Will Deadpool Be In Avengers 4?


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  • Wearier Fawn6291
    Wearier Fawn6291 2 days ago

    I bet X-men will help the average

  • Midoriya OFL
    Midoriya OFL 7 days ago

    what if Deadpool join the MCU he is helpful because of his time watch iron man can use and save the earth from thanos

  • ke ke
    ke ke Month ago

    Deadpool arives *shoots thanos in head* "now was that so hard?" Credits role in

  • Bubba DooM
    Bubba DooM Month ago

    5:12 PM 11/3/2018

  • Mr. Cracker
    Mr. Cracker Month ago

    " big cgi fight coming up " - deadpool

  • Pinkshack
    Pinkshack 2 months ago

    The only reason Deadpool is fully immortal is because of Thanos

  • Elaf Alzuhairi
    Elaf Alzuhairi 2 months ago

    I would loooooooove to see him there uhhhh

  • Pungent AJ
    Pungent AJ 2 months ago

    I hope he doesn't go in any of Mcu

  • Caleb Williams
    Caleb Williams 2 months ago

    Deadpool is gonna be in Avengers 4 holy Snap this movie gonna be funny and Awesome. and their gonna tell Deadpool he can't Curse.

  • isabel garcia
    isabel garcia 2 months ago

    Either he'll always be in the MCU or it's just a cameo

  • Sukrut Jadhav
    Sukrut Jadhav 3 months ago

    If Quicksilver can Appear and Die in Avengers-1 then why not take help of the Immortal Deadpool..both of 20th Century Fox..

  • Jaskaran Singh
    Jaskaran Singh 3 months ago +1

    Deadpool is my favourite Marvel studios Hero and if he is in avengers 4 I obviously will watch 1000 and 1000 times

  • Lord Penguin
    Lord Penguin 3 months ago

    Basically at this poin, as long as any Marvel movie is rated PG-13, YOU WILL NOT SEE DEADPOOL. If you do see a Marvel movie rated R then there's a good chance you will see Deadpool. Oh and some rights owning stuff but seeing as how much money is being made, money talks and that'll all be taken care of.

  • Will Nelson
    Will Nelson 3 months ago

    I hope Dead pool be in it

  • elambha shyllalonneth
    elambha shyllalonneth 3 months ago

    Things might be danger if deadpool is in avenger 4

  • Martyn Mumby
    Martyn Mumby 3 months ago

    Isn't infinity war part 2 suppose to be the last avengers film altogether

  • Angel Mossy
    Angel Mossy 3 months ago

    Deadpool + Mcu = THE UNIVERSE JUST BLEW UP! Do the math.

  • matt Law
    matt Law 3 months ago

    Dead pool will not be in infinity war, it would ruin the movie, Deadpool is Disney, and can legally, and Ryan wants to, but won’t any time soon

  • Belnick6666
    Belnick6666 3 months ago

    how can this be dated may 2018???
    Disney already bought everything fox except the fox news part long before this was uploaded, but fox still have their rights to use x men and deadpool up to 2020, if that just mean release ends at 2020 or they can shoot up to 2020 i dont know, but all movies and tv series got free reign up to that date, ofc disney get money for allowing this.

  • young Jayden
    young Jayden 3 months ago

    he causes and he is sexual

  • young Jayden
    young Jayden 3 months ago

    No because his movies is rated r he smokes and vil

  • Alex de leon
    Alex de leon 3 months ago


  • Nick Crespo
    Nick Crespo 3 months ago

    I mean we thought Spider-Man would never join the MCU... i get it Deadpool is an r rated character, but Deadpool in avengers 4 would be so sick...

  • Rogian Encarnacion
    Rogian Encarnacion 3 months ago

    You know.there is that merging with fox thing,I mean it's possible that Deadpool will be in the mcu and the fox deal well it's official.

  • Caleb Williams
    Caleb Williams 3 months ago

    This Movie Is Gonna Be Good. With Deadpool Too My Boy

  • Ki Taylor
    Ki Taylor 4 months ago

    Of course deadpool has heard of the avengers he's killed them deadpool killed the entire mcu

  • sicboi
    sicboi 4 months ago

    Dame girl you fine subbed

  • Joseph Haggi
    Joseph Haggi 4 months ago

    No he will not be in avenger

  • Braedan Likes Gaming
    Braedan Likes Gaming 4 months ago

    Not possible, Deadpool isnt a part of the mcu.

  • Isaac Kergus Dela Victoria

    Marvel: deadpool will be part of mcu
    a guy who dont like deadpool is.. angry korean gamer: I HATE HIM!

  • Drew Bayliss
    Drew Bayliss 4 months ago

    I bet he will be in avengers 2019. It only makes sense. Who cares about legal mess. This is a clear crossover opportunity.

