• Published on Sep 8, 2019
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Comments • 3 068

  • Ish da Fish Gaming

    me have turtle

  • Remesy Takes Walls
    Remesy Takes Walls 13 hours ago

    1:05 YOUR MERCH

  • Patryk Jaskulka
    Patryk Jaskulka 19 hours ago

    I have one 5 yrs old

  • Dane Tuboro
    Dane Tuboro 23 hours ago

    I had two and they were smelly so we had to give them to my friend

  • Tai Kwan
    Tai Kwan 23 hours ago

    I have two turtles

  • Nicolas SSJ
    Nicolas SSJ Day ago

    Subs in spanish please

  • Who8Tech
    Who8Tech Day ago +1

    Like to find 100$ on the ground in the next hour

  • Traveling the Sky
    Traveling the Sky 2 days ago

    Is no one noticing that he has shooky in the background

  • Raul Gonzalez
    Raul Gonzalez 2 days ago

    He has shookie omg he’s ARMY

  • Fox,Cat, And Wolf -Wildgals

    I have to get braces in about a year...

  • Fox,Cat, And Wolf -Wildgals

    i like pine cones

  • Ifi Pap
    Ifi Pap 2 days ago

    I have 4 turtles

  • Combos The God
    Combos The God 2 days ago


  • layla lawrence
    layla lawrence 3 days ago

    Tal: Turtse Me: ?

  • muhammad raditya
    muhammad raditya 3 days ago

    I have a tortoise but my cat fish eat it

  • Cookiecat F0ry0u
    Cookiecat F0ry0u 4 days ago

    I did had one but...... the next day it died

  • Alandys Sanchez
    Alandys Sanchez 4 days ago

    I have 2 turtles

  • Jurassic Life W.B
    Jurassic Life W.B 5 days ago

    I have a

  • Kenneth Vinson
    Kenneth Vinson 5 days ago

    2:50 same

  • John You
    John You 6 days ago

    I already know how the big bird costume works

  • jdjxhfxbfbnffjfbfbxhfbdjjsjzJkxkllxknxn Garcia

    I didnot Foend 20 Dolerbil

  • Finn Lard
    Finn Lard 6 days ago +1

    Both I shot it with a shotgun 🐢

  • Rocket101
    Rocket101 6 days ago

    I have 2 turtles

  • Terra Playz
    Terra Playz 6 days ago

    also i had braces

  • Terra Playz
    Terra Playz 6 days ago +1

    my dad almost ran over a turtle with a lawnmower, then we took it as a pet and named it timmy. a few months later, we let it back out into the wild

  • Dragan Kurtic
    Dragan Kurtic 6 days ago

    I had da bigest turtelr hei diead

  • Doffy Minks
    Doffy Minks 7 days ago

    9:43 I already know cuz i've seen a clear escelator

  • HymusAZ
    HymusAZ 7 days ago

    I have 2

  • Magic Shop
    Magic Shop 7 days ago

    Wow, you have shooky 😆😆

  • Samantha Dominique
    Samantha Dominique 7 days ago

    You are a potion so you’re actually roasting your freaking self dad do not touch it right you are a real person why are you saying that you’re roasting your freaking self

  • Samantha Dominique
    Samantha Dominique 7 days ago

    Man I’m hungry I don’t get it are you kidding M my mouth is like a dad to gather my mouth is like a desert because I’m so hungry put some cereal in my mouth is like a 🐫

  • Killing4Cookiez 152
    Killing4Cookiez 152 7 days ago

    I like... pine-cones....😶

  • mylon villasante
    mylon villasante 8 days ago


  • Foxy Anglin
    Foxy Anglin 8 days ago +1

    Yes I like pine cones...

  • Leilani Daludado
    Leilani Daludado 8 days ago

    I have braces and F. WHAT A HASSLE

  • Cristy Quintanilla
    Cristy Quintanilla 8 days ago

    I had a turtle once it died when there was a heat wave

  • Thans
    Thans 8 days ago


  • unacorn lover I am a weird kid crasy

    I had a turtle

  • Coolbrsze !
    Coolbrsze ! 8 days ago +1

    i do Photoshop and the space shuttle is far away but the reason it kinda looks like a model rocket is because the top and bottom of it are blurred giving it a miniature effect

    THE DETONATOR GAMES 8 days ago

    At 3:42 it looks like a candle

  • NoOb KeViN
    NoOb KeViN 9 days ago

    I don't know how the zipper actually zips it back up

  • Alvin Ho
    Alvin Ho 9 days ago

    I dont like pine cones

  • Daniel Guardado
    Daniel Guardado 9 days ago

    having braces not that bad it doesn't hurt cuz I had it for 3 years when you're supposed to have it for 2

  • Tony Elam
    Tony Elam 9 days ago

    I had a turtle but it died of age😢

  • furiousKai 276
    furiousKai 276 10 days ago

    Before you watch the vid you know that alligators don't really stand because no all of them are that big and heads just perfectly sticking out the water, c'mon tall

  • MSMFANZ! !
    MSMFANZ! ! 10 days ago


  • Random person.
    Random person. 10 days ago

    okay, it’s annoying because i always have to click “read more” to.. read the rest of the comment..

  • Alex Dumas
    Alex Dumas 10 days ago

    Yes I HAD one

  • Cajine medrano
    Cajine medrano 10 days ago

    I don't no

  • Franko mc Danko
    Franko mc Danko 10 days ago

    I remember when reaction time was good not a damn documentary

  • DJ DR1FT
    DJ DR1FT 10 days ago

    Wow thats why there called AIR PlANES

  • çhärlïè :o
    çhärlïè :o 10 days ago

    Getting braces soon:( hope it goes well

  • Ankit Mavinkurve
    Ankit Mavinkurve 10 days ago

    When a zip gets stuck:
    Arsene Wenger if you know who he is

  • Jayden Pienaar
    Jayden Pienaar 10 days ago

    I have a per

  • Gacha Ivy
    Gacha Ivy 10 days ago

    6:07 all I can think is SUUUSSSSHHHIIIII!!! 🍣
    Love your vids!

  • Jasonorus 789
    Jasonorus 789 10 days ago

    I have two turtles 🐢 🐢

  • Kate Chloe Juntilla
    Kate Chloe Juntilla 11 days ago

    If the crocodiles walk then if it's deep or then why do you see the crocodiles backs when they flote

  • Hhbb BBB
    Hhbb BBB 11 days ago +1

    Whatever you do don’t look at the bottom

    You are a legend

  • Tramp Bros
    Tramp Bros 11 days ago

    3:10 that’s a lie I went their and you can go in and out through stairs

  • Legendary Savior
    Legendary Savior 11 days ago

    So your telling me when you were a kid you never tried to drop your milk from your bowl like a dog or a cat

    Just me
    Ok then