Erich Fromm interview from 1958, you'll see for one thing he was a lot more rational than who you know as "socialists" today. American libertarianism and socialism and even "liberalism" are fucking caricatures and basically backwards. Sure blame everything on Critical Theory - until you figure out it's the fault of Baby Boomers who took their own questions and theories and then spun them to all hell until we've got what we have today. Not much of a Jewish conspiracy if you talk with actual Jews... see #reddit-judaism on freenode

    • Manintoga
      Manintoga 3 years ago

      It's just an uncensored aggregate. Fact checking and source validation is up to the user as with all information sources regardless of the medium.

    • Manintoga
      Manintoga 4 years ago

      Just watched the february 26th episode, Gavin is actually getting pretty close, even talked about cultural marxism and the Frankfurt School....Maybe when he gets shafted again he'll finally name the real culprits by their true name. For now this will do nicely. Frankfurt school in on itself with quick cursory glance will just scream HEEB.

  • eric brown
    eric brown 4 years ago +8

    Louie Beans

  • Brodie Lee Glass
    Brodie Lee Glass 4 years ago +1

    Get the rocks outta your mouth Rich! Douchebag!!!