  • RoG_BlackieKnight DN
    RoG_BlackieKnight DN 4 months ago

    But isn’t Disney buy fox

  • GamerDemiGod
    GamerDemiGod 4 months ago

    Deadpool is an immortal mcu person so the avengers do need him

  • Hemant Mishra
    Hemant Mishra 4 months ago

    May 18th my birthday

  • flame the demon wolf
    flame the demon wolf 4 months ago

    I mean all they have to do is not make him inappropriate and avengers 4 will add him and before u say they can't let deadpool swear all the other marvel characters swear to like captain America,iron man,spider-man,dr.strange and that's it so yea

  • Israel Barrera
    Israel Barrera 4 months ago +1

    Deadpool can't defeat thanos read the deadpool vs thanos series it's all about deadpool and thanos. Thanos can't kill deadpool and deadpool can't kill thanos

  • BluenosedCash75
    BluenosedCash75 4 months ago

    Y’all know Avengers 4 was filmed at the same time as Infinity War, right? Meaning they already have the script and most of the scenes done. With all the CGI and big scenes, it’d be WAY too hard to incorporate Deadpool into the movie this far in, which is upsetting ‘Cause he’s tied with Doctor Strange as my favorite Marvel character

  • Alberto Nerecan
    Alberto Nerecan 5 months ago +1

    Deadpool is the best

  • TheNinjaBoyGames - Yeah I do stuff

    Deadpool: Thanos, I’ve come to bargain
    Dr Strange from Heaven: Damn, that copy cat. But it was the only way

  • Bergmeeuw
    Bergmeeuw 5 months ago

    when dp lost his powers he said give me a bow and arrow and im basically hawkeye

  • red carnnage?
    red carnnage? 5 months ago

    Deadpool will be in thanos's team one time thanos even gave deadpool the infinity gaunlet once


    deadpool 2 ending was on the avengers old ship
    next movie:
    antman and wasp
    avengers 4 with xmen and deadpool

  • Dlveon Dority
    Dlveon Dority 5 months ago

    Maybe DC might be in the new adventures

  • Skull Master
    Skull Master 5 months ago

    Will there be a reboot for spawn the movie

  • Anoop Ck
    Anoop Ck 6 months ago

    Might a chance to join superman🤣 ,,!!??

  • Ian Watkins
    Ian Watkins 6 months ago

    He called cable thanos in his 2nd movie

  • NERD
    NERD 6 months ago +3

    Wish there can be deadpool kills the marvel universe movie

  • John Schollian
    John Schollian 6 months ago

    I think it will be sooner than Avengers 7 if the Disney-Fox merger is completed probably Avengers 5 for X-Men characters and 6 for Deadpool himself

  • Tyler Daise
    Tyler Daise 6 months ago

    I think if Deadpool is in Avengers 4 the movie will either stay PG13 or R

  • Autumn Moon
    Autumn Moon 6 months ago

    Roya Destroyaa. Thats sounds like an awesome superhero name.

  • Cynthia Higginbotham
    Cynthia Higginbotham 6 months ago +1


  • Chris Akane ASMR
    Chris Akane ASMR 6 months ago

    Dude 20 century is owned by Disney they need to hurry TF up lol 😂😂

  • Jerry Dun
    Jerry Dun 6 months ago

    No,no,no.no,no. No Deadpool. Second worst character in Marvel. No. He sucks. And doesn't break the fourth wall properly. Only one person ever has though, Sir Vincent Price.

  • Disneylover 1234567
    Disneylover 1234567 6 months ago

    I can’t watch avengers 4 if Deadpool is in it a PG-13 movie will become an R rated movie with just him

  • April Kelly
    April Kelly 6 months ago

    If he is and doesn’t chat to Spidey I’m going to attack marvel myself

  • A.J. Unlimited
    A.J. Unlimited 6 months ago

    2:35 lol Damn Reynolds, lay off the antacids!!

  • Mark Merchant jr
    Mark Merchant jr 6 months ago

    What if cable and Deadpool slid back in time🧐

  • Ya Boi Al
    Ya Boi Al 6 months ago

    But they are all bought by Disney, so he could be in Avengers

  • MacDaddy Dayton
    MacDaddy Dayton 6 months ago

    Because Tony stark sent a letter to deadpool, doesn't that make them in the same universe. Tony stark said no to deadpool about the avengers, deadpool wouldn't care and could just show up anyways

    LEGOBRICK STUDIOS 6 months ago

    While watching avengers 4 in the theater, I want the word "Avengers" to fade out, then the screen. screen lights back up, only the 4 is seen. Suddenly, the word "FANTASTIC" appears in front of the 4, and everyone in the audience just screams

  • Mr. Spark Productions
    Mr. Spark Productions 6 months ago

    I want deadpool in avengers 4, there will be plenty of cap saying LANGUAGE! to each potential swear

  • Jake 348
    Jake 348 6 months ago

    Dead pool mentioned thanos in deadpool 2

  • Shadow Orichalcum
    Shadow Orichalcum 6 months ago +1

    Nice video

  • Marcos Guerra
    Marcos Guerra 6 months ago

    , Walt Disney is racist

  • Maria Saucedo
    Maria Saucedo 6 months ago

    I like your lowgo

  • M the Ninja
    M the Ninja 6 months ago

    Hopefully, they'll keep it PG - 13

  • ItsMeh Amazeme
    ItsMeh Amazeme 6 months ago

    If deadpool will be there then avengers 4 will be not for kids

  • MeTa - Meme Montages
    MeTa - Meme Montages 6 months ago

    UnrealNetwork Maybe the Deadpool cross time travels to parallel world of the avengers universe but he time during the post credits scene and maybe he joins spiderman?...Becuz its cool that deadpool cant be serious at any time like the avengers..But it matches up with spiders man character.Idk its a good cameo to see him in post credits.And also whi can beat deadpool in any post credit scenes.Or just a cameo in the post credits scene while the leftover avengers were hanging out after all the bad has over.Who knows he will just show up and say Hi and just go away as it suits him.

  • ғʀᴇɴᴋɪ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴏɪ

    If Deadpool will be in Avengers 4, then there is no way X-men and Fantastic 4 won't.

  • miles morales aka the black sayain

    In deadpool 2. It has happen 3 times where he made 3 avenger jokes

  • No Name
    No Name 6 months ago

    Not if Greedy old FOX has anything to say about it

  • Larry Mendoza
    Larry Mendoza 6 months ago

    He’s not because of Deadpool is in avengers 4 then cable is to and thanos and cable are played by the same actor

  • Eddie Pechman
    Eddie Pechman 6 months ago +3

    Deadpool and Xmen will never join the MCU.

    Or at least I hope thought because the Xmen universe is way too confusing.

  • Sean Rauterkus
    Sean Rauterkus 6 months ago +1

    Deadpool is an x-men

  • Damien Kraft
    Damien Kraft 6 months ago +1

    So is that picture photoshopped or what, you didn't mention anything about the picture?

  • matthew rittenhouse
    matthew rittenhouse 6 months ago

    Yes. That's how they travel back in time.

  • ninja gaming
    ninja gaming 6 months ago

    No please don't make it rated R

  • Sheila Grant
    Sheila Grant 6 months ago

    Is Deadpool going to join the infinity war just let me know if Deadpool joining the infinity war Deadpool is the horo

  • Trez GamePlays
    Trez GamePlays 6 months ago

    I watched dead pool 2 and avengers infinity war

  • Lil' Rap God
    Lil' Rap God 6 months ago

    I wouldn't like Deadpool in the MCU mostly because he will break the fourth wall and that MCU is trying to be real life but with superheroes.

  • hittinskinz24
    hittinskinz24 6 months ago

    Fox bought Spiderman too, and he's in the Avengers movie, so....?

  • Sofia Antonelli
    Sofia Antonelli 6 months ago

    Didn’t marvel purchase fox already

  • Joe Snaffer
    Joe Snaffer 6 months ago

    Oh dear god please don’t have Deadpool, any Xmen or Fantastic Four members in Avengers 4....

  • Jayden Reed
    Jayden Reed 6 months ago

    Thanos snaps his fingers and Spiderman,drax,starlord,Dr.strange,die

  • The Whisperer of Death
    The Whisperer of Death 6 months ago +1

    I wanna see DP do what Astrid did in HTTYD 2.
    Just imagine Spiderman swinging by and the camera stopping on Deadpool, and him shouting "Go get 'em babe!"

  • Michael Drew
    Michael Drew 6 months ago

    What a disgusting video wow

  • BlazeSkull1227
    BlazeSkull1227 6 months ago +5

    Remember how Deadpool got cable’s time watch during the after credits and used it? Well I’m guessed he fucked up the timeline

  • 9432 74
    9432 74 6 months ago

    I hope this comes true

  • Jacob Johnson
    Jacob Johnson 6 months ago

    NO!!!! Disney can NOT take another one of my beloved franchises!!!! NOOO!!! They have Star Wars, begone with that!!!

  • Aj Designs
    Aj Designs 6 months ago

    Ahem Ahem, That Thumbnail Edit Is By Me XD

  • Kyle Scholes
    Kyle Scholes 6 months ago

    Top 10 need deadpool in a different universe so nope he won't be in avengers 4

  • JG Official
    JG Official 6 months ago

    Marvel has rights to x-men and deadpool because Disney bought 21 Century Fox

  • LZRZ Videos
    LZRZ Videos 6 months ago

    Will thanos die

  • Marc The Bark
    Marc The Bark 6 months ago

    If deadpool joined :0
    Good News : More Funny And Stronger members of the avengers :0

    Bad News: It will be Rated R...

  • Pimp Daddy
    Pimp Daddy 6 months ago

    Deadpool is now owned by Marvel not Fox. Fake News.

  • SpicySaladDressing
    SpicySaladDressing 6 months ago

    wouldn't the MCU become rated R is deapool joins?

  • R15H! 19Darklife
    R15H! 19Darklife 6 months ago

    Roya Destroyaa. That's the coolest name ever!!!!👍👍👍❤

  • Roguewolf99
    Roguewolf99 6 months ago

    Lol she clearly didn’t do research because Disney owns marvel and Disney bought out fox lol

  • Eon Rath
    Eon Rath 6 months ago

    Hahahahahhaahhahhaha Disney owns Fox now hahahhahahahahaahhahahaaha god go to Disney land today to go on the new Simpsons ride and dead pool smex room